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Syrian War Report – May 23, 2018: Biggest ISIS Attack Near Palmyra In Past Few Months

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On May 22, ISIS attacked positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near the T3 pumping station, near the city of Palmyra, in the province of Homs. The attack started with the explosion of a suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device. Then, ISIS infantry stormed the SAA positions. However, the advance was repelled.

According to pro-government sources, at least 16 SAA soldiers were killed, 14 others were injured and a few vehicles were damaged or destroyed. Pro-militant sources claim that the number of killed soldiers was at least 30.

These were probably the biggest ISIS attacks on government positions since the formal defeat of ISIS in the Euphrates Valley. ISIS units in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert are still a notable security threat.

Considering that a group of the ISIS terrorists evacuated from southern Damascus will likely end up route in this desert area. The security threat will grow even further.

After the liberation of Yarmouk, the Syrian military has started redeploying its forces, including battle tanks, artillery pieces and rocket launchers, from the Damascus countryside to southern Syria. These reports as well as alleged arrival of the one of the most prominent Syrian military commanders, General Suheil ‘the Tiger’ al-Hassan, have already caused a disagreement among militant groups in the province of Daraa.

Militants operating in the villages of Nahaj and Mahjeh have requested negotiations with the Syrian government and its Russian backers on the terms of a possible reconciliation deal.

Some pro-government sources speculated that some Nahaj militants have even started surrendering weapons. But this is still unconfirmed.

According to Syrian experts, if Daraa militant groups reject a reconciliation deal and refuse to surrender weapons, a military operation in the area will become inevitable.

F-35I stealth fighters from the Israeli Air Force (IAF) have participated in strikes on Syria, IAF commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin said at the IAF Senior Air Force Conference in Herzilya on May 22.

“We are flying the F-35 all over the Middle East. It had become part of our operational capabilities. We are the first to attack using the F-35 in the Middle East and have already attacked twice on different fronts,” he said.

According to Maj. Gen. Norkin, the F-35I stealth fighter did not participate in the last strike in Syria but did in two previous ones.

Currently, Israel has nine F-35I warplanes. The IAF is expected to receive a total of 50 jets to make two full squadrons by 2024.

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Daniel Miller

Arabs are so shit at war its not even funny.


If only you had joined the SAA Daniel, events would have been so different :)

Colonel Daniel Miller was awarded 3 Purple Hearts for injuries suffered at his keyboard , whilst pontificating about Arab soldiers fighting in brutal FIBUA operations against drug crazed US backed terrorists supported by US /NATO special forces.

Daniel Miller

if it was only that easy for one man to fix a inbreed arab army with a avrage IQ of 85 to fighting standard. Their is a reason why the IDF kicked their asses and the Egyptians asses in the wars before this.
Even witch far better tech the arabs still managed to lose the 6 day war…


Jews are the last people who should talk about inbred. If it wasn’t for the US airlift in 73 Israel would have had to use nukes to push back the Syrians and Egyptians who had overrun the “invincible” IDF conventional forces and were advancing on Tel Aviv.

There are probably nukes in Syria now, and maybe Egypt as well. You can believe that shutting down the Jew nuke threat has been thoroughly planned and prepared for if it gets to that.

Dr. Pro Liv

So there you go again with same old crap
but times are changing pal
And one of these days even Israelis will have their ass handed to them.
Hezbollah was very close to that objective even though vastly outgunned… .
Don’t even want to start about US losers how they are going to be massacred by Iran if they ever start anything against them…

Syrian army with Hezbollah and Iran can kick anybodies ass Special Ops or not!

Daniel Miller

Hezbolla is Pesian backed not arab their leaders and backers are not inbreed retards like the arabs.
Iran can take on the IDF and win the arabs tho? they are just cannon fodder since they are to stupid to survive in modern warfare.


They receive funding from Iran..yes..but their fighters are mostly Arab.

Daniel Miller

They are armed and trained by Persians as well as supported by them. And they still managed to lose more troops vs the iDF in 2006 but atleast they won. Arabs are retards whom cant fight for shit Iraq Yemen all of the arab israeli wars the Iran Iraq war and many more are proof of just how shit they are Hezbolla is nothing without iran’s weapons and treaning and ofc advisors.


ANd Israel is nothing without US support and weapons. Like I said..they were using Soviet era farm equipment for weapons and still managed to ward off the IDF. Most in Israel consider the war a failure.

Daniel Miller

…only that the IDF won the 6 day way without US support xD


Aye zioboi, what do you think about CRISPR gene editing ?

shits bigger than automation


Wake up weirdo. Did you make Aliyah or some dumb crap? Bagel dog…


ziofascist gg


ziofascist briefly

Daniel Miller



Hezbollah smashed the IDF in 2006 using 1970s societ farm equipment. The Arabs lost the 6 day war because the US stepped in and gave them weapons. If it wasnt for US aid, Egypt would have won.

Sorry schlomo.

Daniel Miller

dont kid yourself m8 arabs are shit at war. Also strudy up on history Egypt had the technological advantage in the 6 day war and they lost cuz of their arab retard genes.


If they are such shit why did the IDF get smacked by them so badly?

Daniel Miller

? The IDF kicked all of their asses…the only time the IDF got its asses kicked was by a Persian backed and trained groop arabs are to inbreed to fight.


The IDF bombed Beirut. The whole excursion was largely viewed as a failure, especially considering they were using 1970s era weaponry. This time they have more weaponry and are battle hardened fighting in Syria.

zika slika

yes, they are useless morons… turkey shot

Dr. Pro Liv

useless morons bought, recruited for pro U.S. forces….
while the others are kicking US-NATO ass for quite some time

zika slika

he is florian geyer


Afghan communities are under pressure to send some men to serve with the orcs. So they often send their “special” sons (e.g. those with drug problems) for this thankless task to make some money, and possibly pilfer weapons. The Taliban have much more local knowledge and frankly enjoy more respect, so they get the better fighters. I thought this pattern was widely understood? If Afghans are crap at fighting, how come they beat the Soviets and are now beating the Empire as well?

I’d draw a different and almost opposite conclusion. While I don’t sympathize with the Taliban at all, they seem to show that you can beat the Americans without S-300 and without SU-57: it’s about who *will* fight hard and who won’t.

Feudalism Victory

Afghans arent arabs. And arabs are being forced to become better soldiers. Slow learners die.

S Melanson

Good points. I think the differences show the importance of soldiers belief in what they are fighting for. Even using well trained mercenaries is iffy. Mercenaries may know how to fight well but they could change sides at the drop of a hat (filled with silver of course).

Soldiers that have experience, good local knowledge and unwavering determination are a formidible foe.


Even if they don’t switch sides (and let’s face it, Uncle Sugar has more silver to fill hats with than any of its opponents), mercenaries have fundamentally different objectives from their paymasters. They don’t want to lose, but they’re not especially interested in winning decisively either, when the war is over so is the paycheck. Basically what they want is to maintain a viable military posture with as few casualties and as little materiel used up as possible.
Actually, the regular US military has come to resemble mercenaries in this; their objective is to keep the funding gravy train going, which requires ongoing conflicts. One difference is the US military loves using up materiel, the better to buy more from the contractors US military bosses will be getting lucrative jobs with in due course.

PJ London

What does the video (or Afghanistan) have to do with Arabs??
If war consisted of jumping up and down and clapping your hands, the americans would win every time.
Of course, when it comes to walking 50 miles over mountains and then actually shooting weapons, then it is a different story.
End Edit:




ISIS funders have also passed a bill in the House of Representatives in the same spirit, the so-called NAAA or “No Assistance for Assad Act” (!?!), no, not making it up:



The US Jew lawyers battalion strikes again :)

Dr. Pro Liv

“No Assistance for Assad Act” is good for China !
They are forcing China to rebuild Syria with Russia and maybe even India also in the mix

Empire's Frontiers

Sandcrete and Steal from China won’t help the Syrians anymore than bombs and white helmets from the Americans helped the Syrians.

zika slika

middle eastern special forces….. hand picked best of them to come to Syria and train 4 armored division


Do not expect ISIS to go away, not when it is airlifted from defeat and capture by our lovely US Military: not when it is funded by NATO, Qatar and various others intent on breaking Syria into little pieces.AND especially not when our good friend Israel wishes to destroy Syria.

ISIS is a creature, as are MANY international “terrorists groups” of the NWO

Empire's Frontiers


Tax day in the US is payday in a mud hut.

Dark world we live in.


I agree that basically, if ISIS hadn’t existed the US would have had to invent it . . . oh wait, they kind of did. But the whole “NWO” thing has never made much sense to me. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, meet the “new” world order, same as the old world order. What the US does to places now is the same as they did to the Philippines back in 1899 and dozens of places from that day to this. And they do it for the benefit of a pretty similar cast of profiteers both now and back then.


If you [disbelievers] seek victory – defeat will come to you. And if you desist [from hostilities], it is best for you; but if you return [to war], We will return, and never will you be availed by your [large] company at all, even if it should increase; and [that is] because Allah is with the believers. 8:19

Empire's Frontiers

Oddly enough, the tracks left by the attackers can be traced in and out of Al Tanf…


Well, where are the kalibr missiles in action ? Because Russia can see and ear these terrorists in the desert because of the high technology. So, what is Russia waiting to disappear these terrorists ?


U. of Houston students berate Waffle House waitress for her lousy service. Bravo. It’s about time :



Ugly irritant bitch finally gets his portion of student gang-bang, and i hope she enjoyed it!

tehrani alireza

The war in Syria is between US&us-backed forces on one side and Resistance Forces on the other. Iranian Revolutionary Guards have trained many from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Irak and some other nationalities against US-forces(besonders Wahhabis).

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