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Syrian War Report – November 8, 2019: Russia Captured Advanced Israeli Interceptor Missile

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Syrian War Report – November 8, 2019: Russia Captured Advanced Israeli Interceptor Missile

On November 6, the commander-in-chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, announced that the Kurdish-led group was resuming its “joint program of work” with the US-led coalition. According to him, the goal of this effort is to combat ISIS and secure “the infrastructure” of northeastern Syria.

The irony is that this “infrastructure” is the US-occupied oil fields. Therefore, the SDF declared its support to the US-led effort to exploit Syrian natural resources. Most likely, the group’s leadership sees this as a needed step to gain US support in its separatist efforts.

On November 7, an intense fighting between the SDF and Turkish-led forces erupted near the town of Ayn Issa in northern Raqqah. Initially, pro-Turkish militants seized the villages of Issa and Sharaqiq killing several SDF members. However, later, they were pushed back by a SDF counter-attack.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Army reinforced its positions near the village of Bab al-Khair in northeastern al-Hasakah with additional troops and heavy weapons. The newly-deployed forces included dozens of service members and several T-55AMV battle tanks.

At least 20 airstrikes hit militant positions near the towns of Hass, Benin, Maarzita, Ma’aret Hurmah, Sarjah, Kafar Roma, Sheikh Mustafa and Ma`arat al-Nu`man in southern Idlib. Pro-militant sources reported that 3 militants were eliminated.

On the same day, Hayat Tahir al-Sham announced that its members had allegedly targeted a Syrian military helicopter over the village of Kbani. Several sources confirmed that helicopters of the Syrian Air Force carried out airstrikes on Kabani and its vicinity in the morning. However, there were no other reports confirming HTS claims.

Three months ago, HTS shot down a Su-22 warplane over southern Idlib with an anti-aircraft missile of unknown type. Then, several sources speculated that Turkey was supplying Greater Idlib militants with such advanced weapons.

Russia has obtained an advanced Israeli interceptor missile, Chinese news outlet Sina reported on November 6.

In July 2018, two interceptor missiles were fired by the David’s Sling missile defense system in an attempt to intercept some Syrian missiles. The Israeli military destroyed one of the interceptors midair, while another one did not hit its target and landed in Syrian territory allegedly without suffering any major damage. The Syrian Army reportedly recovered this interceptor and transferred to the Russian side.

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“Separatist efforts” ?! Neither Autonomous Administration nor SDF refuses to integrate syrian governement or forces, like we can say about peshmerga in Iraq. Thing is: they refuse to give out their social and defense organization, which means they wont bend over for Assad but fight for their real integration on Syria state. Integration should not means social, cultural, political or even militar submission. Btw… national integrity was a greath tatic to silence and control opressed parts of society in the history of all over the world.

Jack Bauer

You will be wiped off the face of Northern Syria. That will be your punishment. You don’t deserve anything but death. You’re time is coming you treacherous terrorist dogs. The TURKS WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG.


tbi made a good post, and your reply is just a lot of garbage. :(

You can call me Al

Please read this and pass on. Every word and listen to all videos especially the last one.


Jack Bauer

Of course you believe that you little backwards turd. Go back to your country Stop trying to steal other people’s land. You stole from the Armenians with the help of the Turks. But nobody can trust a treacherous dog so they fucked you right back. Go back to Turkmenistan or wherever the hell your corrupt seed comes from. Syria is for Syrians, not animals with no honor like you.

Per Jensen

Right, the corrupted and opportunistic SDF leaders have no scruples using their naive fighters on the ground as cannon fodder for Turkey to achieve kurdish independence, But as the leaders in the post-Cold War Baltic and Balkan countries, they only use the positive concept: independence as a pretext to optimize their own benefits.

World Wisdom

kurds are nothing but bitches-terrorists. no mercy for them.

Derek Johnson

Agreed, ungrateful swine, they have an over inflated view about how important they are. Hmm …. Traitorous Russian soldiers?

“People’s instincts are the strongest. While the US troops withdrew, the attack by several provocateurs on US vehicles did not get a public response. The people are doing the same thing to traitorous Russian soldiers and to TR soldiers. The people know the truth” https://twitter.com/North_Syrians/status/1192881240740782080

If you lose the Kurdish people, you lose the Middle East. Kurdish people do not want Turkish and Russian invaders. https://twitter.com/North_Syrians/status/1192797697213747203 They were tear gassed today.

Derek Johnson

Sorry about all that extra garbage in the above post, cannot seem to edit it out.

Muhammad Abbass

Kurds, many of whom are my friends have never had a state of their own, never wanted one till the USA stirs them up for its own selfish ends and having been perennial nomads they eventually settled in the countries which had become known as Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. They do not share a common language, religion or even traditions. Most Kurds do not want their own state, they want to live in peace without hot heads making trouble, selling their interests for a handful of bullsh!t promises. Go and get an education in things before you go sprouting off.

You can call me Al

Please read / listen to every word said in this (especially the last video) – and forward to everyone you know.


Tommy Jensen

As per 31.10.2019 US Congress Committee headed by a female Democrat, US will continue their “Assad must go” policy, and will block all re-construction attempts of Syria to only allow Western International usury bankers to provide usury loans for re-construction.

US will continue to occupy E-Syria for its rich oil and wheat fields by SDF, until Assad is broke, and obstruct all attempts by China/Russia/Iran to assist Syria.

As I said, there is only one way to get rid of an American if he first is inside your house, the Vietcong way.

Mauro Craizer

Hehehe, US Israeli/wahabbi plan to make $ on pipeline through Syria? Nordstream 2 approved…check mate.

ameer jabril

yes and when they allowed russian and syrian forces to enter their territory they were heroes then according to you troll bots.


Iran shot down another US drone—USA does nothing

Rodney Loder

David’s sling is antiquated.


but still in use apparently, which says something about its antiquity!

Rodney Loder

The pseudo jews don’t want to put balloons up in lines which is the only way radar can detect cruise missiles, David’s sling is for ballistic or high flying trajectories that go above the horizon ceiling.

So Hamas hasn’t got cruise missiles but we don’t know that for sure and cruise can fly at 2 metres above ground level not be visible even with balloons, probably no one wants that escalation at the moment but for sure it will come and when it does David’s sling will be shown to be antiquated garbage.


Asad must declare Open Season in hunting US military. Bomb the shit out of them, form hidden points, shoot to kill. At the same time Russia must interdict any attempt by US to bomb Syria doing exactly the same. Syria is in Russia alliance. Kill as many as possible US military

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