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Syrian War Report – May 25, 2018: Israeli, US Strikes On Government Forces. What Is Going On?


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Late on May 24, Israeli warplanes carried out several strikes on the al-Dabaa airbase in the southwestern Homs countryside, according to pro-government sources. The Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) responded to the attack by launching at least 2 S-200 surface-to-air missiles, according to local activists.

The General Command of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) said in an official statement that the Israeli Air Force had targeted an airbase in central Syria. It added that the SADF had repelled the Israeli attack.

At the same time, reports appeared that the missiles launch were allegedly caused by a false alarm. However, this version is still unconfirmed.

The al-Dabaa airbase is well known for being one of the key HQs of Hezbollah in Syria.

Early on May 24, the Syrian state-run media and the Hezbolalh media wing in Syria reported that US-led coalition aircraft had carried out strikes on positions of the pro-government forces near al-Bukamal, al-Mayadin and the T2 pumping station.

The reports noted that the strikes had taken place amid the continued attacks by ISIS on government positions in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert, de-facto, accusing the US-led coalition of supporting the ISIS attacks.

The US-led coalition denied any knowledge about these attacks. Then, the Russian state-run media outlets, RT and Sputniknews, reported citing some Russian military sources that no US-led coalition strikes had targeted government forces positions.

The situation over the incident remains unclear.

Later on the same day, ISIS ambushed a group of National Defense Forces (NDF) members in the area of al-Faidah. According to unconfirmed reports, about 30 fighters, members of Nazar al-Khafran, which is a part of the NDF, were killed in the incident.

Previously, ISIS carried out large attacks on the SAA, the NDF and their allies on May 22, near the T3 pumping station, and on May 23, near al-Mayadin.

The SAA reacted to the increased by deploying reinforcements to the area and starting preparations for an anti-ISIS operation in the Homs desert, according to pro-government sources.

However, this operation may be delayed if the SAA and local militants in the province of Daraa reach no reconciliation agreement. In this case, the SAA will likely deal with Daraa militants first and then will focus on the Homs desert again.



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  • Daniel Miller

    idiot arabs just spreading propaganda that the US bombed them in order to hide the fact they got their asses kicked by some rag tag shitty ISIS reminant.

    • Gregory Gregory

      Yeah, that’ll be it, “Daniel”

    • Serious

      Arabs are idiots. That’s why USA is using them.

      • FlorianGeyer

        And Americans are idiots That is why Israel is using them

        • Dr. Pro Liv

          do not insult our “XD” U.S. friend here
          nobody would think that he is an “idiot”….unless when he speaks of course

          • FlorianGeyer


    • Wahid Algiers

      The only fucken propaganda spamer on behalf of their masters sitting in
      stolen palastine are the idiots of the US-administration. And now hide
      back under the little skirt of your mother and be quiet.

    • S Melanson

      Or perhaps there is more than meets the eye here. The effectiveness of the attacks has me suspicious that these ‘ISIS’ fighters may be well trained commandos dressed to look like Isis fighters. These commandos would also benefit from intel from US to set up optimal place and date for attack. This would explain the unusual deadliness of the attacks.

      • Daniel Miller

        their is nothing unusual about them they are just incompetatnt idiots.

  • Dr. Pro Liv

    So one “attack” was presumably false alarm launch of S-200’s and other 3 “attacks” in Homs desert are denied by Russians.

    All in all sounds that there were no attacks at all.

    • Feudalism Victory

      That sounds right

  • Serious

    You can’t win when you have a psychological trouble with your ennemy.

    Muslims and Christians can’t win over jews because they recognize jews are the “chosen people”. So, it’s dead-end. The only thing Christians and Muslims are doing is to increase jewish influence over the world.

    Facts is that jerusalem has been destroyed twice by pagans. Countries who resist the most effectively against USA are Cuba and China : two non religious states.

    • pissinginthewind

      Fact: There are no “Chosen of God” people, never have been. Just propaganda made up by a shitty little tribe of losers to make them look honorable. Even Old Testament is made up of lies and stories lived by other peoples. Get over it Judeo-Christian morons, you have been swindled by phony Jews. Lol

      • Serious

        More than 5 billions of people in this planet believe in “god”. That makes a lot of mentally ill people and terrorists. These people are responsible for most wars.

        • Sebastian Vicente

          Oh really? The wars starts by interest not religion.

        • Sebastian Vicente

          I will explain something: strategical deep, Israel has deep against Egypt, less againsta Lebanon and Syria but there are a mountanouis zone, the real danger allways is Jordan.
          In 1948/49 the lack of interest of Jordan with the best unity of the zone ( Jordan Arab Legion) saves Israel.

          • Bill Wilson

            In 1948 Jordan had an economic interest in seeing that Israel remained under Jewish control.

        • Sebastian Vicente

          Read about Balaam, the sorcerer, the donkey spoke to him,( An angel make the donkey speaks -the donkey simbolizes Balaam himself- ) .From Moab near Amman, Jordan ( Amman cames from Ammon an oracle what the demon uses for play with humans, the former name was Philadelphia – lover of Delphi, greek oracle, well micenian oracle, until the greek thesalians rapes the priestess and put Apollo instead Gea, supported by Poseidon -the thesalians reach Delphi asking reinforcements from the sea -perhaps a dorian tribe-) But is ok the atheist guy has psichological disease, and don´t waste the time answer him, he pissing the wind and piss his shoes and his trousers, like Balaam haha.

        • Ishyrion Av

          you are responsible for being stupid; if you have no way or lost your way, it is not necessary to swear 5 billion people
          because is not them who are guilty of wars… is a hand of greedy governments with no religion other then money and power
          if you would have the power to do it, I am pretty sure you will start a war too (against mentally ill terrorists)

      • Sebastian Vicente

        I don´t see the relationship between your comment and the syrian situation. Well the church identify your heresy (attack over the Old Testament), identify the demon (Balak) and the retard slave of the demon (Balaam) two thousands years ago. The muslims agree with the identification, go and said that in the face of a rat of HTS, or any muslim, There is a permission for take the life of Balaam, unlucky you, even Cain had a protection mark in the forehead. Go to Riad and said the stupidity what you call : Fact

    • Ma_Laoshi

      I doubt I’m with you all the way, but yeah: I also roll my eyes when for instance Russia Insider (re-)publishes yet another backward rant about “Holy Russia” or some such. The notion that some countries are holier than others is such an obvious negative for the world, we’d be MUCH better off just sticking with the UN Charter.

      • Serious

        Nobody wants to live in a religious state. That’s a fact.
        But, now, a lot of countries have been infected by this virus.

        Hopefully for China, these religions didn’t reach them. So, they can think freely and logically without being forced to pretend being what they are not in reality.

        Countries infected by the virus are now zombies and must live with the virus inside. They are the host the virus need in order to live. You can’t remove it.

        • Ma_Laoshi

          And already here I’m not with you: plenty of people want to live in a religious state. The stream of recruits which has flown to ISIS is merely an extreme expression. Merkel’s CDU is a milder form, but if you vote for it you still want religion mixed into your politics. As a result, rational discussions of say overpopulation and Israel’s abuses become almost impossible; oh, and good luck getting rid of the Church Tax.

          Chinese cannot think (or at least not speak) freely, but they’re mostly rational. Makes them hard-nosed pragmatic bastards, which works for them most of the time. Almost uniquely, American “values” propaganda just washes off them; of course, they have a 4000-year literature about the realities of power. If Bibi were to start weepy fairytales about Esther in Beijing, his hosts would politely reply “Very nice; now what do you have to offer us?”

          • Serious

            These people don’t want to live in a religious state. they are thugs who want to use religion to gain power and money. Nobody is rushing to live in Saudi Arabia.

            Christians countries have been destroyed because it didn’t work. People were burnt and killed because of religion prurposes. Religious people deny facts even when proven.

            Even israel is not a religious state as there gay pride and all that stuff strictly forbidden.

            Chinese culture wasn’t destroyed by abrahamic religion. That’s why they can resist better. These religions have destroyed so many cultures. Most of them are now dead and can’t be recovered.

            So, thanks those who resisted in the past and stopped them.

          • Sebastian Vicente

            So ignorant, the yellow turban rebellion (taoism) causing destruction, China a beautiful country always was divided between warlords, until the Dr Sun Yat Sen starts the modern revolution (the Dr was a christian : ) ) A british commander said : If India becames christian (or muslim) they will kick us in a week. Israel is not religious ( They take the name of the sinful kingdom of the north, destroyed by assyrians)

    • Sebastian Vicente

      And the Crusades? They are not the chosen people, but is another question. Jerusalem : first the chaldeans, second the total destruction by romans, the bizantines destroy part of the city (Christians), The mamluks too (muslims). And today USA a christian superpower protects Israel. About Cuba (catholic allways who care the states). And old prophecy said not the arabs, but muslims not arabics (Iran).

    • Dr. Pro Liv

      Is this communist atheist manifest of RETARD?
      Since when Christians and Muslims recognize Jews “chosen people”.?!?
      You are LIAR !
      Being brain dead atheist you are IGNORANT and talking on things you do not have clue!
      Christians do not consider Jews to be “chosen people” because Christianity is about Christian’s are now “chosen people” instead of the Jews !!!
      Whoever says opposite does not have clue just like you!
      Only some baptist Christians in US are Zionists and why are they like that I do not know
      But they do not represent huge majority of Christians.
      Many Christians do not like Jews.
      Muslims hate Jews!

    • Freespirit

      ANYONE who is familiar with Schoolyard BULLIES, knows what is going on

      The only difference is that these Schoolyard Bullies have Military WEAPONS but
      the SOLUTION is the same, however. –

      You MUST give the Bully a “Taste of His Own Medicine” OR he/she will keep being a Bully !

      Oh, yeh, that Is what is happening, isn’t it ………….

      Israel and U.S. are being Bullies, again, again, again and AGAIN but no one is “slapping them down”

      In fact they are being REWARDED.

      • Icarus Tanović

        Sometimes biggest Bullies are confronted and defeated by very small, insignificant guys.
        America behaves like a psychopath, considering to neuropsychiatric encyclopedia.

  • Serious

    You can’t win when you have a psychological trouble with your ennemy.

    Russia has a psychological trouble with USA. Russia wants to be USA instead of USA.

    Russia always collaborate with USA when USA asks for. Doing that, Russia thinks that they are part of the “rulers of the world”.

    Even RT always talk about USA, UK, France, …. instead of talking about Russia.

    • Dr. Pro Liv

      U.S. is bankrupted country and
      nobody wants to be bankrupted you idiot !
      There is whole section on Russia on RT but you can’t find it of course!
      That task is too challenging for your tiny brain…

      No wonder you write your “XD” all the time with your undeveloped pubescent mind !
      Go find yourself girl kid!
      Leave adults to talk !

      • Serious

        The russian politic section is at the bottom under the USA section and the UK section. XD.

        • Dr. Pro Liv

          Whatever “XD” moron !
          The point was that IT DOES EXIST section on Russia also!
          So your drivel about Russia obsession with US is your usual bollocks!
          US is the biggest terrorist creating the biggest crimes so no wonder they are often subject for RT and many others.

          • Serious

            US is Russia “western partners”. So, Russia is partner in crime. You proved it yourself.


  • Ma_Laoshi

    How difficult could it be to surveil this limited piece of open desert? Say what you will of the Americans, but if some unit approaches their positions, or they want to make something go boom just for cheap thrills, they usually know where to find their target.

  • Luutzen

    Damage assessment is missing, again.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Isis in Dier ez-Zor should be a priority for the SAA, not Daraa, The US SDF and Iraq are closing in on the large pocket of Isis in Al-Hasakah and I’m sure some of them will be fleeing to Dier ez-Zor when they have to. The French have big artillery guns near the border of Iraq [within striking distance of SAA forces on the other side of the Euphrates], supposedly to help in the Hajin operation but I haven’t heard any loud artillery explosions there yet.

  • gustavo

    There were not attack at all. All of these are fake news. However, for Syria-Russia-Hezbolah-Iran troops, getting rid of Deir Ezzor pocket of terrorists must be the next right step, forget for the moment Daraa. This one will come after AL-Tanf, but first Deir Ezzor pocket.

    • Icarus Tanović

      Daraa is of key importance.

  • Icarus Tanović

    ‘Israeli f35 downed last night, f16 seriously damaged. Pilots safe.’ All you guys get onion and check it on deep web. There are photos and all.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      can you provide source and photos here?

      • Icarus Tanović

        I’ll try to BUY some of those pictures, but in very low resolution, because bigger ones are expensive.
        And, of course I can’t provide a source.
        Try looking at here, and elsewhere.

        • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

          Lol buy?

          • Icarus Tanović

            Yes, that’s right. You got to have bitcoins to buy. Nothing goes for free there.

          • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

            How much they cost?

          • Icarus Tanović

            0.01 bitcoin for super high resolution.

          • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

            Is a good price?

          • Icarus Tanović

            Converted to dollars it’s around 150 bucks.

          • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

            Holy simoleons!! So f-35 was really downed?

          • Icarus Tanović

            Wait I’ll get the pictures. At least of f16.

          • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

            cool thanks u are the best bro :))

          • Icarus Tanović

            No problems, Rambino.

  • Jonathan Cohen

    Finish off ISIS first and Daraa later, That way, cooperation with the western coalition can be extended and conflict delayed.

  • Merijn

    Your Cooperation With ISIS Will become your Death Sentence U.S. & IsraHell… you will go down Like the Roman Empire… Barbarians Dragging your Elitist Corpses through the Streets….the Scum will come to Chop you Up.. some day….you will Pay…

  • Siegfried

    Big SELL-OUT in Syria.
    It started to stink since January 2016 (ALEPPO stops& goes) but now, after Netanyahu’s visit in Moscow, it stinks really bad!