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JUNE 2023

Syrian War Report – May 24, 2017: Govt Forces Advance On Multiple Frontlines

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Government forces are advancing against ISIS and Western-backed militant groups on multiple frontlines across Syria.

In the province of Aleppo, the Syrian Army (SAA) Tiger Forces liberated Jamiliyah, Rasm al-Hammam, Mahsanah, Qanawiyah, Kherbet Marzah and the so-called 2nd Farm. Considering the current rapid progress, government troops will likely reach the ISIS stronghold of Maskanah located near the Raqqah province border within this week.

ISIS does not have enough manpower to stop the government advance in the Maskanah countryside. The terrorist group responded intensifying raids at the Inthriyah-Aleppo road, the only supply line to the government-held city of Aleppo.

In the province of Homs, the Republican Guard advanced east of al-Qaryatayn capturing a number of hills, including Jabal Baridah. Government troops are moving in the direction of the al-Busairi crossroad, an important point south of the Tiyas Airbase. Reports appear that ISIS has already abandoned this area. However, this still has to be confirmed.

In the Syrian desert northeast of Suweida, the SAA, the National Defense Forces, Hezbollah, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and other pro-government units advanced east of the recently captured Zuluf area and south of the Scientific Research Battalion. These operations are aimed at preventing US-backed militant groups from developing momentum in the area and establishing control over important sites and the Syrian border with Iraq.

The so-called moderate opposition in southeastern Syria had been able to achieve no success during the peak phase of battles against ISIS. However, now, when the terrorist group is collapsing, these militant groups are turning in a useful tool for the US-led block.

The SAA, the 5th Assault Corps and Liwa al-Quds continued operations against ISIS northeast and south of Palmyra.

According to Turkish Anadolu Agency, about 100 trucks with weapons and equipment for Kurdish militias arrived Syria from Iraq between May 15 and May 21. The weapons were provided by the US as a part of its program to supply directly YPG and YPJ that were a core of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

According to the report, Kurdish militias received BGM-71 TOW and Milan missiles, 80mm and 120mm mortars, MK19 belt-fed automatic grenade launchers, assault rifles as well as Humwee and Cougar vehicles and drones. The agency also argued that the US has provided FGM-148 Javelin missiles to Kurdish forces.

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Milans, TOWs and Javelins provided to a group that fights ISIL – and these have only a handful of tanks, technicals and VBIEDs. Seems to me they plan to fight a mechanized force in a near future – who might that be I wonder? I’m afraid Uncle Sam is organizing Kurdish version of “moderate opposition” and there won’t be a quick victory for Syrian people. Neocons want this war to last forever – just like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. We all better buy some Raytheon stocks and earn some spare change for our grandchildren…

Adam Husein

I agree with you 100%, DAESH is dead, it’s just a matter of time. So now the Washington-TelAviv & co. evil axis is preparing the next excuse to fight against syrian State: the so called kurdish cause…

Jonathan Cohen

We don’t have time to wait out Daesh. Too many Manchester girls at stake. We need to crush them NOW! we need to race to eliminate Daesh territory and RACE to link up with PMU. We need a blitzcrieg, not a war or attrition against Daesh; and in that context the tow’s make more sense. Though I do wish they were too big to smuggle into Turkey for PKK like Cougars.


TOWs and Javelins in the hands of the Kurds make no sense what so ever – unless US/Israel grooms them for a showdown with SAA, Turks, regular Iraqi army, Iranians – or all of them together. This is a way to insure part 3, 4, 5 etc. of Syrian war after Daesh becomes irrelevant in a couple of months. BTW when that happens Manchester girls won’t be any more secure then they were 2 days ago. West will still help the Saudis spawn 100s of illiterate Salafi idiots ready to blow themselves up and try to use them against Arab regimes they don’t like and some of them will still turn against the hand that feeds them.

Jonathan Cohen

You might be right. I have heard of GATMs used against troop clusters, I think at the artiliary academy. but I don’t imagine that is typical. I do think the deal with the Kurds is that they can keep any land they take from ISIS forever; and defend it against any threat. Though ISIS has never controlled any part of Turkey as far as I know, or Iran.


ISIL didn’t control Iran or Turkey but local Kurdish insurgents do. If the next faze of war is Kurds against regime or regimes that will involve Turks, Iraq and Iran openly into the conflict

Jonathan Cohen

Turkey and SDF are the only defenders of abortion rights in the region, so the more territory they take the better, hopefully from Kabul to Luanda.


hopefully from NOWHERE to NOWHERE


This is one of those posts where I’m not sure whether you’re being facetious or not. Yes the girls themselves were innocent; RIP. And yet, since Westerners have become nedogovorosposobniy (inaccessible to reason), the only constructive communication left is making them experience what their own foreign policy feels like on the receiving end. An attack can be tragic, and yet a footnote compared to what the jihadists have inflicted on Syria itself.


What happened in Manchester is explained very simple with the follwing saying: “Rise and feed raven, and they will take out later your eyes” England has been supporting terrorists in Syria since long time ago, together with USA-Israel.

Jonathan Cohen

Long time ago yes, but not since Manchester.


Well I harbor no illusions about a clean war, but up to this point there was a notion that terrorists were interspersed among the civilian population, necessitating caution in urban warfare. If the Kurds, as a group, show themselves to be anti-Syrian foreign invaders, they may have to be dealt with as such. Hope it doesn’t come to that.


ATGMs are very effective against VBIEDs. On the other hand I see no reasons for supplying them Javelins (exept slight increase in profit of manufacturer). Of course, we don’t know for sure what is in those boxes until we see videos of them being open.


Raytheon have just announced they are opening a Saudi Arabian division/ cooperation venture, meaning the weaponry can be manufactured in the region, with implications that such weapons will be less subject to US export regulatory oversight.


US and NATO terrorists training centers and bases will be removed from entire Syria as has been removed previously from Idlib when Russian and Syrian Air forces attacked them. They ran away from North Syria to South Syria but from here where they would run because one side is Iraq and other side is Syria.

98% world population are against USA and NATO efforts in Syria and Iraq.

If USA and NATO coalition attempts to attack SAA conveys as they did before? This will be a direct confrontation with the Syrian, Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah heroes. Every Syrian soldier and everyone of its allies must have firmly in their minds that all proxies and spies and their masters USA and NATO armies must be wounded, its blood spilled, its reputation stained, its mortality exposed to all the world.

Oh courageous Syria, fight on to live, fight on and destroy the evil; reclaim your culture, dignity and all your glorious, ancient sovereignty!


You mentioned ….. “Syrian, Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah heroes.” But, you forgot to mention the incredible Liwa al-Quds force, made up entirely of Palestinian refugees from a camp near Aleppo. When I read about how they saved Aleppo, I was very impressed. They are truly heroes!

Read their story here…. https://southfront.org/liwa-al-quds-from-formation-to-liberation-of-aleppo-city/



I appreciate your comments. Thank you very much.

Jonathan Cohen

Daesh first! Once Daesh territory is gone, Shia forces can slug it out with NATO to your hearts’ content for all I care since I despise you all. But Squandering your forces in places like Al Tanf, Ukraine and Korea is enabling and perpetuating ISIS, killing Manchester little girls, and that has to stop. Every tank on earth needs to be deployed to the front against ISIS and the US needs Al Tanf to do that, where SAA can do it from Palmyra.


Or maybe, next time they vote the moms and dads of those girls could think less about the share price of the arms merchants, less about compliments from Uncle Sam, and more about true security for their children? Most Syrians, whether they support Assad or not, never asked for a sectarian war. Why should they have all the fun, and not the countries who trained and armed the head-choppers?


Nobody will take your this crap. Give it Badanyahu.


ISIS is the US you ignoramus, same as the zionist antisemite occupation of Palestine.

Jonathan Cohen

I’m not convinced. If both YPG and ISIS are US then why are they fighting each other? I know the relationship history between US and ISIS is fubar but it’s not that fubar.


Standard divide and rule, the Washington barbarians are using traditional colonialist tactics.


Damn, you sure are a sucker.

ISIS and their ilk only take breaks from burning Israels enemies to the ground to suddenly attack western targets every time western intervention in the same countries they are attacking needs to be stepped up a notch.

The idea is to get PRECISELY the reaction you just had.

“something must be done!”

And something IS done. Whichever section of the amorphous mass of fanatic proxies is presently designated as “moderates” gets air support.


I keep thinking about “The big fat kill” in the film “Sin City”: a big pile of bodies was needed to tell the mob that their profits would come at a cost to themselves. I hope the West can be redeemed, but this notion that you just can’t kill western animals even if they invade your countries, may encourage its worst instincts. The Vietnamese didn’t put up with that crap.


The Syrian state has to generally be very wary of US/NATO personnel and aircraft as US/NATO periodically engaging in deliberate and highly aggressive provocations. With intent to draw a Syrian response that can be used as pretext for more aggressive escalation or retributive direct military action. Likewise there is de-facto understanding between US/NATO and Russian personnel that they will not directly target each other – due to the high dangers involved of response. The latter is sensible course of action as events in field could very quickly spiral out of control. There is little detailed reportage of it, but a lot of foreign Special Forces are in Syria, it is the new NATO normal to insert Special Forces into foreign states to engage in military action. It is loophole to avoid both the public scrutiny that deploying conventional forces draws and the legal and political requirements to do so as well. As NATO deployments of Special Forces are executive actions couched in politically reductive terms like ‘limited action’ rather than acknowledged as the acts of war or the military violation of foreign sovereignty they are.

Tom Tom

sure, but Damascus will be a ruinous heap, either way.

Solomon Krupacek

“Govt Forces Advance On Multiple Frontlines”

and lose deir ez zor city :(

IS advance inside the city in Huwayqa al gharbi, control of Jawrah bridge, Kasar district, Naqshabandi and Anas ibn Malik mosque


where u read this?

Solomon Krupacek

everywhere. already the SF published article. good, that inbetween were stopped. baut in the afternoon all articles were dark.


Can u link me the articles?

Valery Grigoryev

If everything said is the truth – it’s excellent!


reminds me of steven segal in his movies absolutely beating the shit out of his enemies, and them not standing a snowballs chance in hell in hurting him lmao

Milan Miljkovic

The war in #Syria is far from a Civil War”. It is the organised destruction of a sovereign state for refusing to bow down to US hegemony https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DAuNSYwUAAAHYlr.jpg:large

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