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Syrian War Report – November 13, 2019: White Helmets Founder Dead, Israel Struck Damascus

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Syrian War Report – November 13, 2019: White Helmets Founder Dead, Israel Struck Damascus

Early on November 11, an Israeli missile strike hit a residential building in Mezza area in Damascus. According to Syrian sources, Israeli warplanes launched 3 missiles. One of them was intercepted, the rest – reached the target. Pro-Israeli sources claim that the strike were aimed at Akram al-Ajouri, a commander in the Palestinian armed group Islamic Jihad. Local sources say that 2 civilians were killed and 10 others were wounded in the attack. However, al-Ajouri reportedly survived.

At the same time, Israeli forces conducted a series of strikes on the Gaza Strip allegedly eliminating Baha Abu Al Ata, the key commander in the Islamic Jihad. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the operation was carried out jointly by the Israeli Defense Forces and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency).

Supporters of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continue their attempts to sabotage the shaky ceasefire imposed in northeastern Syria in the framework of the Turkish-Russian agreement. The agreement allowed to limit the Turkish operation area, stop the Turkish push towards Kobani and prevent a further escalation in the region. Nonetheless, clashes between Turkish-backed forces and Kurdish rebels, sometimes supported by the Syrian Army, continued near Ras al-Ayn. However, some forces seem to be unsatisfied by this.

According to media reports, on November 12, pro-SDF rioters temporarily blocked the joint Russian-Turkish patrol. Reports also indicate that at least one rioter was injured by actions of Turkish forces. Details of this incident are yet to be revealed.

Actions of the SDF supporters endanger the shaky ceasefire established near Kobani and in the worst-case scenario may lead to a resumption of the large-scale military actions there.

The White Helmets co-founder and former MI-6 operative, James Le Mesurier was found dead near his home in the Beyoğlu district of the Turkish city of Istanbul on November 11. He was found with fractures to his head and legs, Turkish media say, and is believed to have fallen from his balcony. Le Mesurier received the Order of the British Empire from the British Queen in 2016. According to media reports, before the death the MI-6 operative was experiencing severe stress and was taking psychotropic drugs, including injections. The White Helmets “rescue organization”, notorious for its cooperation with al-Qaeda-linked militant groups and the involvement in chemical provocations in Syria.

Some mainstream media outlets already speculated that the ‘evil Russians’ may have been behind the death of the MI-6 agent that was voluntarily assisting Al-Qaeda-linked militant groups to create a public image of the victims under the heel of the ‘ruthless Assad regime’.

However, if the British intelligence officer was in fact assassinated, the more realistic version is that powers that have for years supported the regime-change agenda and terrorists in Syria are now trying to cover the traces of their actions.

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White Helmets working for USA

Toronto Tonto

They are there to save the wounded from the two terrorist butchers assad and putin . I don’t care who pays them . I cant see any trolls here being near that brave without a keyboard .

John Wallace

So says the masochist who says the dumbest things to get the abuse he desires and attention he so desperately needs.

John Wallace

Why is it acceptable for you to be an idiot but not for me too point it out. Everyone on here would have been happier if your mother swallowed. I bet she never sat on a wet dream again.

John Wallace

Most people drink from the fountain of knowledge but you didn’t even bother to gargle. As you are one of those few trolls on here at least you are aware without your keyboard you would be nothing. Two words .. one finger . Have a nice day dumbfuck.


and I guess we are not going to mention the many, many pieces of documented evidence pointing to their direct links with extremist organizations past 2015 at the very least, totally usurped and rerouted by influent terrorist organization ruling the environnement around their operational areas. And those were in turn paid for, trained and armed by so-called “Democratic countries” and their Sunni monarchy satellite states all over the 8 years of horrendous civil war in this country, working round the clock, hand in hand together for the perpetuation of Syria’s partition along sectarian lines. Some sort of Afghanistan Mujaheedin 2.0.

ANd of course,anyone with the slightest problem with regards to your awfully Manichean and one-sided view of the world and its obvious, glaring flaws must then be dismissed as a troll and/or some sort of Russian agent, Clinton style. Too bad declassified communication transcripts of that nice and noble idol of yours proves that she supported the idea of rapprochement with Al-Nusra like… verbatim ? “they’re on our side on this one” indeed.

I really do feel for the poor Syrian that never once in their lives wanted to be governed either by Assad or its many foreign-supported extremists. Not a single of the current actors competing for local dominance on that theater gives a damn about making this country a better place. Not ONE.

John Wallace

He is not interested in a word of what you say. His sole reason for his comments are to stir the pot , wind people up because that is what little boys do.


Thanks for the advice John. I browsed some of his “contributions” and they indeed happen to be mostly comprised of ludicrously biased one or two-liners unworthy of an elaborate reply whatsoever. I stand corrected on my stance towards his future bullocks then. I wasted way too many lines and time on it this once.

John Wallace

No worries mate , now you won’t waste your time trying to have an intelligent discussion with it. Standing corrected is a little harsh , just made aware that he is an annoying troll with nothing to offer . If he made semi intelligent comments then fair enough but it is all childish dribble just to annoy people. Have a good day .. any day above ground is a good one.


ahah no worries here either mate, sorry I might have used the wrong wording to qualify your nice initiative. English isn’t my native tongue, and even though I have been living and working in an international environment and call myself bilingual, there are indeed some idioms and hasty formulas that might somehow betray me here and there still to this day, I can never hope to hide my frenchie side entirely :-)

John Wallace

Fully understand having traveled and worked in many countries for 17 years myself. So easy to use the wrong words or misunderstand what is said so no problems at all. Nationality is not important , it is who you are that is so no need to hide anything.

Daily Beatings

When the day of the rake comes you will not be spared.

John Wallace

Pic of Tonto after today’s comment. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/46e26b2e924b5a5a1796df3d3380a0a3af60fa85dbeb7ba8a45464e9efcd6e14.jpg

J Ramirez

looks like the nose he puts up occupybacons ass ;]

John Wallace

You noticed , Yep the very same one.

Concrete Mike

Al.nusrah supporter, your a fucking orc did you know that?

You and fucking benchpress are butt buddies.

J Ramirez

Well you sure are brave typing away your propaganda BS, maybe you should join the white helmets and die too !


Ok my name is Roland Ashbolt if I ever come across you in person I will punch your head in

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Mainly UK. UK likes to do the propaganda thing, uses BBC media Action abroad to do its dirty work.

John Wallace

I thought Putin told Netanbooboo not to attack Syria about a month ago. Looks like someone has a short memory.

Simon Bernstein

IDF are not afraid of the puny wimpy S300 S400

John Wallace

Of course not , that is why the IDF wear those really thick trousers. No one is afraid until one gets one shove up your butt. I thought you were making Bagels or donuts , whatever. That maybe a little esoteric for you but no matter.

Smith Ricky

If they arent afaird why do they shoot missiles from Lebanon? ??

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

balloons and kites scare the shit out of them tho…


Coming from a well-known puny wimpy troll relentlessly willing to make a fool of himself at every corner of this website, I’m starting to find you actually entertaining. I guess everything is possible nowadays.


Putin makes public statements for Assad and Iran, but he knows Israel will continue to take out Iranian attack forces in Syria.

Israel is not going to just sit back and let Iran build up a war machine on the Syrian front.

And – note Russia’s response — they did nothing to stop Israel even tho Israel forewarned them.


Makes a lot of sense that if you work for evil eventually they do not want you around. Dead men can not sign a legal deposition. Never mind testify to a grand jury.

Take heed minions, career success means early death and relatives killing each other for your Swiss bank account.

Just like most MSM no one seems to be able to give any logical explanation for all the chemical incidents. Given the white helmets history of providing “proof”, this mans demise could have been at the hands of any number of victim’s families who would love to get their hands on one of these, “saviors”. My child was alive and the last face he saw was a white helmet. Hmm

Reminds me of the residential schools of Canada. Impeccable credentials, coupled with satanic psychopathic evil, results: generations of suffering. I strongly object to my tax dollars being used to perpetrate such debasement.

Concrete Mike

I also strongly object to my tax payer loonies going to them.

Such a waste.of money supporting al nusrah its disgusting.

The worst is we took some of them here. I wonder if we could challenge their status in court?

The conservatives could destroy trudeau with this if they so choose.

Tommy Jensen

The training of SAA in the S-300 is still not finished. Maybe next year.


There is obvious coordination between Israel’s attacks and the Russians in Syria


yup. Russia sees the wisdom of working with Israel, especially given the US pulling back in influence in the area. And a more powerful Iran is not in Russia’s interest either.

Mauro Craizer

Mesurier was measured & sent straight to hell.


the days of the thieving murderous band of war criminals are numbered and the one state solution will soon become a reality. the palestine rises agaín and the jews will float away over the med on makeshift floating devices towards an uncertain future filled with gruesome pogroms – will they be missed? no of course not. on the contrary the world will cheer and holler and bray for more and the sad fact is that the jews have themselves to blame solely.


bigoted hatred


nah just basic facts collected over the last hundred years tells me and soon the rest of the world that the right to be a sovereign country is forfeited and thus should be terminated and the squatters sent into the second diaspora replete with pogroms, gruesome pogroms.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Israelis still have a green light to attack Syria obviously, but I thought that had ended, so maybe not. White Helmets founder found dead, and Erdogan’s dirty little secrets died with him, LOL.

“Nonetheless, clashes between Turkish-backed forces and Kurdish rebels, sometimes supported by the Syrian Army, continued near Ras al-Ayn”.

This one sentence tells a story of it’s own and deserves some further scrutiny, why do the SAA help the Kurds violate the new Russian/Turkish memorandum of Understanding, why do they do it?

I am Jaziel

Because they SAA asked them for help and they have a right to protect Syrian soil, or do you mean they should just give this city to Turky. They are all fighting as Syrians.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I want the SAA to help the Kurds, and I want both parties to totally ignore the Russian/Turkish ceasefire. I’m just pointing out to those people who say the SAA shouldn’t be helping the Kurds repel the Turks, and also want the SAA and the SDF to abide by the Russian/Turkish Memorandum of Understanding, that the SAA isn’t listening to the Russians at all, and instead are working with the Kurds to help repel the Turks, which is what they should be doing, not abiding by the Russian/Turkish ceasefire and letting the Turks in. My comment only posed a question that needs an answer,

“This one sentence tells a story of it’s own and deserves some further scrutiny, why do the SAA help the Kurds violate the new Russian/Turkish memorandum of Understanding, why do they do it?”,

And the answer is, because it’s in their best interests to do exactly that, both the Kurds and the SAA should be repelling the Turks, and Russia should be helping them to do it too, instead of helping the Turks take even more Syrian territory.


Israel will always take out Iranian attack forces in Syria. They really don’t have a choice.

It’s more dangerous to Israeli to sit back and let them build up than it is to deal with Russia trying to stop them.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The real danger for Israel is their own bad political judgement, making real friends in the neighbourhood could be a start to ensuring future stability, starting with your own Arab population first.

Stinky Man

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy….

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

at the end when it says ‘powers that supported the terrorists in syria’ it shows footage of the queen and camilla parker bowles


We Russians. bleed with You. Give southfront a dollar.

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