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Syrian War Report – March 9, 2018: Syrian Army Gains Upper Hand In Eastern Ghouta Battle

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On March 8, the Syrian Arab Army, the Tiger Forces and the Republican Guard liberated the villages of Hawsh Ashari and Hawsh Qubaybat, the Jisrin farms and the Air Defense Battalion base in the Eastern Ghouta region, near Damascus from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), Faylaq al-Rahman and Jaish al-Islam.

The Air Defense Battalion base had been one of the main maintenance facilities for the Syrian Air Defense Forces’ S-200 long range air defense systems before it was captured by Jaish al-Islam in 2012.

Hamza Bayrakdar, a spokesman for Jaysh al-Islam, claimed that the militant group had launched an attack on government positions in the Douma countryside and had killed twenty SAA soldiers as well as destroyed a vehicle armed with a 14.5mm gun and damaged a T-72 battle tank.

By March 9, government forces have liberated about a half of the entire Eastern Ghouta pocket. Currently, militants remain in control of the most urbanized area in the southern and northern parts of the pocket. Clashes there will be especially complicated for the SAA, primarily because of the risk of civilian casualties.

On March 8, the Hezbollah media wing in Syria reported that the SAA had expanded its security zone around the town of al-Qaryatayn up to 80km. This effort was aimed at preventing weapons supplies and militant infiltration efforts from the At Tanf area, which is controlled by the US-led coalition and its proxies.

On the same day, the Turkish Armed Forces and the Free Syrian Army captured the town of Jinderes, the villages of Hallubi Kabir, Merasat al-Khatib, Shawarighat ak-Jawz and the Zaghur camp in the Afrin area from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

The media wing of the YPG claimed that YPG fighters conducted “a special operation” against the Turkish Army in the village of Matinli killing seven Turkish special forces soldiers.

On March 9, Turkish forces continued their efforts to isolate Afrin advancing northeast, west and south of the YPG-held city.

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Cheryl Brandon

The SAA soldiers are using their parietal brain to win this very important battle! Ancestors be with these very loyal men of honour and integrity: Be with their parents/ families and children: I know there families whose household is defending Syria: keep them safe; Kaboom/kaboom/kaboom!

tony ebanks

Good will overcome evil

Jutta Morris

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So, where are going the “militants”. XD.


If you want to know why most people are attracted to USA where they will become basically either whores, either thieves, either terrorists, either liars, it’s because 80% of people don’t love enough freedom and truth.

northerntruthseeker .

What you just stated is basically the requirements for becoming a US government official!


Actually the reason for that is within our biology. We are attracted to success or something that seems to be it. At the Moment the US still is the dominant country/culture in the world so even people in countries like Iran are attracted to it as they only see the sold illusion of what life there is like.
If at one point either Russia or China become more dominant in the world many people will be attracted to the lifestyle of those countries.

Only if a society manages to truly satisfy the needs of human beings this longing for something else would stop. But as nowhere in the world such a society exists you’ll always have people who wish they had the way of life somebody else has without seeing the price that was paid for it.


someone didnt get her green card LOL!


A green card, the ticket to success in America, with a green card you can earn a dollar an hour, and live in the back of a car, such luxury.


It’s the propaganda, unenlightened people in other countries believe that everyone in America lives in a fine house, owns 2 new cars and has a large bank account.
They haven’t seen the poverty ignorance and filth of the real America, I have, and would never leave Oz to live in such a backward and violent nation.
But I guess if your from Ethiopia, and have just gnawed an arm off for food, America might look attractive.


Exactly. People think that life is easy in USA and that everybody has a gigantic villa, 2 cars and lot of money whereas most of people have large debt and struggle to pay debts. SO, they decide to be corrupted politicians, sell cigs to poison people, increase vital medicine to 500% to make money, drug dealing, porn, ….. all that to pay debts.


Also, notice that 4 billions people believe in abrahamic religions which make a lot of terrorists.

Richard M

Which alternative do you espouse?

Politolog Externista

islam calls itself abrahamic, yet that claim is a lie. There is no mention in the scripture that would validate islam in any way whatsoever, except for the pagan gnosticists who mixed christianity and paganry so they ended up with lies. Pagans worship moon, or the crescent moon, jews are seeing death in the cross instead of salvation. Muslims claim that Jesus didnt die for their sins, so they deny Jesus being resurrected. This means the spirit of the antichrist is behind islam. Ismael was wild and went after women … and there went the fake prophet claiming some connection with the scripture that he denied. Surely I must have offended some people, but the Word of God stands. Sure many twist it to feel good about themselves but is what people like. If muslims knew the bible including its context, the difference between old and new, and how far from Mohamed it is, their eyes would probably start to open, but I suppose that is the reason why it is forbidden to read it there.

Richard M

I don’t usually participate in theological debates. I was just curious about “Serious” background. He frequently references “Karma” in postings so he may be Hindu or Buddhist. Since he declined to respond I must assume he doesn’t wish to discus it.


Sunnis can’t help. Sunnis will more likely to collaborate with the terrorist americans because Sunnis don’t love freedom and truth. Sunnis love dictatorships, money, power and guns.

So, never ally with sunnis. they are a waste of time and energy.

Rakean Jaya

And most Arabian Sunnis Kingdom love zionist criminal state of Israel.


USA israel and SA it’s the same thing.


Well done, them Syrians.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Turks are more dangerous than terrorist inside east Ghouta…among other reason Aleppo would be almost encircle by FSA terrorist in case of Afrin and kurdish canton fall!

Benjamin Facochere

Don’t forget Turkey’s currently only so strong because it has air superiority. So it’s probably a deal with Russia that they let them chase the Kurds so Erdogan can mark the strong man. SAA is currently occupied in the Damascus region. Maybe they’ll clean up Idlib afterwards. And then the SAA will probably install air defense systems in Aleppo again and protect Afrin and Northern-Aleppo. Turkish troups will have to retreat then , they will no longer be able to attack Syria with jets and helicopters. Only their FSA thugs will remain there and be left for the SAA to be cleaned up.
What will happen with East-Syria across the Euphrates river, how to remove the US – I don’t know.

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