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Syrian War Report – Nov. 27, 2018: ‘Moderate Rebels’ Find Assad Guilty In Chemical Attack On Aleppo

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739 ISIS members have been killed by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the province of Deir Ezzor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) claimed. 452 members of the SDF were killed during the same period, according to the SOHR.

The SOHR number of ISIS casualties is close to what the SDF claims itself in its time-to-time reports on the supposed ISIS casualties in the Euphrates Valley clashes.

The problem is that according to the numbers provided by US military officials there was a total of 1,000-2,000 ISIS members in the area. So, if the SOHR and SDF claims are true, at least a half of the ISIS force in the area was eliminated. However, the SDF progress on the ground does not look like the US-backed group and coalition airpower had done so. The SDF was not able to capture the small ISIS-held town of Hajin and nearby villages and even lost some positions during the past few weeks.

Therefore there are two main options:

  • The number of ISIS members in this small pocket is much higher than 1,000-2,000;
  • The SOHR and SDF claims on ISIS casualties do not correspond with the reality.

Mainstream media outlets continue to ignore intentionally the November 24 chemical attack carried out by militants on the city of Aleppo. Furthermore, the attack, which targeted at least 107 civilians, once again uncovered the pre-designed media narrative, which surrounds the conflict.

Over the past few months, military and diplomatic representatives of Russia and Syria had repeatedly warned that Idlib militant groups with assistance from the so-called White Helmets were preparing to stage chemical attacks in the Idlib demilitarized zone in order to accuse the Damascus government of using chemical weapons and trigger another US-led military action against Syria. The Russian Defense Ministry also provided intelligence data about the movement of chemical substances across the militant-held area in northwestern Syria.

This media and diplomatic campaign undermined a possible effectiveness of such staged attack. However, at least a part of the militant factions, which obtained chemical weapons, appeared to be ready to use them even without propaganda purpose and attacked Aleppo city.

Following the attack, mainstream media organizations as well as Syrian media outlets and speakers linked to militant groups started speculating that it was the evil Assad regime, that attacked itself in Aleppo city with chemical weapons.

This version claims that the attack was a part of Assad’s skilful plan to blame the so-called “moderate opposition” in chemical weapons usage and to undermine the peaceful settlement in Idlib province.

Thus, the mainstream narrative is clear:

  • If an alleged chemical attack takes place within the militant-held area, the Assad regime is guilty it because it cannot defeat “moderate rebels” in a conventional fight;
  • If an alleged chemical attack takes place within the government-held area, the Assad regime is guilty because it wants to undermine a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

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thats a lie i don’t even need to see this report for i know it was the fake jews who are guilty of this attack and none can convince me otherwise!!

Tommy Jensen

I can convince you from reliable and documented sources.

CIA/M16 is a reliable, official and neutral source and they have said it! That means it is not something we think but it is something we know for sure, as CIA/M16 have all the evidences for WMD! Colin Powell also said it and he is honest!

Why should they lie when a lie could cost them jailtime? So now you are convinced because you now know, and not because you believed in it and hoped it would not be true when it was true.


“Colin Powell also said it and he is honest”?? I hope u are joking! he is known as the BIGGEST liar in the history of history! He is the very reason that war started in the middle east back in 1990! If u are joking, supply a wink! Otherwise stop peddling total bullshit!


WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, wow how honest person were Powell-Bush-Aznar-Blair.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Even if the Israelis were guilty of initiating every other false flag CW attack in Syria [and they probably are], they aren’t guilty of this particular one, this is the last thing they want right now, Putin’s working out a deal with Iran concerning their security in the region and they won’t do anything to mess it up, and they don’t want anyone else to mess it up either, especially HTS.


Load of Crap! Israel is the reason why this whole war is happening! Aleppo is KEY to this entire war! If u noted, Turkey sided with Russia after Aleppo was won! Before then they were totally on the Western Coalitions side! U dont seem to know much. u look like a new name! Only a month or so a go, Israel was bombing Latakia and u think Israel is trying to work out a deal? Their bombs came very close to the Russian airbase! Desperate times cause for desperate measures! My opinion is that this was the doing of the UK! I dont think that the CIA are involved since Trump came in! I dont think Israel is involved either in this case! But it wouldnt surprise me if they were! If u know what is going on in Washington u would be able to make a conclusion! Its all to do with US and UK relations and the release of the declassified FISA warrant! if u dont know what that is then you have no place making any comments! This is a proxy war, not a civil war! Why do u think UK has been so adamant against russia? Russian poisoning! UK involved in Ukraine Kerch straight incident! Also UK supplied last amount of CW used near Damascus! UK leaders are in big trouble for spying on Trump presidential candidacy! Thats why all we hear is “russia, russia, russia”! UK and USA are not allies unless someone like Obama or Hillary is in power! Global map is about to change! Russia will become allies with the USA! Watch what happens! Dec 5th is going to release BIG news! U will see! LEARN my friend!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Yes it was Israel that initiated this war, it was theirs and Obama’s plan to build a Saudi pipeline to the EU through Syria [changed to Turkey later], which they hoped would help to destroy Russia’s economy, but it’s failed totally and can never be revived, unless Putin lost power in Russia that is. Aleppo was the major factor early on, largest city in Syria and a powerhouse for the Syrian economy, large Turkoman population [Erdogan’s relations] and heaps of industry, but it’s been in Assad’s safe hands for a while now, and will remain in his safe hands no matter what you think Erdogan is going to do, the Russians and SAA are totally entrenched there now, and even the US and Turkey together couldn’t move them out. Erdogan switched sides after the coup attempt, you know that one Putin warned him about before it happened, and the same one the US is refusing to help out with, I thought that was the main reason he switched sides, or at least pretended to. He hasn’t been a very good ally to Putin since he did, so I wouldn’t say he really switched sides, he’s always only ever had ‘his side’ from what I’ve seen of him, which is probably why no-one but the Qataris like him anymore. Israel was bombing both Hezbollah, and the Syrian infrastructure that was protecting them, in both Latakia and Hama, but that was before Iran blew up Isis in Syria twice with their shiny new SRBM’s, the second time only 5 km away from US special forces that were fighting Isis [putting US lives at extreme risk], what do you think that meant? No more Israeli attacks on any Iranian interests anywhere since then, not even one. SF proudly spouts the fact the Israelis are scared of the S-300, but that’s not what’s stopping them hitting lebanon, and in case you’re not aware of it, they really want to hit lebanon right now, and have very good reasons to want to. The Israelis have always known the S-300 wasn’t operating, their radars would detect them as soon as they were switched on, they were never the real deterrent. This chem attack was a death spasm for HTS, a last ditch attempt to draw the SAA and Russia into Idlib prematurely, before Erdogan gets a chance to separate his mostly Turkoman army from the predominantly Arab HTS army, not a false flag attack by the Brits or the French. They know Erdogan’s leaving south Idlib/ north Hama/ southwestern Aleppo and even east latakia [where Erdogan’s favourite Turkoman brothers live] and heading east, he himself is more or less saying it, I’ll give some examples, We can no longer control elements of HTS, we are designating them as a terror organization now, just like every other country does, except for Saudi Arabia, who funds them, and is also out greatest enemy. We no longer have a problem removing all Turkish heavy weapons from the southern de-escalation zones in Idlib and northern Hama. We will head east to take on the Kurdish threat, we will not let our supposed allies the US frighten us, they’re acting more like our enemies than our allies, Political sanctions, economic sanctions, protecting terrorist Kurds, we will show them. I’m addlibing but that’s the jist of what he’s been saying. Then we have this very timely release of the HTS torture room, how did we get that, and 2 Turkoman militias actually deciding to stay and fight the SAA alongside HTS, instead of leaving with Erdogan, I’ll bet their natives of the Latakia mountain region and don’t want to leave their homes to live in Aleppo, in the Kurds old houses that Erdogan’s FSA and SLF proxies so kindly made made available to them if they ever needed them, after they kicked the Kurds out.

“Its all to do with US and UK relations and the release of the declassified FISA warrant! if u dont know what that is then you have no place making any comments!” No I don’t, but I don’t think that excludes me from making comments, what makes you think it does. It must be like a holy book or something is it, I’ll go do some research now and find out. It must be REALLY special if it’s supposed to stop people making comments, especially if they haven’t even heard of it, let alone read it. Isis do that with the Koran you know, and I don’t listen to them either. Warrant hey, must be for the Queen is it LOL.

I agree about the US and Russia, but I believe Trump and Putin are already allies and have been since Trump took office, [not the US deep state though], but I’ve been saying that for 6 months now, and believe it more and more every day. NO the global map isn’t going to change, not even one millimetre, but Turkey has to lose it’s leader before there can be any real peace in the region. Israel has become practically defunct now, since the Iranians have their new INVINCIBLE SRBM’s. They’re totally dependent on Putin now to help make a new deal with the Iranians, that will not only provide stability in the region and guarantee the Israelis security, but also jump start all the failing economies in the region, the Eu doesn’t want anymore refugees, Syria and Libya was enough. Trump’s going to help him do it, so is the EU, and so is the Arab league, they all have something to gain. Did you say I know nothing, but I’m saying everything I think, and putting it all on the table for everyone to ridicule, I’m actually stupid enough to think that everything I’ve predicted will play out in the next few weeks and months and all be finished within 12 months. I said in a post yesterday, that I think I could declare this war in Syria to be over now, and still be right even if the fighting in Syria continued for another 11 months, but even if it does, it’ll just be the death throws of a dying beast, the kill shot was made a month or more ago, and Erdogan’s the wounded bull. I’ll still say it, THE WAR IN SYRIA IS OVER NOW, it’s just that some of the dumbest players in the game haven’t realized it yet.


Russia is containing Israel by giving Syria S-300 systems! This protects Iran who are setting up a mobile offensive missile system in Syria! Israel is panicking and that is why they are attacking their immediate threat Palestine (Gaza).

Russia is doing this for one major reason! Israel is little America! Maybe even more important too since Jews control much of America! So with Israel contained and threatened, a deal will be made to remove the Iranian threat from Syria for removing NATO’s missile shield in eastern europe!

Israel doesnt want to do they! They want world domination! so desperate attacks on Aleppo would then change the balance of the war because Turkey and Qatar would once again switch sides!


Bigger things are happening than this war! Which is amazing because this war is almost like a precursor to WW3! But the USA is in battle of its own at home! With Trump becoming president, the US is now in a civil war! A political ideological and intelligence war! If Trump wasnt to become President, the US military was going to start a coup! Since he became president, its much easier! But the media and other political entities are fighting hard! Who controls a lot of these political and media entities? Saudi Arabia and Israel!

What happened when Trump came into power? A new Saudi Crown Prince was named! The new prince captured all of these princes and tortured some for information (this was done by black water on behalf of Trump) Al-Waleed bin Talal was tortured and gave important information on the Rothschilds! The Rothschild were soon after attacked at their ain palace in England with a helicopter pilot and passenger who were sent to assassinate Jacob Rothschild.Nobody has seen him since! No kidding!

The Rothschilds family immediately sold heir land holdings in Germany called the black forrest! This is where they have been hunting humans for sport for years! It was sold fast for an extremely small amount of money!

u have to understand whats going on in the world! there is a war between black hat and white hat agents! (good intel and bad intel who all work for same agencies)

There is so much to tell but its better i just give my prediction!

Russia and America will become allies! America will begin drilling in russia for oil and invest heavily there! Together Russia and the USA will police the world and control trade! Space exploration will become huge and people around the world will begin to invest in it as bases will be built on the moon and mars!

Israel will become the smaller bitch instead of the bigger bitch! Europe will build its own military and become the new enemy of USA and Russia! UK will want to join the EU but there will be a revolution in UK and they will eventually side back with the USA!

Russia and America will bring the world into a Utopia!

Putin and Trump were the only ones capable of doing this! All this shit u hear about Trump and Russia is the media trying to force a war! They desperately do not want them to meet or become allies! So everything is being done to stop this from happening! Sabotage, false flags, murder etc etc!

2019 will be Glorious!

Watch for big news coming out of the USA starting Dec 5th!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Oh I did make a mistake, Iran sort of does like Erdogan, he does have 2 friends not one, but it’s only because Turkey’s one of the few countries Iran’s still allowed to sell oil to, after a deals done they’ll be able to sell to anyone, they won’t be friends after that.


There is no such thing as “allies”, only common interests! Iran doesnt want a Kurdish state that can spill over into their own Kurdish regions and where Israel can have a base to launch attacks upon them! Turkey doesnt want Kurds stealing their land by forming a Kurdish state with US help! Together they are able to land lock the Kurds so that no oil can get out unless flown out! Which makes it too expensive to sell! Aleppo is Key especially when it comes to the silk road project that will end near Tartus or Latakia and continue via the Med Sea. Turkey will ally with Iran because Turkey is the pet dog of Qatar! Qatar shares its gas field (the worlds biggest) with Iran! Qatar initially wanted to run their own pipes via SA and Syria! Because of Russia that was not to be! So Qatar switched sides and decided to make their profits from Iran’s sales! Any other losses would be made up when they bought 20% shares in Rosneft (russia’s gas giant). So now they will profit from Russian sales to Europe (which they were trying to steal) and Iran’s sales! Now u know why Saudi and UAE hated them so much! But the US needed them to ensure energy sales in US dollars (which Iran and Russia wont do) (petro dollar very important to US empire). Turkey is EXTREMELY important to NATO (help to contain Russia and control access to the black sea). So Qatar, the richest country in the world per capita uses Turkey (their own private army) to do their bidding! Therefore if Qatar decides to ally with Iran, so does Turkey. Its that simple! So u dont ask if Turkey allies with Iran! U ask if Qatar allies with Iran because Qatar sets the military foreign policy of Turkey! LITERALLY!! When saudi arabia made sanctions and a trade embargo on Qatar and called them traitors (along with UAE and Bahrain) what happened? Do u remember? Turkey flew in thousands of troops and sent war ships to Qatar! Iran sent food and allowed Qatar airlines to use their airspace! Do u remember? Saudi anted the US to cut their military trade off but the US didnt do it! Qatar too rich! So forget Erdogan! The hand that feeds Turkey is Qatar! So the reality is Qatar, Iran (who share the same gas field) and Syria and Russia! Thats who matters now! USA lost Qatar and that was because they lost Aleppo!

So if Aleppo is being attacked, who’s interests are most at hand in such an attack?

1. Israel (Kurdish state means they have oil revenue from Iraq’s kurdish region and oil) and they have bases in which to attack Iran from! 2. USA loss of Petro dollar and worlds reserve currency status and the ability to print its own wealth and police the world! 3. UK, who has back stabbed Donald Trump when they spied on his campaign! USA has a lot of dirty secrets that are about to be released! UK has been fucking their allies more so than the USA has! Therefore UK in panic mode! ALL of British parliament about to go to jail for serious human rights crimes! They want to save their own skins and start a war between the USA and Russia!

Thats the reality!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Self interests drive the common interests which make alliances, true. Iran doesn’t want an independent Kurdish state in Syria, neither does Iraq, the Iraqis have enough trouble managing their own practically independent Kurdish state, thanks to Erdogan, the last thing they want to see is the same thing happen in Syria, 2 independent Kurdish states cooperating would be too much to handle. But let’s look at the loyalty factor, what do Turkey and Iran get from each other, nothing apart from oil, Turkey needs it cheaply, Iran sells it cheaply, but apart from that they have no common interests whatsoever. Turkey could help control the Kurds, but Assad can do that too, the Kurds weren’t bombing Assad before the war but they were bombing Erdogan, who was doing a better job, I think it was Assad, there was no kurdish terrorism in Syria before the war. They may have gone next door to do it though. And Iran is cooperating with Erdogan in Idlib and Aleppo, but Iran’s main concern is the Shia populations living there, half of Erdogan’s Sunni’s would happily kill them, and without Iranian/Hezbollah/SAA protection they’d be slaughtered, under Assad leadership none of that happened before the war, but since Erdogan’s rebels took over, they are in danger, who would the Iranians prefer to control Idlib, Assad I think. Now about the Qatar/ Turkey relationship, I think you have it back to front, the Qataris are the lapdogs, they may be rich but they’re just fluffy little poodles that everyone kicks around. Erdogan needs their money to keep his economy afloat and pay for his war, but that’s the extent of their relationship, he’ll drain them like sponges. The Qatari’s only switched from the US/Israeli inspired Saudi/Qatari pipeline after it became obvious the Russians wouldn’t allow it to happen, even at the risk of war with the US, they then jumped ship and joined the proposed Iranian pipeline, and greed was the only motivation, no loyalty to the common good of the Arab league. Now let’s look at Erdogan and his other neighbours, the Arab nations, what has Erdogan kept saying consistently now for 8 years, he wants to revive the past glory of the Ottoman empire and retake the lands that were taken from them after WW1, those areas include the oil rich areas of Syria and Iraq that the Kurds partly occupy, but they also include parts of Iran. Erdogan already has a good relationship with the Iraqi Kurds and makes money out of them, if he also started making money out of the Kurds in Syria, what make you think he’d want to stop there, he’s proven to be very ambitious so far. The Persians and the Ottomans have been fighting for centuries, the Persians lost nearly everything to them, why would they want to see another powerful Ottoman empire make a resurgence, especially with such an ambitious, devious, side switching, backstabbing, blackmailing piece of rubbish like Erdogan in charge, I don’t think they ever would. I don’t think they want to see him in control of any areas near them, they don’t like the fact he’s in Iraq stealing their Iraqi oil right next door, and also happily conspiring with the Kurds. So we have 3 main powers in play here from the local group, Turkey representing the Ottomans, Iran representing the Persians/Shia, and the Saudi’s representing the rest of the Arab league, apart from Qataris who are on the nose as you know. Who’s talking to who and who’s trying to make friends with who. The Iranians have Russia, Syria and Iraq, the EU is diplomatic, both good and bad at times. The Arab league are divided, some of them like the US and Israel [like the Saudis do], but some also some hate them, most of them like the Russians, but some don’t, and all of them are now courting Assad in an attempt to bring Syria back to the Arab league friendship, and not allow him to diverge to the Iranian side any further, but all of them [apart from Qatar] want Erdogan gone, it’s not that they hate Turkey, they just don’t like Erdogan’s ambitions or behaviour. Then we have Turkey, who are their friends, US, NATO, EU, Israel, Iran, Qatar. The US and Turkey are allies, but you’d never know it from the behaviour of BOTH SIDES. NATO is watching one of its members be attacked and doesn’t do a thing to help, no military assistance fair enough, no intel sharing mmm, not even diplomatic overtures WTF, the Kurds are immune, they can do what they like to Erdogan without a peep from anyone, the US, NATO, EU, and Israel, I wonder why not, I would have thought they’d be trying to get in between them and break up the fight, but not a peep from anyone. Before the coup attempt in Turkey Erdogan had a 60%+ approval rating, after the coup and during his election he still had at least a 60% approval rating, right now I’m sure it’d be just about the same [I didn’t check], but that 60% approval means there’s a 40% disapproval rating, and the 40% that disliked Erdogan before the coup attempt, hate him with a vengeance [10,000 locked up, some tortured]. If and when Erdogan’s approval rating swings the other way, it won’t be a simple matter of him being voted out of office quietly, it’ll be the same as a Saddam scenario, he might end up hanging from a tree, he’s not a safe political bet in any ones books. He may have lasted nearly 10 years until now but the Turkish economy was in good shape before the US imposed sanctions, now they’re only a few steps away from starvation [slight exag], that 40% disapproval must be starting to grow by now, even if just a few points, a bigger downturn in the economy, or heaps of Turks coming home in body bags and it’ll start growing, when it gets to a certain point, Erdogan’s gone, and so are all his regional security harming imperial ambitions. All the regional leaders and everyone else involved have seen the way Erdogan operates, he’s a law unto himself, nothing and no one phases him when he wants something, and doesn’t have an ounce of diplomacy in his body, could anyone want a worse person to deal with. Look at how he treated Putin, the first Astana agreement was supposed to only have 8 Turkish OB posts, Erdogan put up 12, 2 in Latakia where he wasn’t supposed to at all. But truth be known SyrialiveUAMap showed Erdogan’s forces heading down to northern Hama even before the deal was signed, he was breaking it before it was signed. He also signed a truce with HTS after the Russians and SAA took back Daraa and Quneitra [against Putin’s wishes], and he even managed to get the FSA [his boys after the US dumped them] and HTS to cooperate for a while, but that didn’t last because hot heads on his side killed some HTS fighters and ended it all, Erdogan did try to patch things up but couldn’t. So that’s just 2 reasons Putin has not to trust Erdogan, but I could name another 10, but you get the jist of what I’m saying. Everything I read by anyone at all says that Putin would love to deal with new Turkish leadership, and would happily see the end of Erdogan all together, it makes sense to me too. Any new Turkish leader would be a complete opposite to Erdogan in nearly every way possible, no ambitions of empire, no anti Kurdish sentiments, no anti Assad either [everyone else is saying Assad can stay now except for Erdogan], but also on a plus, the new leader would be by default, much more diplomatic, pro trade, pro regional security, and open to outside help getting the Turkish economy back on its feet, in other words the new Turkish leadership would want to make friends with anyone and everyone that they could, just what the region needs. Any new leader in Turkey would most likely be just a little more pro Putin than Trump [Erdogan at least developed good economic ties with Russia], and NATO and Trump would come a close second, [Trump harmed them economically, NATO ignores them even though they’re a member], I think Putin would be very happy to see Erdogan go, if he’s anything like me and feels the same way about backstabbers, he might even like to see him hanging from a tree, he might even do something to make it happen, if he had some help from Trump he could. Now with Trump and Erdogan it’s even simpler, could Trump do any worse, no way, Erdogan’s been about as obstinate as any leader could be, I’m sure that US Isis negotiations go smoother that Erdogan’s do, Trump couldn’t do any worse with a new Turkish leader. So as much as I see some of your point are more than valid, i think it would only suite some of the players and leave most of them way worse off, that won’t be allowed to happen, my way everyone gets a piece of pie, and no one misses out, well only Erdogan. No side is winning in Syria and we’ve reached a stalemate, it’s time for all parties to end the game of thrones to go home to lick their wounds, start making money again instead of spending it, that’s what makes a happy world, they just have to get rid of Erdogan first, he’s the only obstruction left to that dream, at least that’s the way I see it now. Cheers and thanks for your point of view, you make some reasonable arguments but I’ve come to different conclusions, especially concerning Erdogan. I suppose we’ll all find out soon enough one way or the other, it all seems to be coming to a head now.


We almost agree with each other but its not worth writing so much information! The parts we disagree with is on Turkey!

i know Erdogan is a piece of shit but Iran, Syria, Iraq and Turkey all agree on one thing…. there cannot be a kurdish state / nation carved out of their own nations which would become a US/ Israeli proxy!

Now before this came to light, Erdogan was playing the pipeline game! Getting what he can by being the gas hub to europe! This would hold great geopolitical power! But after aleppo was lost to the Russian’s Qatar (the main backer of isis) switched sides! Turkey followed suit!

if they didnt follow suit, they would have lost Qatar as a financial partner, they would have lost TurkStream from Russia via turkey to Southern Europe (Which Qatar heavily invested into) and eventually the US would have created regime change in turkey who were sympathetic to Turkish Kurds!

So yes Erdogan is a piece of shit, but he has a lot more in common with iran than u think he does! Kurds arnt just kurds anymore! They are US and Israeli PROXIES! Therefore Kurds are more of a threat to Erdogan right now than they are to Iran!

Also who is the lapdog?


Who do u think funded isis in the first place?

it wasnt Saudi Arabia! it started with Qatar! Saudi kicked in later at a much lesser amount! So too UAE! THIS IS A KNOWN FACT!!! FACT, not an assumption!

Ask urself this question…. Is the USA the attack dog of Israel / Jewish / zionist oligarchs? Is Hezbollah the attack dog of Iran? Turkey IS the attack dog Qatar!

Those with the money have ALWAYS been those in power!

Qatar is a tiny little country! Of course they need protection, if they werent rich they’d be swallowed up by Saudi Arabia of some other country! They buy protection through investment and influence!

U made urself look very stupid when u said Qatar is Turkey’s bitch! lol

Go to Turkey and look at the quality of life there and then go to Qatar and look at the quality of life there!

Qatar is by far the richest nation in the world per head of capita! Then UAE, then Luxembourg, then Saudi Arabia etc etc!

Dont be stupid please!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Do you remember how it came about that the Saudis were outed for funding Al Qaeda, the Qataris dobbed them in for hiding terrorist payments and purposely confusing them with ransoms that were paid for captured Saudis and Qatari high ranking family members. The Saudi and Qatari royal family members would go to Iraq for so called falcon hunting expeditions and the like in the desolate Iraqi countryside, and be captured and ransomed by Al Qaeda, which probably let them go falcon hunting for 2 weeks and then released them. Supposedly nearly 1 billion in total was laundered that way, silly Qataris dobbed themselves in for that as well as the Saudis. You like calling me stupid I’ve noticed, lets just see what happens in the next few months, so we can find out which one of us is really stupid, if you’re right you can call me stupid whenever you like, if you’re not I hope you feel as stupid as I think you are being so rude calling me stupid.


Yet i already have proof! The Clinton Family home (where Hillary and bill live) was just raided by the Feds! I told u bigger things were happening! There is an intelligence war going on! But u want to think different! U can google this! This intelligence war incriminates MI6 and the UK gov! They are trying to push a war between Russia and the USA because HUGE info is about to be dropped on Kiddie porn, massive corruption and future plans to start a CONTROLLED nuclear war so that the UN takes over! What i am saying is that the US military intel agency is at war with the US Government intel agencies that were left over from the Bush and Obama administrations!

So those on the Trump team and the good guys! Trump did not colude with Russia to rig the 2016 election but they ARE working together to take down George Soros, the Rothschild family the Clintons, the Deep State etc etc!

It is likely that many things that have occured (Kashoggi murder, Erdogan coup etc etc) are setups! ive learned that the Kerch straight incident with Ukraine had 2 British SBS special forces soldiers (frogmen) also captured by Russian forces because they were going to blow up the Bridge between Russia and Crimea!

A false flag event in order to start a war!

Very important people are about to be flushed down the drain! Murder, suicide and false flags occuring just so these elites can save their own skins!

So whatever u think u know between Qatar and Saudi is INSIGNIFICANT because since Trump arrived, the UK and the EU are now enemies of the USA! They are AT WAR! Why do u think John Brennan lost his security clearance? Hillary also! Why do u think they dont want Trump to meet with Russia? Do u know anything about Uranium 1? Do u know why Honurans are rushing the US border? Do u know the REAL reason? Why did putin send aircraft (bombers and attack helicopters) just to deal with a tug boat and 2 gun boats? Why did russia setup hypersonic long range missle defences when Britains best stealth destroyer was in the black sea! Why do u think that ship was in the black sea at the time?

Im telling u…. Qatar and Saudi are not of importance right now! I told u December 5 huge news! So wait and see! Clinton house raided already! Extremely significant! Proof that the US, UK and Australian intel agencies colluded to take Trump out of the presidential race using their own intel agencies is about to be released!

This all comes from the Rothschilds! Agents of Rothschilds are George Soros and Alaweed! Alaweed was tortured by the new Saudi Prince (US black water) for info! This Rothschild plan to take over the world is now being stopped by both Trump and Putin!

Proof of this just came out yesterday! Clinton is the first piece to fall! Watch what happens!

Youre not stupid, u just have different views on Qatar than i! But as for now, they are insignificant to what is occurring between allied countries! The Allies are at war (intel war)! because the true global plan is being stopped by Putin and Trump!

No joke! This is open and well known information! Clinton raid is proof enough! So too is migrant invasions!So too chem attacks, kerch straight, Ukraine martial law, Declas of FISA documents, trade war, currency wars, i can show u so much proof it will make ur head spin!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I won’t argue with a lot of things you just said because I have no real idea of what the truth is, I suspect a lot of things of which you just mentioned are correct but some I have no idea of at all. What I will say that will probably astound you is this, I don’t think that the Trump Putin alliance is at war with the Rothschilds family empire [though they do play a huge part in it],their war is against the LGBTQI organization, the secret organization hidden in plain sight that’s really responsible for attempting to bring about the new world order and a one world government, the one that everyone talks about but can’t really name, but I do. Putin found out in 2003 just how powerful the LGBTQI organization is when he proposed 2 new laws for debate, they concerned the banning of LGBTQI propaganda to any Russian children under the age of 15, and the LGBTQI organization demanded that he didn’t or else, and his refusal to capitulate to them was the start of everything we’ve seen happen since. That’s when the LGBTQI controlled MSM began demonizing Putin and haven’t stopped since. In 2006 Putin introduced those laws and straight afterwards NATO began deploying nuclear weapons closer and closer to Russia, turning red countries to blue countries and building bases on them, the second cold war had begun. When that didn’t work and Putin began talking about, and then eventually leaving the limited nuclear weapons agreement, the Israelis and the US came up with the Saudi pipeline plan and threatened Putin with it as well some time after 2007, but that didn’t work either, so then they went to Assad and tried to involve him, but he also refused. A Saudi pipeline stealing half of Russia’s EU market share would be bad enough, but the Saudis and the Russians already fight over overproduction and low prices, so they’d make it even worse than just losing half the market, they have to put up with lower prices as well, I won’t go into it but Russian revenue drops by at least 30% if that happens and you can’t run a superpower with a 30% reduction in revenue. When that threat didn’t work the first signs of uprising in Syria began and the war soon followed in 2011. When it got to a point that the US/Obama realized Putin would bomb Al Tanf before he’d let the Saudi pipeline go ahead, Erdogan was involved and Turkey suddenly potentially became the new transit hub for the Saudi oil, the start of even more problems. Now he’s sort of switched sides it’s looking like Erdogan is onboard with the Iranian proposal but don’t be too sure, anything could still change even with Trump in control, if it was anyone other than Trump in control I think Erdogan would have already switched back to the US side. You do a lot of research, find out why Obama really sacked so many high ranking military commanders and left only pro LGBTQI high level commanders in charge of the US military. Poor old Trump tried to ban the trangenders but couldn’t, people like John McCain the so called NeoCon Zionist sympathizer who was actually one of the rainbow warrior greatest commanders, made taking their place at the top of the US military totally eneviatable. There is a secret war going on that the Syrian war is just a small part of, and Trump and Putin both seem to be allies in the secret war, but I don’t think it’s the things you’ve mentioned that cause the war, they’re perhaps a part of the process maybe, but the war going on right now that’s most important, but also the best kept secret, is the war against traditional family values. The values that have served all humanity for 10,000 years or more and served us well, but not for much longer, there’s a new group of very smart people who think there’s a better way of doing things, they want to bring about a new world order and turn everything upside down. A lot of the high ranking wealthy people you just mentioned are actively involved, Soros is the one you’d hate the most if you didn’t like seeing little boys being abused by dirty old men, don’t worry about Clinton having sex with 16 or 17 year old girls, that’s what heterosexual men have done all throughout history, it’s only the last 40 years that it’s become something unnatural, I’m 54 and can remember a lot of hit songs about older men becoming besotted by 16 or 17 year old girls [that are in the very prime of their reproductive years] but as I say it’s become unnatural now, now it’s natural for men to love other men and boys, and even marry them, they can even adopt a family together, the same for women. Now I’m told I have to accept that some people even love other animals and even inanimate objects, and I’m not even allowed to laugh at it. The new world order is already here, but most people don’t notice it, they don’t notice because they’re really just a part of it, it couldn’t have happened if most of us didn’t want it to. Neither Putin nor Trump want men to have to wear lipstick and put on dresses, that’s where you’ll find the alliance between them. Cheers.


Syria is Damed if they do or damed if they dont! Just proves that the only truth s what the western “MEDIA” claim to be true! Its time to wipe out Idlib! If russia does it, nobody can do shit because it would mean nuclear war! So screw it, Russia should just carpet bomb all known targets!

John Whitehot

the moderate rebels should know that they are still breathing because Syria and Russia are letting them, as a gesture of goodwill towards peace, and that they have no hope to spark US or NATO intervention for them as the above countries proved beyond doubt that any attack on Syria would cost most of the western governments their heads.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

4600 fighters escaped from the US/SDF/Iraqi northern campaign, SF reported on it a few months ago but seems to have forgotten about it, they should at least be speculating that some of the reinforcements, that are obviously sneaking into Hajin, must be from this group that escaped. Not a peep on the media about “Assad gassing his own people”, not a peep, just normal coverage and no propaganda, we’ve also heard this lately, “we have no desire to change the leadership of Syria, just modify Assad’s behaviour”. Things have already changed dramatically in Syria and are about to change a lot more too. If I were to say the war in Syria has just ended, I wouldn’t be lying [I believe it], even if the actual fighting there doesn’t end for another 12 months [politics is a dirty game of thrones]. And poor old Erdogan [LOL] will be left holding the baby when it all ends, all the truly guilty parties need at least one scapegoat to take the blame, and since no one but the Qataris like him anymore, he’ll do the job nicely, whether he likes it or not.


If Assad was as evil as the MSM portrays him all the Wahhabis would love him.


“We have a lot of options militarily,” Trump ,2018 April

when people under Assad suffering there is no comment from Trump.


“.………Mainstream media outlets continue to ignore intentionally the November 24 chemical attack carried out by militants on the city of Aleppo. Furthermore, the attack, which targeted at least 107 civilians, once again uncovered the pre-designed media narrative, which surrounds the conflict………”

Indeed, Russia predicted the chemical attack with British involvement! According to the Times of Israel (Russia accuses UK of backing a false flag chemical attack in Syria https://www.timesofisrael.com/russia-accuses-uk-of-backing-a-false-flag-chemical-attack-in-syria/ via @timesofisrael)

MOSCOW — Russia on Saturday said Syrian rebels were preparing a chemical attack in Idlib province which will be blamed on Damascus and used as a pretext for Western powers to hit government targets in the war-torn country.


The statement also said a group of militants “trained in handling poisonous substances under the supervision of specialists from the private British military company Oliva arrived in the town a day earlier.

This is clearly a new strategy by the “terrorists”. The predicted offensive in Idlib by the Assad military with Russian support never materialized because of the Turkey-Russian agreement so what are “terrorist” to do? Attack Aleppo with chemical weapons to provoke a military offensive by the Syrian army so they can stage a false flag chemical attack by Syria to draw in the US military which – at best – have amounted to nothing more than a few cruise missiles. Imagine the “terrorists” planning: maybe the Great Satan will really do something next time!

Besides, without a genuine false flag, this would be such a waste of British resources!

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