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Syrian War Report – November 22, 2017: Army Launches New Military Operation In Euphrates Valley

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ISIS cells have unexpectedly captured 8 villages from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the northern Hama countryside.

ISIS captured Abu Hariq, Ma’sarah, Abu Kusur, Tulayhat, Aliya, Suruj, Abu Marw and Umm Sahnk. The village of Abu Khanadiq is contested.

This is the second time that ISIS has been able to seize a significant area in the region without facing any notable resistance. The incident confirms that ISIS is maintaining a strong presence in the so-called opposition-held area in Idlib and northern Hama and that its cells can operate there freely.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Hezbollah, the Tiger Forces and  their allies have started a military operation to clear the remaining ISIS-held points on the western bank of the Euphrates. The Syrian military has also deployed reinforcements to the area from the government-held parts of Hasakah.

ISIS has a large number of mobile assault units operating in the Homs desert and the Euphrates Valley. This allows the terrorist group to conduct raids on the advancing government forces while avoiding direct clashes.

In Eastern Ghouta, near Damascus, the SAA has restored full control of the Armored Vehicles Base after repelling a major militant attack there. The attack had involved members of Ahrar al-Sham and Faylaq al-Rahman.

Government forces have seized hilltops near the village of Beit Tima in the area near the Golan Heights. Earlier, the SAA established control over Kafr Hawar, Bayt Sabir, Beit Tima in the same area.

As the remaining ISIS-held area in Syria is shrinking, government forces are gaining more opportunities to conduct military operations against other militant groups across the country.

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Zainab Ali

such wonderful news that isis is now history – more zio terrorists will soon make history as they are inevitably the supreme race in hell too

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

isis is gone,a new one will appear and so on


Not yet, but soon.


Remember Idlib was the destination of most terrorists that were evacuated to from many other areas After agreements with SAA.

So the number of ISIS fighters there must be high.


That was Al Qaeda and other groups. When deals were struck with ISIS they left for Deir Ezzor/Bukamal. However, part of the ISIS fighters in the East-Hama pocket left to the North. It looks like they are now for the second time grabbing some villages so that they can do their share of fighting the SAA.


ISIS captured 8 villages !! ISIS is not death, and it will take more time to really totally defeat it (remember that ISIS receive help from Israel-USA-NATO).

Deo Cass

They shoukd secure what’s left of the land and oil fields on the Eastern banks of the Euphrates river, especially the areas on the border with Iraq.

Ramon Candia

they do not need to worry about that, as they can just follow the russian example of bombing oil trucks and oil will stop flowing to the black market. that part can be lef for last. the focus should be idlib and western gouta. they can just use the same strategy Iraq used against kurds. close the border, impose a no fly zone and if necessary go into with full force. that is something Syria can not muster just yet.




to fight and resist the evil jews ,the evil jews rothschild’s evil israHell and and the evil crypto jews house of saud in saudi arabia and their allies’s control/occupation of governments and the arab land of palestine and its neighbouring arab countries, to fight and resist those jews is to fight to remove them from governments and economic power without removing them out from these positions wars will continue and their scheme to establish a one global government control would be all set . they (by us who are fighting them and only by us ) must be removed from these positons in order to get international peace progress prosperity and a good better and more positive dialogue between all countries and their peoples who their own peoples will lead and decide (israHell saudi arabia and pkk-rojava-peshmerga-kurdistan could be excluded for their evil role of their tyranny and the logic of them even being recognised as countries) what to do by and for themselves. manage what their internal and foreign affairs to other countries and people’s would be and not led by some private jews’s monopoly organisation who wages wars on whoever they want and whoever bans rothschild influence and rothschild’s-controlled banks into their country! History wasn’t written in ink It was written in blood. Reporting The Truth http://www.smoloko.com

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