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Syrian War Report – November 15, 2016: 500 Militants Were Killed in Clashes in Western Aleppo

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The Syrian Air Force destroyed up to 60 air strikes in northern Hama since Monday, destroying a number of armored vehicles, cars and fighting positions belonging to Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and its allies. The main air strikes were reported north of Soran, Tal Hawash, Kafr Naboudah and Qasabiyah.

Infighting among Turkish-backed militant groups in the northern Syrian town of Azaz was reported on Monday. Firefights are ongoing between members of Ahrar al-Sham and Jabhat al-Shamia militant groups. The main reason of the incident is tensions between Arab and Turkmen units. The so-called “Azaz Higher Court” added that Ahrar Sham and Sham Front are clashing over the right to control the main checkpoint between the areas of Azaz and Efrin. Turkey closes the Bab-al-Salameh bordercrossing because of the clashes.

Some 500 members of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham and its allies from the Jaish al-Fatah operation room have been killed in recent clashes with the Syrian government forces in the western part and the western countryside of Aleppo city, according to pro-government sources. Pro-militants sources argue that the “opposition” has lost only about 200 fighters. The casualties were suffered by the militants during the recent clashes in the areas of Minyan, al-Assad and Hikma in western Aleppo that resulted in their liberaion by the Syrian army and its allies.

Over 4,000 Syrian army soldiers have completed officer training school at the Homs Military Academy. They are now designated the rank of “lieutenant” and set to be deployed to fighting areas across the country. The Homs Military Academy is primarily an academy for infantry officers, but reports say that some graduates are specialized in logistics, air defense, tank warfare and even electronic warfare. Another training program in the academy is reported to be completed in April, graduating more Syrian army officers.

Since the start of Russian military operation in 2015, Moscow has launched a series of training programs for the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces. Most likely, Russian military advisers contributed to the Homs academy course.

Russian MiG-29K multirole fighter jet has crashed in the Mediterranean during operations from Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser. According to reports, the incident took place November 13 afternoon when the jet faced a technical fault and splashed down in the water while attempting to land. A Russian rescue helicopter picked up the pilot.

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Further to the ditching of the Mig29 does anyone know if the aircraft was recovered?

Valery Grigoryev

No it’s sank.




So @paul, your stupidity has found his way to southfront far away from your PC desk in your hell hole lagos or where, go back to you pm news where you type is meant to be not here.


500 retards killed in west aleppo. Who is stpud enough to fight a lost war ? If you don’t have air cover, what is the purpose of being an easy target and dying for nothing ?


That should be our secret, let them find out empirically.


Ever hear of a little place called Vietnam? Or Afghanistan?


Vietcong were very good in digging tunnels. Islamic terrorist are very good in shouting “Allahu Akbar!” hoping those Sukhoi and MIGs will just fall down from the sky, inshallah.


I read recently that number of militant factions in Syria have been supplied with transportable sized tunneling machines via Turkey and Jordan. It explains how they dig substantial tunnels and escape routes so fast in areas they occupy.


but they have air support, from NATO and the turks. You have a very mistaken idea as to who is fighting in middle east kid, against who.

Zaphod Braden

American Troops are Killed by weapons purchased through Erdogan’s Turkey, by terrorists who moved through Erdogan’s Turkey …..America should have killed Erdogan long ago for supplying and supporting ISIS Terrorists. He has been buying their oil and selling them weapons and supplies while training and moving their troops ……… that kill Americans. http://www.blacklistednews.com/%22Turkey%E2%80%99s_secret_pact_with_Islamic_State_exposed_by_operative_behind_wave_of_ISIS_attacks%22/52894/0/38/38/Y/M.html http://russia-insider.com/en/turkey-main-supplier-weapons-isis/ri13717 Russia Tells UN Security Council That Turkey Is ‘Main Supplier’ of Weapons to ISIS, Media Yawns


instead they been arming him and supporting him at the orders of the owners of thier colony, since they existed. It make one wonder dont it?

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