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Syrian War Report – November 4, 2019: ‘Withdrawing’ US Troops Setting Up New Military Bases

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Syrian War Report – November 4, 2019: 'Withdrawing' US Troops Setting Up New Military Bases

The Syrian Army and Turkish-led forces are strengthening their positions on a contact line in northeastern Syria. A large convoy of Syrian Army reinforcements deployed in the towns of Abu Rasin and Umm Harmalah south of Ras al-Ayn. The convoy included T-72 battle tanks, BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles, Gvozdika self-propelled 122 mm howitzer and BM-21 Grad 122 mm rocket launchers. At the same time, the Turkish Army sent additional troops and equipment to the countryside of Ras al-Ayn.

On November 1, 2 and 3, clashes between the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Turkish-backed militants were ongoing in a number of gray area villages, including Azizah, al-Jamilyah and Faysaliyah, in northwestern al-Hasakah. Pro-SDF sources claim that Kurdish fighters re-captured over 10 villages from Turkish-led forces. Pro-Turkish sources claim that SDF members are on retreat. In fact, a large part of the territory south of Ras al-Ayn remains a no-man land.

On November 3, the Russian military and the SDF reportedly established a coordination center the town of Ain Issa. The center will be tasked with coordination of efforts to implement the northeastern Syria ‘safe zone’ agreement and improving coordination between the Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance and the SDF, in general.

The Russian Aerospace Forces have carried out airstrikes on positions of al-Qaeda-linked groups near the towns of Kafar Sijnah, Jbala, Rakaya Sijneh, Hass, Ma`arat al-Nu`man and Kbani in the southern part of the Idlib de-escalation zone.

The strikes were conducted in response to recent attempts by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its Turkish-backed allies to advance on Syrian Army positions south of Kbani. At least 7 Syrian Army troops were killed and several pieces of military equipment were destroyed in that clashes, according to pro-militant sources.

The US military is consolidating its control over oil areas on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. According to pro-militant sources, additional US troops were deployed at the Heemo military garrison near Qamishly and a former base of the Syrian Air Defense Forces’ 113th Brigade in Deir Ezzor may soon be turned into a US military base.

On October 31, it became known that members of the North Carolina-based 4th Battalion, 118th Infantry Regiment and the South Carolina-based 218th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade started deployment in oil-rich areas in eastern Syria. They are accompanied with M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.

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Trisha Drake

I do not liked what Trump and the leader of Turkey are doing.The Kurds were helping our troop to get rid of ISIS and the then Trump talked with his friend on the phone who is the leader of Turkey.The two of them must have cooked something up as Trump pulled our troops out the next day so the Turks could go in and make war with the Kurds.Was it all about the oil .wells.Trump loves money .

northerntruthseeker .

When you realize that “isis” Is in fact owned and operated by the US itself, your statement loses all validity.

Fred Dozer

The US was also the terrorist, that took down the towers (with Israel) on 911. They destroyed Americans, and the Middle-East combined, with one fake attack. Remember the USS-Liberty Attack. US media calls it an incident, not to upset Israel.

Mustafa Mehmet

Kurdi terrorist helping themself. not anyone else. woke up and smell the coffee

Raptar Driver

Same old playbook, Trump says withdrawal but it is only a repositioning of forces. Many buy this con no matter how many times it is used, insanity has no bounds.

northerntruthseeker .

Absolutely…. This entire “US withdrawal” is a complete scam, and only propaganda for the gullible American people..


There are many many gullible Americans.:)

Raptar Driver

Not so much gullible as they want to believe that they are good to hide the evil inside.

Hide Behind

This site is very good at showing actions and reactions by opposing .military factions after they happen in a limited area, but very little of the behind the scenes reasons.
Trump, Erdogen, Assad, and Putin are not minor Hitler’s managing their combat operations, tactics, they are all but figureheads put forth by media, they are political/ Diplomatic team leaders.
Question: why no reporting as to who and why do France and Israel put in sudden appearance in Iraq and Syria, where do they get approved , and who is coordinating not just one foreign powers but all except Syrians miltary, that go into stepdown mode at same time.
We keep looking for a bad guy, but what if the only Good Guy is Assad, so what does that make of those other powers and figureheads?

Tim Hadfield

They are the bad guys, no question. We Europeans (and Australia,and Canada) are the real terrorists.


Hello Hide. I can’t agree about the 4 you mentioned being figure heads.

Hide Behind

They are figureheads, political leaders of a nation, but they each have a vast array of advisors.
There are General programs each have, agendas, but while they may get an update each day as to what extent those agendas are being accomplished, the actual military actions and tactics employed is under ” Delegated Authorities” and the Diplomatic Activites are in hands of different, ” Delegated Authorities”.
If one will take notice of how many meetings and who attends them are being held between participants in each others and semi neutral nations it is surprising.
Take UN or Ambassadors in foreign nations and the social scene, cultural exchanges, trade Delegations, financial and banking interest, and what goes on daily between them and host nations, all actions we the governed are not privy too.
A true statement of just whose system of delegating is best can be pointed out by looking at how many US Generals and Cabinet ministers have been shuffle anout by US and it’s European allies, compared to hardly any movements of Russian and Israeli personages.
Turkey , the most corrupt, has to of had 3 purges of military and multiples within its diplomatic corps since Syrian conflict began.
Why are Saudis that have one of worlds most expensive militarys , getting butts kicked in Yemen?
Saudis have always ” bought and paid” for outside expertise from buildings oil fields and military armaments, because their lack of any real modern political system, relying on family to family connections to govern and even where their wealth is invested are foreign experts, with despotic and incompetent Royals at the head.
The recent purge by Saudis present head was no more than an attempt to reform its financial systems, headed by So called foreign educated Royals kids with no oversight, piss poor delegate selection.


Okay, taking into consideration what you have presented, I still disagree. Each one of those people is a shot caller. They are not figureheads. Figureheads do not call the shots. Albeit, Trump being the weakest of the ones you stated. My take.

Tommy Jensen

LOL…………You thought we were leaving. We outsmarted everybody again!


outsmarted yourselves perhaps–nobody else…LOL


the stupid amerikans never learn–now they spend more dollars on private mercenaries to occupy 70% of the oilfields—never very productive, than they will accrue from sales of the stolen oil
as usual amerikans display themselves to be self defeating poorly educated liars
unreported here is that Nordstream 2 is nearly complete—all permits now approved by DK….of course it will be the USA that will need to replace the lost 3 billion transit taxes Ukraine will be deprived of since gas from Russia will soon circumvent Ukraine—and Ukraine will be required to pay market price
if Americans didn’t have educated Jews and Asians to populate their talented occupations, Guatemalans to harvest their crops, Mexicans to provide them heroin, meth and Colombians to provide them cocaine they would be eating clay in hovels, drinking corn whiskey as they did 50 years ago—fully examined by Susan isenberg in her recent book, ‘White Trash: the 400 year untold history of class in amerika’


Nancy Isenberg.


thanks–I just checked by shelves; u r correct

Tim Hadfield

Russia was too slow – it’s Ukraine all over again.

Tim Hadfield

The theft of Syrian oil ought (in an honest world) to be a real basis for impeachment of the commander in chief.

Jafar Karim

So why wasn’t Obama impeached for that? If we’re being honest.

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