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Syrian War Report – May 28, 2018: Su-57 Stealth Fighter Carries Out Strikes In Syria

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Four Russian military advisers have been killed and three others have been injured in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor in a shelling carried out by militants, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on May 27.

According to the statement, militants attacked an artillery battery of pro-government forces assisted by Russian military advisers. Two Russians were killed on the scene. Two others died from wounds in hospital. 43 ISIS members were killed and 6 vehicles belonging to the terrorist group were destroyed during the clashes.

The Russian Defense Ministry provided no details on the location and date of the incident.

It should be noted that on May 23 ISIS attacked a group of pro-government forces near the city of al-Mayadin. After the attack, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that ISIS members had killed 23 “Syrian and Russian” troops and captured 5 others. However, Amaq provided no evidence to confirm any captured or killed servicemen of pro-government forces.

Pro-opposition media used the May 27 statement by the Russian military to spread own speculations. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 26 members of government troops and 9 Russians were killed last week in eastern Syria. The Russian opposition media added that at least two Russian private military contractors were killed in the May 23 clashes with ISIS. No photo or video evidence or official sources for the claims were provided.

A Russian fifth-generation Su-57 stealth fighter jet carried out strikes on militant targets in Syria in February 2018, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced on May 25. According to Shoigu, the Su-57 fighter jet used advanced air-launched cruise missiles to target militants.

Two Su-57 fighter jets were temporarily deployed in Syria in February 2018 where they successfully passed combat tests.

Israel has notified Russia of its decision to redraw its Iran “red lines” and to expand its operations across Syria, the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported on May 26. According to the report, Israel is going to expand its operations to the entirety of its northern neighbor’s territory rather than just the southern portion of Syria.

The report came just a few days after another round of Israeli strikes on Syria. On May 24, the al-Dabaa airbase in southwestern Homs came under a missile attack. According to Sky News, at least 9 Iranians were killed in the strike. The Iranian state-run media denies this. Local sources also reported no casualties in the attack.

According to Syrian experts, the May 26 report by Asharq Al-Awsat is another step in a longstanding Saudi-Israeli campaign aimed at undermining the Iranian-Russian cooperation over the Syrian conflict. Israel and Saudi media have released multiple reports and speculations alleging that the Iranian-Russian alliance is shrinking or is about to collapse.

Contrary to these allegations, in reality the both countries have been successfully cooperating en rotue to reach their joint goals: to defeat radical groups, to strengthen the central government and to set a foothold for restoring a territorial integrity of Syria.

The recent series of propaganda claims and Israeli strikes are likely linked to the ongoing preparations of the Syrian Army to launch a military operation to regain the southern part of the country from militants.

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Bravo… and the ISRAELIS strike Assad’s troops and the “Super-Sukhois” just turn circles there and let the pYgs do what they want. Now even Erdogan’s-assets the ex-CIA “Free Syrian Army” now allied with Ed´rdogan– shell Syrian Governmental troops… and Russia looks like paralyzed

John Whitehot

“and the ISRAELIS strike Assad’s troops”

so many strikes and Syria won the war. btw, it’s nice that you used your real picture in the nick.

Wise Gandalf

and Syria won the war

Not yet. Actually, the division of Syria is running.

Cyric London

Exactly right. This was the design from the beginning. ISIS was never intended to capture Damascus.If they had, it would be very hard to maintain the Illusion that the US and Israel did not support them.

Also, who have cleared them out? Answer=No one.

In rides Russia as the white knight to save the day. Result? ISIS defeated sure enough, but Syria is left as a perpetually weak state, one where their “Allies” will not even sell them up to date military equipment, but rather sells them to her enemies.

Syria is headed for partition make no mistake about it as was the plan from the beginning. Hundreds of thousands of dead Muslims and a possible greater Shia/Sunni war is only only added honey to the pot.

If I am wrong in my analysis, and Syria somehow emerges stronger after this, please tell me. Where other then Iran can they get support from? We see that the so called “Multi-Polar” world that Russia has been advocating is a total sham. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

John Whitehot

“If I am wrong in my analysis”

You are exceptionally wrong.

You were stating “assad must go” as an objective since the start.

Now it’s “partition Syria”.

Tomorrow you’ll be saying that you wanted Assad to stay and Syria to be united (no wait, some are already saying it).

In the end: Israel LOST. the US LOST. the UK LOST.

Syria WON.

deal with it.

Karo Dndlian
John Whitehot

i dont agree on part of the commentary on soviet union. Its one of the main theme of zionist propaganda. All the zionists attempts to enlarge their grip on the union were ultimately stopped by Stalin.

Trajko Ivanov

Perfect concluding!

Wise Gandalf

More or less agree.


First of All…Getting rid of Assad to replace Him with a U.S. Puppet..did not really work out according to plan..the Yinon Plan is screwed…the pipeline from Wahhabistan through Syria to Turkey is Screwed… ISIS & All the Other Headchoppers are Screwed…Shia & Sunni Woke up to Western Intelligence Plans and are now fighting Side by Side…That is a good start for a United Middle East for Muslims… and time for the Khazarians to Leave…One thing for Sure… the New Boss appears to be better than the Psychopathic, Massmurdering, Raping, Stealing & Lying Old Boss… it is good the Old Boss is slowly Dying…

Jim Prendergast

Well said. Nothing can change the shape of things to come.

John Whitehot

S C U M.

Wise Gandalf

You are somehow agressive.


Appropriate avatar for you.


Wierd ain’t it? Russians only care about the bases if russia was serious isis wouldn’t be even able to loft their heads above sand or Israel wouldn’t strike “russia’s ally” every couple of days

Baron Von MuleBanger

Gib me two Su-57 with mayonnaise and ketchup.

Rodney Loder

The Russians burned the Soviet Union along with Russian Heritage thereby eliminating any alternative to the Market Economy inflicting a consumer frenzy and Climate Change, alas, !! the Russian Calendar has forward motion only, now the Russians want not to be US minions because unlike France and Britain they have stuff that the IMF and World Bank both US Corporatisms controlling many US dismantled States “want”, Russia never figured as a partner only as a target.

Now israel as the surrogate US ideological leader leader of the US has to confront Russia in Syria as a duty of “want”, !!! Russia needs all the allies it can get.


Would like to see Russia, Iraq, China, and Iran say they will support with Military Fire Power the all the Syrian government’s RED LINES!


Israel wants Syria shrunk and divided. That is why they oppose Irans presence so much.

They are trying to trick Russia into thinking they will allow Syria to retake their lands if they kick out Iran. But they are lying. They’ll use Irans pullout to strengthen rebel defenses and create a phoney buffer state.

Russia knows this, but may bend to Israeli demands out of fear.

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