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Syrian War Report – November 29, 2016: Syrian Army & YPG Attack Turkey-led Forces East of Aleppo

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On November 28, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its allies officially surrendered the western Ghouta towns of Khan al-Shih and Zakiyah to government forces. In total about 3,000 militants and civilians were set to be evacuated to Idlib province from these villages via green buses. Militants had handed over at least two ZSU-23-4 Shilka guns and other military equipment the Syrian army.

On November 29, the advance of Syrian government forces continued in eastern Aleppo. Following the previous gains, the Syrian army, Liwa al-Quds and other pro-government groups have further pushed to the militant held area and liberated Talat al Barakat and the Scientific Research housing area south of Jabal Badro and launched fresh operations at Tareeq al-Bab and at the Ma’saraniyah Youth Housing

The army also keeps the option to split the remaining pocket into two, launching an advance in the direction of Aleppo Citadel. The control over strategic Police Hill in Marjeh allows government forces to launch such an operation.

Government engineers are working to relaunch the water pumping station in the Suleiman al-Halabi Neighborhood that was liberated from militants yesterday. “Moderate rebels” had used the control over the station to cut off the water supplies to the local population of Aleppo, punishing people avoiding to support adherents of al-Qaeda-style democracy. When the station is relaunched, the water crisis in Aleppo will end.

Separately, the Syrian army and the Kurdish YPG jointly waved flags over the highest building in the Bustan al-Pasha Neighborhood, confirming the recent facts of cooperation between two forces in Aleppo area. Following militants runaway from northeastern Aleppo, Kurdish YPG forces had entered some areas and filled the vacuum. Now, Syrian government forces and Kurdish YPG units have a joint-control over some points in Bustan al-Basha, al-Halek and Ayn al-Tell.

At the same time, the Syrian army and the Kurdish YPG advanced against Turkey-led militant coalition east of Aleppo city and captured the village of Azraq from it, deploying roughly 5km from al-Bab. With recent reports about airstrikes on the Turkish military by the Syrian Air Force in northern Syria and ongoing heavy clashes between Turkish forces and YPG units east of al-Bab, the army-YPG advance in the area delivers a major blow to Ankara’s hopes of military expansion in the war-torn country. In other case, this could lead to further military escalation if the Erdogan regime decides to deploy more military force to achieve its goals in Syria.

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Gabriel Hollows

So called ‘FSA’ nothing more than mercenaries for the islamic Erdogan regime…


BREAKING: Erdogan announced this morning that Turkish forces in Syria are there to “end Assad’s rule”. He has truly lost his mind.



Russia needs to step up supplies quickly, lots of anti armour, manpads etc…like theres no tommorow.

yeah hes gone nuts, after crying all day about his friends in aleppo, he has upped the ante, intresting to see what the Russians do if anything, and is Turd gone rouge or has obummer been on the phone


Maybe they can help the YPG get to Al Bab BEFORE the terrorist FSA and Turks. The Kurds need to side with Assad and route the Turks from Syrian territory. If Erdogan gets Turkey too deep into a military conflict, the Turkish people may finally revolt against him.


i wholeheartdly concur with your analysis.

Terry Ross

Certainly the Russians would halt the tourism yet again.


And trade deals regarding foodstuffs.


It is essenstail that the YPG SAA&ALLIES work together, Russia needs to back them up by not allowing the turks to provide air support to its jihad buddies. Also lots of anti-armour stuff just in case the turks wish to start throwing lots of armour at the problem


NATO, the UN and the EU are working towards a political solution, The US and Turkey try to force a solution by fighting. Russia is laughing itself silly. Why should they try to mend this rift? Germany already supplies the YPG with anti-armour.

tom nails

Erdogan, badly wants into the E.U. Even after the coup by the….


A direct war with Syria? Well, that’ll spell the end of his Dictatorship, as the Turks don’t have an army as capable as before he imprisoned most of the talented generals and officers. Even without Russia, I’m sure Syria will kick their turkey arse’s. Regardless of what happens in the near future, I doubt that terrorist supporting POS will last another year.


I think Turkey wants to provoke Russia,that is reason why they shot down Russian fighter at the beginning of the war,but if turkey Russia they will loose alot of planes to s4000 air defence system,but believe turkey is joking they couldn’t risk the war they may lose or risk of creating world war.

Manuel Chrut

I’d say the situation changed a lot since last year when they shot down Russian bomber. Back then if Russia would have answered with military force, the USA would have had Turkey’s back.

Not anymore, now Erdogan is in this on his own. Now it’s not about provocations — invading with an army like they did in August in not a mere provocation, that amounts to outright declaration of war — now it’s more about taking advantage of the situation.

They say now that they want to get rid of Assad but I’d say real objectives are something much more realistic, like grabbing some extra land that they will hold onto after the war (same as Israel kept Golan Heights) or relieving their proxy forces surrounded in Eastern Aleppo.


Watch ur back with those marxist ypg guys…

Remember al hasaka…

Jens Holm

They are not marxist anymore in the old way. They are sekular as a contrast to all the shit based on religion.

Very much is common in every system like small poor farms can be improved by getting together in bigger ones having machinery, better pants and better fertilizing.

That of course make many unimployed, therefore You have to educate them to more advanced jobs giving better income.

In the farm prduction its also about local production improvements can reduce spending meney bying outside the country and also making products better, so some can be sold abroad getting money from outside.

Counsils are same thing. Local You decide and act more Yorself in stead of waiting for Damaskus or ask them and be given allowense. All members of the minorities are always represented in those Counsils.

But the main about it is, that You make a sekular very much needed flexible new structure not based on going 14.000 years with better hay for tractors. That of course include needed changes in the family structures given more individuel rights and duties. In that woman will be raised to equal level to the men having the same possibilities and the same kind of jobs.

Vomen therefore dont have to ask the families as much because the goverment take over and are more neutral for, what they can become.


nnnnn! Wrong answer dude. You don’t make any sense. The farming crap you just said happens all over the world. There is nothing special about what you just said.

What does matter is that the YPG went into rojava and murdered/forced out normal syrian people and then took their homes and belongings!

The YPG then went to al hasaka and killed syrians that they called “FRIENDS” for over 4 years… BACKSTABBED THEM…

The YPG CLAIMS to be “equal for everyone” but kill christian syrians on a daily basis!

Oh, and KURDS fully supported ISIS till the oil and money ran out, then the KURDS BACKSTABBED ISIS TOO!

The YPG runs around calling everyone “Comrade”…. thats communist slang for stroking each others pecker… COMRADE….

Jens Holm

Rubbish. Compared to others Kurds has almost clean hands. Only a few alligations according to Hsakah seems to have truth in them.

You dont remember YPG hardly existed and Kurds were in chaos in the mainly arab chaos there.

USA supported ISIS as well until Obama stopped it, because they were to diffrent. Hillary would have supported them some monts more.

At that time YPG also were given som kind of jurisistion by Assad, because the Assad troops couldnt handle it.

A lot happend.

You are a kind of right about Your version, but You had to add other versions as well to make the stories whole ones and included.

You are right about the oil, but Kurds were not there without money for weapons.

gfsdyughjgd .

Erdogan and USA created FSA.FSA were bombing power station for Christians and Arab,Muslim supporters to starve and suffer were is Banki Moon.If i was Banki Moon I would have tell the truth to die for milions of souls in stead of one traitor.

gfsdyughjgd .

The Friend of Russia Erdogan still support the saboteurs and enemies of Syria.What does FSA doing in Christian towns sabotage water and electricity are their not beter rulers of Syria in stead of killing children and women and men. Obama is the one that will rule USA still not trump my favorit.Obama will be force by elites and became Anti Christ.

gfsdyughjgd .

Biggest back stabber is Erdogan,the downing of Russia Jet,The downing of Egypt Jet ,The killing of ambassador,The killing of Russian advisors in Syria.The plan to grab Albab in the Secret name of USA Nato.Putin and Lavrovs our colleaques not Russians.

gfsdyughjgd .

It is matter of seconds even though state that no body knows the our.Because why is Jesus God and holy spirit. Why is it trinity meaning three devine Mercy.I kNOW THIS THAT JESUS GOD AND HOLY SPIRIT.ALL OPPRESS PEOPLE STOP JUST FOR SECOND AND CALL ON JESUUS AND YOU WILL BE SAVE.

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