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JULY 2020

Syrian War Report – October 15, 2019: Syrian Army Taking Control Of Key Positions In SDF-held Area


Syrian War Report – October 15, 2019: Syrian Army Taking Control Of Key Positions In SDF-held Area

On October 14, units of the Syrian Army started entering areas controlled by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeastern Syria.

The terms and conditions of the deal made by the SDF and Damascus are yet to be revealed, but government troops already deployed in Tabqah, Tabqah Airport, Tabqah Dam, Ayn Issa and Tal Tamir, and in the Manbij area. Syrian Army troops also moved towards the border town of Kobani. However, the situation there remains unclear. According to pro-Kurdish sources, US troops deployed there have attempted to prevent Syrian troops from entering the town by blocking the Qaraqozak bridge.

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper officially stated that the US did not sign up to fight the Turks for the SDF. Nonetheless, this does not mean that Washington would help the SDF in implementation of its deal with Damascus.

The US is not planning to fully withdraw its troops from the country. According to Esper, the US military presence will remain in Syria, especially in al-Tanf. Additionally, there is no timeline for the announced withdrawal of 1,000 troops.

Turkey reacted to the Damascus-SDF deal by increasing its military efforts against the SDF around Tell Abyad and Ras al-Ain. Furthermore, Turkish-led forces launched an advance towards Ain Assa and Manbij, where they clashes with detachments of the Syrian Army. According to pro-Turkish sources, Turkish-backed militants captured a T-55 battle tank belonging to the Syrian Army near Manbij.

The military situation in northeastern Syria may escalate even further if the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish-backed militants continue their advance into the areas where the Syrian Army is already deployed. At the same time, Ankara’s attempts to capture Manbij will likely only strengthen the military and political cooperation between the SDF and Damascus.



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  • Karen Bartlett

    Go, SAA! God go with you.

  • Ed

    What about the 800/900/1000+ prisoners that escaped? Is there not going to be any effort to go after them/recapture them etc?

    • acc_

      Most likely they will rejoin SNA, FSA on Turkish side. And Turkey get to use them against PKK and YPG

  • Redadmiral

    Hopefully, this situation will NOT escalate. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know what the Yanki scum are up to. It appears they are stirring the shit and doing what they can to start a conflict between the Turks and the SAA. Obviously, Russia will have a large role to play in getting the Turks to stand down and fuck off home. Looks like we will remain in the dark for the time being and hopefully Russian diplomacy defeats Yanki subterfuge

    • Neurasth

      US troops are “reassuring” locals in the south that they will stay, particularly around the omar fields, OF COURSE.

      • antoun

        reassuring?? very funny!!

        • Neurasth

          Soon the SAA will be “reassuring” them to fock off back to tel aviv, preferably with tank shells.

      • RamboDave

        These oil fields can easily be taken, since the Syrian army is already across the river in Deir-Ezor City. The SAA has been across the river for about 2 years now.

        The oil fields are controlled by the Deir Ezor Military Council, which is separate from the SDF. And .. this group is made up of former local criminals and captured ISIS converts. But, without the SDF manpower they are nothing.

        Now that the SDF has joined the SAA the oil fields can be taken within a few hours.

    • acc_

      I believed Russian and turks planned this offensive over many discussion and meeting. It made sense when you factor in money and power into the equation.

      Turks would get:
      1. Secured border: Kurds will fall under SAA umbrella and get disarmed over the long run. PKK would lose safe bases in Syria and easier to deal with
      2. Money and leverage over Europe: the planned oil & gas pipe by Russia and Iran can be built through North Eastern Syria to Turkey and eventually Europe. That’s a lot money from the transit and political leverage over EU

      Russia + Syria + Iran (+ China) would get:
      1. Syria reclaimed most of its territory. Russian got to keep their bases.
      2. Once Syria is stabilized, BRI projects in Syria can proceed and Syria got reconstructed. China and Iran and Russia got to be the financiers, builder and beneficiaries
      3. With another oil and gas pipe entering Europe, they can force EU to follow their wishes and break apart Western financial and political structure, thus furthering the dedollarization process

      The yanks will try everything they got to stop this, but at the very end its inevitable

      • Redadmiral

        Your deduction of what we appear to know makes perfect sense. Erdogon, however, is nothing more than a snake in humanoid form and as we all know even King Cobras become friendly when they have been drained of their poison. Hope your inference proves correct acc.

        • You can call me Al

          So far, with the exception of a couple of clashes – all has gone to plan; lets see what happens in the next few days before prediction upcoming doom and gloom.

        • acc_

          In geopolitical game like this, everyone is a snake. Some more poisonous than other.

          I see every govt as a criminal entity. It’s only a matter of how much criminal they are.

          Most govt are more caring and concerned with daily tasks of keeping their population content and happy, hence keeping their own power within their own border

          On the other side, we also got the globalist type of govt that is more concerned about controlling resources of other, and enriching their own elites

        • Trekker

          I look on Erdogon as a guy juggling huge number of threats and difficult issues, with people all around him trying to shorten his life. The fact that he has survived reflects his ability and tenaciousness.

      • Trekker

        It seems to me that you are painting the picture quite well, although it is not that visible to everyone yet. It should bring stability across the Lavant, with Russia and China and India the winners in consolidating their pipelines, BRI corridor, oil and energy deals and corridor through Iran into the Caucasus. And Turkey gets to help 3 million refugees find their way back to Syria, and benefit from it all.

        There also is a lot of pressure on Saudi Arabia to join in. SA will be supplying 2 million bpd to China soon and they also will be pressures to sell a part of it in non-US$. And with Russia gearing up non-US$ oil sales, the petrol dollar will be quite threatened.

        Ultimately, how can Turkey not join the Shanghai Cooperative Organization? I don’t know. Wait and see, I guess.

        • acc_

          Well said. Just want to emphasis the real war is not on the field with guns firing and all.
          The real war is in US dollar sphere vs the new multipolar sphere(backed by gold)

          The proxy wars between R&C and western power are all just manifestation of US dollar struggle against the new coming reality

          Russia and China know they can never win against western power that are using free credit card,i.e: US dollar

          Only when you stop the rest of the world to finance that credit card, and migrate them to new multipolar system, then the western hegemony is destroyed
          Russia and China aims to win the war without firing a single shot!!

          • Trekker

            I think so, too. Within 3 to 5 years, I think that maybe 25-30% of the world’s energy will trade in a basket of currencies (Euro, Ruble, Renminbi, etc), with Russia/China/India leading the way on oil and gas from Russia, the Middle East and Central Asia (3 out of 4 of the big oil production areas in the world).

            Russia alone, with the deals it is making on developing oil in the Middle East, Nordstream I and II, Turkstream, Power of Siberia, Arctic 1, 2 and 3 and the new line agreed to across Mongolia, will control 20-30 million barrels per day.

            The new petrochemical plant they are building with Saudis near Norway (for 2025) will be the largest facility in the world and their new gas facility in eastern Siberia is 1 km x 1 km in size, maybe to supply China, Japan and the Koreas. Then they are going to (maybe) complete a pipeline from Iran to to Pakistan and India, looking more doable recently.

    • You can call me Al

      Agreed. I can feel a snide Israeli attack soon; hope the SAA are prepared.

      PS I thought these Yanks were ordered to leave the NE ?.

  • antoun

    excellente news!! :)

  • Forces are falling in place. Nothing like cannons pointing in 1 direction, the result of cooperation.. Load up, blast when ready.

  • dutchnational

    Now that US has betrayed their allies, those troops have no function there and no fundament in local society.

    Now they can only act like turks, as in spoilers.

    So they better leave without any fuss. With their tails between their legs.

    • RichardD

      You’ve been talking out of both sides of your mouth for years.

  • RamboDave

    The SAA and the SDF should issue a combined joint statement that issues an arrest warrant for any US soldier still present in Syria and/or former SDF areas. Furthermore, there should be a $5,000 dollar reward for the capture of any US soldier. If any SDF commanders still have contact with any US Coalition members, all effort should be made to take those US officers into custody, to be held as an insurance policy until the US gets out of all Syrian territory.
    In addition, Russia should issue a no fly zone for all former SDF held areas.

    • Trekker

      That would clean things up fast.

  • gryzor84

    Whol’s nose must be falling off right now.

    • xTheWarrior22

      But what about Semen’s forehead?

  • RichardD

    The Turk advance is in big trouble. Erdogan’s UN map is history. With the M4 blocked in several places by the SAA and their footprint expanding by the hour east of the river. They can support the SDF throughout the entire theater of operations. And intervene directly on an as needed basis.

  • Per Jensen

    Again: Don´t rely on these SDF thugs, especially not their corrupted leaders, who have no qualms about turning the naive SDF members into cannon fodder for Turkey. First they positioned themselves on the US imperialist side, now they are whistling and changing horse. They have no sustainable principles, but are pure opportunists and deserve nothing

    • RichardD

      That may be. But they know an ethnic cleansing terrorist invasion when they see one and have intention of letting it into Kurd majority areas if they can avoid it. And if that means cutting a deal with the Syrian government. That’s what they’re going to do.

  • adam77