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Syrian War Report – October 14, 2016: Northern Aleppo Falls Into Hands of Syrian Army

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The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) re-launched attempts to seize the Al-Sha’er Gas Fields from ISIS in Homs province. The government forces stormed ISIS positions southwest of the gas fields and reached its gates. Clashes are ongoing in the area.

The pro-government forces have achieved another notable success in northern Aleppo. The army and Liwa al-Quds took control of Talat Bureij, Majbal Al-Zatin, Tal Owayjah, and Tal Al-Asfar. Controlling of these hilltops allows, the government forces are able to easily defend the previous gains in northern Aleppo, overlook areas in the northern part of Haydariyah Neighborhood and prepare a push to set control of the Ba’edin Roundabout. In southern Aleppo, the army and Hezbollah captured the strategic Sheikh Sa’eed hill in the Sheikh Sa’eed Neighborhood.

In Western Ghouta, the army and the NDF seized the Air Battalion Base, located southeast of Der Khabiyah. Now, the government troops are deployed at the western and southern flanks of Deir Khabiyeh controlled by Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra Front) and Ahrar Al-Sham.

Yesterday, the army’s Tiger Forces and the NDF took control and defended from terrorist counter-attacks the town of Ma’an in northern Hama. Today, the Tiger Forces and the NDF are advancing west of the nearby village of Kubbariyah in an attempt to reach Suran, located at the highway between Hama and Aleppo. If Suran is re-taken, the militant controlled town of Ma’rades will become next target of the advance.

Next Saturday in Switzerland, Rusisa, the United States and local powers are set to discuss the military and political situation in Syria in order to find the so-called “peaceful solution” of the conflict. Most likely, the Russian-Syrian-Iranian alliance will not be ready to make some concessions to the “American partners”.

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gfsdyughjgd .

Good shot get rid of national saboteurs of USA terrorist. defend and destroy the terrorist who are promoting western agendas.

Dod Grile

A better title would have been, “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty North Aleppo is free at last.”

Let us hope it stays that way.

Carol Davidek-Waller

It probably will is there are no more US ‘inspired’ cease fires. This would have all been over long ago if not for US duplicity.


Not letting Al Nusra fall in eastern Aleppo is the reason for the last two C/H , and the one that will be demanded on Saturday , “or we will attack Syrian government directly”. High value operatives ? can’t admit failure ?, this weekend could be a “hurricane”

Carol Davidek-Waller

The Iraqi Air Force bombed the heck out of huge ISIS convoy heading for the Syrian border, most likely meant to be slotted during the latest felonious demand for a cease fire. The Russians are starting the cease fire early. I think the US goose is cooked.


Good news


It is sad living in the ‘Great Satan’…. but it is enheartening to see the ‘Great Satan’ being defeated by men and women who do not wish to live under that tyranny. Thank you South Front for providing this information.


Excelent news !! Like Ronald says…by Monday the party could be over !! ISIS may have to go on Food Stamps and require Russian Soup Kitchens !! Imbeciles !! They caused their own dust bowl with their stupidity !! (and of course, all the head shopping was fake, today it is known who made the films and their 500 million fee)


Forget more one sided concessions to US – all it ever means is urgent ceasefires whenever SAA are gaining traction on ground with RuAF support. So that US/Gulf can then truck down ‘aid’ from Turkey to reinforce terrorist militants when they get in trouble. Notice how large supplies of previously unseen spec Grad missiles (sourced from Ukraine or Bulgaria) were delivered to militants in southern Aleppo region exactly during last failed ceasefire?

Count H

The title makes it sound like a bad thing. Boo hoo the terrorists lose WTF!

Slave 2none

The only reason to attend the meeting in Switzerland is to: tell the ussa that the only considerations Russia and Syria will make is an escorted open exit of all ussa operatives into Iraq otherwise…..phaq-u!

oh and get more body bags……your ‘moderates’ are about to meet God….

gfsdyughjgd .

No their going to see allah face to face in hell.Russia and Syria must organise free pasports and visas for this terrost and send them back to Britain and France,Germany and Saudi Arabia.


The SA and the NDF gaining ground against IS Terrorists in Syria.

US Leaders and JewsMedia Translation: Russian Fueled Humanitarian Crisis in Aleppo

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