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JUNE 2023

Syrian War Report – May 19, 2017: US-Led Forces Fights With Syrian Army For Iraqi Border

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Warplanes operating under the US-led coalition carried out airstrikes against a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) convoy advancing along the Al-Tanf-Damascus-Baghdad international road. The airstrikes targeted Syrian forces in Al-Shuhaimi area, 50 km from the town of Al-Tanf located at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The airstrikes destroyed two battle tanks, and damaged a Shilka vehicle, several pickups and trucks. Six SAA fighters lost their life and 3 were injured.

The US-led coalition said that the airstrikes were “warning shots” against Shiite militias. However, Shiite militias operation at the Al-Tanf road don’t have tanks or Shilka vehicles and there were many pictures and videos showing the presence of elements of the SAA in the area.

The US airstrikes on government forces are a clear signal that Washington are seeking prevent the Syrian government from taking control over the border and to build a buffer zone between Syria and Iraq that could establish an alliance in the near future.

Meanwhile, Jaysh al-Thuwar, a US-backed Free Syrian Army group, claimed that its militants have attacked the SAA and prevented it from approaching the Al-Tanf area. Earlier this week, a representative of Jaysh al-Thuwar, said that the target of the Free Syrian Army and the US-led coalition is to capture the city of Deir Ezzor.

Recently, Jaysh al-Thuwar received 20 technical vehicles as well as some TOW missiles and mortars from the US-led coalition, claiming that it will be used in the battle for capturing Al Bukamal.

From its side, the SAA transferred significant forces from Homs and Damascus to Suweida including tanks and 130 mm artillery pieces. It was also announced that the National Defense Forces in Suweida will participate in the operation.

Government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces, have been advancing against ISIS terrorists in the eastern part of the province of Aleppo. Following the previous advances, the Tiger Forces got control over the villages of Wadi Muwayih, Jub al-Ali, Tal Hasan, Nafiyah, Atirah and Mazyuna. In coming days, government forces will continue their operation against ISIS in the area aiming to isolate the ISIS stronghold of Maskanah.

248 men from the province of Raqqah have received training and joined the US-backed Syrian Democratic Fores (SDF). These fighters will participate in an operation aimed at capturing Raqqa city from ISIS terrorists.

The SDF has also trained more than 50 men from the province of Raqqah as security forces. The task of this force will be to secure the province of Raqqa after capturing it.

Meanwhile, the SDF has the captured villages of Thoul Nail, Hamrat Ghanam, Annadah and Tall Zaidan and advanced on the villages of Hamrat Buwaytiyah and Raqqah as Samra in the Raqqah countryside.

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Daniel Martin

Ok, this is exactly what i was affaid of would happen, the Syrian peace process is in full swing ISIS is being rolled back on every front Syrian army is advancing across Syria and now this happens intentional attack on SAA ones again. Washington deep state is dubbeling down and is now openly challenging Russia in Syria, and I’m afraid, that from now on the possibility for a direct confrontation between Russia and the U.S is a very possible thing, because Washingtons interpretation on every Russian diplomatic initiative to resolve the war peacefully is being interpreted (and very wrongly so) as an sign of weakness, to every U.S hostility against the SAA. I think that the doomsday clock just clicked to 23:59. If sanity doesn’t prevail in Washington in the next couple of days my personal opinion is that a war is imminent. My God almighty have mercy on us all in the following days …

Real Anti-Racist Action

http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13960229000730 TEHRAN (FNA)- Several US fighter jets staged an air assault on an Syrian army convoy near the border with Jordan, but were forced to leave the country’s airspace after an S-200 battalion deployed near the capital fire several missiles at them. A military source revealed on Friday that several US fighter jets that were flying in low altitude in the Jordanian airspace near the border with Syria gave several warning shots at a Syrian army convoy that included a logistical vehicles and five tanks.

The source added that the army solider took position near their vehicles subsequently, as the US fighter jets targeted two tanks and some other vehicles.

He went on to say that one of the vehicles of the Syrian army was equipped with an anti-aircraft weapon and started to fire at the US warplanes and forced them to fly at higher altitudes. “Then the Syrian army’s S-200 air defense shield deployed in al-Dhumayr region in Northeastern Damascus operated to shoo away the US aircraft.

The US fighter jets left the region as soon as the S-200 anti-aircraft battalion fire missiles at them, the source confirmed, adding that six Syrian soldiers were killed and three more wounded in the US air raid on the Syrian convoy.

Reports said on Thursday that thousands of Hezbollah troops were sent to al-Tanf passageway at Iraq-Syria bordering areas to prepare the Syrian army and its allies for thwarting the US plots in the region and establish security at the Palmyra-Baghdad road.

Hezbollah deployed 3,000 forces in al-Tanf region to participate in Badiyeh operations in Syria. Most of the forces had earlier been stationed in al-Zabadani, Madhaya and Sarqaya regions as well as the Western parts of the town of al-Tofail and Brital, Ham and Ma’araboun heights in the Eastern mountain.

Other units, including the Syrian army allies, also were sent to this front to block the way to the US-backed forces.

Bill Wilson

That’s a bunch of BS. Fuck Iran and their pig dog Hezbollah proxies.


I will refrain from telling you what I think of you, suffice it to say that you are at the wrong website. The Israeli/US/KSA/ISIS cheerleading section is not here.

Jonathan Cohen

This one is clearly Syrias fault since they have plenty of fronts on which to fight ISIS, but if they cut the southern Jaysh al-Thuwar off from ISIS then they will have nobody to fight except SAA. If SAA sent those Al-Tanf forces to Palmyra, they could race Jaysh al-Thuwar and beat them to Dier Ezzor by fighting ISIS, but instead they fight Jaysh al-Thuwar. Well if they do that then they can expect to be counterattacked. They shouldn’t have cut Turkey off from ISIS near Al-bab either. SAA strategy is simply asinine, not directed at defeating ISIS.


Syria has a right to defend it’s territory. US backed FSA was making advances towards Palmyra, and needed to be pushed back. It is not all about ISUS. Also a good idea to cut off Turkey at Al Bab from making further inroads into Syrian territory. Erdogan was just making a lot of noise and nothing else. The SDF will take care of Raqqa. Hope to see Jaysh al-Thuwar and ISUS destroy each other.

Jonathan Cohen

SAA isn’t beating ISIS fast enough, which forces US and Turkey to do it. They need to race for ISIS territory, and the border, from Palmyra, not Al Tanf. NewSA doesn’t have the entire border yet so SAA can still race there if they try with everything.


By all means let the US set up a buffer zone in Syria. Then when they get dug in, go back and try to rout them out. Yeah, real good strategy. NOT.


Yeah, right. They’ve done in less than 2 years, with Russian help, far more than the US did in 4. Syria is going for Deir Ezzor, but why should they leave the back door open for the US and their terrorists to cut them off? The Russians understand this and have sent forces to southern Syria to help the SAA. You also think that letting Turkey have more leverage in Syria is a good idea, like the Turks can be trusted any more than the US. The more territory they occupy in Syria will only make it twice as hard to make them leave…which is what their strategy is. Where have you been?

Jonathan Cohen

I’ve heard nothing of Russian forces in the South, where they could easily run into Americans, Southern SAA forces are needed near Arak if they are to Race NewSA to the border through ISIS territory.


Sanity in Washington? The problem is not that they´re insane. They act all to rationally. The deep state war criminals will make a fortune with this war!


I do loath the americans with an intensity that just gets deeper by the day. That said I do hope to see some , indeed dramatic, response to what has happened. Where is the antiaircraft fire?

Tom Tom

if and when you get what you wish for you’ll probably end up being fried in your sleep from a nuclear war.


The majority of Americans loathe the US government too. Those that are not blind to what our government is up to are pissed to say the least. Don’t forget, Trumpet only got the support of most people because he said he would make nice with Russia, attack ISIS and quit meddling in the affairs of others. Just more pie in the sky. The US is not alone in this BS, they have plenty of help from Europe too. You would think that with the large influx of Muslims from the ME, that those countries would force their militaries to stop abetting the US/KSA/Israel…not continue to help keep this war going. Why isn’t this happening?

Samuel Boas

Fuck off America, stay home. No one wants you there.


Except the Wahabbists and the idiots that support them.


There is no any other terrorists in the Middle East except US led Collation (The mother of terrorists).

paolo duchateau

It’s over!! It’s what I said few days ago: be carefull on Syrian/Jordanien border. WWIII is not far if Russians wants to support SAA and legitim GVnt! It’s clearly an act of war. Where are the brand new Russian system against brits ans u-s warplanes. I know Europe is fucked but don’t give up. No surrender! Irish people never surrrender against brits and Saint Jeanne d’arc fucked them even they burned her, 15 or 20 years after, England had no more possessions in France. They only understand one thing:..


The English nobility murdered Joan in 1431, Britain hadn’t been invented; the English weren’t booted out of Calais until 1558.

paolo duchateau

Okay Attrition47, clear and loud. What I also wanted to said is about the same old vicious political foreingn way is done behind a londoner fog. Almost a 66 years old one with “the brothers”… and an oldier with Lawrence of Arabia. But about foreingn policy, France is also vicious to, look at what french Gvnt is doing in Mali and western Africa, a mess with China’s interests, a mess for uranium and nuclear energy… and u-$ ruining and spoiling people for more a couple of years in this area …

paolo duchateau


Real Anti-Racist Action

FARS News Agency covered how the convoy was caring a Russian made anti-air system and fired on the aircraft and failed to hit them. So the aircraft flew at higher altitude where the Russian built S-200 system could lock onto them and fired at least 3 missiles, and they all missed, and so then the UK aircraft fired and destroyed their Syrian targets. Bottom line is, to place faith in Russian anti-Air missiles is to meet ones own death. Syrian army should rather try and buy western anti-air missiles from the FSA or international Israeli arms dealers. At least Israels anti-air defenses work where as Russians are toys built for toddlers and not actually functional against Israel or UK or French air-forces. SOURCE posted below: http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13960229000730


you know the difference between S200 / S300 and S400 ? And the year of deployment / factoring? Blame russia for a 50!!! Year old SAM is ridiculous. THIS mentality of our proud western leaders and military will lead into WW3. But NEVER underestimate the russian bear!

Julian McCrann

That’s a fair point. But why the fuck would the Syrians not have bought more advanced Russian systems like the S-400 for instance?

Tom Tom

They have the S-300’s but the Russians staff the S-400’s. Probably not enough S-300’s to go around.


Why do people insist on believing that Syria is flush with missile systems? They have stated many times that their newer systems are stationed around sensitive areas, not forward areas. Russia is going to see that Syria has more of the newer systems soon. Russia is also moving some of their SOF into the southern area of Syria. Some say it is to set up a base there, some say it is to help to fight to secure the border area. The US is going to have to bite the bullet soon.

Tom Tom

Real Anti-Racist Action, you have no idea what you’re talking about.


Go back and read the article again. Your version is a bit different than the article. It states that the aircraft left as soon as the missiles were fired. The attack took place when they were at a lower altitude. The S-200 is not the premier system in Syria, but they are more plentiful. Your assessment of Russian systems are wrong. Israel’s defence capabilities are exaggerated. When did they last shoot anything down? Oh, yeah, they claim to have shot down a drone.

El Mashi

In Raqqa, the US backed Al Qaeda will change uniforms and become SDF’s and that is what is going on and that is how the US will protect Al Qaeda. 911 is starting to look more and more like a false flag operation.

Tom Tom

You mean you once doubted that? I knew it was going down after the 1993 attack when they came real close. ALL those guys were led on by CIA/Mossad.


A CIA led conspiracy to attack it’s own country ?? Maybe not. What about Saddam Hussein’s involvement (a false flag op for sure). I guess you all missed this one.

Tom Tom

Wow, so you think this is about patriotism? The globalist satanists, many of whom are American, don’t care about America. Its not about the nation state, it about a global government. Seriously? You have no clue. And what ABOUT Sadam’s “involvement”? You say Iraq was a false flag op, which of course it was, these wars have been carried out for many reasons, most of which involves making money for arms manufacturers (so the Congress can get their cut…duh) but also because Sadam decided to sell his oil outside the petrodollar system (i.e. selling his oil in currencies other than the U.S. dollar), just like Ghaddafi, Assad, Iran, and Russia.

Countries that opted out of the petrodollar: Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Russia. Countries we bombed (so far): Iraq, Libya, Syria Counties we will attempt to bomb: Iran and Russia

Yemen is mostly bombed by the Saudi’s but CIA drones kill a LOT of people, many of whom are innocent, according to the U.N. Human Rights Commission (available online) report on Yemen. The Saudi’s buy a lot of weapons from the U.S. The puppet Donald Trump is in Saudi Arabia for several things (war strategy vs. Iran for one thing) and one of them is to sell billion bucks worth of weapons, just like the puppet Obomber, Bush, Clinton, etc., did. Obomber was President while the U.S. sold more weapons than any other previous administration going back to WW2.

It ain’t ’bout the blue or the red, its about the green for the majority of unethical, immoral Americans who’ve lost their way and will soon be destroyed by God in the Day of the Lord. Read Ezekiel 38 and 39 so you’ll understand what’s coming. The U.S. is part of the side that’s being destroyed (over run).


Saddam involved in 9/11? What world are you in? That’s the same crap Bush and Cheney fed us, which was found to be another lie. I suppose they had nukes too, as Powell tried to make people believe. DS2 was launched to take control of Iraq, to complete a pincers movement surrounding Iran. This attack on Syria is to cut off Syria from Iran…making Iran even more vulnerable. 9/11 was a CIA/Mossad/KSA op.

Tom Tom

The U.S. plans on using Raqqah as the capital of the new Sunn’i country that will serve the Israeli’s and the Saudi’s as the “in-between” them and Iran, just like Saddam did for so long. Their deal will be to sell Syria’s oil (19th in the world in oil reserves) in U.S. dollars (petrodollar).

I don’t think that will happen. Instead, the U.S. will ramp up their attacks until Russia/Iran/China/everyone else attacks the U.S. and war begins. It is the goal of the satanists to take out as much of humanity as possible.

1. Patience runs out and U.S. planes shot down by S-300’s/400’s. 2. Damascus is nuked, along with other places. 3. WW3

In the end, Jesus wins.


The US backed FSA will reach Deir Ezzor before SAA hence they can’t march through As-Sukhanah and while FSA are already in Al-Bukamal and towards mayadin. The forces in Jordan needs to move directly into Deir-Ezzor and could be there already in 24-38 hours in Deir-Ezzor..

British forces might also join them in order to take Deir-Ezzor. Assad won’t make it first to Deir-Ezzor hence they are blocked from both main roads


That would be exactly what the US wants…to chop up Syria. Do they plan to leave once ISIS is dead? No. F the US and their terrorist friends. Russia and SAA will not let this happen.


A ‘deconfliction zone’ – what is that? Is this one of the zones inside Syria, agreed and declared by Assad, the Russians, Turkey and Iran? If not, then somebody is ‘rolling their own’ and the USA hasn’t ‘agreed’ to any of them.

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