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Syrian War Report – March 9, 2017: Govt Forces Crush ISIS In Aleppo, Aim Raqqah

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

The Syrian Army’s Tiger Forces, supported by the Syrian and Russian air forces, have continued making impressive gains against the ISIS terrorist group in the province of Aleppo.

The Tiger Forces further advanced along the Euphrates River and entered the Jirah Airbase.

Now, when the ISIS-held town of Dier Hafer is de-facto cut-off from the rest of the ISIS-held area in central Syria, its liberation will become the main short-term goal of government forces.

Experts believe that after Deir Hafer government forces will likely advance along the Deir Hafer-al-Tabaqah road, expanding the buffer zone east of Khanasser and putting additional pressure on ISIS units operating in the area of Raqqah.

The hidden Russian-US cooperation in Syria was already proven with the Manbij case when Moscow and Washington acted together in order to prevent the Turkish army and pro-Turkish militant groups from attacking Kurdish forces in the area.

There is a chance that the US and Russia will act jointly in order to retake the ISIS self-proclaimed capital of Raqqah even if this is not promoted openly in the mainstream media. If government forces reach al-Tabqa, they will isolate Raqqah from the southern flank and US-backed forces will be able to avoid the need to cut across the Euphrates River in the area. In this case, the fall of Raqqah will take place much faster then it’s expected by experts.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is preparing to expand the military force deployed to Syria. The US military is expanding the Kobani Airport runway in order to be able to receive large transport aircraft, the Basnews agency, based in the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, reported on Monday, citing a source in the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“The source explained that “the airport runway in the past was 1,100 meters long with the width of 60 meters, and it is expected to be expanded to 1,700 meters long and 110 meters wide,” adding that a four-meter-tall wall will also be erected around the airport,” the article reads.

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units, which are the core of the SDF, have been allegedly discharged from protecting the area. The airport is now guarded by US troops.

The intensification of the operation to retake Raqqah will push Washington to increase its military presence in Syria, deploying more troops, artillery pieces and other military equipment. These forces will likely be redeployed from Iraq after the end of the anti-ISIS operation in the western part of Mosul.

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john mason

Expert predictions are not even an educated guess, for example Mosul where they predicted defeat of terrorists within 1 month. No noise coming from Assad about US presence, strange war this one.

Valery Grigoryev

Putin doesn’t permit Assad to make noise:)

Brad Isherwood


It’s already a done deal….read the PDF download and watch the theft of Syria
While UN gives Trump Caesar Laurels. ..

Every Serbian who warned. …..”We told you so”

Putin is just another actor on the stage like Atlanticist Medvedev.

Russia’s Central Brank is still run by Rothschild since the 1917 Communist Revolution.

A great many hoped on Putin and Trump,

We go away disappointed. ..

john mason

especially with Trump.

Brad Isherwood

I’m watching the HBO series Boardwalk Empire*…1920’s
Prohibition..racketeering, AL Capone. Etc.
The US tumbling out after WW 1.
My Dad was born 1934…..father was a drunk. ..mother died in 46,
His oldest brother went to war in 1943…

Trump or Drummp. …his Family line was Cathouse and extortion.
Name change to Trump…he laundered money for the Mob via Casino.
That’s what Vegas was….money launder for the Mob.
Today…America offers banking**….no questions asked, …you can pour
Your illegal money into US banks. …no questions asked!

Remember AIG getting outted for laundering narcotics monies ?

Most people have no clue how corrupt the political machine is to the banking side.

So ya…visiting my dad’s age reminds one of reality….that continues.
Globalism… is just racketeering on a global scale.

So ya…..Trump orders the drive by hit on Syria….

888mladen .

That’s what Vegas was….money launder for the Mob. Cuba before Castro was the same. And by the way every casino in the world is a money laundering machine.

john mason

So are most of the NGOs.

john mason

I did come across an article which stated virtually the same about Trump. What nearly everyone is missing to ask is why did Trump decide to run for Presidency and who gave him the go ahead and guarantees? His performance to date is a worry, a 4th grader has a higher IQ, vocabulary and common sense.

Brad Isherwood

It’s interesting to read the posters over on Alex Jones Infowars articles.
Infowars was expose 911.. (except light on pointing at Mossad abd Jewish
Bankers/Corporate side)..
They roiled at Bush wars and Obama. ..
Yet now under Trump….they drink the kool-aid that Trump is really fighting
It’s complete 180 reality.
The Left which raged against Bush wars…suddenly went quiet during Obama,
No criticism period.
It seems Americans are addicted to Hero personna and power which includes
The divide and rule two headed Janus reality …..Trump is elevated as the
Righteous Reformer….who will judge!
After elected….the people abd sheeple perceive a truth unfolding.
Some realize….and some realize and capitulate to the Kabuki Theatre act.

You can’t criticise Trump now on some Alternative Web forums.
It’s bizarre.
The Globalists behind the Trump play have discovered the pissed off and alert
Public as seeing Jewish power at work in Primary, …they can’t clean this up.

888mladen .
Valery Grigoryev

Interesting article, thank you. While that’s just only one of scripts, a kind of an analytical forecast, which seems to be not up-to-date already now (I mean Turkish possession of Manbij).

Brad Isherwood

The Map shows Syria as keeping Deir Ezzor City, …
Manbij is given to Turks….while at present. …US 75th Ranger Regiment holds

Netanyahu has rushed to Moscow, …at present…Hezbollah, IRGC and Syrian militia
Are fighting at DARAA city, ….Daraa province is part of Golan,Jordan,Israhell,
Safe zone. !

After Putin did pipeline sex with Mad Sultan. ….reality said get ready for crime spree.

Iran and Hezbollah /IRGC best get their A game ready…As Empire and Jews are coming for them.
And no one**…. Is going to be there to help.

It’s Libya. …over and over. ….

Valery Grigoryev

It’s a pessimistic point of view, while things are getting better there.

888mladen .

It’s pretty much on the spot. Hard to cope with.

888mladen .
Brad Isherwood

Truly disturbing….
After WW 2….Russia got Rolls Royce jet engines and Mig was soon facing
US jets over Korea.
Nuclear weapons, Rocket programs. …ahead of US/NASA, …as Apollo program
Was completely fake http://www.aulis.com/
The AULIS website has the best coverage of the Hoax from photography study,
To hard science on radiations, engine lift weight and acceleration which proves the
Saturn V could not lift everything stuffed into it to go the moon .

Russia’s support of Arab nations in past mideast wars raises questions as to
Why they failed repeatedly in conflicts.

The present game turns are similar to the past.
Russia knows Iran has no nuclear weapons program,…yet allows the West and
Israel to leverage that against Iran and Russia.
Russia is allowing the present sanctions gambit with next to no pushback.

Russia not confronting Israel on several geopolitical fronts is also a red flag.

Kabuki theatre ….

888mladen .

What Happened On the Moon? – Analysis of the Lunar Photograph

Brad Isherwood

If we consider the Illusion of 911,….then consider how Hollywood can CGI just about anything,
The technical and visual study of the Faked Mars Rovers,
We find a pattern going back to Apollo…
No wonder Johnson refused a second term….He’s to smart to go down in Wiki
As the President who ran a false flag war in Vietnam and got caught faking the Moon landings.
The director of NASA quit…just prior to the 1969 fake moon landing.
Russia ceased it’s Lunar program….having beat the US at every point in space program.
USA having always been 2nd…could not accept humiliations. ..so they faked
The highest man has gone above the Earth…and lived. ..is 400+ miles
In the Space shuttle. ..just below the Lower Van Allen belt.
The Shuttle crew which tried to go into the lower Van Allen belt, …had radiations
Striking their eyes to the degree they became dysfunctional. ..and retreated.

Thus ends….man’s exploration in space,….only Machines can go now.

Brad Isherwood

Downloaded this PDF from https://www.henrymakow.com/

The PDF has many interesting informations concerning an age when
Disclosure of Secret Society was limited.


Lol why?

Valery Grigoryev

The US is backing YPG. And without YPG it’s impossible to hold the power in Syria even after the future victory on ISIS: ISIS may revive again. That’s why SAA and YPG must collaborate.


So are the SDF pro-government or “moderate rebels”?

Valery Grigoryev

They are just Kurdish, which may agree with their national autonomy in the scope of future Syrian Republic.

Thomas Klauss

Probably they have already a deal between US and Russia to break Syria in two, where Assad will rule the Western half.

John Baker


Jean de Peyrelongue

That Russia and the US are getting along in the northen part of Syria is not be a good news as it might indicate that they have reach an agreement for partitionning Syria.


I hope you are wrong, but there are very disturbing indications the Americans are setting up permanent bases in Northern Syria. Putin would be a fool to trust the Americans. ISIS is an American-Israeli creation. They are destroying them now because they are no longer useful. Soon some other group will take their place.


i hate to say this as an american but i really think we would have world peace if not for those 2 countries :/

888mladen .

Putin is an opportunist controlled by Kremlin’s Siloviki which are comprised mainly of Kazarian mafia. They sack the wealth of the Russian people.


Hope not



Crush, not crash.

To crush means to inflict a defeat.

A crash is a road accident.


Thank you for the feedback. The typo was corrected.

Rodney Loder

Trump has ordered Erdogan to attack SAA killing 8 unknown wounded in desk attack while not in defence, this probably is the reason, SAA advance on Raqqah, who knows what proposition Erdogan responded too, but it’s going to promote US investment and it will get worse, the best thing would be to attack US Special forces by doing a deal with my Salafist Fighters.

888mladen .

SAA should start hunting US Delta forces. Correct. Salafist fighters no good hopeless bunch of religious bigots.

Rodney Loder

Delta is the swamp that has dominated MSM and the Alternative Media for the past 70 years, might be a bit too much for Syria, Iran and Russia have to decide, but the SAA won’t want Trump being the military genius that Erdogan thinks he can be, the only real threat to US supremacism in Syria, which won’t stop there, Libya could be a model conquered Country if not for my Salafist Brothers.
Kurds are traitors inviting Conquest of Syria by USA.
Turkey was helping to save Syria from the Kurds, but Erdogan has sold out and joined the invaders.
But it’s not up to us, if Russia and Iran don’t step forward my Salafist Brothers supporting Assad is the only way forward.
All the moderates and al-Nurash with all the other al-Qada affiliates won’t fight US taking over, they will blend in and sopport a Syrian Afghanistan.
Only the Caliphate will fight, the rest will just start growing poppies, that is the plan of Allah, notice since August 2014, I have posted that Allah was instructing IS in order to cause Russian and US agreement, now that’s over He’s using IS to cause SAA agreement with me, brilliant.

888mladen .

Kurds are traitors inviting Conquest of Syria by USA. Correct.

888mladen .

Russia has made up its mind already. “After Putin did pipeline sex with Mad Sultan. ….reality said get ready for crime spree.”

Rodney Loder

We got to hang up our prejudices pipeline is I take it to be Turkish Stream, maybe Putin will cancel it again, I don’t see why a pipe line could not be built under he Black Sea sea-lanes through the Sea of Marmara the Agean Sea and then on to Greece.

888mladen .

Sea of Marmara is located in Turkey’s territory. So how is that supposed to happen?

Rodney Loder

The Sea of Marmara is a open sea-lane same as Persian Gulf cables and pipes have long history of being built in open sea-lanes, Turkey is a loose cannon I think it’s Secular schism is being repeated now, some Countries can’t handle democracy, Turkeys one, but if we are not cartoon characters then our destiny must be independent of God, it has been up to now anyway, God’s vengeance is Fate having his way the Quran has Fate and Allah mixed up together because people couldn’t comprehend a finite universe with another one to come, 1400 years ago.

888mladen .

Can you clarify this: “our destiny must be independent of God”.

Rodney Loder

I think that systematic sequence ensures that God’s Ambition is certified to be predestined, that’s like Climate Change, Population Ceiling, Concentration of Wealth, and the End of the Techno. Industrial Age concurrent with my (Isa) life.
This means our destiny is established independent of God since it could have gone either way, Islam is the safety net Religion, Christianity was for possible longevity, because I always advocated the avoidance of the tipping point that is now past tense, so God’s Ambition is predestined, but it was dependant on us, He just had a fail-safe device, when the wheels fall off the cart (civilization) everyone will know I was speaking the truth, I think God really wants to get on and start with the next Universe, with me in it I hope.

888mladen .

Devil “was instructing IS in order to cause Russian and US agreement” in order that his two major powers King of the North (US) and the King of the South (RU) might unite and form Babylon the Great in his final attempt to oppose the glorious coming of the Son of God and destruction of his kingdom.
Declare ye among the nations, and publish, and set up a standard; publish, and conceal not: say, Babylon is taken, Bel is confounded, Merodach is broken in pieces; her idols are confounded, her images are broken in pieces. Jer. 50:2
And I will punish Bel in Babylon, and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he hath swallowed up: and the nations shall not flow together any more unto him: yea, the wall of Babylon shall fall. 45 My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the LORD 51:44

Rodney Loder

I never read John, Armageddon was the Eastern Front, and (p) Jeremiah was talking about then not now, all that mostly happened, not exactly though, prophecy was about insightment and ethics, and Allah never wanted Kings anyway, (p) Abraham (Abram) was blessed by King Melchizedek who brought out some bread and wine, Kings were supposed to go the same way as the wine, but it didn’t happen because the Sacred Chest went into occultation, disappeared along with the cave where it was being stored because Saul captured the imagination of the people when the only place of worship was on the Blessed Mt. Gerizim, Saul who was the cousin of, Uzzi he was the proper High Priest both were descendants of HP Eleazar, anyhow the Sacred Chest that was destroyed in the First Temple was a phony, that’s why nothing much gets said about it Kings 2 13- 18 the Holy Chest disappears for the second time.

888mladen .

“I never read John”. You better do and then you will understand Jeremiah. Every Bible prophecy has a multiple levels of application. One level is in prophet’s own time which is limited in scope and the other is ultimate and universal in scope. So Babylon the small from Jeremiah’s time is a type of Babylon the Great of the end time. If you read it carefully you will find out that all the details do not fit the type because they are universal in scope. So destruction of the Babylon better known as Neo Babylonian empire in Daniel’s time by Cyrus which was prophesied by Jeremiah, was a sign of the final destruction of the Satan’s kingdom by the Son of God at the end time which is called Babylon the Great in the book of Revelation.

888mladen .

The Holy Chest will be found just before closing of the Jesus’ ministry in the heavenly Sanctuary. And the whole world will have the last opportunity to choose whether they will worship Satan and his idols or the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Exciting times ahead of us. The sign of the true worship will be the 4th commandment written on the first tablet of stone the most sacred article of the Sanctuary.

Rodney Loder

I didn’t say I have never read John I said I never read John, read is not read, you can’t read everything all the time, although I have read Karen Armstrong who tells us that the Patriarchs had nothing to do with Jerusalem, in fact it was all about Shiloh and the initial cause of defeat was that the ark was not with them, and when he heard that ark of gold had been taken he threw himself backwards off his seat, his neck was broken and he died.(chapter 2, Samaritan Joshua).
That was the last of Shiloh but the metaphors doubled down to make up for the missing Sacred Chest, that’s why Karen couldn’t say it openly because she worked for the jews, but I think she thinks that the Taheb (Samaritan Messiah) could come back and go up to the Mountain of Cursing (Gerizim) and the cave would reappear with the real Sacred Chest inside still with the chisled in stone 10 Commandments, I’m willing to give that a go too if Abdullah is willing.

888mladen .

I can really see that you don’t read John for you thoughts lack clarity. God’s Word gives clarity of mind. Your posts are almost like talking in tangs. Do you use any psychedelic substances in order to facilitate your creativity? Your world view is pretty much a mash or mess of everything and anything whichever comes first. You need a serious clean up. Before that happens you need to die to self but you won’t be able to do it by using your sources of “inspiration”. Your religion looks more like Roman Pantheon than anything else.

Rodney Loder

Certainly John is very perspicacious everybody knows that, he was just having a flash back (I suspect magic mushrooms) when the Earth needed to be rescued from Bowls of God’s anger, that is inspired pantheism at its best, nothing to do with Religion because it has no past history in that regard, so if mental picture make up needs a balance of graphic and abstruse which I’m sure it does what would the graphic be on the opposite polarity to God’s anger, ?.

888mladen .

You don’t know what the pantheism is all about. This time you overdosed yourself. “he was just having a flash back (I suspect magic mushrooms)” Don’t judge others by your standards mate.
Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.
Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: 3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist.
So by Bible definition you have a mind set of an antichrist. Too bad. There are many like you according to the Bible “even now there are many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time” Get off that psychedelic religion. It’s not too late yet and live for ever why should you perish? Jesus is Way Truth and Life. You are mentally dead in your gibberish. How sad.

Rodney Loder

I answered a question on Quora, – (Terry Loder on Quora 35 followers while claiming to be Jesus Christ, off and on),- I forget what the question was but I remember explaining on one, how I was actually floating on a bedsheet which had turned into tiny little stars in a hospital private room with a Copper sitting by by bedside keeping me under surveillance, I looked down from the ceiling at the Copper who was starting to freak out and a voice said, – I’m not sure if it was aloud, I never saw the officer after that, I saw the nurse though when I was hitching a ride and she gave me the thumbs up so I guess he survived, the Copper was starting to freak out, – and the voice said to cool it.
Yes, true story I got many more, it’s all happening on Quora, I am the Star Man and there is no anti-Christ in Islam not only that you don’t have to come back from the dead,and if they kill the Messiah he wasn’t the Messiah anyway, Allah’s insurance policy on me, I like you 888maladan I don’t know why, it could be because nobody else communicates with me, but I’m going to make you an offer, if you answer questions on Quora I will be your first follower and read every word you write.

888mladen .

It’s not everybody mate because it excludes you since you don’t read him. So what do you know about him? You are real charlatan.You lash you tang at just about anything because you think in your paranoid mind that you know just about everything. A little demigod from Greek mythology.

Rodney Loder

Erdogan has done a deal with Trump, attacked SAA ! killed 8 wounded unknown, sneak attack, like the Russian Ambassador shot in the back, the advanced toward Raqqah is the motivation for US manipulation, best thing for it, is to start talking to IS about surrender only to Gov. Forces, they will listen to me, but I need help to assert myself as Isa and the coming hour of judgement, Allah is leaving you little choice, unless Syria wants to end up same as the Soviet Union, following the jew script what else can anyone expect, don’t blame Erdogan blame Trump, and Allah, it was Allah who did it for the Soviets because they wouldn’t listen to me, they loved pie in the sky, John Paul offered it but his pie was little boys, Gorbachev bought it, Trump is a closet Obama so now is the time to act with Erdogan in with them they must be feeling the squeeze.

cock jesus

Turks behave as prostitutes, but they are cheapest prostitutes.

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