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Syrian War Report – November 25, 2019: Syrian Army Developing Advance In Southern Idlib

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Syrian War Report – November 25, 2019: Syrian Army Developing Advance In Southern Idlib

Tensions are heating up around the militant-held parts of Idlib and Aleppo provinces.

On November 22, the Syrian Army conducted a wide-scale missile strike on militants’ positions in western Aleppo. According to pro-militant sources, at least 15 improvised rocket-assisted munitions were employed. 2 large weapon depots belonging to radicals were targeted. The strike came in response to the November 21 incident, when militant shelling killed or injured at least 37 people in the city of Aleppo.

On November 23, the army eliminated several militants with anti-tank guided missiles and artillery strikes around Rakaya Sijneh and the al-Nar hilltop. On the same day, a Russian airstrike destroyed a headquarters of Jayish al-Izaa, mostly known for its ties with al-Qaeda, near Kafr Nabl.

On November 24, the army resumed its ground operation against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other radical groups in southern Idlib. Backed up by air and artillery strikes, army troops liberated the town of Misherfah and secured several positions around it. Militants carried out two counter-attacks to recapture Misherfah, but they were repelled. According to pro-government sources, up to 9 militants were eliminated.

Earlier in November, government forces liberated Luwaybidah and the Khaznah Hill in the same area. It’s expected that the army and its allies will continue their counter-terrorism efforts and further steadily cleaning southern Idlib.

On November 23, a coalition of Turkish-backed militant groups, known as the Syrian National army, launched a wide-scale attack on positions of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Syrian Army near Ayn Issa in northern Raqqa. By November 24, they had captured the villages of Saida, Mu’laq and al-Wasta, and reached the vicinity of Ayn Issa itself.

Then, united forces of the SDF and the Syrian Army pushed Turkish-backed militants back recapturing Saida, Mu’laq and al-Wasta, and once again securing the area. Despite this, artillery duels along the contact line north of Ayn Issa continued.

Over the past weeks, the Turkish Army established several fortified positions near the M4 highway in northern Raqqa and eastern al-Hasakah. Taking into account that Turkish proxies cannot carry out any large-scale offensive actions without Ankara’s approval, the Turkish leadership is likely aiming to use the instability in northeastern Syria to occupy more area. The M4 highway, which is the main transportation line in this part of the country, is an apparent target.

Central Command chief General Kenneth McKenzie revealed on November 23 that around 500 US troops remain deployed on the eastern bank of the Euphrates and in al-Hasakah. These troops will soon resume their anti-terrorist activities, General McKenzie added.

The US withdrawal from northern Syria allowed it to avoid the involvement in the ongoing  standoff over the so-called Kurdish question. Washington used the gained time to fortify its positions in oil-rich areas of eastern Syria.

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S Melanson

Idlib will be brought back into Syria eventually and if Erdogan cuts off the escape routes, the rat infestation in Idlib will be deservedly eradicated – sooner the better.

Yemenpress.org reports a major announcement coming in the next few hours on a major military operation by Ansarullah against the Saudi Coalition – although the Coalition on paper is a large multinational force, the new reality is Saudi Arabia IS THE Coalition – along with some press ganged mercenaries skilled only at fleeing the battle field, surrendering and conduct supply chain management to keep Ansarullah well supplied.

The Houthis are expected to reveal that the glorious Coalition has achieved a stunning victory over the Houthis…. oh sorry, wrong universe. I cannot wait to find out… it is like Christmas Eve…


I’m still waiting for the Houthis announcement

S Melanson

The announcement was made shortly after I posted. Go to yemenpress.org November 26 article on ballistic missile and drone attack on Coalition forces on West coast of Yemen. 350+ casualties and destroyed ammo, radar and Patriot installations.

The announcement was not as dramatic as the September operations but there is something very important that was demonstrated if the reports are true – generally, Ansarullah has a good track record on accuracy of what they report. Coalition has also not denied claims either.

What is important I think is the destruction of radar and Patriot installations. First, I was not aware that Patriot Systems were operating in Yemen. Two, Ansarullah has shown ability to not only neutralize, but actually destroy systems. This combined with the strike on Aramco is a huge blow to US credibility on the purported capabilities of Patriot Systems. This may also be why the silence in the MSM.

Ansarullah has been increasingly vocal about the role of the US in supporting the war on Yemen and importantly, the ability to bring the war to an end – see also Zaid and Larson articles , October 20 and November 7 respectively, both at Yemenpress.org. By demonstrating ineffectiveness of US military systems, continuing the war carries with it the likelihood of further embarrassments that could harm US arms exports.

So this is how I see it:

Bringing the war into KSA and hitting Aramco is to push KSA to the negotiating table. Revealing to the world the ineffectiveness of US military systems will push the US to reevaluate their support for the Coalition. Add to this the increasing military capabilities of Ansarullah – read November 28 article on French politician discussion of Western worries of growing Yemen military capability – yemenpress.org

Also article in Yemenpress.org November 24 on forcing a Coalition F-15 to turn back. One example of increasing air defence capabilities.

Do you agree with my take? And what do you think is keeping the Coalition and western backers invested in this lost cause?


“Advance” does not mean full offensive action on Idlib. Without a full offensive action on Idlib, this is just a wasting of time, money, soldiers, and weapons.

Hasbara Hunter

Another bad day for the CIA…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Yesterday the village of Um al-Khalakhil was liberated, and today it’s Dahret a-Zarzour, al-Sayeer and al-Musheirfeh farms also back under SAA control, and right now the SAA are in the process of liberating Furayji township as well, not bad for just one days work, LOL. But there was no massive bombardments by the SAAF today, which means they’ll probably be celebrating tomorrow, sadly that may mean no more territory will be reclaimed tomorrow, so we may have to wait until the following day for our next bit of good news. Inch by inch and day by day it’s all returning to government control.


Do not forget the Golan. Syria is Golan.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’ll be a battle for another day, let’s get this one done and dusted first. When we get some experience under our belts [Assad negotiating with UN], then we can move onto a new phase of territorial reclamation [Golan], hopefully getting Syria’s new friend the UN to help out, since they’re now helping write up the new Syrian constitution and have a stake in the game. And there’s also a problem with my hero Trump, who despite the fact he is my hero for a whole lot of reasons, when it comes to Israel he’s definitely not. So while he’s in power I don’t think we’ll have too much success with that particular endeavour, so perhaps waiting until he’s out of office would be a better way to tackle that problem. As it stands now, Erdogan controls about 20 times as much Syrian territory as the Israelis do, so as much as they still seem to be the biggest problem, they aren’t really, Erdogan is eclipsing them by a factor of 20, and that’s just taking territory into account. The Israelis haven’t been calling for Assad to be removed from power since June last year, but Erdogan’s never stopped saying it, and now Israel’s also strongly condemning Erdogan’s actions in Syria, and also calling for him to remove his forces, I think we should just put Golan on the backburner for now, and just let the Israelis anti Erdogan rhetoric help our cause.

Isn’t politics funny, Erdogan is about the worst politician in the world from my perspective, and yet as far as Palestine’s concerned, he’s just about their most ardent supporter, and also the biggest thorn in Israel’s side [the only thing he does good]. And on the opposite side of the coin, Trump from my perspective is just about one of the best politicians in the world atm, and yet he’s done nothing but hurt the Palestinian cause helping the Israelis steal even more land, which just like you I totally oppose. Israel’s calling for Erdogan to get out of Syria and Erdogan is calling for Israel to get out of Palestine, and funnily enough, Assad agrees with both if them, so if Assad could get the Israelis to help him do what they want first [get the Turks out of Syria], and then he later helped Erdogan do what he says he wants to do [get the Israelis out of Palestine], shouldn’t they all be happy in the end, LOL, as I said politics is funny. Unfortunately politics means we never ever get everything we want, ever.


Golan may not be big but its one massive oil well. Check out Genie oil and its shareholders. As an array of US and Israeli politicians and banksters plan to steal the oil via Genie Oil into their own pockets. A bit like Albright and Clark in their massive personal robbery of Serb gold mines under islamic occupation, thanks to them Yep Golan is on the back burner but it is Syria – internationally recognised a Syria and must be returned. Thats the bottom line, WCTT…. http://www.iamawake.co/the-shady-oil-company-behind-syrias-hidden-war-golan-israel-genie/ https://www.trunews.com/article/genie-oil-the-syria-goldman-sachs-israel-isis-connection

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If the Israelis do end up pumping oil out of Golan it’ll cost them more than it’s worth, constant repairs to infrastructure, beefed up military presence ect, I’m pretty sure Assad would make them pay a higher price maintaining/defending/repairing the oilfields than they actually get for the oil.

There was a change in the Israeli political dynamic a few days ago, the White and Blue party, which is traditionally a Zionist political party [but not ultra hard line like Netanyahu’s Likud Party], actually sat down with 2 Arab parties and began discussing the possibility of forming a minority government with them. That just by itself was nearly a miraculous occurrence, but even more miraculously, it was actually looking like they could effectively form a new coalition government, right up the the moment 4 missiles were launched from somewhere in Syria that is, unfortunately that’s when any chance of Israel ending up with a White and Blue and Arab coalition Israeli government ended. I suspect Netanyahu and the Likud party were actually responsible for that False Flag attack, they had the most to gain from that missile strike, it ended any chance of a White and Blue/Arab coalition government, and gave Benji and some of the other Likud party members some more time before they have to face up to corruption charges, charges that will most likely put them in jail. :] I think that over the last 40 years that I’ve been paying attention to Palestine, the Israelis are now probably at their weakest point ever, world opinion, US wanting to leave Syria, Iran’s parity in certain military tech, Russia and China creating their own IMF, the Arab parties nearly forming a minority government with the W+B’s ect, so the Israeli Zionist are just barely treading water now and only just holding their heads above the water, just a few more helpful shoves and some of them should start going under soon. :]


If the Israelis do end up pumping oil out of Golan

I think we should forget the money side of it. That is largely unimportant in the scheme of things. Let us look at te bigger picture – the rule of international law. If the Israelis take that oil it will be a gross violation of international law. It is not their country – it is internationally recognised as part of Syria and will remain so. Regardless of whether Trump gives US sanction for them to take it – matters not. The USA is not the world’s judge and cannot itself violate international dicktat. If the Israelis take that oil they are guilty of plunder by force and of piracy and frankly I would hope to see sanctions against them imposed by the UN in support of the UN charter and the rights of nation states. If Israel takes that oil – it means that the looting and plunder of weaker states becomes acceptional and the norm. I have every faith that Israel will not cross that line. But the greed of some of their nationals might. Murdoch. Rothschilds and USA politicians of dual nationality for a start.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

International law only applies to weak countries, sadly that’s the truth, look at Israel, Turkey, the US, Russia, China, England, France, and others, there are no real meaningful consequences for those lawbreakers according to International Law, they seem exempt. BTW not all International laws are good, some are complete rubbish and should be ignored if they’re enforced. Unlike you I don’t have faith the Israelis will do the right thing, their past behaviour makes me think that the exact opposite would actually be the case, even with a Blue and White/Arab coalition minority government in power self interests would still be the main concern, Golan won’t be safe until it’s back in it’s rightful owners hands. One day soon hopefully.


I would have agreed about the Israeli position until just recently but I think things are on a bit of a change. And I agree with much of the rest However that international law still stands and is some deterrent. What I find disturbing though is the sudden disappearance of the ‘security council’. With the USA – and sometimes Britain vetoeing any Israeli and islamic ally transgression – I think it seems any victim has given up. Russia seems to have and decided – whats the point with the western MSM now nothing but government propaganda and brainwashing machine. However People are beginning to ‘woke’ even so. And not just the leftist ones. Many people are ‘woking up’ to the real truth and exactly what is happening to these weaker states and by whom. And its not by the Russians.

Icarus Tanović

Well done SAA, just blast the heck out of them blood sucking criminals. No more bravery and yelling at airplanes, now they are shiit scared, seeing that kingdom of evil is colapsing, after so many time. And mister Mega Bull Shiit is not helping anymore, because he is bit busy in Yemen.

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