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Syrian War Report – November 26, 2019: Government Forces Liberate More Areas In Southern Idlib

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Syrian War Report – November 26, 2019: Government Forces Liberate More Areas In Southern Idlib

The Syrian Army is developing its advance on positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other radical groups in Greater Idlib.

Following the liberation of Misherfah in southern Idlib, the army pushed militants back from the villages of Um Khalakhil, Dahret Zarzour as well as al-Sayeer and al-Musheirfeh farms. Government forces also advanced on al-Farjah, where clashes are now ongoing.

Pro-militant sources claim that intense airstrikes by the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces were the main reason of the army success. Pro-government sources argue that the participation of the 25th Special Mission Forces (formerly the Tiger Forces) is the corner stone of the operation.

The Russian military has deployed a special unit of military medics to northeastern Syria in order to provide assistance to locals, the Defense Ministry’s Zvezda TV reported on November 25. The unit with all needed supplies and meds was deployed by a Mi-8 helicopter. According to the report, the medical point established near Kobani allow to provide medical assistance to about 100 people per day.

At the same time, Russian and Turkish forces continued joint patrols along the agreed safe-zone area. The recent patrols came without any notable provocations by Kurdish radicals. Their leadership likely realized that they put themselves on the edge of the start of a new Turkish military operation by their own actions.

The Turkish National Defense Ministry announced that its forces had found 683 rocket launchers and 93 cases of handmade explosives were seized in Ras al-Ayn, which was captured as a part of Operation Peace Spring. The Turkish side did not comment on recent attempts of pro-Turkish armed groups to advance towards Ayn Issa.

The situation in northeastern Syria remains tense.

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I think they are running a hammer and anvil in slow motion. Sneaky. If you look you can see it. :)


How to defeat a tough and determined enemy without giving the Seppoes a pretext or losing masses of men.

Karen Bartlett

Go, SAA Tiger Forces, and allies, and God go with you!

Trisha Drake

The Kurds are the ones that need help..Trump pulled out the US troop and they were working with the Kurds to wipe out ISIS.I think Russia and Turkey just want the land in Syria gas it has oil wells.400 women who are Kurds has been killed..Help the Kurds.


It is actually the Kurds who are the accomplices to the Seppoes for the theft of Syria’s oil. That is a fact. Russia has oil and gas coming out of its ears.

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