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Syrian War Report – May 11, 2017: Syrian Army Renews Operation Against ISIS In Eastern Aleppo

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

On May 10th, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces fully liberated the important town of Tabqah and the Tabqah dam from ISIS terrorists in the province of Raqqah. The town of Tabqah is located within 40 km of the ISIS self-proclaimed capital of Raqqah. US-led coalition aviation and US special forces assisted the Syrian rebels in the Tabqa campaign.

Meanwhile, the SDF resumed their anti-ISIS operations north of Raqqah, capturing the villages of al-Jalai and Mayselum that had been held by ISIS.

Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Col. John Dorrian revealed what kind of arms the United States would supply to Kurdish forces (a core of the SDF) when he told reporters, “…..what we are talking about here is ammunition, small arms, heavy machine guns, and mortars….”

Earlier this week, the Pentagon announced that US President Donald Trump had approved a plan to directly arm Kurdish forces operating in Syria.

Government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces, resumed anti-ISIS operations in the eastern Aleppo countryside, liberating the village of Al-Mahdoum and advancing further against ISIS near the Jirah Military Airport.

Russian Aerospace Forces supported the SAA advance by bombing ISIS gatherings and vehicles in the area between the Al-Jirah Military Airport and the town of Maskana.

Pro-ISIS sources claimed that ISIS members had destroyed a 23mm gun with an ATGM in the village of Kharaj Daham and a T-72 battle tank and BMP-1 vehicle in the village of Jarrah Saghir.

A number of Syrian soldiers were allegedly killed or wounded in the village of Atshana as a result of 2 VBIED attacks on SAA troops there.

ISIS also damaged an SAA T-72 battle tank in the village of Ma’moura after targeting it with an armed drone.

Russia has sent some 21 Soviet-made M-30 howitzers [122 mm] to Syria government forces, Fox News reported citing US officials. The artillery pieces arrived via cargo ship in the Syrian port city of Tartus in the past few days, according to the article.

The media outlet also speculated that Russia is sending more missiles for the advanced S-400 air defense system. The step is allegedly aimed at increasing the Russian air defense capabilities in Syria.

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Well done Russia. Syrian Army SAA and their allies need efficient proper military equipments to see enemies’ targets. SAA and their allies also need proper military training to reduce their casualties. Long live Russia.

Russia, please defeat all proxies and spies of foreign countries on the bases of whom they are staying on Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni, Palestinian and Afghani lands.

Expo Marker

Great to hear east Aleppo will be liberated, but no news on the Homs front today?


If Russia needs Syria army to win the war in Syria as quick as possible and to prevent the country to fall under jidists. They need to supply the army with modern weapons in order they can fight an effective war. We saw the United States provided well equipment to rebels since the war started and also back them with air strike yet Russia were not willing to do the same things the United States is doing now in Iraq. Russia needs to put more troops to gain the quicker victory. The war in Syria is a war Russia allies must win by all means and without not winning Russia will never has allay in middle East because Syria is the only allay there.


iran is also their ally, and iraq to a lesser degree, i think


russia please shoot down israeli aircraft bombing SAA forces, i really dont get why youre scared to do this, they are just gonna keep doing it if you let them

John Whitehot

actually no, but it makes good propaganda on israeli newspapers, the same ones that said that god sent down a fog on the border to prevent ISIS to attack the IDF, the same ones that said that 12 israelis killed 700 egyptian heliborne commandos in 1973. But you can keep believing them as much as you see fit.


i dont believe in israeli propaganda at all

John Whitehot

but you said that the IAF keeps bombing the SAA, which is something pretty much coming from israeli propaganda. And the part where Russian are scared to shoot them down is hilarious – as it’s the Israeli in this period that are scared shitless like never in decades.


well they are bombing SAA, its not propaganda, and if israel is scared shitless why do they keep bombing?

John Whitehot

lololol, they aren’t bombing the SAA at all. I still have to see a news report containing some detail or even better some in flight footage from the bombers etc. Russians, americans, syrians always publish drone or in-cockpit display footage when they bomb, israeli never does it.

Because it’s all a pile of bullshit and the israelis are scared like hoes only at flying inside syria. After the “incident” near Palmyra they don’t dare passing the border and the weapons they drop from within their airspace are systematically shot down by pantsirs and the like.


yea why israel never releases in flight footage? but i remember reading articles where the syrian government or SAA confirms israel bombed them, is that not enough confirmation? i mean i hope they stop soon, i really hate israeli govt

John Whitehot

It is not. The syrians will say that they’ve been bombed by israel every time they can. Ammo depot can explode through negligency, or betrayal for example. Also they can be subjects of terror acts. Claiming it was israel is more acceptable to the syrians though. Anyway, so far we haven’t seen a single picture of the effects of alleged israeli strikes, the syrians haven’t released nothing.

In regards to your hopes, it’s the third time you claim that israelis haven’t stopped bombing syria. It’s pretty clear at this point that your real hopes are very different.


So if Israel is lying about its airstrikes, why does Syria never say this? Or what good does it do Syria to keep blaming Israel for imaginary airstrikes?

John Whitehot

You must have missed about 60 years of israelo-arab conflicts to ask this. And some notions from insurgency wars in latest years.

As I said, it’s much more acceptable from a syrian point of view to blame israel for any unaccounted explosion around the place than to admit say, a suicide terror attack, or simply a couple of ammunition boxes that blew up because a sentry dropped his cigarette butt still lighted near them.

It could also very be that Israel is involved, maybe through the usage of scum on the mossad paybook who could place a bomb somewhere in the country.

It’s a civil war, the country is in turmoil and it’s basically very easy to commit such acts. Yet the government would not want to admit that its security forces failed to prevent such events.

In the end, lot of garbage gets written about israeli airstrikes, yet not a single objective proof of them has been provided, at least in the latest instances and I mean, after they got roughly woken up from their wet dreams of omnipotency and unaccountability when they tried to strike palmyra.


Just remember that Bibi forbids Putin to shut down any of Israel planes and , of course, any USA plane. Then, these S-400 and S-300 systems are only to protect russian forces in Syria. Russia-Syria-Iran-Hezbolah have been moving to slow in this war. They can give 100 of reasons for this, but the fact is that Russia could have given to Syria enough power (air-missiles support) to finish this war already. This artillery items are arriving to late, for my point of view.

Michael Drysdale

you make an interesting point… russia has been show casing its new weapons systems in syria for sale purposes

John Whitehot

ye, because when you shoot down a plane you normally ask for permission from its owner.

Never seen so much trollish garbage all together in a website.

Carlos M Alvarado

Russia is Syria saviour….The US regime s just creating more jihadists for more mischief

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