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Syrian War Report – October 17, 2019: Syrian Army Entering Kobani And Raqqa

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Syrian War Report – October 17, 2019: Syrian Army Entering Kobani And Raqqa

On October 16, units of the Syrian Army entered the city of Raqqah for the first time since 2014. The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has controlled the city since 2017, when they with help from the United States seized it from ISIS. The Syrian Army reportedly established several observation posts in the area and continued deployment within the SDF-held area.

According to pro-government sources, government troops are also preparing to enter the Omar oil fields. A day earlier, on October 15, Syrian troops and Russian Military Police units started patrolling the contact line between Turkish-backed forces and the SDF near Manbij.

On October 16, US-led coalition forces withdrew from the Kharab Ashk military base where dozens of US and French troops had been deployed. US-led forces burned the base in order to destroy equipment that they were not able to evacuate.

The Turkish Army and Turkish-backed militants are developing their offensive on SDF positions. They captured thirteen villages west of Tell Abyad and made another attempt to secure Ras al-Ayn. According to pro-SDF sources, 49 Turkish-backed militants were killed in an SDF counter-attack in the town. SDF units employed US-supplied military equipment. Pro-Turkish militants captured a Humvee armored vehicle near the town.

There are also reports that the SDF and the Syrian Army jointly recaptured the villages of al-Ahras, al-Rihaniyah and Manajir from Turkish-led forces south of Ras al-Ayn. Nonetheless, this was a tactical development involving Turkish proxies only. It is not likely that government forces and the SDF will carry out large-scale joint operations attacking positions of the Turkish Army. The main reason is that such an attack may lead to a large-scale escalation in the region and even a limited open conflict between Syria and Turkey.

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Hide Behind

Let hope reign, hope Syrian Military uses ex- enemies, Kurds, as proxie military forces to absorb most of casualty list, thereby saving those SAA troop for just in case the Kurds cannot defeat the Turks proxie malitia. Turkey has still not commited much of its regular military as an invasion force thereby lessening chance of Turkish proper meeting Syria proper in an open combat scenario A lot rides upon the meetings now ongoing between US Vice- President Pence, as there is a ot of economic and military, as to NATO and US nuke storage in Turkey and possibilities of US Euro sanctions that could destroy Turkish economy. What Assad’s government, and its Military with Kurds decide is unimportant,; what is important is what US/ Israel, Turkey, NATO, and Russia decide. In reality both Syrians and Kurds are no better than proxy and the dead but collateral damage to the real Geopolitics of world.


The Kurds state is gone and the Syrian government is taking over. If Sultan Erdogan wants more than that his imperialism will be exposed once again. What you say is not exactly correct because the islamic nuts and Turkish mercenaries are not enough to defeat the Syrian Army who now do not have to worry about fighting the Kurds + the USA. Lets do some math.

The Syrian people were fighting internal terrorist traitors, USA, Kurds, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Isreal. Total = 8

Syria had the help of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. Total = 4.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kurds, Qatar, USA have mostly been defeated.

Hezbollah is mostly gone home I think so I put the numbers at

Syria – 3 Imperialist + islamic nut scum – 3.5 (1/2 point for Saudi Arabia, Isreal and USA which are still involved)

The Kurds are now going to back the Syrian state because they have zero choice. It is Syrian land, so the morale of the Turkish, Saudi Saudi, USA sponsored islamic nuts will not carry them beyond the short term. The islamic nuts are working for the Turkish state which must disguise their actions and can only invert reality so much because of exposure on the world stage.

The Syrian government is now reclaiming its land Turkey can only do what the USA does and lie about its motives even though the Turkish imperialism will be exposed further. And imagine it will be the USA and Europeans who admonish the Turks for their imperialism. Such hypocrisy.

Icarus Tanović

Erdogan’s regime can only sit and watch. And they are not Islamic nuts, rather Wahhabi scum, that needs to be removed from the face of the World.


There is a huge overlap in those two groups.

Icarus Tanović

By saying so, you revealed your self as malicious Islamophob.


Religious dogma is a problem on this planet, just like capitalism. If these religious nuts did not murder and try to enforce their religion on others the world would be a better place. That goes for all the Abrahamic religions and all others – Hinduism etcetera. My fear is rational and relevant to the reality we live in, not some irrational phobia as if it were a phobia of spiders or mushrooms.

If you want to pretend that there are not religious extremist murdering nuts among muslims you are the irrational one.

Icarus Tanović

That is right, but Wahhabis are not Muslims.


Yes, they are, they claim they are the pure Muslims which is proof of their brainwashed mental illness. I know you want to try to seperate the two but that is not really possible. Muslims slaughtered and murdered their way around the Gulf and Mediterranean. Look at the Christian genociders throughout the “Americas”. Religious extremists have their own agenda and are tools for lying capitalists and empires who use religion to rob, murder and plunder. and then claim to be the real upholders of religion. The two groups have an enduring and ongoing relationship.

Saudi Arabia, Israel, USA all have significant religious partisans and a who accept and support invasion, theft and murder and oppression.

Icarus Tanović

By claiming so they are mentally ill. You put that very right.

Hide Behind

The US Government just recently said it intends to remain in Kurdish areas and is still busy building two permanent and large military bases that have quite large contingents of ground and airpower. Let’s look at the different Kurdish groups for they are not one solid block of political uniformity. Yes the factions have joined to fight common enemies, but internally struggles for control of Syrian Kurdistan has sometimes broke out in both armed conflicts andbassassination of different factions leaders. All fought to gain US favoritism but all did not recieve the same favors, and the area under this one faction was always the least favored by US. One has but to take a look at US relations to Kurds in Iraq to find how US favored one faction of Kurds, the ones now in power in Iraq. Less one forget that after Iraq invasion by US first time Kurdish area became semi autonomous and two main groups who helped eventually to overthrow Saddam each recieved some assistance in that war until Saddam was defeated. Meanwhile USbairpower for 12 years of sanctions between invasions flew out of Turkish airspace for no fly zones andbaided Kurdsbto fight Saddam from their Autonomous region, and yet their planes were grounded on daysbTurkey flew missions into Iraq blowing the hell out of same group of Kurds less favored by US. He’ll Turkey even had armored forces on Iraq’s land that was mostly under the worst Kurd group. The Kurdish Representative to Iraq Senate spent more time in US and Europe than Iraq, and today is political leader of Kurds autonomous portion of Iraq. As to Syria today, the destruction of Kurds least favorable to USnare expendable assets, and so it seems to the 4 other Kurdish groups who are not exactly rushing to their aid. Chess requires thinking way ahead of opponent and predicting ones defence no matter opponents moves while also planning ones offensive strategy. What was original purpose before the first move, but the destroying any Semblence of Syrian unity, to impoverish nation and make it completely dependent upon foreign interest. I would go so far as to say that in the grand scheme of things those policies are doing remarkedly well. Dead men don’t count as a victory, , sitting on lands you do not actually own, mortgaged to hilt to foreign powers, all Syria has done is in reaction to what other powers wanted done. Assad dead was a smokescreen, while impoverishment of nation as was done in Iraq was real objective. And OH ya to give Israel a chunk of Syria and to scare Syrians into permanent dogs to kick around at will.


Kurdish areas in Iraq or Syria?

Icarus Tanović

You forgot to mention Iran and China. And no Syrians aren’t cannons fodder. Although you’re right by saying that SDF doesn’t stands chance against NSA, wahhabi monsters, and other Erdogan regime’s proxies. Saying so, this operation was ment to establish next Wahhabistan on Syrian soli, but ne bis in idem, never same desease again.

jim crowland

Do no forget to chop heads of pro turkish jihadists…

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