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Syrian War Report – November 28, 2016: Syrian Govt Forces Liberate about 40% of East Aleppo

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Last weekend, Syrian government forces delivered a devastating blow to the al-Nusra led militant coalition, known as Jaish al-Fatah, inside the Aleppo city. The Syrian army’s Republican Guard, the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces, the Desert Hawks Brigade, Liwa al-Quds and other pro-government groups liberated the neighborhoods of Hanano, Jabal Badro and Inzarat. They also took control of the Haidariyah Youth Housing, the Ba’ideen Roundabout and the Ba’ideen Square and Ard Hamra and seized a significant part of Al-Sakhur neighborhood.

Kurdish YPG units seized positions in Bustan Basha which had been under control of Sultan Murad militant group.

On November 28, government forces liberated Handariyah and al-Shakhur neighborhoods, encircling Sheikh Khizir.

Local sources say that militants are fleeing their defenses in northeastern Aleppo.

Government forces also attacked Nusra-linked militants in the Sheikh Lufti Neighborhood and in the Marjeh Neighborhood. The most notable gain of Syrian troops in the area is the so-called “Police Hill” (420 m) in the Marjeh Neighborhood. The Police Hill is a key hilltop in Marjeh. Controlling it, the army and its allies will be able to secure the Sheikh Lufti – Marjeh axis.

From Sheikh Lufti government forces are able to pose another threat to Jaish al-Fatah militants – to reach the Aleppo Citadel, splitting the eastern Aleppo pocket into several separated parts.

Mohamad Rafe’, military operations commander of Liwa al-Quds has been killed today during operations to liberate eastern Aleppo.

The government advance allowed thousands of civilians have fled militant-held areas of Aleppo city.

About 1,700 civilians had fled to government-held parts of western Aleppo and about 2,500 to the Kurdish-controlled area of Sheikh Maksoud since the start of the operation, according to the so-called “Syrian Observatory of Human Rights”, a pro-militant ‘non-government’ organization aimed to cover the Syrian conflict.

Syrian news sources broadcasted images of a crowd of civilians including women and children gathered around green buses that are set to pick them up in Masaken Hanano and entering western Aleppo. According to them, up to 10,000 civilians have fled from eastern Aleppo so far. Most of them took refuge in government-controlled areas.

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God bless Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian army.


“the so-called “Syrian Observatory of Human Rights”, a pro-militant ‘non-government’ organization aimed to cover the Syrian conflict”…TRANSLATION…The “ Syrian Observatory of Human Rights” a propaganda pro INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS organization, FUNDED AND CONTROLLED BY U.S/U.K/NATO/SAUDI ARABIA/QATAR/TURKEY.


Assad needs reconciliation not recriminations this is the path, i hope he takes

My heart is with the SAA&ALLIES who are fighting international terrorism for 5 years non-stop, and continue to do so.

If we are gonna have war crimes against assad/russia their must also be warcrimes against the backers of the foreign jihads otherwise it is what it is a A SHAM


Jay Silent

The most important thing now, is not to stop in Aleppo and kill so many Jihadists as possible. This will be a good lesson for other terrorists still fighting. Pls. Bashar no more green busses and armistices, give back Aleppo to its people.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Please, can someone tell me name of the track* SF is using for War Reports! I’m hooked on it months ago – even listening same report in loop for hours :) * soundtrack – music

Jacek Wolski

It sounds like an artist “Two Steps From Hell”

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