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Syrian War Report – May 15, 2018: Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Fuels Syria Crisis

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At least 59 Palestinian protesters were killed and 2,771 were injured by Israeli forces near the so-called security fence in the Gaza Strip during the May 14 demonstrations denouncing the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

Various sources provide conflicting numbers of people involved in the protests, but all of them agrees that there were at least 35,000-40,000 people at the security fence and in the nearby area.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the Israeli actions as self-defense against the Palestinian movement Hamas, which “intends to destroy Israel and sends thousands to breach the border fence in order to achieve this goal,” according to his remarks.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett told Israel Radio that the Israeli government will treat any person approaching the fence as a “terrorist”.

US President Donald Trump called May 14 a “big day” for Israel while White House spokesperson Raj Shah claimed that Hamas had provoked the Israeli actions.

It should be noted that there has been an ongoing wave of protests since President Trump’s official decision on December 6, 2017 to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Since then, the already complicated Palestinian-Israeli relations have deteriorated further.

The Palestinian government denounced the May 14 violence as a “terrible massacre” perpetrated “by the forces of the Israeli occupation” and called on the international community to intervene to stop the violence.

The US-Israeli actions faced a cold response on the international level. For example, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once again described Israel as a “terrorist state” while Iran’s parliament speaker Ali Larijani said that Israeli actions will not go unanswered.

On May 15, a new round of protests erupted across the Palestinian areas. The protests mark the 70th anniversary of Nakba Day (Day of Catastrophe), when Israel was created.

On May 14, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said the May 10 missile attack on military targets in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights had marked the start of a “completely new stage” of the conflict.

Nasrallah said that 55 missiles had been launched from Syrian territory at Israeli targets and advised Israel to stop its acts of aggression or it will face stinging retaliation. He also dismissed Israeli claims about the number of casualties and extent of damage in the aftermath of the May 10 encounter saying that Israel attempts to conceal its failures through such lies.

In Syria itself, government forces have continued their operations across the country. In the Rastan pocket in northern Homs, an evacuation of militants is still ongoing. On May 14, 122 buses transporting militants and their families left the area. On May 15, a new batch will be leaving.

In the Yarmouk refugee camp area in southern Damascus, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies have liberated Quds Mosque and nearby buildings.

This advance is part of a wider push by government forces to re-capture the western part of the Yarmouk refugee camp from the terrorist group and to shorten the frontline in the western and southern parts of the pocket.

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ANY person who approaches the fence is to be treated as a terrorist? THIS alone explains the Israeli (Likud) mind set when it comes to Palestinians. Israeli terrorists kills over 50 human beings and injures over 2,500? How many Israeli’s were injured…NONE

Peter Stein

Israelis are God’s chosen pedophiles they are allowed to kills us goyims anytime they like

Stary Volk

well, not exactly. Americans are ‘good-chosen people’ and Israel is a good ally, nothing more.
But you’re right, they are allowed to kill us.

Peter Stein

No it’s the opposite

The Latin Mass

Every jew is a terrorist, I hope Iran is paying attention. Support one jew, you support them all.


Any country who let them in is now crying. That’s a fact !


Please don’t fuel the hate.
They are human beings like all of us, some of them are evil minded and a lot of these people with bad influence are concentrated in Israel but even in Israel there are many jews who criticise their countries actions.
You can call Israel being a terrorist state, but if you say Jews are terrorists you are just as wrong as the people who say all muslims or christians are terrorists.

Hate always is just generating more hate, the only way to peace is to approach each other it is also the so much easier way. It’s just the first step that’s so hard to make so most people chose not to take that step but stay weak and fuel the violence.

Hide Behind

What is a massacre?
Oh just 40-50 is not a massacre In Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and parts of Africa, but let’s add them up , not just for today but for years, 1, 2, 3, millions caused all by the Powers from outside Eurocentrics, now that is a massacre.
40 -50 Palestinians this week, no, let us add up the years Israel has been killing wounding and destroying Palestinian lives.
Children died, children unborn because of mothers and father’s deaths.
The sorrow of the old as they watched their future bloodlines disappear into death, or worse yet knowing their sons and grandchildren disappear into Israeli prisons and never seen again.
Their children who leave and not allowed to return; the parents sorrow but yet joy knowing no matter land their children escaped too, has to be better than if they were still home.
A few children in US get killed and the media sends nation into mourning and rage if in US or those from Civilized Euro non shithole nations.
Damn those who wear theirb deliberate ignorance of being more worthy than those who are deliberately being massacred by their leaders son’s and daughters or who help some piss pot Israel/Jewish heathens kill others.


It’s a genocide. Don’t understand why people never use the right words.

“Genocide is intentional action to destroy a people (usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group) in whole or in part”.

Hide Behind

Use of word genocide in conjunction with Israel or Jew,, unless you are talking in support of their version(hollocaust), is decreed as hate speech in parts of our “civilized nations,, so we being sheep have gradually let them modify our speech and thought patterns.
It, modification is so deeply ingrained by years of our teachers indoctrination generations do not even understand definitions of genocide.
It also stands for deliberate destruction of cultural traits,, historical revisions of cultures, all leading to loss of memory of a cultures ever being.

Smith Ricky

Winning !!!


If you rely on Europeans or Americans or Sunnis to stop the Palestinian genocide, I think you are wrong.

In California, from 300,000 Natives to 16,000 Natives.

“The Genocide of indigenous peoples in California refers to the violence, relocation, and starvation that led to a decrease in the indigenous population of California as a result of the U.S. occupation of California. The indigenous population of California under Spanish rule dropped from 300,000 prior to 1769, to 250,000 in 1834. After Mexico won its independence from Spain, and after the secularization of the coastal missions by the Mexican government in 1834, the indigenous population suffered a much more drastic decrease in population to 150,000. The period immediately following the U.S. Conquest of California has been characterized by numerous sources as a genocide. Under US sovereignty, after 1848, the Indigenous population plunged from perhaps 150,000 to 30,000 in 1870 and reached its nadir of 16,000 in 1900. Between 1846 and 1873, 4,500 to 16,000 California Native Americans were killed by non-Native Americans. The dispossession and murder of California Native Americans during this period was aided by democratic processes and institutions of the state of California, which favored settlers’ rights over indigenous rights.”


“The dispossession and murder of California Native Americans during this
period was aided by DEMOCRACTIC processes and institutions of the state
of California, which favored settlers’ rights over indigenous rights.””

Who is the only democracy in the Middle east ????



No part of PALESTINE, with a Capitol called, Jerusalem, belongs to those Ashkenazi ( not of Shem)
Jews, now occupying Palestine, on STOLEN land which they call,FALSELY, call,I might add,”Israel” since actual Semitic Jews ( from SHEM) last lived there as a tribe, from 1100 to only 930 BC. https://youtu.be/J1OgMXKJ4T8


Netanyahu is the ‘Hitler’ of our time!

Peter Stein

he is the mixture of Hermann Goehring
and Josef Goebbels

Manuel Flores Escobar

Israeli people are under Stockholm Syndrome… like SS .. they kill palestinen for fun..and steal their properties..( olive lands and Urban zones)…God dont choose these kind of people….likely the devil!

Stary Volk

Israel as a state should be destroyed in the form it is now.
No ‘power used just because we have it and they don’t’ is allowed. No god-chosen people exist.

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