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Syrian War Report – October 18, 2019: Assad Troops Deploy On Border Amid 120-hour Ceasefire


Syrian War Report – October 18, 2019: Assad Troops Deploy On Border Amid 120-hour Ceasefire

On October 16 and 17, the Russian Aerospace Forces were conducting airstrikes on positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in northern Lattakia and southern Idlib. According to local sources, the most intense strikes took place near Tahtaya, Kafar Sijnah and Rakaya Sijneh.

After Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring started in northeastern Syria on October 9, Idlib militant groups carried out several attacks on positions of the Syrian Army in the southern part of the de-escalation zone. Most likely, militants believed that the Turkish incursion into Syria would draw attention of the Syrian Army and allow Hayat Tahrir al-Sham to capture at least several villages in southern Idlib.

The Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces responded to these attempts with precise strikes on positions of radicals.

ISIS is another group that decided to take some advantage of the Turkish actions. On October 17, the terrorist group announced that its units had freed a an unspecified number of women affiliated with the group from a HQ of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the village of Mahmudli in western Raqqa.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, about 14,650 ISIS members remain in 7 detention camps in the area controlled by the SDF. Additionally, there are 8 camps for displaced persons, including relatives of ISIS terrorists. The number of people kept in these camps may reach 120,000.

Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar warned that “terrorist groups” (i.e. Kurdish militias) are planning to stage a chemical weapons provocation to accuse the Turkish Army of using chemical weapons in northeastern Syria. In previous years, Ankara repeatedly accused the Damascus government of conducting chemical attacks. In those cases, Turkey was not very interested in talking about some terrorists’ involvement or ‘preplanned staged attacks’.

Turkish-led forces continue their advance along about 120km long chunk of the border. Especially intense fighting is ongoing in the town of Ras al-Ayn, a part of which still remains contested.

The deployment of the Syrian Army around these area is aimed at preventing a further advance by Turkish-led forces. Just recently, the SDF handed over the Kobani border crossing to government troops. Therefore, if the SDF-Damascus deal is implemented, the Turkish presence will be limited to the border area from Tell Abyad to Ras al-Ayn.

On October 17, the US and Turkey agreed on a temporary ceasefire in northeastern Syria. According to the agreement, Kurdish forces have to withdraw from the 32km-deep area within 120 hours. If this is done, the Turkish military operation will not be resumed.



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  • AlexanderAmproz



    The genealogy of the Kurdish question

    by Thierry Meyssan

    The unanimous international community multiplies its condemnation of the military offensive in Rojava and watches helplessly as tens of thousands of Kurds flee, pursued by the Turkish army. However, no one intervenes, considering that a massacre may be the only possible way to restore peace, given the inextricable situation created by France and the crimes against humanity committed by Kurdish combatants and civilians.

  • Karen Bartlett

    An interview conducted by Eva K. Bartlett (no relation) an independent Canadian journalist of Laith Marouf, a Palestinian/Syrian political analyst. He starts discussing the Kurds and their history at around 9:57: https://youtu.be/hGA7jGEJw1I?t=11

    • You can call me Al

      “Does socialism lead to war”…. I stopped there and moved on.

      • Karen Bartlett

        Guys, this was the wrong clip and I couldn’t find the site again. Here is the video I meant to post: Eva K. Bartlett interviews Laith Marouf, discussion on Kurds starts at 9:57: https://youtu.be/pB_GcVLRJTQ?t=603

    • Kell McBanned

      Do Socialists or (((Socialists))), (((Coastal Elites))) etc lead to war?
      Cui Bono – who benifits?

      • Karen Bartlett

        Good question. The regular people sure don’t, in my opinion. But I posted the wrong video, here is the correct one, Eva K. Bartlett interviewing Laith Marouf, a political analyst. The discussion on Kurds starts at 9:57:https://youtu.be/pB_GcVLRJTQ?t=603

    • palegreendot

      Great clip, and I so admire the Pauls. They should be so proud of each other.

      • Karen Bartlett

        Yes, me too but I posted the wrong video. See above for the correct video!

  • Sephiroth

    It’s sad to see southfront calling SAA as Assad troops.

  • Kell McBanned

    Good stuff, the worlds becoming a better place already.
    Its becoming clear now even to normies that all this was pre-planned by Syria, Russia, Turkey and the US and its fantastic to see Trump masterfully playing his part in this particular endevour.
    The Israelis and Neo Cons have now had their mini Israel in Nth Syria removed and their tripwire for war in the region, the surrounding states also Russia/Trump need much credit for managing to untangle this mess so effectively.
    Well done.
    Also well done to the well spoken man for his excellent eloqution of the currently occuring events.

    • PZIVJ

      I think it is possible that Trump needed a good reason to withdrawal from N Syria, and Erdogan was more than happy to give him one. Even better news is that SAA is moving in to secure the territory :)

      • palegreendot

        Agree on all counts. Seems like I’ve been waiting for this forever. A Syrian/Kurd rapprochement has always been (very obviously) necessary to exterminate every last jihadi in Syria, and to bring a conclusive end to Obama’s criminal regime change attempt.

  • henrikrclausen

    Dear Editors:
    Your fundraising looks a bit fake, urgently needing donations, yet magically reaching $5000 each and every month. I think yiu should let the discreet sponsors pick up the bill, and bother us less.

  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    been offline for 3 weeks. now USA is pulling out of syria?

    • PZIVJ

      From the north border at least.
      Welcome back to SF and a lot of good news. :)

      • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

        it does seem so :)

  • igybundy

    The only reason any of the terrorists have any chemical weapons is because Turkey gave it to them.