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Syrian War Report – October 18, 2018: Israel Is Preparing To Challenge S-300 In Syria

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Two F-15 warplanes of the US-led coalition accidentally struck a unit of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which was involved in the SDF advance on ISIS in the Euphrates Valley, the Russian news agency Sputnik reported on October 17. The strike reportedly killed 6 SDF members and inured 15 others. ISIS terrorists also attacked SDF positions following the incident, according to the report.

Despite initial claims by the SDF leadership that the terrorists in the area will soon be defeated there are no signs that the operation will be finished in the near future. The Russian side even claims that the US-led coalition is using the Hajin pocket to justify its illegal presence in the country. So, nobody is hurrying to defeat the terrorists.

The Trump administration is preparing to impose sanctions on Russian and Iranian companies involved in the reconstruction of Syria, NBC News reported on October 16 citing defense officials.

According to the report, these sanctions will be a part of further political, diplomatic and economic pressure to force Iran out of Syria and deal with the growing Russian influence.

The NBC News report also claimed that right now the US military is not seeking an open confrontation with Iranian forces in the war-torn country. Nonetheless, it’s obvious that Israel, a key US ally in the region and another support of the large-scale anti-Iranian strategy, will not abandon its attempts to strike alleged Iranian and Iran-linked targets in the war-torn country even despite the recent delivery of Russian-made S-300 air defense systems to the Syrian military.

According to multiple reports circulating in Israeli media, Israel and the US have sent a secret military delegation to Ukraine to train against and test Russian-made S-300 missile defense systems. According to reports, servicemen of the Ukrainian military instructed their US and Israeli counterparts on the capabilities of the air defense system as well as allowed US and Israeli specialists to test it in various possible scenarios.

According to reports, F-15 warplanes have trained against the S-300 in the framework of the Clear Sky 2018 international exercise which includes Israeli and US pilots. It wasn’t immediately clear if the Israeli pilots were flying or merely observing from the ground. However, on October 16, a US pilot and his Ukrainian counterpart died in the crash of a Ukrainian Su-27 warplane.

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Nigel Maund

This story definitely makes sense. Israeli pilots training against Ukrainian S300’s ready to mount a strike against the Syrian new S300 defence system. However, I wonder if the Ukrainain S300 comprises the latest version, including any upgrades. No doubt the Russians have anticipated this eventuality, knowing full well that the Ukrainians have the system and would give the technology to the West, who, in turn would ensure Israel got access to all the technical specs and will have contrived suitable countermeasures. Methinks Russia have have installed some serious upgrades which may yet give the IAF a little surprise? ………..let’s wait and see?

Zo Fu

You can’t train yourself against S300. Those missiles are highly hypersonic ones with high maneuverability and thrust vectoring, capable to shot down ballistic missiles. F15 can perform some 9G turns and fly as fast as MACH 2,3 in low altitudes. S300 can achieve 25G+ and fly as fast as MACH 15.

The only way how not to get shot down is not attempt to go in their range.

But as I said 1000x times before. As long as Putin is in the command, Russia is not prepared to shot down any Israeli fighter. Russian army is toothless because political leadership is scared of any “escalation” and S300 batteries are effectively paralysed by Putin’s secret deals with Israel.

And those deals were never followed by Israel, by the way.


Oh yes, Putin is a joke and you are a hasbara genious, and as you are such a great defender of the russian army they are going to nominate you supreme commander.

Cleverson Santos

Lol… hahahahahahaha

Tommy Jensen

F-35b is invisible stealth. You can only see them the 10 seconds they fire a Tomahawk missile into a wedding or a hospital. The Israeli´s are training these 10 seconds. After 10 seconds the F-35b stealth invisible simply disappear on the radar and for the human eye.


If you really want to know what the S300 and the F35 stealth are worth, read post #43 on this page. When you have read it, come back here and give us a report. http://www.unz.com/tsaker/s-300s-and-other-military-hardware-for-syria/#comment-2558132

S Melanson

I read it in its entirety as well as the comments. Very good discussion and particularly liked in-depth review of radar systems and operational capabilities. I also was impressed with the speculation on how Syria could hybridize missile and radar systems to create a particularly lethal combination – which was refreshing as the post was much more than regurgitation of specs from manuals, it involved synthesis across system components and differing platforms and options to recombine. Nice.

Thank you very much for the link!


Thanks. Yes, I had the same feeling as you because the person who wrote that, a certain FB, knows the subject. I picked it up in a reader’s comment on a Moon of Alabama page. I highly recommend Moon of Alabama, who usually gives very incisive analyses of world affairs. Worth discovering.

S Melanson

I will definitely check out Moon of Alabama


hope springs eternal.

Will second that. Moon of Alabama has some genuine stuff.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

1: Stealth have never meant “invisible”, that stealth = invisible is something MSM and uneducated civilians thinks, if i remember correct, the correct technical term is “Low observable”, not invisible.

2: A tomahawk on a F-35, come on….

3: “…disappear on the radar and for the human eye.” the only thing that can make a flying object disappear from a radar and the human eye is a physical object in between or hard deck.

Tommy Jensen

;-) thanks for the lesson, and regrets for putting messages in between pure crap.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

You are welcome.

Check up on the serbian shotdown of a F-117 back in 96 if i remember correct, that incident debunked alot of things about “stealth”


stop ur BS… that barely flying POS junk is not invisible.. and really dumb context with a wedding and hospital…


Can The S300 defence system be converted into surface to air missile launcher ?

Zo Fu

S300 are SAMs from the beginning

PJ London



From what?


Hey you Israel guys, we are really eager to see how the S-300 in Syria function. Please, hurry up, my the attack to S-300 system.

Zo Fu

But you know, Israeli pilots consider themselves to be the best pilots in the world. And the best pilots in the world probably knows that going against S300 is a suicide. So they decided to ground all F35 fleet to have an excuse not to go against S300 and prevent huge embarrassment.


“…. Israeli pilots consider themselves to be the best pilots in the world.”

And that kind of hubris is what will help bring that stinking ZioNazi open sewer.

northerntruthseeker .

You back again, Zio-rat?

This one is definitely JIDF/Hasbara..

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

They can practise against s-300’s all they like, the ones in Syria have a YUGE hdmi lead attached to Russian EW


Ukropian pilots has shown that you can avoid S-300 system if you ram yourself to the ground.

Feudalism Victory

Funny but sad

Manuel Flores Escobar

or maybe Ukraine S-300 shot down that plane by mistake…..

Icarus Tanović

HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Hahahahahahahahahah! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FUCKING SHIT, dude you rock!. No plane have ever dodged s-300 EVER.

Tommy Jensen

Our F-35g class AAA invisible upgraded 5´th generation can do it.


invisible??? the milisecond ur overpriced overengineerd barely flying POS junk opens its bomb flap… its done


I have a daub…..Since the S-300 in Syria is integrated with the Russia radar systems, could it be possible that after attack detection by Russia, Putin order not to attack Israel planes and allows the S-300 Syria system to be destroyed ? Yes, it sound a little bit crazy, but this would increase the impunity

and leadership of Israel in the middle east, and would scare a little bite Iran, I guess !! why am I saying this ? Because so far, Russia has allowed Israel to bomb Syria to anyplace (but Latakia) whenever she wants (agreement Russia-Israel).

Zo Fu

Well, Putin downplayed IL 20 loss as unfortunate accident. He will probably allow sacrificing couple of S300 units in exchange of something, For example some secret deal about IDLIB. But that’s only one side of the problem. Putin’s preferences dropped, not just because of IL20 narrative but because of unpopular pension reform. Destroying of S300 in Syria will cause devastating blow to Putin’s preferences. The next problems are generals. They are starting to be nervous and didn’t accept Putin’s narrative about IL20. What Russia basically did is huge EW shield over Lebanon and Syria airspace. Jammers complicated any precision strike in the area including knocking-out S300 system.

IMHO, Israeli pilots with jammed avionics will be unable localize S300, as they are highly mobile and even if they would be able to find them, they will not able to attack them with smart weapons such as laser guided gliding bombs and missiles.

So probably any S300 will not be killed by Israeli air force anytime soon. But Israel is cunning and can try some other possibilities. Deploy spies and sabotage S300 from the ground – for example.


Iraq & Turkey allowing ZioNazi jets in their airspace to attack Syria. Yeah, sure, dream on.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

All military and civilian aircraft from the ME to Europe is tracked and has each been given an assigned ‘code’. operator basically gets options of push red, yellow or green button

paul ( original )

Here is a question. Do you think that the Israelis will continue to use the ‘deconfliction line’ with Russia when it attacks Syria again?


F15’s or F35’s flying against Russian/Syrian integrated air defenses controlling the S300 and it’s layered defenses do not have much of a chance in defeating them, except taking heavy losses.


i am sure, IAF will destroy syrian weapons. as always and repeatedly.

S Melanson

Well why the delay? We are still waiting for the show to begin, you know, the one that for the IDF does not have a happy ending.


why? you really ask why???

little boy, the part of s-300 was only delivered but did not enter the service. urge assad! :DDD

S Melanson

Is that so. Well then now is the time to strike if they are still sitting in crates. Go for it. Remember, talk is cheap. Why? Because Supply exceeds demand.


no. that is NOT challenge. they eliminate s-300 when will be active. so put in shame russia.

S Melanson

That is honourable of you. Let us see what happens. May the best man win.


Really? – Why WAIT for the show to begin?While Syria does not yet have S300 operational , big question is, WHY is IAF not attacking now already? Because they cannot face S200, let alone S300 and F35 piece of shit is no longer operational and US too scared to give F22 to fake jews because they know S300 will embaress even F22.


why shuld now? this is your primitive thinking. IAF will do when the time will come. s300 is candle light against f22.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Maybe, maybe not a candle light… but certainly, S-300 was considered during development of F-22. Only issue here: F-22 is US-only operated, by law. So, I’m not sure how you found F-22s for IAF?

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Not scared, but prevented by serious body of regulations. To make F-22 deliverable to any other nation you would need unrealistic enthusiasm in Congress and Senate + some top brasses would have to become opium users to allow that. So, it will never ever happen, nor it can be discussed. Only way to evaluate F-22 against S-300 – is to provoke WWIII. Therefore, we’ll not be that fortunate to see that outcome. I would love to see how it would perform, but Elon Musk will already have a colony on Mars before we get such show to see.

northerntruthseeker .

I smell another Hasbara/JIDF rat here…. My Jew-dar sense is tingling with this one..


cut youe yewish nose

Ricky Miller

Not so far. A month and two days. No Israeli missiles, launched from any vector over the SAA for a month and two damn days. That’s now the second longest period of sky quiet above the SAA since large scale Russian and Iranian intervention in the autumn of 2015. I do believe that in nine more days this time period will slide into #1 most safe and quiet. But please, mouth on…


this is silence before hurricane

Ricky Miller

The only hurricane that seems relevant is the one that came ashore in Florida and damaged eighteen $300+ miilion dollar a copy F22 Raptors. That’s a tenth of the Raptor Fleet. They are too expensive to maintain and were unable to be flown to safety with the others. Grounded, then pounded. And compared to the rain of Israeli missiles on Syria over the past three years it is silent, that’s for sure. Hezbollah has probably taken delivery of hundreds more missiles during this past month of silence. Why, there are probably several truckloads hauling across Syria today. Dismiss away but from my point of view it’s AWESOME. Thank you Almaz-Antey.


Wait a minute . . . so the US wants to sanction companies that help with reconstructing Syria. And by this, they hope to block Russian and Iranian involvement in Syria. Except, uh, aren’t they already sanctioning Russia and Iran? So like, what are they gonna do, DOUBLE sanction Russian and Iranian companies doing reconstruction? If anything, that will just mean Europe etc. get cut out of the business and the Russian and Iranian presence will be larger. Morons.


United States/Israel are training in their vassal state The Ukraine. Israel will obtain a false sense of confidence until it gets shot down in Syria. I sincerely doubt that the US will allow Israel to use the F-35.

H Eccles

re.. ‘Israel Is Preparing To Challenge S-300 In Syria’

Yeah lets forget the fact that Zios weren’t able to challenge the S200 and that Syrian airspace was already a no-go area for them. Which is why they resorted to hit & run tactics from a distance.

northerntruthseeker .

Challenge…. Yeah, lets go with that…

Meanwhile, everyone remember those 22 or so F22 raptors “destroyed” in that Hurricane in the southern US? I would bet that they were not “destroyed” but have now been quietly shipped to Isra-Hell to be used against the S300 targets…


The F22’s are notoriously “skittish”, 50% are unusable at any given time owing to needing repairs. The isrealis had one suffer a “bird strike”, I think the bird was a 60’s model Pantsir with upgrades.

Isrealis lie so much that they are beginning to believe their own BS!

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Wasn’t the “bird strike” on a F-35I? F-22 are forbidden for exports / delivery to third-party armies – this makes northerntruthseeker’s idea interesting for further consideration. F-22s have no issue with birds – it is the best US jet fighter ever made. The complete F-35 project is, in essence, monetization of F-22 technology stack, by repacking some features that are allowed for exports. F-35 was never intended to be “the best of the best” in US arsenal, but a bestseller one. (this is what I got by reading few articles from The National Interest site)

John Whitehot

“F-35 was never intended to be “the best of the best” in US arsenal,”

Whatever it was intended (imo to be an instrument of depauperation of entire countries and of limitation of their independence in air space defense), all the pilots, engineers and merchants of the US MIC are ready to swear that it’s really the best of the best.

John Whitehot

the bird strike was a f35 and the Pantsir oldest model is from the 2000s.

“Isrealis lie so much that they are beginning to believe their own BS!”

you can say that they have begun believing that in 1948 and the tendency hasn’t reduced by a notch so far.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I dont know much about that incident, but havent some one taken some photos or video of the damaged planes?

Someone must have worked at the base that can confirm the planes really did get damaged by the storm.

John Whitehot

these israeli newspapers are amazing. their ability to find out and publish secret things is getting out of control.

first, there was that analyst that talked about secret documents about Russia and Iran. Now they know about the secret preparations of pilots in Ukraine.

what secret they’ll unveil tomorrow, i don’t even wanna try guessing.

and yes, i’m being heavily sarcastic.

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