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Syrian War Report – May 29, 2018: Final Warning To Militants In Southern Syria

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The Syrian military has concentrated a notable force in the province of Daraa to be able to employ a military option should negotiations with local armed groups fail. Reinforcements from the Tiger Forces, the 4th Armoured Division, the 5th Armoured Division, the National Defense Forces, Liwa al-Quds and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party have recently arrived in the area.

According to local sources, the Syrian-Russian delegation has recently send militants a final warning providing them with three options:

  • To surrender heavy weaponry and to withdraw to militant-held areas in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo;
  • To accept a full reconciliation agreement, to surrender weaponry and to normalize their legal status;
  • To face a military operation.

At the same time, armed groups in southern Syria, including the Southern Front, Ahrar Nawa, Al-Maghawir and Ahrar al-Golan, have merged into a new militant formation entitled The Army of Salvation. Syrian experts immediately linked this development with the militants’ preparations to repel the upcoming offensive instead of reaching a peaceful solution with Damascus.

These developments come amid newly surfaced unconfirmed media reports about indirect Iranian-Israeli talks with a Jordanian mediation on the situation in southern Syria. According to these reports, Iran has agreed to stay away from the battle against militants in southern Syria while Israel has pledged not to intervene into clashes near the occupied Golan Heights and near the Syrian-Jordanian border as long as no Iranian forces are deployed there.

Reports of this possibility have immediately become wide spread and popular in the media. However, there is little new about the Iranian attitude in it because Teheran has officially announced that its forces will not participate in the aforementioned operation. As to the Israeli side, according to some experts, it’s hard to believe that Israel will stay away when Syrian government forces crush militants near the Golan Heights. However, Tel Aviv will likely limit its activity to individual strikes justified by some shells falling in the occupied area.

Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman, military intelligence chief Tamir Heiman and other Israeli officials will visit Moscow later this week for meetings with their Russian counterparts. Among other topics, the sides will probably discuss the situation in Syria, including the upcoming military operation in southern Syria.

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Hard Hawk


neil barron

This is good kill the perps and everyone else let it be. Then move on for Syria.


Israeli migrants think that Golan Heights is a peace of cake like Palestine and Israel will easily digest it but Israel don’t know that there is Russia and Iran. This peace of cake will stuck in the Israeli throats.


What a joke. Putin is israeli. Maybe start to understand and give up traitors.


Blame Muslim nations instead of President Putin. Before election the Muslim nations don’t take English tests that these candidates can deliver speeches in English language. Second they don’t judge their qualification, knowledge, responsibilities and English language fluency. That is why they elect very illiterate and incapable leaders.

When any event happened in the world in any country then I observe the responses of these Muslim leaders that how they will react. To be honest I don’t see any response or reaction from these Muslim leaders.


I blame both.

John Whitehot

no, YOU is israeli.


If the israeli says so. XD.

John Whitehot

besides, you stated that Putin is israeli in the first comment, so this reply is conceptually right.

Icarus Tanović

He’s just a guy that stared in The Freak show as those small braineds, holding on that tall woman. And his ancestors are long lost people from jimbajimba tribe.

John Whitehot



But some says that Putin and Lavrov both are Muslims.


If there were no English man in this world then there would be no war in this world. I have studied most of the previous and current wars of this world. 90% wars made by English man by using disinformation, deception and lie…..

Nigel Maund

Read English speaking which includes all members of the Anglo – American Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal?


That’s correct.


English man always hide the truth by altering information and changing the names of the characters, even they have not forgiven God and Jesus and other prophets and the English man have changed their names as well but wait the real names are still present in the previous old original books.

Why they have chosen God and Jesus names instead of original names why these names are difficult to pronounce? No. This is politics, because they hate and make the world religious population look idiots. For example write the names of God and Jesus from right to left and then look its meaning….

John Whitehot

“Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman, military intelligence chief Tamir Heiman and other Israeli officials will visit Moscow later this week for meetings with their Russian counterparts”

wonder if they finish the meeting yelling and bitching like they did last time.


Yes, after that mentioned meeting, Israel made a huge attack to Syria.

John Whitehot

really? how did that change the outcome of the war?

Jonathan Cohen

They really need to finish off ISIS in the East, with Iranian, Kurdish and US help, BEFORE attacking near Golan, without Iranian or Kurdish help and with Israeli and US opposition. Even if a wider conflict is inevitable, it’s better for all if ISIS doesn’t live to see it.


With Russia trying hard to stop US0A, Israel, and Jordon from supporting their Pet Terrorist in South East Syria, this will be a Bell Weather event.

Will Syria and hopefully Russia have to take head on the US for a change?

Syria can not afford to blink here. Will Iran also come help if ask here this is very important to them also?

Hard Hawk

Lately russia has compromise a lot and I dont think this will change. To me lately russia behave like somone that it took a bigger bite it can chew and also as they backing down. Maybe I am wrong but I dont think so.


What’s up at 00:49 LOL. Did a moderate try to grab a gun but trip over the curb?

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