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Syrian War Report – November 6, 2019: SDF Supporters Block Joint Turkish-Russian Patrol

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Syrian War Report – November 6, 2019: SDF Supporters Block Joint Turkish-Russian Patrol

On November 5, Russian and Turkish forces carried out a second join patrol in northern Syria. According to the Russian Defense Ministry’s Zvezda TV channel, the patrol started in the village of Alishar near the border town of Kobani and covered 160km. 50 Russian and Turkish personnel and at least eight units of military equipment (Tigr and Kirpi armoured vehicles) were involved.

The presence of Turkish forces in northern Syria cause sporadic protests by locals linked with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). They threw rocks at the vehicles and even tried to block the patrol near Kobani. It remains unclear what SDF-linked elements were seeking by protesting against the implementation of the ceasefire regime under the Turkish-Russian safe zone agreement. It is unlikely that they want the resumption of the Turkish military operation.

Pro-Damascus sources suggested that at least some of them tried to provoke Turkish or Russian troops in an attempt to stage a provocation that can be used by the SDF leadership and its foreign backers in their own political games.

Despite the Turkish-Russian patrol, sporadic clashes between the SDF and Turkish-backed militant continued along the M4 highway east of Ayn Issa. According to pro-SDF sources, at least one military vehicle belonging to the Turks were destroyed.

The Syrian Army has continued deployment of troops, heavy equipment and even artillery in northeastern Syria, near the Turkish border. Just recently, government troops strengthened their positions near the town of Al-Malikiyah.

Meanwhile, the US military is reportedly preparing to set up to establish a new large military facility in the Soor area in Deir Ezzor province. According to media reports, the US already deployed there a large number of construction elements, heavy equipment and additional troops. This as well as other actions by the US military in eastern Syria demonstrate that the announced withdrawal of troops from the country is just a PR move for the ongoing redeployment of forces from one area to another.

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Karen Bartlett

Looks like emotions are running high.

Jose Martinez

The YPG led SDF is still holding on to dreams of Autonomy. It is imperative that the the 30 Kilometer deep Safe Zone is established, no “ifs” “ands” or “buts”. The SDF want to provoke a military response from Turkey in order to create International Sympathy for their cause which the Kurds can use to get their Autonomy and defy Assad. Assad and Russia can still turn their guns on the SDF and force cooperation on the 30 KM deep Safe Zone. Assad has no reason to go to war with Turkey. If the YPG/SDF want to insist on carrying out an Insurgency against Turkey, Assad can turn the tables and ally with Turkey by using Russian mediation.

Non compliance with the safe zone will leave millions of Syrians displaced. Kurds are only out for themselves. Shame on them and their supporters..

Concrete Mike

Shame on them and their supporters, this shit should have stopped in 2017 after the fall of deir ez zor city. But no the kurdish leaders have let EVERY SINGLE syrian down for a handful of silver, fucking pathetic.


more like the PKK lead syrian demonic forces.


The Syrian government is on the verge of total victory over foreign backed terrorists. All that will be left is foreign occupation. For the US it will be costly and increase opprobrium, and further increase its decline. The US military is now viewed as aggressors, occupiers, and thieves. How low have we sunk. Sad.

Icarus Tanović

Both of them are going to get out of Syria sooner or later.


Both? which?

Icarus Tanović

American and Erdogan’s forces.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

from your mouth to Gods ears :))))


Kurds desperately tried to drag some attention from Nancy Pelosi but she is too old and can’t hear them

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