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Syrian War Report – November 7, 2016: Russian Attack Helicopters Swarm in Homs Province

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The Syrian army captured air defence housing area between al-Deirkhabiyeh – al-Darusheh adjacent to Khan al-Sheeh in Western Ghouta and secured the road between Darushah and Buwaydiyah. Jaish al-Islam and Jabhat al-Nusra militants in Khan al-Sheeh remain the cut-off from any supplies and reinforcements. The storm of the town is expected in the nearest future.

The attack on Russia’s Mi-35 multi-role combat helicopter by ISIS near the city of Palmyra in the Syrian province of Homs was a bad idea for the ISIS terrorist group. Following the incident, the Russian Aerospace Forces’ attack helicopters, including the Mil Mi-24 and Mil Mi-28N, swarmed in the province, purging the terrorist group’s manpower and military equipment. Russian attack helicopters operate in the areas of Huwaysis village, Shaer gas field, Mustadira gas field and in the area of Arak.

The developments near the ancient city of Palmyra is barely covered by the mainstream media. However, successull operations of the Syrian army and the Russian military in the area are one of the factors preventing the ISIS terrorist group from active offensive operations across the country.

The Iranian Fars News Agency released a series of photos from the southern countryside of Aleppo city. The photos show the Liwa Fatemiyoun militia group, operating 152 mm towed artillery guns during the battle with Jaish al-Fatah militants. Liwa Fatemiyoun is an Afghani Shia milita group funded, trained, and equipped by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Reports say the group is embeded with Iranian military advisers. The total strength of the group in Syria is about 20,000 fighters.

On November 7, the Syrian army and its allies launched counter attacks on Jaish al-Fatah militants in Tal Rakhem, the 1070 Apartment Project and the al-Assda neighborhood. Clashes are ongoing.

The so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced  on Sunday a military operation, called Angry Euphrates, to take control of the city of Raqqa from ISIS. The operation is supported by the US’ air force and speicla forces. The SDF says that some 30,000 fighters are deployed for the advance. The first proclaimed goal is to isolate Raqqa.

After the announcement, the Kurdish YPG that operates under the SDF brand took control of Jurah, Al-Wahib and Al Adriyah from ISIS and entered Laqtah. YPG fighters involved in the operation were embed with US troops.

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What the hell are Russia/Syria waiting for?? Why don’t they just link up Palmyra to Ithriyah already? They’re wasting time and manpower, for nothing. This would secure all of the gas/oil fields in the area AND shrink the defensive line by 2 or 3 times, freeing up thousands of soldiers for offensives elsewhere. This is open desert so ISIS should have little defense against helis and jets, what are the SAA waiting for?

Brad Isherwood


Putin negotiated a closure to the Chechnya wars,
Appears the same goal exists in Syria.
As ISIS ebbs away….. Empire may have to support Kurds to get out of the moderate
Kook debate.
Putin and Kurds is the question…
Assad cannot arrange a Chechnya type closure while Foreign interference continues.
Syria’s future will need Russia to keep Empire from Coup attempt and rigged elections.

Russia hooking up with Egypt suggests the broader ME security/Trade connective
Possibly with Silk Road is the chess moves now.

Empire looks on as its Concessions decline in the ME.
To much political interference with countries has jaded any promises Empire can make.
It falls to threat and extortion now to keep everyone in the game.


Nations in the Middle East and North Africa like to ally with Russia because Russia helps to stabilize countries without dictating any form of government up front. Russian assistance therefore is constructive.

As to Aleppo, yes, I think Putin still hopes that the thugs in eastern Aleppo will give up – have to give up because they run out of supplies. It is the only way to cut down on civilian casualties. It worked in Chechnya and worked in a number of Syrian cities that the SAA surrounded the cities and strangled the fighting capacity of the militants until they had give up and leave. Homs and Hama were liberated that way. And the hope is that it will also work in Aleppo. That would concentrate the thugs in Idlib or north of Aleppo where they would be encircled by Turkish, Kurdish and SAA forces and won’t be able to do too much harm anymore. The rest can then be negotiated as peace agreement. That is a very reasonable way to resolve the fight, if it works. But Russia is bringing more fire power and the thugs will in time realize that they cannot win this.

Brad Isherwood

The decades of Saudi and other pusher Madrasa and specially skewed Koran which
Lunatic CIA and Lunatic Sunni shoved into the youth of many nations.

With this ending now as it is fully exposed, …the tide shifts and the game becomes more direct.
If Saudi and Qatar want to kill Syrians,Iranians and Russians,…they may have no proxy to do so.

Same for Empire.

With Trump’s win in USA. ..it’s possible the Toxic game will shift.
Still….Trump has numerous Zionist near him…and we know how nutcase
Israel is about Iran.

With Trump….US forces may actually really fight ISIS.

Or…we discover Trump was a con and Empire continues it war against Russia
And Iran.


In his victory speech he said that there would be peace, that there would be better trade relations and America getting along with all other nations who accept friendly relations with America. So lets hope for the time being that he will do that. I think Trump was elected because people are tired of war and afraid Hillary would get us into more war. Turns out – according to Wikileaks emails – that Hilary advised war on Syria to please Israel – for a price I assume. Trump hopefully is a bit less greedy – he already has a bunch of billions and his company under his children can make more billions – doesn’t need to accept bribes to enrich himself. Plus, I think people were reasonable and didn’t want a criminal couple in the white house.
so lets hope for the best. IT may get chaotic internally with less regulations and more competition. But we shall see. As the song on victory night went: you don’t always get all you want.

So lets hope that on the whole we get what Trump promised. Since ehe likes business and likes to build, capitalism is obviously better adapted to it than neoliberal capitalism.


This is a good piece on the Syrian war on Australian Radio which gives a very plain, knowledgeable narrative regarding the war. I am not sure if the link will work outside Australia though.


Tom Tom

Works great. Thanks.

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