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Syrian War Report – November 19, 2019: Kurdish Radicals Try To Burn Russian-Turkish Patrol

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Syrian War Report – November 19, 2019: Kurdish Radicals Try To Burn Russian-Turkish Patrol

Kurdish provocateurs have tried to burn a Typhoon MRAP vehicle of the Russian Military Police and a Kirpi MRAP vehicle of the Turkish Army in northern Syria. The incident happened during a joint Russian-Turkish patrol, which was conducted in the framework of the safe zone agreement reached between Ankara and Moscow.

Russian and Turkish forces once again showed an amazing restraint and avoided the use of force against the Kurdish radicals. Nonetheless, a Turkish vehicle rammed one of the cars involved in the provocations.

Such actions of Kurdish radicals affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces pose a serious threat to the shaky stability in the region. If their actions lead to casualties among Russian or Turkish personnel, they will easily find themselves in the situation when the Turkish Army will have to resume its military operation in the area and Moscow will not hurry up to rescue them once again.

The intensity and frequency of attacks on the Russian-Turkish patrols by pro-SDF rioters that are always timely supported by journalists are a strong signal that these developments are a part of well-organized pre-planned campaign to instigate tensions in the area.

Local experts say that by such actions the US-affiliated part of the Kurdish leadership is attempting to undermine the de-escalation and demonstrate to the so-called international community that the US troop withdrawal led to the destabilization of northern Syria.

At the same time, the SDF leadership announced that it rejects the deployment of the Syrian Army and the Russian Military Police in the town of Tell Tamir. Earlier reports appeared that the Russian Military Police will establish an observation point there. The Russian military convoy even deployed near the town. This move is aimed to de-escalating the situation north of the town, where clashes between Turkish-led forces and SDF units in some cases backed by the Syrian Army.

However, it seems that the SDF leaders have once again demonstrated that they are more interested in keeping their fleeting influence than in stability in the area.

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King Cliff

Tell tamir is populated by Christian,i don’t believe the Kurds will have anything to say abou that. The Russians vowed to protect Christians in Syria. The Kurds leader will be hunted soon or later I believe.


sdf= puppet usa and israel!! kill,m all


There has been a rash of violent rioters in Syria,Bolivia,China Hong Kong,Iraq,Iran,Russia,Georgia, Venezuela and Armenia in recent months. All use the same tactics well practised tactics and many are in the 18 to 30 age range.

There are two nations who gain from this ‘sponsored unrest’, and they are the usual suspects who use the well worn CIA ‘Civil Unrest playbook’. Its very easy to bribe hooligans anywhere with small amounts of money .

They are of course, the USA and her puppet masters in Israel.


100% correct.

Hasbara Hunter

The U.S. is done….The AngloZioNazi Parasites need Fresh Blood…fast…they will get their Civil unrest & Civil disobedience….in their own fuckn Countries…. Peoples will come for them when their (welfare) system collapses and the peoples realize that their pensions are gone…when their Beer & Burgers became unaffordable luxury items…

Pave Way IV

WTF? Nobody warned me about the ‘unaffordable beer’ part…

Hasbara Hunter

That is what I mean….now you are really pissed right? I hope you saved your own pension…in Holland the Tax-Man Keeps Stealing from the Pensionados…until they have got it all…


….and Lebanon

Icarus Tanović

Nothing happening now, no so called unrests.


Funnily enough I realised this earlier today after watching a RT News report on all the suspicious demonstrations. Thank you for also pointing out my unintended omission. I will edit my comment now.



Jonathan Cohen

Spontaneous demonstrators would not have thrown stuff at the Russian vehicles, only the Turkish ones.

Karen Bartlett

Always “timely supported by journalists” = CIA inspired action.

Tudor Miron

It is easy to see a pre staged event meant to create a needed picture. What those Kurds that throw stones do not understand is that those who sent them will be nowhere to find when sh$t hits the fan.

Karen Bartlett

Not necessarily. It could just as easily be a provocation hoping for a response so the US will have a pretext to get involved again after claiming they’re pulling out.

Mehmet Aslanak

Kurdish radicals? Excuse me, but this sounds like they are from a right wing Kurdish party. Actually those are Kurdish Workers Party sympathizers, aka communist Kurds. Normal Kurds are nothing to do with them.

Rodney Loder

The Syrians are coming and the Kurds are leaving, where they go to no one knows or cares provided it’s not Australia.


Seems aim is to throw a spanner in the works here — scupper and muddy waters, in order to break up Russia/Turkey ops.

Barry Warmkessel

The Kurds and the USA are allies with Israel. They can both go to Hell!




I’m very happy to find you again, my brother. God bless you…


Thank you,dear friend. Greetings to you and all the wonderful people of the Great Greek nation.




Kurds (ex USA-Israel puppets) continue being so st** as usual.

Jonathan Cohen

I had hoped kurds would get along better with abortion rights defending Russians, though I expected resentment of the Turkish vehicles.

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