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Syrian War Report – May 31, 2018: 9,200 Locals From Eastern Ghouta Join Syrian Army

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More than 9,200 locals from the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus have joined the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and several pro-government groups since the liberation of the area on April 14, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on May 30.

Under the reconciliation agreement reached in the area, 18-42 y.o. men got a six-month period to settle their legal status and join the SAA if they have not completed their mandatory service.

On May 9, the number of locals joined government forces was about 4,000 according to the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Damascus Voice.

The US is allegedly considering to abandon the al-Tanaf base near the Syrian-Iraqi border under a deal with Russia, which will also force Iranian-backed forces and Hezbollah to withdraw away from the border with Jordan and from the contact line with Israel, the Newsweek magazine reported on May 30. Earlier, similar rumors were fueled by Saudi and Israeli media.

On May 30, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made announce statement on the situation in southern Syria. He said that all non-Syrian forces must withdraw from the de-escalation zone, which was established by the US, Russia and Jordan in July of 2017. Some sources linked this statement with the aforementioned rumors.

Most likely, the situation can become more clear after this week visit of Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and other Israeli officials to Moscow or after the start of a military operation in southern Syria by the SAA.

ISIS mobile units carried out new attacks on government forces positions in eastern Syria engaging them near the T3 pumping station and the village of Humaymah. However, the both attacks were repelled.

The ISIS activity in eastern Syria is one of the reasons behind the SAA’s efforts to solve the Daraa militants issue as soon as possible. Then, government troops will be able to deal with the remaining ISIS terrorists in the Homs desert.

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Oh so high number, so now I understand why Assad wants to de-mobilize 10000 Soldiers from the SAA

S Melanson

the demobilzed soldiers had been ‘carrying a gun’ without respite for 7 years which is a long time – a full year longer then all of WWII: from Hitler’s invasion of Poland Sept. 1939 to Japanese surrender August 1945.

They can be remobilized in future if necessary I assume.

Hisham Saber

exactly, rest period, while fresh forces can take up rear positions.


Technically I don’t consider ” WW2″ to be a World War, that was a European War, because the Japan’s decided to strike Pearl Harbor and kill some 3000 american “soldiers”, and then the US goes and drop 2 Atomic Bombs on Civilian Populated Areas which they can do that only, they cannot do nothing else. So that’s why I personally don’t count the US and Japan as a war between them and that’s why I don’t think because of that conflict from them it should be called World War 2.

S Melanson

You may want to read up on General Douglas MacArthur’s Pacific campaign against the Japanese. Also, review Japanese strategic intentions involving China and establishing a co-prosperity sphere which was largely carried out in a lightning campaign from December 1941 to May 1942. Also, the Japanese intended but we’re finally stopped from pushing out the British in India – the Japanese did succeed in taking Indo-China and Burma, cutting off the Silk Road to China in the process – a supply line to Chinese nationalist forces taking a beating by the Japanese.

You will see that the US prosecuted a major and bloody campaign against Japan lasting three and a half years. Japan’s establishment of a co-prosperity sphere meant armed conflict with China, the British Commonwealth, Dutch East Indies, French Indo-China and the US.

WWII covered the four corners of the globe and involved nearly every country in the conflict – by any measure, it was truly a World WAR.


Good, shows what lies the West tells, over and over.

Hisham Saber


S Melanson

It is becoming increasingly apparent that a deal was worked out in advance between all parties and they are each playing their respective parts in implementation, meaning all parties agreed and appear to be cooperating. As for whether the parties are happy or not with the arrangements is another story.

I have a strong gut feeling that this deal includes provisions for resolving eastern Syria and the terms are still to be revealed. So far Turkey does not appear to be involved in the deal but since the implementation of terms in Southern Syria would not involve Turkey, it remains to be seen.

Important things to look for if the deal provisions extend beyond Southern Syria:

What geographic areas affected Which parties involved directly in Implementing terms and which left out. What are the ongoing obligations if any and for whom and what purpose Were any parties kept in the dark, frozen out and/or clearly getting short end of stick

If a deal is worked out in Eastern Syria without Turkish involvement, such a development would be highly significant as it suggests Turkey is being isolated by all sides in the conflict. If Syria is partitioned with Kurdish autonomous zone friendly to the US, this would be a diplomatic catastrophe for Turkey. I would be surprized if they isolated Turkey to such an extent but (sarcasm on) Erdogan has had a way of endearing himself in the eyes of his neighbours (sarcasm off).


Finally Syria young people have realized that this IS NOT a civil war. This is a war designed by Israle-USA-NATo (with the help of Qatar-Saudi-Jorndan-Turkey) to destroy their country. Congratulation to these Syria peolple who join their army to defense their country…at last.


Official Rejects Reports of Withdrawal of Iran, Hezbollah from Southern Syria


Jonathan Cohen

ISIS in Eastern Homs/t3 needs to be dealt with FIRST! BEFORE Daraa, because many other forces will resist SAA during and after a Daraa offensive that will not resist and may even help fight ISIS in the East. So It will be far easier to fight ISIS before Daraa than to fight them after.

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