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JULY 2022

Syrian War Report – October 19, 2016: Russia Sets Up Outpost to Fight ISIS Terrorists Deploying from Iraq

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150 Ahrar al-Sham members evacuated from Bustan Al-Qasir Neighborhood of Aleppo city under the deal with Moscow and Damascus. There are no doubts that this incident will weaken the terrorists’ positions in the area and create a precedent for further withdrawal of militants from the city.

Over 30 ISIS terrorists were killed in air strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Arab Air Force in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor on October 18. The air power supported the Syrian army’s operations against ISIS in the area of the Deir Ezzor airbase. Syrian troops also attacked ISIS units near the Panorama checkpoint. Air strikes on ISIS targets were also reported in the areas of al-Huweijeh al-Sakar, al-Sina’ah, al-Jafreh and al-Mura’yeh. In total, some 45 air strikes were delivered.

The intensification of air raids in eastern Syria came amid reports that ISIS terrorists are massively fleeing from the Iraqi city of Mosul to Syria. Sources in the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) say The US-led coalition’s warplanes avoid to bomb military convoys of the terrorist group moving from Iraqi to Syria.

We recall, over dozen of villages have been liberated in the Mosul countryside since the start of the battle for this strategic city by the Iraqi forces, supported by the US-led coalition. 5,000 soldiers of the Special Forces, mainly American, support the Iraqi Security Forces, the PMU and the Kurdish Peshmerga in the ongoing operation on the ground.

The modern course of events shows that ISIS is not going to conduct massive counter-attacks until the Iraqi forces have not reached Mosul. The main clashes will likely take place during the storm of the city itself.

Experts argue Washington is using this time to allow ISIS terrorists redeploy from Iraq to Syria where the terrorists would use fresh reinforcements to intensify operations against the Syrian government in the provinces Deir Ezzor and Homs.

Moscow has reportedly responded to this threat, reconstructing the T-4 Military Airport in eastern Homs. The Russian military had already used the airport as a forward staging post for its helicopter gunships during the operation in Palmyra and the nearby areas. However, the airfield was damaged with ISIS attacks later.

If the reconstruction is confirmed, the T-4 will become an important outpost that will allow the Syrian army and the Russian Aerospace Forces to counter the growing ISIS threat in eastern Syria.

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The T-4 is much closer to Days az Zawr , and is fine for jet aircraft, but there is an airport in Days az Zawr as well , which could be secured for helicopter and drone operations, bring some troops in and those Iranian floating bridges . You know this is the next objective , protect it .

Tom kauser

Isis just got back into town and now has to run back to Syria (without running into their refugee families?) Why not ask the Russians if we could use their airport to flyout our proxies? (Chinese shoe leather is so god darn expensive?) You can’t do any battling with barefoot dropouts!

Marumiyu Moriame

why do you think al bag has not been taken out by u.s. he is a cia man like osama.


Of course. A hollywood actor


Dirty players Americans are. There is nothing to compare in history to them: dirty, cunning, savage and deceiving. The USA is a clump of cancer cells in the body of humans on Earth. There is no future for humankind till American barbaric hordes are not contained inside the borders of the USA.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Not even the Mongols? Or the UK-Empire? The Marxist wiped out 127,000,000 innocent civilians around the world. I think you are naive of history. While American was conquered in 1914 by the English banking system the Rothschild’s with their Federal Reserve, and yes the modern USSA is very evil. But others in history have wiped out many millions more. Like Babylon. Truth be told, all Empire are evil. Every one of them. https://holodomorinfo.com/


True, but those others were during DECLARED wars – the US has killed millions and never even had the guts to declare on the record that it was even a war. Illegal wars.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The UK has done the same things in peace time, and still does so in the Middle wast today with their SAS and MI6. And the Moor’s did it to 9-million indigenous Spanish and French. The Marxist did it to Russians and Ukrainians during a purge of 45,000,000 civilians by forced starvation without a declaration of war.

John Whitehot

take your fascist propaganda back to israel where it belongs

Gabriel Hollows

What are you talking about? It was the Jews who engineered the fall of fascism lmao, who do you think were the Bolsheviks, buddhist monks?

John Whitehot

lol, I’m talking about the motherfucking zionists who have all the interests to make appear the people who criticize them as nazis. They’ve been doing it since Israel was founded, nobody can argue with Israel without being touted an anti-semite. And in fact, we are already seeing posters who claim to be anti-zionist but exhibit nazifascist propaganda and logics.

Gabriel Hollows

I think we agree in more than a few levels, but I’d go even further and say it is because of zionist Jews that fascism is seen as a bad thing today. Israeli government is more like an Orwellian nightmare than anything resembling historical iterations of fascism (ukranian neo-nazis notwithstanding).

John Whitehot

Sorry, but to me fascism is a piece of shit and I see no difference from zionism – people trying to subdue and dominate others with bullying, whatever mean they use. In the end they’ll all be flushed down the crapper of history.


I envy your imagination.


What 127 millions!? The greatest victims were Russians. You may speak about 20,000,000. OK, it’s more than enough but it’s the figure. But, you didn’t say a word how many lives they saved. Particularly in China while during the rule of Tsar majority of people were exposed to everlasting malnutrition lacking any kind of knowledge and healthcare. Please, discount Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam and the like. You can find the traces of the American rat in all over those countries creating havoc and misery on unprecedented level. The USSR could not be better thanks to American elites who were frighted about the idea that the majority of people can possess majority of wealth one nation offers. But I like USSR gone into oblivion. Russia is now free again and humanity has someone to protect those who respect honour and dignity.


Wake up friend. All wars, declared or not, are bankers wars. All.

Figure out who funded the communists, the fascists, the various European empires, the US empire,… all the same group of people behind it all.

If you are unwilling to look into this light you are just another propaganda bedazzled tool of the elite.


Does JP stand for J.P. Morgan? You do me so much honour Sir. :-)


It is the hidden hand that directs the willing sell-outs that posture as Politicians and public servants in Washington, that is the real anti-human dynamic, though the politicians are ideologically aligned with them, and, needless to say, the military also. These belong to an ideology that goes back millennia, the central tenet of which is anti-Christian.


What gets me is the timing. Why did US superheroes wait so long to ‘liberate’ Mosul? Well I think we know, and her name is Hillary. This is the ‘October Surprise’. Stinking plotters. 3 weeks before election, scurry the ISIS rats out and into Syria so Russia looks bad, Hillary/Obama looks good. They let things fester, women and children die, just to carry out their ‘perfect timing’. Makes me sick


I wonder what the press coverage will be like as this FAILS? I hope this really was the surprise they had in mind.

John Whitehot

the Gi-joes are not going to get involved, at least until this administration is in charge.


“Experts argue Washington is using this time to allow ISIS terrorists redeploy from Iraq to Syria where the terrorists would use fresh reinforcements to intensify operations against the Syrian government in the provinces Deir Ezzor and Homs. Moscow has reportedly responded to this threat…”



when Hillary Cinton becomes US President in November 2016 ,and Bill gets Vice; she will amp up the anti Putin, Anti Russia Propaganda and widen the Conflict to a Full Blown War ,that will Consume US Troops, Equipment, Helicopters, Shells, Cruise Missiles, etc. The American Military,Industrial, Congressional, Wall Street Complex need a proper War to rescue the US Financial System.They have not had a proper War Bonanza since Vietnam.

Gabriel Hollows

All of this in the name of Greater Israel. The Holocaust didn’t happen, but it should have.

Joseph Scott

The fake Holocaust was a ritual magic attempt to prevent the prophesied Holocaust. The Freemasons (“Juwes”) and Jews have a prophecy about their own destruction. In order to prevent it from coming true, they tried to make it ‘already have happened’ by faking it, and offering up a tremendous blood sacrifice (WWII) as an attempted offering for the metaphorical switch.

Raymond Chau

Putin saw the big picture. US takes out Assad. Convert Syria into a staging ground to spawn new ISIS fighters. Send ISIS into Iran. Ultimately, sprinkled ISIS into Russia and destroy one city at a time and eventually regime change in RUSSIA. The neocons have grand ambitions. Putin said “OKAY, U wanna play, lets play! Lets fight it out now in Syria MFKERS!”

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