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Syrian War Report – October 12, 2018: ‘S-300 Elimination’ Delayed – Israel Grounds F-35 Fleet

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On October 11, the Israeli military announced that it had halted flights of F-35I stealth fighter jets following the crash of the US Marine Corps F-35B jet in South Carolina on September 28. The Israeli Air Force (IAF) stated that the F-35B crash was caused by a technical malfunction in the engine’s fuel pipe. So, the IAF decided to make additional precautions and conduct tests on all F-35I aircraft before continuing to employ them.

Earlier, multiple Israeli experts and even top officials claimed that the IAF may soon employ F-35I jets to challenge S-300 air defense systems, which were recently received by the Syrian military. However, it seems any kind of these actions is now delayed.

Heavy clashes erupted between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS in the villages of al-Shaafah, al-Susah and al-Baghuz al-Fawqani in the Hajin pocket in the province of Deir Ezzor. According to the SDF, ISIS members used a sandstorm to carry out a series of attacks. The US-backed group also claimed that 35 ISIS members were killed during the 24 hours of the clashes.

In turn, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that ISIS attacked 9 SDF positions, killed several US-backed members and destroyed 3 of their vehicles.

The US-led coalition announced in a statement that it and Iraqi security forces had neutralized a key ISIS financial facilitation network during in the Iraqi cities of Baghdad and Erbil in the period from October 7 and October 9.

According to the statement, security forces arrested ten members of the financial network, which is known as the “al-Ray network.” No further details about the detained persons were provided.

“The arrests deal a major blow to ISIS’s capacity to threaten and terrorize civilians … This demonstrates that those who assist in, sponsor, or provide financial, material or technological support to ISIS will face severe consequences,” Major General Patrick B. Roberson, commander of the US-led coalition Special Operation Joint Task Force said in the statement.

The Iraqi government announced defeat of ISIS in the country in 2017. However, multiple ISIS cells and ISIS-linked networks have remained in many desert region sand big cities. These cells still pose a significant security threat.

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Haha! It’s that superior technology that only American Capitalism is capable of producing.


According to some Pilots friends,

SU-57 is much better than F-35 and Rafale

NB: The Students always surpassed the Professors

To lies all the times to everybody doesn’t work !

S Melanson

The truth is coming out and never forget – truth always matters and it is never to late.


MJC, Great historical piece. I see what you see. Slime (joke intended) magazine is totally a megaphone of the Deep State. The Deep State which at its Colleges and Universities teaches that we are ‘exceptional’ while ignoring the realities around us. Being ‘exceptional’ means that there are those who are not ‘exceptional.’ The old Untermensch scam used by Governments since the beginning of Time (joke intended) as evidenced by the countless ruins of former civilizations found around the World.

Oh to be a fly on the wall at the Putin Trump private meeting. Interesting time (joke intended) to be alive.




Estimated Totals for the Entire 20th Century

Site Index

Alphabetical Index

How many people died in all the wars, massacres, slaughters and oppressions of the Twentieth Century? Here are a few atrocitologists who have made estimates:

M. Cherif Bassouni, “Searching for peace and achieving justice: the need for accountability”, published on Law and Contemporary Problems, vol. 59: no. 4. [http://www.law.duke.edu/shell/cite.pl?59+Law+&+Contemp.+Probs.+9+(Fall+1996)] (Citing Rummel and SIPRI)

33 million “military casualties” (That’s how the article phrased it, but I presume that means military deaths.)

170 million killed in “conflicts of a non-international charater, internal conflicts and tyrannical regime victimization”)

incl. 86M since the Second World War

[TOTAL: 203,000,000]

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Out of Control: Global Turmoil on the Eve of the Twenty-first Century (1993)

“Lives deliberately extinguished by politically motivated carnage”:

167,000,000 to 175,000,000


War Dead: 87,500,000

Military war dead:


Civilian war dead:


Not-war Dead: 80,000,000

Communist oppression:


David Barrett, World Christian Encyclopedia (2001)

Christian martyrs only: 45.5M [commentary & context]

Stephane Courtois, The Black Book of Communism

Victims of Communism only: 85-100M

Milton Leitenberg [http://www.pcr.uu.se/Leitenberg_paper.pdf]

Politically caused deaths in the 20th C: 214M to 226M, incl…

Deaths in wars and conflicts, incl. civilian: 130M-142M

Political deaths, 1945-2000: 50M-51M

Not The Enemy Media [http://nottheenemy.com/index_files/Death%20Counts/Death%20Counts.htm]

Killed through U.S. foreign policy since WWII, as of July 2003: 10,778,727 to 16,861,695 (1945-May 2003)

Rudolph J. Rummel, Death By Government

“Democides” – Government inflicted deaths (1900-87)



Communist Oppression: 110,286,000

Democratic democides: 2,028,000

Not included among democides:

Wars: 34,021,000

Non-Democidal Famine (often including famines associated with war and communist mismanagement):

China (1900-87): 49,275,000

Russia: (1921-47): 5,833,000


258,327,000 for all the categories listed here.

Me (Matthew White, Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century, 2010):

Deaths by War and Oppression during the 20th Century: 203 million

Military Collateral* Democide Famine Total

Wartime 37m 27m 41m 18m 123m

Peacetime 0 0 40m 40m 80m

TOTAL 37m 27m 81m 58m 203m

* Collateral = civilian deaths that are generally considered to be an unavoidable, legitimate byproduct of waging war.

FAQ: How did you get these totals?

My estimate for the Communist share of the century’s unpleasantness:

Genocide & Tyranny: 29M

(incl. intentional famine)

Man-made Famine: 41M

(excl. intentional famine, but including both wartime and peacetime)

Communist-inspired War (for example the Russian Civil War, Vietnam, Korea, etc.)

Military: 7m

Civilian (collateral): 10m

NOTE: With these numbers, I’m tallying every combat death and accidental civilian death in the war, without differentiating who died, who did it or who started it. According to whichever theory of Just War you are working from, the Communists may be entirely blameless, or entirely to blame, for these 17M dead.

TOTAL: 87M deaths by Communism.

RESIDUE: 116M deaths by non-Communism.

For Comparison:

Total Deaths During the 20th Century




Cats and Dogs

Influenza Epidemic, 1918-19






Medical Mistakes

Eaten by Tigers

Total Deaths During the 20th Century

Carl Haub, “How Many People Have Ever Lived on Earth?” (Population Today, November/December 2002) [http://www.prb.org/articles/2002/howmanypeoplehaveeverlivedonearth.aspx]

From Haub’s chart, it looks like there were 9,801,490,715 births between 1900 and 2002. Added to the 1,656,000,000 alive in 1900, it seems that 11,457,490,715 people lived during the 20th Century. With only ca. 6 billion still alive in 2000, the century probably saw about 5.5 billion deaths.

That means that the 203 million multicides I’ve counted in the 20th Century would account for 3.7% of all deaths, or 1 out of every 27.

Smallpox in the 20thC:

Mannfred Hollinger, Introduction to Pharmacology: Half a billion people worldwide in the 20th C.

John Campbell, Campbell’s Physiology Notes for Nurses: smallpox killed 300 million in the 20th Century.

Michael Oldstone, Viruses, Plagues, and History: 300M

Albert Marrin, Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster: 300M


R. Peto, “Mortality from tobacco in developed countries: indirect estimation from national vital statistics”, Lancet, 23 May 1992:

1930-59: 11,000,000

1960s: 9,000,000

1970s: 13,000,000

1980s: 17,000,000

1990s: 21,000,000

TOTAL (1930-1999): 71,000,000 tobacco-related deaths in developed countries. (US, Europe, USSR, Canada, Japan, Australia, NZ)

Note: Although the bulk of humanity lives outside developed countries, tobacco-related deaths are not as common there, largely because the average Third World life expectancy does not leave enough time to develop cancer and heart disease. Ditto for the developed world prior to 1930. Basically, smoking is a rich man’s way to die.

The World Health Organization estimates that 3 million people die each year worldwide from tobacco, which becomes 900,000 3rd-Worlders when we subtract the 2.1 million 1st- and 2nd-Worlders calculated by Peto (yearly average for the 1990s, above). This indicates some 9 million tobacco deaths in non-developed countries during the 1990s and (using the same ratio) perhaps 5 million during the 1980s. If we continue this ratio all the way back, we get an even hundred million deaths by tobacco worldwide; however, as Peto puts it, “the epidemic is generally at an earlier stage,” so the tobacco-related mortality rate in the third world was relatively low before 1980. Let’s add only another 5 million for the years prior to 1980, bringing the century total up to 90,000,000.

Cats and Dogs

AHS: 9.6 million animals euthanized in the US, 1997 [http://www.americanhumane.org/site/PageServer?pagename=nr_fact_sheets_animal_euthanasia]

HSUS: 3-4 million cats and dogs euthanized by US shelters each year [http://www.hsus.org/pets/issues_affecting_our_pets/pet_overpopulation_and_ownership_statistics/hsus_pet_overpopulation_estimates.html]

Influenza Pandemic, 1918-19:

Gilbert: 13,000,000

Encarta: 20,000,000 (also Time: Great Events of the 20th Century; also 30 June 1998 Washington Post)

Michael Howard, The Oxford History of the Twentieth Century: 20M d. in 1919 flu.

Our Times: 21,642,274

MEDIAN: ca. 21M

Wallechinsky: 30,000,000

R.S. Bray, Armies of Pestilence: the Impace of Disease on History (1996): 25-50M, citing Burnet & White

John M. Barry, The Great Influenza (2004)

1927 AMA study: 21M

1940s McFarlane Burnet est. 50-100M

2002 epidem. study: 50-100M

Spartacus [http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/FWWinfluenzia.htm]: >70,000,000

NOTE: Because the first outbreaks of the disease were often spread via troop movements, the temptation is to add all the world’s pandemic deaths to the death toll of World War I, thereby raising it from ca. 15M to more than 35M; however, I have never seen an actual, published history of the First World War do this. Yes, histories of the war wi


Now would be a good time for Russia to send up to 20 Panstar short range missile defense systems to Syria.


SouthFront. Please update this artice! Daesh have counter-attacked the SDF and recaptured many positions that they had originally lost, all the way back to the Iraq border!

S Melanson

The decision to ground the F-35 is based on a crash of an F-35 in the US nearly two weeks prior. Typically the decision to ground aircraft follows very quickly any serious incident – not two weeks later as the case here. So is the reason for the decision to ground really what the Israeli’s say?

Icarus Tanović

Now Israel FEARS Syria and S300, that’s why they secretly made that damage to f35 in South Carolina, so now they don’t have to say We’re affraid of s300, but because of some ‘technical issue’.
Thats how things are going on.

S Melanson

The timing seems mighty convenient doesn’t it.

Jens Holm

Again: Your comment is only speculation and have a validation of zero.

It already has been know F35 are not the best to the price, but its a very good plaine and an improvement to F16 and F18.

So You come with “convenient”. Convenient for or against what ???

More conveniant for making illusions in Your own world of non facts, so Your world can be kept blured and biesed to lie for Yourselfm so at least You are checked, if things – again – is not like that.

S Melanson

I agree with you that my statement is speculation and I intended it to be just that. In fact, I am a bit skeptical that the grounding is contrived to give Israel an out regarding facing down Syrian S-300 systems. I do acknowledge that the timing is convenient for Israel if they are looking for an excuse to not challenge the S-300 systems after boasting they will be destroyed. So I do not rule out such speculation.

If you argue to show convincingly that such speculation is invalid then good for you and we eliminate the possibility. However, it remains to be seen how good the F-35 is.

Jens Holm

I would never knock out any S-something out with F35s.

They can in flocks sending decoys in front of them with some losses. I am sure of that. I think that only will happen, if they are attacked themselves.

S Melanson



Israel’s been flying their F-35s for a while now without any indication of faulty fuel lines…. and now, suddenly, when they need them to “take out S-300s” – – they get worried about faulty fuel lines? PS. They maintain their own planes – IF they had faulty fuel lines they’da replaced them long ago.

S Melanson

Thank you for the info, I did not know they do own maintenance on an aircraft still suffering teething problems. Good to know.

I also replied to one of your replies to Zho Fu that was excellent. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


They are the only F-35 buyers that may – all others get their planes maintained by the MIC.


Well said. Yours is speculation that is interesting and useful.

S Melanson

Thank you. I took the time to read your posts and like the way you think and express your ideas and opinions. Hope to see more of you.


The F-35 is a very good plane?
You’re talking about the fighter plane that can only fly for 30 minutes before refueling? The one that was downed by some Syrian birds? The one that can’t fly at all without it’s ground-based computer? The one that’s No.2 in a dogfight with the Su?

What’s good about it?
Yes, the faulty fuel line does seen “very convenient….”
Was the plane grounded for the faulty fuel line …. or was the fuel line faulty to ground the plane?

Just try to imagine all the technical data the Russians would pick up about the F-35 if it flew in range of their S-300s? Me wonders if that’s why the fuel line sprung a fault?


What is to prevent Russia from using S400 or S500 in Syria? Nothing! Israel does be$t when attacking women and children who cannot defend themselves. Israel/US/GB/Frogs started this adventure. F&#king with the Bear is a potentially fatal endeavor to all involved.


Russia to use S-500? That will not happen. S-500 is system intended to replace the A-135 missile system currently in use, and supplement the S-400. Main purpose of S-500 is to deflect a nuclear attack on Moscow and important industrial regions in Russia.
Russia to use S-400? That will not happen, at least as long as Russia and Israel do not start a war.


Nice try Moshe. If Israel or US coalition attack Syria S500 will be used to knock attackers out of the Skies.

The S-500 Prometey, also known as 55R6M “Triumfator-M”, is a
Russian surface-to-air missile/anti-ballistic missile system intended to
replace the A-135 missile system currently in use, and supplement the


s500 is not against planes


I do not understand this “Moshe”.
I do not understand what you mean by that “Nice try”.
Read the rest of the article from which you made the last sentence. In this article it says where they plan to install the S-500.


Actually the S-500 is intended as an eventual replacement for the S-400, according to Russian sources. Furthermore, there is also the A-235 ‘Nudol’ in development which is intended as a true successor to the the A-135.

comment image


s500 is not in service

Jens Holm

Dont forget its innocent women and very small children.

And dont forget the reasons. You do. Hijabs and dark sunglasses is Your uniforms. In Arabistan there never are any reason to be arracked but all reasons to kill each other for honor and respect made by fear.


What is the plan that Israel would use ? Well, I think the same she used for Golan Heights, that is: to send several false planes for the Syria missiles will be fired, then, the real planes will come to destroy the missiles sites. Let us see whether or to this method will work this time.


What you’re talking about makes sense in a situation when Israel has absolute air superiority.
I do not blame either of you for this kind of thinking. For decades we have been tracking how western technique (America) is attacking and destroying small states that can not stand up to it, and where aerial combat was more like a polygon practice. For the first time here we will have the opportunity to see the efficiency of western technique when hitting a highly prepared opponent.
And we do not expect much from American tactics (and Israel too, same school)!
Let’s look at history, the most lost aircraft in the battle over the WWII had America – over 90,000!
See only US air rides on Germany, the tactic was – saturation! Send countless bombers and pay no attention to how much we will lose them because they will get enough to the target! What a wonderful tactic!


Yes, you are right, but any way, Russia must pay much attention to Israel planes movements.

H Eccles

Sure… and just how will you send ‘false planes’..?


Well, take several old Mirage IIIC with a remote controlled system and that is, then after missiles are lunched the F-35 and F-16 enter into action.

H Eccles

cool… and just how many ‘old Mirage IIIC with a remote controlled system will you need to overwhelm their S200, S300 & S400 systems?


Also, the expectation for the F-35 was not to face the best Russian air defense, only the air defenses of the Taliban and their ilk. The deployment of the advanced S-300 in Syria has the US in panic.

Jens Holm

I see no panic.

I only see parts of Your world telling about no panic as panic – and its forgotten, that Damaskus are not commanders of the Russian army,.

What did You invent ? Well 14 days ago, it was You, who shot a good russian airplane down.

Jens Holm

Alll that jumping up and down for 1 F35 falling down in Georgia. Where is the perspective.


They meant elimination of F-35’s.


Looks like the fought psychological war and lost.They were to attack the s300 even s700 and all of a surden the jets they were to use is grounded.Its a pity by the time they bring them back Iran would have stocked enough to their advisors,Syria forces would have known to operate S300 and would be ready for any eventuality.Point to Note: Let’s turn to Peace with Putin,Syria and Iran or let them fight terrorism to bring syrians back to peace.


Can someone please clarify why there is so much panic over the S300? From my understanding Russia does have S400 in Syria, to protect their troops. Is the software on S300 in anyway upgraded recently?

If there is going to be an upgrade on F35, why not earlier? Surely it can’t just be due to the recent crash. Thanks.

Владимир Рогалевич

s300 and “don’t need” to detect f-35, this can be done by radars of other complexes, besides c400 – there is a string-1 complex and other means. Which will highlight target and just transmit target designation to network-с300 or any other air defend compatibility system. and shot down- usa and israel never go on that- because f35 loose a weapon market in this case.

The Jews are well aware of it)), all of these cries, we will collect, we will destroy, for domestic consumption

Jens Holm

Too much diaperjumping here. Its normal procedure to call all cars and a lot of other beck to base until mistakes in them are found and corrected. Here 1 F35 did very bad.

It has absolutly nothing to do with anything in ME. You even declare it as a victory. You have that all way around. Your S300s are better, the F16 is a bad ancient airplane.

You blindfold each other standing in cirkels talking only having Your bare bottoms so see the rest of the world.


The crash of the F-35 in SC gave the US and Israel a convenient excuse to ground all the F-35s. The F-35s were never going to single-handedly go toe-to-toe with the S-300s. The F-16 and F-18 aircraft are more than sufficient for the job. The tactics used to neutralize the S-300s will be multiple small long-range munitions that preceed any strike aircraft sent into Syria. The grounding allows the US to geo-locate all of the S-300s so that F-35s are never put into the risky business of going “Ironhand” with the Syrians or Russians. Let’s not be so stupid as to think the US or Israel will commit stealth fighters to hand-to-hand combat with SAMs. Missiles are cheaper and mama won’t be receiving a telegram from Uncle Sugar or whatever the Israeli equivalent might be. Hide and watch. Incidentally, it don’t take a rocket science degree or security clearance to figure this shit out. Just think about it. The Russians probably do.

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