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Syrian War Report – May 3, 2018: Syrian Army Storming ISIS-held Yarmouk Camp

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In southern Damascus, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies have made important advances over the last few days entering the northern part of the Yarmouk refugee camp area and a farm area west of al-Hajar al-Aswad.

According to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq, 20 Syrian Army soldiers have been killed in the recent clashes in al-Hajar al-Aswad.

Government troops have also started entering the eastern part of the pocket under a deal previously reached with local militants. However, the evacuation in the area is still ongoing. Members of local militant groups are withdrawing to other militant-held parts of Syria.

On May 1, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the resumption of their anti-ISIS operation in Syria. The public goal of the operation is to clear the Syrian-Iraqi border from the remaining ISIS militants.

By May 2, the SDF had advanced 8km deep in the ISIS-held pocket in the Syrian province of al-Hasakah. At the same time, the US-led coalition has resumed its air campaign in the area.

SF recalls that the SDF advance against ISIS in eastern Syria was halted when Turkey started its operation against Kurdish militias in the area of Afrin. This clearly shows that the SDF remains the Kurdish-dominated group which mostly depends on members of Kurdish YPG and YPJ militias.

Now, when the Turkish operation in northern Syria has achieved its mid-term goals, the Kurdish-dominated SDF is attempting to show Washington once again that it is its key and only ally on the ground in Syria.

In southern Syria, the situation remains complicated. However, no side is currently capable of launching a successful offensive operation in the area. Both militant groups and government forces are forced to operate using limited resources.

The recent developments in Syria have come amid a new round of escalation between Israel and Iran. Tel Aviv has once again accused Iran of having a secret program to produce nuclear weapons. Teheran has rejected the allegations.

As the war-style rhetoric is growing, the chances of further Iranian-Israeli incidents in Syria are increasing.

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Michał Hunicz

Al-Masdar News claims that ISIS pocket in Damascus was split into half!

Roger Snellman

Great news.


The TIME for SYMBOLIC Condemnation of Israel, which is at the ROOT of this planets problems, is over and now it is time for ACTION: http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13970212000798

Roger Snellman

I can understand having something against someone you know who is Jewish. You obviously have something personal against every Jewish person on this planet. What other religious groups do you absolutely hate so much that you cannot even think clearly… Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, …

Hisham Saber

Jews? What’s there to like ? And then ask yourself whats there not to like.

Take some time and do some reading up on what the Talmud and Kabbala preach and demand of its adherents and you will see the light.’ For to know the Jew, is to know the world’.’ Btw, Jews of today, by an vastly and overwhelming percentage believe that the Talmud supersedes the Torah.

Do some reading.

Roger Snellman

Have to admit I have never and will never read the Talmud. If I was into ancient religions would probably start with ancient Hindu writing. Do you approve of the Hindus or are they like the Jews behind everything wrong with your world?

I tend to judge individuals by their actions and results. You on the other hand do not care what an individual does only ancient religious writings that few if any understand or follow.


Sorry, but you are wrong, and as you mentioned yourself you know nothing about Talmud, something that every human being must knows. Talmud is a daily teaching to jews children, and it is not something that only a few curious people want to know about it. Please, try to read Talmud, and then you understand what is going on in the world. Internet has only a few things about it.

Hisham Saber

And the scariest part is that the written Talmud is only a portion of the diabolical horror that it contains within its pages. There is also the ‘oral’ Talmud, and only them and God knows what evil they preach in the oral tradition.

Roger Snellman

Not one of the Jews that I have know is anything like the evil described on this board. In fact they are just the opposite. Certainly there are very evil Jews as is true for almost every religion. Obviously this forum is made up of predominately anti-Jewish individuals. I suspect they are hate everyone that does not agree with them.

For that reason I am leaving this evil hate filled board. But never forget my warning Syria and Iran are headed down the path of total destruction and a fiery death. My hope for them was a future of peace and untold wealth. That future will never be achieved because the leaders of both Syria and Iran are filled with hate just like so many here.

Hisham Saber

That’s where your wrong. Jews are bad news and have always been so. Up to the present day. Like Mel Gibson said ‘Jews started all wars’.

Tell me, why do such a minority on earth cause so much animosity towards themselves, over everyone else? Also explain to me why Jews, as a collective group, been exiled, and/or expelled 109 times, sometimes repeatedly, from a total of 84 different countries and provinces since 250 A.D. Carthage, to 1948 from Arab countries? Why?

The civilizational model Jews want to force on mankind is a void, cold, brutal and lethal one that must be eradicated, like its a cancerous tumor. We saw what they did to the Ukrainian people in the forced famine there in 1936-37, resulting in 6-7 million dead. We saw what Jews do when they attain absolute power over gentiles when they orchestrated the Bolshevik Red Terror in 1917, resulting in an orgy of killing and monumental greatest genocide known to man. About 60 million dead there. We see how the Jews are ethnically cleansing Arab Palestinians. Aerial bombardment of civilian neighborhoods with banned white phosphorous, and shooting tank rounds into unarmed protesters.

We see how they have subverted the west and dragged it through endless wars, and more wars to come for their supremacist and narrow views and ideology of choseness. and racist elitism. Besides their barbaric disregard for all things non-Jewish.

Funny you bring the Hindu’s into the picture, because after the Jews, no one comes close to the venomous hatred for all things Islamic, perhaps because we conquered them for 1000 years to try and civilize and bring some knowledge to the ignorant masses, that worship created things.

Zionist Jews and Hindu nationalists have a few things in common, they are both based on a racist world view, both occupy by military means other peoples lands, the Jews in Palestine and the Hindu’s in Kashmir. Both brutal occupations.

Again, you are either a true Zionist blowjob, or here for shits and giggles. But your apartheid loving friends in Israel don’t have very much longer to reside in the wider Middle East. I sence an ass whopping is coming soon by way of the Shia crescent and Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Iran, together with Russian and Chinese help. The U.S, U.K, French are still licking their wounds from Iraq and Afghanistan, they will not be able to come to Israel’s rescue like the Zionists are banking on .


He already has because he is one of them and obviously approves, if he supports Israel

Hisham Saber

Ya , he sounds like a Zionist blowjob, in fact, if I had his address, I would send him pillows to kneel on while he serviced his Zionist Jewish cousins.

Chuma Anierobi

The culture and tradition of Judaism practiced by Jacob (Isreal) and his children has nothing to do with all those things.

Hisham Saber

The Israelites of the Bible and Quran are not the same as the Jews that run around the world destroying things for the last 1000 years. Those Israelites largely assimilated into Christianity and later most of the rest became Muslim. Only a rare linage remains today.

Todays international Jews are of Khazar ancestry (southern Russian steppes, north of the Caucuses). They actually had a Kingdom for centuries and always at war with all their neighbors. One day their King adopted Talmudic Rabbinical Judaism, and all his people followed suit, literally overnight.

Then the Muslim Mongol Golden Horde , along with Russian Slavic Princes known as the Muskovites, marched on the Khazarians and destroyed their Kingdom and scattered them into the wind. They wandered into Esatern Europe, confining themselves into ghettos and suddenly burst out into the world , mostly Europe and then the U.S. like a plaque. No longer confined in the Plae of Settlements, they now held most of the monarchies of the houses of Europe in debt.

Fast forward to the U.S.. today, where Jews run the foreign policy and internal policy of the U.S. and most of Europe. In the U.S. the control is just about total, and I see boxcars and slave labor camps in the future for America’s children and grandchildren, who will cuss at the graves of their fathers, for what U.S. Congressmen/women, Senators, Bankers, AIPAC, ADL et al have done to them.



Hugh Allan

How silly! The world is not anti Semitic. The world is anti Zionist. The behavior of the apartheid state of Israel has created this phenomenon by its ethnic cleansing of Palistinians, its constant intrusions into the Syrian war and its support for ISIS and Al Quida.

Chuma Anierobi

Jews must isolate zionists as there is nothing binding them. Judaism is not a violent culture. People know who makes and creates all the wars and why too. A zionist is not a Jew.


I do not know any jew who does not support what Israel is doing, but I know jews that think that Israel formation must be a divine act and are against Israel formation by men.

Hisham Saber

Israel is about to be smacked down hard by the whole Shia crescent and Sunni Arab allies and co. of both Syria and Iraq.

The Arab tribes will launch an insurgency against the U.S. and Kurdish presence in their traditional historic lands. The battle hardened SAA, NDF, Hezbollah, IRGC and auxiliaries are on the western side of the Euphrates, then you have the SDF Kurds backed by the U.S., Israel, France and Britain. Then, up to the Iraqi border is where the trap is going to be sprung for the U.S./Israeli coalition and their Kurds.

You see, in Iraq there is a force, rather large in numbers and experienced called the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces. They are the ones who took down ISIS and co. rather quickly and efficiently, except for maybe Mosul, which was somewhat protracted and more surgical. Anyways, The IPMF answer directly to Iranian IRGC Gen. Soleimenie, who answers directly to Khamenei. An interesting thing to point out about the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces is that on the night of April 13th, when news first broke of a U.S., U.K., French missile strike on Syria, the IPMF surrounded two U.S. bases ready to attack them. One base was on the outskirts of Baghdad, the other in Tikrit. Well the U.S. commander of the Tikrit base was notified by the IPMF that if their base was used for, or to attack Syria, they would come under attack themselves.

The IPMF are already being summoned up for more recruits, and the ones available are being brought up to the Iraqi-Syrian border. In this way, the U.S., Kurds, French, and Btitish will be surrounded. In effect, a nice enciclement will happen, with the IPMF and allies, volunteers etc on one side, and the SAA, NDF, Hezbollah, IRGC , Afghan volunteers, and Russians Special Forces ( Chechens) working for the Russian MoD (these are the same guys who routed the Ukrainian Army in 2015-16), on the other side are the Kurds, SDF, U.S. Special Forces, French Special Forces, probably two battalions each country, as well as perhaps three battalions of British Special Forces, occupying open desert bases in isolation due to the hostile attitude they generate from the locals and tribes. Pretty much garrisoned in their bases like in Afghanistan, with a few patrols for show and trying to quickly build a effective, and large army composed of vastly , overwhelmingly, Kurds. That’s all who the U.S., Israel et al can trust.

In military terms, the encirclement about to be sprung east of the Euphrates all the way up to the Iraqi-Syrian border is technically called a ‘double envelopment maneuver’. You can look it up. Stalingrad and the subsequent encirclement there is also a classic case. Hanniibal pulled it off successfully on the Romans at Canaane. The brilliant, and most underrated General of perhaps all time, Khalid Ibn Al-Walid ,employed it many times. The Germans in Operation Barbarossa in the beginning, caught the Soviets off guard and encircled multitudes of Soviet Armies, up to the point Hitler grew tired of encirclements and said no more, make haste for Moscow, but of course by then they had taken the bait and slowed themselves down for too long with prisoners that the brutal Russian winter and a re-organized officer corp. and fierce counteroffensive by a million man Soviet army hurried from the eastern , southeastern Soviet republics, mostly being Muslims, who stopped the German war machine at the gate of Moscow.

Anyway, back to what shaping up to be a regional war.

So when all hell breaks loose, as it will by no ones fault but Israel’s, the tired and wore out U.S., U.K, And France will not be able to save them in a war of attrition against foes that have 7 years of real time hardcore combat experience. They are operating in hostile territory, and the SAA and co. have the initiative and have built up a storm of momentum. Add Russian electronic warfare interference over the skies and you have a disaster in the waiting for the U.S., Israel et al. China has an open line of credit to the Syrian government and have been financially assisting Syria since 2012. Just recently they brought in a battalion of Special Forces , most probably embedded with the Tiger Forces of the Republican Guard 4th Division. So China is in the action, just as a silent partner. China, Russia, Iran all want to humiliate the west and they see an opportunity. I believe you have got to give them credit for being wise, ancient peoples who preferred free trade , peace and harmony, cultural exchanges, etc, basically a multi-polar world for the benefit of everyone. A ‘win-win’ as the Chinese like to call it.

The other side you have the west and Israel and lackeys like India and Japan, who are trying their best to preserve the horrible status quo of unfairness, belligerence, arrogance, racism, hegemony and wars, and more unnecessary human suffering. The game is rigged as it stands now against the overwhelming majority of humanity. Things need to balance out, and that’s what a multi=polar world envisioned by Putin, Xi , Khamenei and others are trying to bring forth, for the new Century. The 19th century belonged to England, the 20th, to the U.S., the 21st will be Eurasian, Chinses and Russian , Iranian driven. They simply offer a better civilizational modal than the global Jewish agenda/model, with its corrupt and scandalous world monetary scheme have to offer .

Good day, Salam.

Roger Snellman

Do you not see that Iran has already lost the war and the only question is how many Iranians must die before they surrender? I for one do not want to see Iranians slaughtered. I believe they should abandon this path they are on toward total destruction and a fiery death. Iranians should choose the path of peace and untold wealth.


I assume your are believing what the criminal Netayahu is talking about, are you ? Of course, you must not anything about nuclear energy and nuclear bombs. The design of a nuclear bomb is so simple that any nuclear physicist student could do it. The real technological problem is the purification of U235 of Pu239 at the level of 95%. So far, Iran has a purification of 25%, and that is enough to become a totally independent nuclear country (they can build reactors for submarine, ships, satellites, electric energy,..). This degree of purification in the agreement made by USA-Iran, and the international agency IE has notified already that Iran is working totally within this agreement. Does Iran want to attack and destroy Israel, which has 200 nuclear bombs ? Please, do not be so naive. However, Israel wants to destroy Iran, because Israel do not want any competitor (technological, economical) around its backyard. Yes, Israel is planning since 7 years ago how to destroy Iran. Nobody has the right to defense itself but Israel.

Hisham Saber

The Iranians have been planning and waiting for a showdown with the Zionist apartheid state since 1980, when their lacky the Shah met his deserving demise.

You you guys think the Iranians are just sitting on their hands and haven’t thought about what we are discussing? Persians are very shrewd and calculating.

Look, Iran simply has a ban, or fatwa (religious edict/ruling) against nuclear weapons. And like all bans, it can be reversed/lifted by the Mullah’s . Rather quickly too. For a retaliatory strike, it is not forbidden in Islam, as you meet your enemy with just as much power as he has against you.

Iran already has Uranium and Plutonium at 95-98% purity. And they have , and have tested the ballistic missiles which can carry nuclear warheads. Iran obtained nuclear triggers from North Korea some years ago. Everything is all set up and ready t go. If Israel wants to play nuclear, Iran will too, and judging by Israel’s size, it would be very easy to annihilate it at one stroke.

The Israeli’s know this. And another thing the Iranians have up their sleeve and is perhaps more destructive than a nuclear bomb/s, is that in any event Iran is attacked, it will instantly wipe out all oil and natural gas infrastructure of the entire Middle East, a 2000 km radius for their medium to long range and very accurate now, missiles. Everything related to hydrocarbons will be destroyed and/or burning up. The Persian Gulf will be a death trap for U.S. ships and all shipping in general. Insurance companies will no longer insure supertankers in the wider Middle East. This instant move will in effect put out of global circulation 60-70% of the worlds oil supply. Guess what happens next. Bye bye Petro-dollar. A complete collapse of the Jewish global monetary scheme would quickly ensue. Having for centuries cultivated this monetary corrupt scheme and see it go up in smoke would be priceless.

You maybe you will understand why China and Russia have been busy buying up the worlds gold reserves. They are ready but, , the E.U, U.K, U.S. and GCC countries will be screwed in horrific ways.

Sam 1234

>>9:44AM GMT 18 Mar 2005 Ukraine has admitted cruise missiles were exported to Iran and China, reports say. Ukraine’s prosecutor-general Svyatoslav Piskun was cited as saying businessmen sold 12 missiles to Iran and six to China. The X-55 cruise missiles, also known as Kh-55s or AS-15s, were sold in 2001, although none were exported with the nuclear warheads they were designed to carry, the Financial Times adds.<< You can belive the bit about "no nukes" – or not. If they do have 12 soviet type nukes that alone should be anough for Israel.

Hisham Saber

Oh believe it, The Iranians have what is needed.

Sam 1234

Well, I wish it was all true, but in the end its just the wet dream of someone with selective blindness. When exactly did Assad regain the upper hand? When Iran helped? The moment Hesbollah was helping? Or the fantastic Popular Mob force? NOOOO. He regained the upper hand as soon as he had an AIR FORCE that was worth the name. So what AF does your grand army have? The Russian with 30+ planes. What do the US/Israel/Saudi group have? Let me see: The Saudis alone have like 500 attack craft (800 total), the US has 200 stationed around that area, Israel has a number similar to the Saudis. That leaves Turkey with 200 attack planes and nobody knows where they will stand if such a conflict should emerge. WW2 is long over and modern time wars are decided by air superiority. And dont think for a second the S300, S400 etc. will do any good against that kind of numbers. So I suggest you leave the good old Marokkean dope off your tea next time you write and “essay”. :-)

Hisham Saber

In your dreams. Wars are decided on the ground. The boots on the ground decide the fate of wars. Your grand air armada is useless now with modern state of the art electronic warfare countermeasures.

Look what happened when on April 13th the U.S., U.K. France blew their pathetic load and fired off 103 supposedly sophisticated missiles? 71 were shot down, with two landing intact in the desert. They were retrieved by the Syrians who gave one to Russia, and the other Tomahawk to China. What a laughingstock.

Israel has perhaps the best Air Force in the region, yet it did nothing for them in front of Hezbollah when 75,000 IDF soldiers , two Tank battalions were routed by 4500 Hezbollah ‘regulars’. They were not even Hezbollah Special Forces or shock troops, whom were stationed north of the Litani Line during the whole 33 day man-handling Israel got. In fact, after that conflict, Israel shut down the manufacturing plant for the Merkava MBT (Chariot of God).

The Russians have this tactic in their war doctrine that says if your enemy enjoys air superiority, hen you have to get very close to him on the ground. Its called ‘hugging the enemy’, which renders air strikes almost useless. They had mastered this since the days of Stalingrad. Get up close and personal, so the battle degenerates into a morass of close up ground fighting. And who knows more about urban and rural combat more than the heroic Syrian Arab Army , Hezbollah and the IRGC, who have 7 years of live hardcore combat experience. The pathetic child shooting IDF ‘soyboys’?

The much vaunted Israeli Air Force are pussies anyways as they attack Syria from Lebanese airspace, not daring to actually enter Syria itself, because when they did, they lost two fighters. You will see, when this regional war breaks out, U.S./Israeli et al planes will start dropping out of the sky at unacceptable rates.

Your silly Kurds are already facing a backlash and possible insurgency against them and their handlers. And they will be nothing but a speedbump as the righteous forces roll up the acres all the way to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Sam 1234

Lets hope you are right, but I am not convinced. The fact remains that in an actual war as opposed to the showmanship of 104 cruise missiles other on-board weapons are used, the same that just exploded the SAA munitions by small undetectable rockets and that killed iranians on another airport previously. Yes, if 2 armies fight each other the hugging may work but that wont be the case. All supplylines will be bombed to smitherenes by the much superior enemy airforce. The Libanese war was different as that was a small area and in fact there where ground troops of both sides. In this war there will only be ground troops from the arab side, so the enemy can use anything to crush them. I doubt the Israel airforce are pussies, I think they are still holding up the pretense not to violate syrian airspace. A S200 can not shoot down a F15 or F16 unless the pilot makes a mistake. That has happened, but only once. In any case, we will see.

Hisham Saber

Again, Russian sophisticated electronic aerial denial warfare systems are very good. The skies will be a death trap for F-22’s, F-35’s, of course the F-15’s and F-16’s. Even B-2’s can be easily taken out with S-400’s and S-300’s.

Shock and Awe, or any sort of decapitation strike will not work in this new warfare in that region.

Electronic countermeasures intercept the computer of a missile in its terminal stage, after it has abandoned the GPS link. During this critical phase, the missile is hacked, told to veer off course or totally slow down so it can be taken out using even a simple Shilka or S-200’S or BuK missiles.

These electronic hacks also intercept a fighter or bomber’s on board electronic CPU and causes complete cockpit blackout or sporadic illogical interference.

The Israeli’s were reported to have experienced this first hand, when they did actually enter Iranian airspace and lost two, not as reported one F-16 and an F-15 bomber. Those planes were hacked and who knows what the controls did then, probably just went haywire on the pilots. Anyways, that’s what the future looks like for the U.S./ Israeli et al air war if things do go total.

If the U.S., U.K, France , Israel Saudi’s are not going to put troops, and I mean substantial, like in the hundreds of thousands, then whats the use to go to war in the first place, they will have accomplished nothing, Iran will be heavy in Syria and Iraq, Hezbollah will have won, and have built big muscles from 7 years of live hardcore combat action in Syria. The Syrian Arab Army , NDF and auxiliaries (Afghan volunteers, two Chechen Russian battalions working for the Russian Mod-these guys actually attacked a U.S. base in Syria as stated by the U.S. Deputy State Dept. Sectary. This happened on April 14th, the day after the lame U.S., U.K, French missile strike on Syria. These Chechens are some of the best fighters in the world, who along with Hezbollah are masters at fast, lightweight and lethal tactics and doctrine made for urban, rural and desert warfare. These Chechens, who are under the Russian MoD were also the same guys who routed the Ukrainian ground forces in 2015. The Ukrainians took a brutal beating, having lost 2/3rds of their armor and many, many dead and wounded. The Donbass militias were having a tough go at it until the Chechens showed up. Masters of accuracy in artillery, and quick paced flanking maneuvers decimated the Ukie’s. Armored column after another was stopped, then destroyed. Kind of like when Hezbollah ‘ hugged ‘ the IDF and through tunnels and fast, small teams of anti-tank systems, routed the Israeli’s in 2006.

So if the U.S. , Israeli and company don’t show up for the fight, what use are limited airstrikes and missile barrages. The situation on the ground will heavily favor those who oppose the Zionists and their Anglo lackys.


At the moment, Yarmuk has only days max., but what interest me, what next. (Next to Hama already under agreement) Why Kufra exchange is so important for Assad just some km away from the frontline, when they finished other pockets?

The only straightforward thing right now, to slash the ISIS pocket in the desert. Daraa might be an other issue, but that front-line was put on hold.

It seems to me the war will be over pretty soon, and negotiations will decide the future.

Taal Rifaat is also a key point, as kurds separatist are keep fighing back from that area.

I think nobody wants a new never ending war, just everybody is in rush to finish it off. I think what equipment lost in Syria is twice as much than Syrias GDP alone, so USA, Russia would like to cut the losses.


What is next is the ISIS pocket close to Euphrates river. After that, USA-pupets.

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