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Syrian War Report – November 15, 2018: Israeli Defense Minister Resigns Amid Setbacks In Gaza, Syria

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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), the Turkistan Islamic Party, Jaish al-Izza and other so-called “opposition groups” continue to exploit the ceasefire in the Idlib de-escalation zone to launch attacks on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies.

On November 14, they carried out two attacks on SAA positions in northern Hama from the direction of al-Lataminah. Both attacks were repelled and then described by pro-militant sources as an example of the ceasefire violations by the SAA.

On November 15, reports appeared that militants are gathering their sabotage-reconnaissance groups in hills near al-Lataminah to launch more attacks on the SAA. The security situation also remains complicated in northern Lattakia and southwestern Aleppo.

As the demilitarized zone agreement is not making progress as regards its full implementation, a military action is slowly appearing to be the only feasible measure, which can put an end to the ceasefire violations.

Reports on “mysterious helicopters” evacuating ISIS militants or providing them with supplies in Syria and Afghanistan continue to appear in various sources. Most recently, on November 13, the Syrian state news agency SANA claimed that US-led coalition helicopters evacuated several ISIS members in the village of al-Suwayda in Hasakah province near the border with Iraq and transported them to an unknown location.

Since 2017, such reports have repeatedly appeared in Syria and Afghanistan causing significant concern among local powers that the US and its allies cooperate with ISIS and are preparing to use the terrorist group as a tool against its regional and global competitors. The Pentagon rejects these accusations claiming that the US-led coalition makes no deals with ISIS.

On November 14, Avigdor Lieberman announced his resignation describing the Egyptian-mediated ceasefire with Hamas in the Gaza Strip as “a capitulation to terror”. Lieberman added that he fiercely objected to Israel’s allowing Qatar to deliver $15m in aid to Gaza last week.

Hamas called Lieberman’s resignation a “political victory for Gaza.” Hamas spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri said that this development marked “recognition of defeat and failure to confront the Palestinian resistance”, adding that “Gaza’s steadfastness sent a political shockwave” through Israel.

It should be noted that Lieberman had been among those Israeli top officials, who had threatened to destroy S-300 air defense systems should Russia decide to supply them to the Syrian military. S-300 launchers and radars as well as other equipment to boost the capabilities of the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) were supplied by Russia in early October. However, none of the Israeli threats have turned into reality so far. On the other hand, the Israeli Air Force has halted its airstrikes on targets in Syria, at least till now.

The recent setbacks in the conflicts in Gaza and Syria have put the Netanyahu government on the edge of a new political crisis. The unconditional support of any Israeli actions by the current US administration as well as Washington’s attempts to pressure the Palestinians and Iran to accept a de-facto surrender in favor of Tel Aviv only escalated the situation in the region. This escalation contributes neither to the security of Israeli citizens nor to the security of the region in general.

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Promitheas Apollonious

When even Gaza can force israel into backing down, shows the state of their armed forces are but also the enemy no longer in case of open conflict, will not be using toy rockets against them and it will not be alone. Maybe they began to feel that usrael have not circle any one on the contrary they are rats, surrounded every where, by people they want them dead and extinct from their lands and even the kurds if they get a better deal now will sell them out.


bebe is up for elections/wife is up for jail=lay low

stary ujo

The mysterious helicopters ? Black Hawk shot down and immediately we will know who is owner !


Gee, it’s funny how a ‘cease-fire’ went right into effect after Hamas used an AT weapon to blow up an IDF bus. I guess they understood the memo.

You can call me Al

This may sound stupid, but I think that was a false flag.


Any thing is possible with this stuff AI. But for myself, the ceasefire, the resignation, no strikes on Syria since the Russians called time out and all the rest of it are linked to the current implosion beginning in the BN government. Israel is just like the US; casualty averse. So when things like effective ÀT fire takes place, just before the ‘launching of the ground war’ and suddenly there is a cease-fire, yeah it smells funky alright. My take, I wish you well AI. :)

Tobias Majoy

IDF launched a covered operation to kidnap or eliminate Hamas leaders, Israel’s security cabinet decides to dodge Gaza war That is why…

You can call me Al

OK, we shall see.


300 missiles fired from Gaza into I$rael and the only hit was a bus with one person aboard? The Israelis can control the press but they cannot control reality on the ground.

Brad Isherwood

Palestinians are Evil unto their own. The West Bank don’t give a RIP about Gaza, And the Plass-stinians in Jordan, ……don’t give a RIP about either.

Putin says nothing about IDF Gaza Genocide, Says nothing about IAF bomb Syria for 6 years.

Why get worked up over Nothing** Putin is signaling that it’s all….Nothing*

Oh….now your gonna get upset Cuz I’ve critic your Hero.

Putin kicked the Russian Pensioners into the Ditch Why would he give a RIP about foreign dogs?

Trump,Putin and Xi of China. ….Fight the NWO…….dupe sheeple believe

I can hear laughter…….as the Great Jew in the Sky walks away ( Sarcasm)


Stupid Zionist troll.

Brad Isherwood

Dial 1 800…@ Israel!

Talmudic Snake worshippers are Everything the Dark Side…. from Star Wars.

You are either with the Empire,….or with the Resistance!

Go ahead and rage at me, insult,…whatever. Putin,Xi and Trump are be’atch of the Globalists.

That’s why Nothing…. ever occurs ….which stops the March of debt slavery and personal misery.


He personal misery you’re feeling is the result of your parents being brother and sister. Can’t blame the Jews for that.


Stupid terrorist trash

H Eccles

“This escalation contributes neither to the security of Israeli citizens nor to the security of the region in general.”

yeah.. it’s difficult to give a shit about the security of Israeli citizens..


Yeah, being invaded by genocidal Muslims, having their people killed simply because they’re Jews. All the medical and technological advancements they’ve developed- so much grief compared to the benefits to humanity brought by the Syrians, Lebanese, Algerians, Libyans, Egyptians, etc.

H Eccles

it’s difficult to give a shit about your imagined problems..


It’s diffcult to understand how you’re capable of stringing together enough words to make a comprehensive sentence, but well done. You’re reached your intellectual capacity for the month.

H Eccles



All this thinking overtaxing your limited mental capacity? I’m sorry. You should take a nap. And your meds.


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Qassem Soleimani “i tell them zionists, leave palestine and go back where u came from.If you dont leave by yourselves we will make you leave.The time is near when we will kick the zionists into the mediteranian.”

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You keep writing the same thing. You’re looking for me. I’m right here. Where and when. It’s very cute how you think the Jew of 2018 is the same as the Jew of 1939. You realize the second amendment applies to all of us. Some of us take that very seriously. So if you think any of us are scared of you (well, maybe some of the liberal Jews, but every family has a red headed step child – you should know, every time you look in the mirror). And you’re quoting Salami? He’s been in Israeli sniper sights so many times it’s his driver’s license picture. You’re a tool. Nothing more.


Where the F%ck do you come from you dumbass hasbara troll? No One has EVER heard about Palestinians committing genocide. But Israelis have and continue to.It is HOW they stole palestine. Genocide, Ethnic cleansing as soon as they arrived from Europe. Advancements to humanity ? you mean like Nuclear weapons.You are the dumbest hasbara fkin troll C@cksucker on Southfront, thats for sure.


Ewan – you must be Irish. Of course, IRA terrorists trained with paLIEstinian terrorists in the 70s. Lie down with dogs, get fleas. But to educate you (if that’s even possible, since you really just can’t fix stupid) the paLIEstinians (before they created that identity) were just Arabs and part of the militia that invaded Israel in 1947, 56, etc all with the goal of genocide. They, like you in life, failed. But maybe you don’t understand the word (too many letters for you, perhaps). But since the paLIEstinian population is consistently increasing, Israel must be pretty bad at this genocide thing, which is surprising because they’re really good at everything else. As for inventions – that computer you’re using to pretend you have a brain at write the insults you think somehow have an affect in me (other than laughing bc it’s really all you can do) is filled with Israeli tech. So thank the Jews for giving a tool like you a platform. You’re welcome. Loser.


no jews on our planet.. and people went out to the streets all over our planet and joyfully sang together

” what a wonderful world…….


And then you woke up and collected your welfare check. The end.


Finally is gone, the Dog that barked so much and pushed for total destruction of Gaza and Iranians in Syria is gone for good, a blood thirsty vampire who is never satisfied of dead Muslims.


Maybe if you understood politics instead of just being an idiot, you’d know his resignation isn’t an end to his political career but the start of his run for Prime Minister. He’d have my vote. Why don’t you move to Gaza and help them. Vittorio Arrigoni is waiting for you over there.


Occupiers have no right to security. Occupiers endanger their citizens.


Then tell the paLIEstinians to stop occupying Israeli land.


Wow. You’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Must have run out of anything remotely plausible to say years ago.


Wow, you must have the intellectual capacity of a flatworm. Must have run out of google provided drivel years ago. Now go back to your mother’s basement.

H Eccles

No need for anyone to tell the Palestinians anything… no one here is of the opinion that Palestinians are occupying Israeli lands.

The only ones who come out with talk like yours are the trained cockroaches sent by that theiving scum state trying to fake it as nation.. yeah really..


1. I’m not trained. I have a natural ability to call out pathetic losers who are riddled with insecurities like you and seeking to blame someone else for your own failures. 2. Amusing that you support the paLIEstinians since the identity itself was created by the Russians to act as a foil against the American- Israeli alliance. Clearly, you’re not an American patriot. 3. Obamacare provides for free medication for nutters like you. Please take your pills, after all, I’m paying for them.


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I’m not afraid – any time, any where. You’ve tried for over 5000 years and we’re still here. Strongest army in the middle east. One of the wealthiest and most educated racial groups. As you say – we own you. You work for me. You’re nothing but a little punk who thinks he/she/it’s tough hiding behind a keyboard.


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Oooh, look how testy little bigot boy is. All full of hate and rage because mommy didn’t hug him and daddy hugged you a bit too much. You want us out of Israel, Go to Gaza and do something about it. Otherwise you’re a pathetic little boy with keyboard muscles.


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Sorry, sweetheart – I’m the Jew who is EVERYWHERE. Based on your BS, I’m the bank, the news, the internet. The small mossad guy who eliminates Iranian scientists in downtown Tehran and gets away with it. You’re not finishing anyone off. You’re a little coward who sits in his mommy’s basement acting tough because daddy and mommy slapped you a bit too hard when you acted out. You want to find me, tell me where and when, keyboard cowboy.

The Interrogator

The New York Times article by Charlie Savage, in reporting on criminal charges being filed against Julian Assange, quotes Mr. Assange’s lawyer as saying “The government bringing criminal charges against someone for publishing truthful information is a dangerous path for a democracy to take.”

The Interrogator has proven that verifiable non-classified information is the primary thing that the U.S. fears.

Rodney Loder

Shir Hever ( The Privatisation of Israeli Security) is saying Leibermann did the crazy operation in Gaza when Netanyahu was away hoping for a conflict to delay the elections, in which case Netanyahu could be prosecuted for corruption, Leibermann knew Netanyahu was planning an early election in order to get a fresh popular mandate to forestall his corruption charges.

Leibermann was trying for a new big massacre in Gaza to push the elections back so as to get Netanyahu imprisoned and Leibermann then become President.

Also the CIA are claiming MbS is responsible for Khashoggi’s murder, maybe Netanyahu is finished.


True true, and apparently MBS wanted NuttyYahoo to attack gaza anyway to take the heat off his murderous ass over the Kshaoggi affair. Guess it didn’t work out for the Saudi-Zio blood brother alliance. Hamas just fried a couple of civilian Joo trash in Ashkelon with their new upgraded heavy-yield warheads. >400 missiles strikes at once – Designed to show the fake Joos that even tiny Hamas with their hands tied behind their backs can overwhelm the shitty billion $ “Iron Dome” trash with $100 missiles in a saturation strike.

Rodney Loder

The US certainly have neglected missile intercept technology, and the fake joos have got a reputation born out of Trump’s reality TV, actually they were dependant on my agreeing to be the Joo Messiah Event Prophet, but I was born in 1950 so sorry fake joos guess you’re stuck with Ben Gurion best buddy of Hitler.


The simplest but not the fastest solution would be for the world society to close down Israel for good. It has forfeited any rights to be a sovereign country long ago and once the countries that at one stage confirmed Israel as a sovereign country starts to withdraw such confirmation, not even the disunited states of America will be able to stop the process – a new diaspora awaits the israelites. A severe boycott, material and financial, will be the end of Israel.

Tobias Majoy

IDF launched a covered operation to kidnap or eliminate Hamas leaders, they were discovered and IDF started to bombard Hamas to get their commandos out, but Hamas has Kornet missiles, the same ones that destroyed Israel in the Lebanon war, from there the panic, and the terrified illegal settlers clamored for a ceasefire. Becareful here, Hamas will be able to wipe out the IDF army. Israel’s security cabinet decides to dodge Gaza war That is why…

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