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JULY 2020

Syrian War Report – May 23, 2019: Militants Develop Large-Scale Advance On Army Positions


Syrian War Report – May 23, 2019: Militants Develop Large-Scale Advance On Army Positions

Militant groups are attacking key military and civilian infrastructure in the government-controlled area.

The Reconciliation Center for Syria revealed that militants launched 17 rockets at the Russian Hmeimim airbase early on May 22. 8 rockets did not reach the base. 9 – were intercepted.

In the evening of May 22, a squadron of armed unmanned aerial vehicles attacked Hama’s airbase. Pro-government sources said that the Syrian Air Defense Forces intercepted all the UAVs and the airbase sustained no damage.

Nonetheless, the Hama airbase was not the only target. The state-run Syrian Arab News Agency confirmed that at least one UAV attacked the Zara’a power plant in southern Hama causing “extensive damage to the plant’s equipment.”

The new wave of UAV attacks took place amid fierce fighting in northwestern Hama where the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) recently lost the initiative and is now in defense.

According to statements by the Russian military at least 700 militants, 7 battle tanks, 4 infantry fighting vehicles, 30 vehicles equipped with machine guns and 2 explosive-filled vehicles driven by suicide bombers were employed by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies.

The main area of clashes are Kafr Nabuda, al-Hayrat and nearby points. After 24 hours of fighting, units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) lost most of Kafr Nabuda to militants and are now only holding positions in the southern vicinity of the town.

The Hayat Tahrir al-Sham media wing Iba’a released a video from the area showing several destroyed battle tanks and vehicles. The outlet claimed that 50 Syrian soldiers and officers were killed in the town.

Some pro-government sources explained the SAA retreat with a lack of air support from Russia.

The situation is developing.



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  • Daniel Miller

    So they blame lach of air support form Russia…how about you arab inbreeds use your own airforce instad?
    The SAA is pathetic looking at this it really seems that Russia and Iran saved assads ass since his own military is so inept.
    Even with they Russians trying to train them arabs are useless they always have been i mean look at S.Arabia. Dosent matter if the US or Russia train them arab militarys will always be pathetic.

    • greatndit

      they are so incompetent

    • Gabriel Hollows

      Aren’t houthis arabic though? They seem to perform quite well for militias.

      • Daniel Miller

        yes they do well vs other arabs.

      • David Parker

        Key word: Militia, not government controlled, defending their own turf.

    • Loung Kodak

      You can’t deduct this from about only 1 day!
      It’s absurd.

      Last time militants changed their tactic and used massively ATGM on any target.

      My two cents: I think that behind the pretext given there is another idea, which is to find an appropriate countermeasure to this new tactic (of the massive use of ATGM).
      This is not going to happen quickly, but the result will probably be very seriously effective and probably requires new (and never seen) russian’s military equipment. Some equipment in last generations of russian’s tank, can detect an ATGM shot in second and eliminate it.
      It should not be forgotten that one third of Idlib had been liberated during a blitzkrieg.

      • Concrete Mike

        Thank you for a great rational post.

        I never put 2+2 of airbase attack and lack of air support, well done.

        I suggest to bring more TOS 1A Flamethrowers.

        • Loung Kodak

          The story has shown that they have each time been able to adapt their tactics to completely different scenarios (Battle of Aleppo, several desert storms, Euphrates campaign and Deir Ez Zoir, Palmyra, urban guerillas in Damascus Goutha / Homs / Hama campaigns, Daraa, first Idlib op. all different), and withdraw their forces several times when required to avoid heavy losses (Palmyra, T4 oil plant, Al Tanf, Tabqa dam, Afrin, Idlib […]) and then return with the winning combination (or waiting). Contrary to what Sir D. Miller says, the SAA/Russian’s tactics have proven to be intelligent and very sparing in loss of human lives (in their ranks as well as civilians loss, compared to US campaign in Iraq what was a mess, millions of victims) and devastating for the opposite camps (it was a disaster for !S!S from September 2015 to end of 2017 statistic of !S!S was totally underestimated and hidden).

          Despite that and afaik, I don’t deny that there is something folkloric about Arab armies in general, of course herennis quite different because of Russia ( 😉 )

          I agree for TOS (I saw 4 launchers to date, but maybe they have more). Big surprise was the introduction of S-300, and to not using it to date for known reasons (…) I have no Idea of what should happen now, but my guess: SAA is able to liberate Idlib.

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      Because the Turks would happily blow Syrian jets out of the sky but they probably wont do that to Russian jets anymore, at least I don’t think they would, but you never know with Erdogan, he already has form.
      The Iranians have been cooperating with Erdogan and Russia by agreeing to the Astana process and cooperating with Turkish proxy forces, they haven’t been fighting them recently, just the SAA all alone has been fighting the rebels, Hezbollah and the Iranian forces have taken a vacation from the fighting thanks to Putin and resolution 2254.
      Hezbollah is a mostly Arab fighting force, and look what they did to the Israelis back in 2014, the most powerful nation in the region, some Arabs can fight and employ good tactics and strategy.

      • Daniel Miller

        thats a bullshit excuse.

        • Willing Conscience (The Truths

          Do you know that the Syrians are suffering from a lack of fuel at the atm, that could also be a good ‘excuse’, jets need fuel to fly.
          Assad’s been asking Putin to help out with fuel supplies but so far Putin’s refused, maybe Putin doesn’t have any to spare, even though his country is one of the biggest suppliers, LOL.

          • Daniel Miller

            Russia is not obliged to supply fuel. Also the biggest joke is that the Syrian govt has oil feilds and refinerys under its control yet they seem to be to stupid to operate that.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            You do know that Syria is at war and the economy is in tatters, and you do know that Russia needs Syria’s naval ports, if Syria fell to the rebels where would their ships dock, Turkey maybe.

          • Daniel Miller

            Russia has stabelised syria and most of the nation is free.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            No argument about that, he did an excellent job and I thank him for it, but since the end of the Daraa/Quneitra campaign he’s done a crap job and I’ll condemn him for it.
            Putin sells Erdogan weapons and also supports him, and yet Erdogan supports the rebels who not only attack the SAA, but also attack Putin’s airbases endangering Russian personnel.
            What’s happened to logic.

          • Daniel Miller

            its politics Russia is under no threat form HTS if anything its free traning for the air defense operatiors at the airbase.
            But thats besides the point, Russia is playing a massive chess game and also Russia is only selling the S400 downgraded export model to turkey.
            The system cant be used offencevly.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            It’s the Turkish backed NFL/SFL/FSA that have the new grad rocket launchers that they’ve just recieved from Turkey, [remember the pretty new pics of them in SF just a few days ago], they’re the group that’s using them to attack the Russian air bases, HTS are useless as you said, so the Russians should start testing and training with their weapons on Erdogan’s rebels too, not just HTS, HTS can’t kill the Russians in their base but the Erdogan’s rebels can thanks to the brand new Grad rocket launchers he sent them.
            Just wait until the US and Israeli engineers get a hold of those S-400’s, they’ll reverse engineer those babies in no time and then they too will have access to the best AA and anti ballistic missile system in the world.
            You do know that the S-400 is an anti air and anti ballistic missile defense system, not a ground attack missile system, though it could potentially be used to attack ground targets with the right missiles equipped, all it’s radars and command module are far better at detecting and targeting aerial targets, the S-400 wouldn’t make a very effective offensive system.

          • Daniel Miller

            ummm sorry to inform you but turkey dose not have any BM-21’s and dose not build BM-21’s.
            And BM-21’s are not able to penetrate the bases defenses.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            What are you talking about, I said they just received them from Turkey, I didn’t say Turkey built them and sold them to the rebels, pay attention.
            The Russians sold them to the Turks so the Turks could give them to the rebels, and then the rebels then use them to try and kill Russians.

            Here’s a story from SF, you have to believe them even if you don’t believe me, LOL.

            “Turkey has resumed its weapon supplies to “mainstream Syrian rebels” to help them fend off the ongoing Syrian Arab Army (SAA) military operation in northern Hama, the Reuters news agency revealed in a report on May 25.

            According to the news agency, Turkey is supplied the militants with dozens of armored vehicles, Grad rocket launchers and anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), including US-made TOW.”

            And this is the SF article it’s from,


            Your mate Putin’s pretty clever isn’t he, just wait until the Russian servicemen start complaining, I’ll bet they don’t like their own weapons being used against them.

          • Daniel Miller

            Turkey dose not buy BM-21 grads form Russia.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            No they don’t, you’re right, they make them themselves and then they give them to the rebels, I assumed they were old stock the Russians sold them but have found out the Turks actually make their own now.
            It still doesn’t change the fact that Putin’s newest mate Erdogan supplies Russia’s enemies with the weapons they use to try and kill Russian soldier, or isn’t that as important as the fact the Russian’s don’t actually sell the Turks the Grads anymore, the Turks now make them for themselves and then give them to the rebels.
            That’s like arguing for a dismissal in a murder case by saying dismiss the case because the murderer actually used a knife instead of a gun, throw it all out and find the murderer innocent due to that reason alone, sorry, not happening.

          • Daniel Miller

            Again no turkey dosent make them. All BM-21’s the terrorists have a of Bulgarian make or old Soviet ones looted from the SAA’s ammo stores.
            The Bulgarian rockets are supplyed by the CIA just like the TOW2A’s are

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            We have different sources if info, here’s mine.
            “According to Russia’s Nezavisimaya Gazeta broadsheet days earlier, rockets used by al-Nusra terrorists against Moscow’s Khmeimim airbase in Syria bore designations showing they’re Turkish-made.”
            I tried to find the source page on Nezavisimaya Gazeta but gave up, translation make it hard too to search in Russian, so this is just an article.

          • Daniel Miller

            why are their no pics? All grads i have seen are ether old soviet or new Bulgarian ones.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            There may be pics of the burnt out remains somewhere in Russian archives but I doubt we’ll see them, it’s not something Putin would like us all to see.
            Imagine if you were a Russian soldier protecting one of those Russian airbases, what would you think about the Turks supplying those grad rockets to the rebels, and then what would you think about your own President helping Erdogan who’s helping the rebels try to kill Russian soldiers. I’ll bet you’d be saying “hang on boss, I think you’re making a big mistake, that bastard’s actually helping those head choppers that are trying to kill us, WTF are you doing”, well maybe you wouldn’t be saying that but I would, that’s if I was a Russian soldier stationed at one of the Russian bases the rebels were firing the Turkish supplied grads at.
            Truthfully tell me, wouldn’t you be upset if you were in that situation, Russian soldiers are now, and I’ll bet even though I haven’t heard even one peep of complaint about it from the Russian soldiers, I’ll bet they are complaining big time.

          • Daniel Miller

            Acutally its just free target practice. the airbase has enoth air defense systems to stop a full on volly form a full size BM-21 launcher let alone those little light toyota ones.
            But again i cant find a single source witch claims that Turkey manufactures GRAD rockets.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            Well SF just recently had an article about Turkish mortars they supplied the rebels with, and that article said they were copied and manufactured in Turkey, so SF at least says they build the mortars there and then give them to the rebels.
            Would the US/China/India/Israel/EU, or any other country say this, it’s ok to let them shoot at us with those crappy weapons our ally/friend gives them, we don’t have to stop our ally giving our enemies those weapons, our enemies probably won’t be able to hit us with them anyway, no they wouldn’t, they’d stop it from happening one way or the other.
            You do know it’s treasonous to help an enemy kill your own people.

  • greatndit


  • Gabriel Hollows

    This is what happens when you piss off actually competent allied forces by making stupid “de-escalation” deals with terrorists. Wonder if this was Russia’s plan all along. Now the war will be extended even further due to lack of Hezbollah support.

    • Daniel Miller

      Lol hezbollah did fuck all. Without Russia syria wold have been done for.

      • Gabriel Hollows

        Hezbollah secured the border with lebanon and was present in most major operations in western Syria. They fulfilled the important role of holding the enemy in the flanks, making SAA breakthroughs possible in the first place.

        Though I agree with your assesment about Russia. But it seems these same Russians are no longer interested (if they ever were) in the final conclusion of this war.

        • dutchnational

          Russia is ok with a ” frozen” conflict. It gives them several bases, much influence and several good deals with oil, gas etc. Seems to be a general Russian policy like in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldava.

    • Xoli Xoli

      Putin and Erdogan plan.

  • Kell McBanned

    Is this town I wonder on the wrong side of a Russan/Turk agreed redline hence the no air support?
    Russas playing the long game geostrategically against the Empire of chaos and keeping Turkey as an unknown rouge element out of the Empires camp is going to outweigh an individual battle for a town heartless though it may seem if it is the case they held back airstrikes?

  • Joe Doe

    Looks like SAA learn very little about the war and is not capable fight wars on its own, but this also could be part of the Russia as the problem. Is known that Putin is pleasing Turkey for Russia interest, at the expence of Syria

    • Хасен Жасем Халфет

      at the expence of no body. Syrians have their own armed forces and they can attack whenever they want wherever they want. Russians did not sign a contract are are not obliged to fight every battle with the Syrians. Now Russians will not Risk attacking places where Turkish forces are present just like americans are not ready to conduct missions where Russian armed forces are Present.
      Kafr Nabudah is not a small village. Now all this may be a tactic let’s wait and see. many times Syrians let Opposition walk into a city to surround it and start a quick fast offencive (especially when the goal is to exterminate the militants because in the open they easily can escape)

  • Mattias Dahlström

    I am not sure what you are getting worked up about. This is classic Tiger Forces rope a dope. Attack, lighly hold an objective, wait for the jihadi counterattack. Hit it hard with artillery and AF. Much easier to kill jihadists when they are attacking than when entrenched. But since I assume jihadi supporters are reading this, I’ll join the chorus of despair.

  • Black Spot

    Just as in the days of Noah. Sudden destruction is coming. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyGNZ_AG2cM

  • Xoli Xoli

    So the Russian military have information how many terrorists were deployed.Good intelligence without actions.

    • Daniel Miller

      Russia is not obliged to bomb them any time. Syria has a airfoce they need to use it.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Let Syrian jets boost ground infantry and artillery troops.

  • gustavo

    Just to see how pathetic and incompetent is the Syria army: https://sana.sy/en/?p=166170

  • Eskandar Black

    Its actually a fairly good trap for a good amount of jihadists. FIghtin them in idlib is dangerous as it can lead to misunderstanding with turkey. Allowing them to attack in mass into a recently recaptured area and then torching them there is a far better plan.

    This talk of Russia, and its airforce not being available as the reason for retreat is insane. Syrian army is a stand alone combat force with its own air force, artillery, armored divisions.

    While everyone wants to see the Syrian army advance and crush the enemy, the reality is that sometimes, in war, you have to retreat. Some victories are too costly. Lets see what happens in the longterm.

    • Concrete Mike

      I agree with you, let the rats come out and play. and show us where there hiding their toys.
      Easier to kill an attacker than a defender.

  • lookslikerain

    So Syria and Russia decided to leave this western backed nest of western backed terrorist completely in tact.

  • R3mba

    How the fuck they lost that town… Fckin bullshit

  • Johan

    First Russians forced SAA to a ceasefire so the Turks and al Sham can bring in terrorists, arms, and can build up their offensive strength and when the criminals attack the Russians refuse to send airforce. This is called cheating with the enemy Erdogan, what does Erdogan has that the Syrians do not have?

  • Zaphod Braden

    ISIS never runs out of ammunition or explosives. ………….. WHY?!
    ISIS never, ever, attacks ISISrael ………………………………… WHY?!
    AMerica PROTECTS ISIS https://www.activistpost.com/2018/05/us-warns-of-firm-response-if-syria-attacks-isis-no-really.html
    http://nationalpost.com/news/world/isil-has-declared-war-on-gaza-based-hamas-with-a-new-video-execution ISIS does attack ISISrael’s enemies.
    http://www.voltairenet.org/article197144.html arms providers
    ISIS is completely surrounded by supposed enemies.
    Everyone of the countries surrounding ISIS is SUPPOSEDLY an ally of the USA.
    Time for the USA to take a good hard look at it’s “allies”.
    Our “intelligence” agencies should have identified and destroyed those who are supplying ISIS but have not …… WHY?!
    “our” Generals have not destroyed those who are supplying ISIS ………… WHY?!
    http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13960411000599 US transfering ISIS leaders?! SDF IS ISIS by another name.
    You know DAMN WELL WHO supplies their weapons, that kill American Troops.
    The FIRST thing a general that WANTS TO WIN a war does ….. is cut off enemy supplies. Time to clean out the Traitors.
    http://www.321gold.com/editorials/moriarty/moriarty041017.html Trump is shabbos goy https://redice.tv/news/behind-the-crisis-jewish-lobby-vs-north-korea
    Israel ….. Israel hates NK because it has no Rothschild bank and aids Iran.
    Just as Israel hates Cuba because Castro took away their casinos and brothels. How antisemitic of the Cuban leaders to stop the Jewish pimping of Cuban girls.
    THAT is why we could normalize relations with Russia & China but “NEVER forget and NEVER forgive” Cuba ……..

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Putin’s punishing Assad for launching an unauthorized assault by withholding air support, very nasty President Putin, don’t you understand the SAA are chaffing at the bit to retake Idlib, why are you stopping them by not assisting them, they could do it without your help if you let them do it unhindered, but they’d do it a lot easier if you helped.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    I am supposing that this will be drawn out until the USA no longer funds and trains the ISIS affiliates

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    Dont worry this will not last forever, soon SAA will be kicking ass and taking names again, its like life, its good, then bad, then good, then etc. Lol