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JUNE 2021

Syrian War Report – March 8, 2018: Syrian Army Liberates Key Town, Advances Further In East Ghouta

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and their allies liberated the town of Bayt Siwa, the Tank Base around Hawsh al-Ash’ari and imposed fire control over the town of Misraba in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta on March 7. Next day, the SAA advanced further on militant positions in Misraba where clashes erupted.

If Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and its allies lose this town, the city of Douma and the militant-held part of the Harasta district will be isolated from the rest of the militant-held area.

Fierce clashes were also reported in the area between Bayt Siwa and the Armoured Vehicles Base, about 1km-long militant area left between two these government-held areas.

Pro-government rallies were reported in the villages of Hammuuriyah and Kafr Batna. Locals are especially upset with a decision by militant groups to reject a Russian evacuation proposal for Eastern Ghouta.

In the area of Afrin, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have captured the town of Mash’alah, the Maydanki Dam and the village of Hallubi Sagher on March 7.

The YPG attacked TAF and FSA positions in the southern part of the Shara district. According to the YPG media wing, Kurdish forces destroyed a battle tank, an armoured vehicle and killed over 30 Turkey-led fighters.

Meanwhile, the number of so-called “neutralized terrorists” in Afrin according to the TAF’s general staff grew up to about 3,000.
On March 8, the TAF and the FSA continued their advance aiming to isolate the YPG-held city of Afrin.

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excellentes news!!! the pocket will be couped in the two parts!!

Cheryl Brandon

if the Foreigner Wahabhists /illegal Immigrants think that SAA soldiers will tolerate these paid killers on their soil: They will be sadly mistaken! SAA soldiers intend to LIBERATE all lands within Syrian borders! Viva La The SAA Syrians and their soldiers and their government: Never mind all the LIES being generated by the highly paid PR companies/NGO,s and global bankers! Va VA Voom SAA heros:


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Keep continue moving FAST, STRONG, BRAVE, without mercy for terrorists, without deals, without free buses to other side. I hope Russia keep providing protection and strong support to ground troops (this is the key for successful operations). What what USA is doing !! Do not trust them at all.

Eskandar Black

Those who live till the weekend will be sorry they missed the bus.


IKm to Unite SAA forces and divide the Rats into 2 separate nests

Hisham Saber

They stood no chance. These goons should have surrendered. Basically Wahhabism causes something similar to a mental disease, once someone is weaponized with it it all or nothing.

But what tickles me even more about this good news is that its keeping Israeli strategists and generals up at night in sheer, cold fright. They see a swift, effective and by now distilled down to perhaps the most battle hardened force the Syrian Arab Army and auxiliaries, making quick gains. Hezbollah too have built up some big muscles in experience in Syria.

Things also aren’t looking too good for Israel and the international Jewish syndicate when an Iranian minister was quoted to have said basically one miscalculation from Israel and Iran would flatten Tel-Aviv to the ground, ‘not even giving Netanyahu any time for escape’. Beautiful words really.

And if anyone doesn’t think rthat Iran has taken Israels nuclear option into consideration, they have. You see Iran has a religious ban on nuclear weapons, but that’s exactly it. Its a ban. And it can easily be rescinded/lifted , by the issuance of a ‘ fatwa ‘ (religious ruling/edict) by the Supreme Council led by Khamenei and other religious figures. At the same time they have the nuclear material already, they missiles that can carry nuclear warheads on stand by for such a situation.
And I’m sure through back channels, i.e., the Russians (Putin , Lavrov Shoigu) , that should Israel try to use a nuke, it would be the end of Israel.

And now that the U.S. has been checkmated by Russia with the revelation of the new truly awesome weapon systems that render the multi trillion dollar ABM shield useless, their carrier battle groups sitting ducks.

Oh, those poor Jews must be seeing the’ writing on the wall’, things don’t look pretty for them. They are in a panic mode.

Today is a good day. Cheers.


Iran and its government are absolutely serious about not building nuclear weapons, they do not speak with a forked tongue. Iron Dome is at best mediocre tech., don’t see it handling 10,000 missiles within a 10 minute time frame each delivering 2.5 tons of high explosive. Even if only half got through Tel-Aviv ceases to exist. Unfortunately most of the hardware that Putin talked about has not yet been deployed, only the Laser weapons. Those in themselves might just be enough.

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont think Putin plans to attack any one soon.


Not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jewish. Zionists want to be called “Jews” because in a context of criticism becomes racist. Honorable Jewish people are anti Zionist.


Although the victories that the SAA have gained over the militants that have been fighting against the Assad regime forces are a hopeful sign of an eventual end to the war in Syria,don’t try and make out Israel and the Jews to be the bad guys here ,by doing so you have utterly undermined your integrity as an analyst and a human being by trying to put the blame for the war in Syria on the jews and Israel.
Was it the Jews and Israel that were supplying the so-called ‘moderate’ sunni fighters in Syria $500 million a year between 2014 and 2017?No,in fact it was Barack Hussein Obama ,the 44th President of the USA who told the US Congress to arm the so-called ‘moderates’ and who endorsed Morsi after the Arab spring brought about the downfall of Mubarak in Egypt and who then sent in mercenary jihadists against Colonel Gadaffi of Libya,hence why it is a failed state now.
Everyone in Israel knew that Barack Obama was using the United States’ influence in the UN against a single state solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict that has been ongoing since 1948 and will only be resolved by ending the two-state ‘solution’ which is nothing other than a recipe for continuous strife between Jew and Arab,children of Abraham who have been pitted against each other because of politics.
Since the Arab Spring of 2011 almost every Jewish community has had to leave all the north African countries apart from Morocco .The Yemenite and Iraqi Jewish communities have long since gone and Israel has become an absolutely vital place of refuge for Jews fleeing persecution and we are well used to being blamed for just about everything bad that has happened in the history of Europe and the Middle-East, ‘nothing new under the sun as they say.
There has been an official state of war between Israel and Syria ever since 1973 and the Yom Kippor war when a combined army of Syrian,Lebanese,Jordanian,Iraqi and Egyptian tanks and troops tried and failed again to achieve what they failed to do in 1948 and 1967.The state of Syria still lays a claim to the Golan Heights that were captured by the IDF after defeating the Syrian aggression in the Yom Kippor war and the Hezbollah have had control of the southern Lebanon since the early 1980’s after Ariel Sharon’s ill-advised attempt to neutralise the threat to Israel from the north by launching a military invasion with the intent on taking control of Beirut.Today the Iranian backed Hezbollah in southern Lebanon have over a 100,000 rockets aimed towards Israel according to some analysts it could be more.
However, Israel does at least have friendlier relations now with Jordon and works with King Abdullah and General Sisi of Egypt to strengthen trade relations and the IDF and the Egyptian Army have been successfully working together to defeat the jihadist groups operating in the Sinai that is still a largely lawless region of Egypt that borders with the Israeli Negev.
Israel and Russia have a trade agreement which places Israel in a crucial negociating position between Russia and the USA .
Israel does more to help the Palestinian Arabs ,although so many of them regard the Jews as their enemies than even the state of Saudi Arabia with all its wealth.
It is the international community and league of Arab nations that has systematically prevented Israel and the West Bank from becoming one country where both Jews and Arabs have equal rights as they do in the actual state of Israel ,the only real democracy in the entire region.
If an Arab landowner sells property to a Jew in Israel they are not arrested and tortured and sometimes even killed by the Israeli Mishtarot (Police)as sometimes happens in the West Bank that is controlled by the Palestinian Authority(PA).If the West Bank was turned into the State of Palestine,there would be very few Israeli Arabs if any who would swap their Israeli citizenship for a Palestinian passport ,that is for sure!
It is not because of the Jews and Israel that over 2 million ‘Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza have no national identity but rather because the UN has been deliberately trying to prevent the creation of a single unified state of Israel that would then end the apartheid and bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict.
Don’t blame the Jews and Israel for the bad in this world,because you are only revealing your ignorance and intellectual laziness when you do so,and whether you believe it or not ,you are going against the Lord of ALL creation when you go against the Jews,his chosen people!


“Basically Wahhabism causes something similar to a mental disease,”

Although that is probably true, the amphetamines that they are addicted too, also helps.
Ever wondered why the USAF bombs so many weddings, hospitals, camels etc?
Amphetamines, the US gives amphetamines to all its pilots to keep them alert, it also sends them crazy.

jim crowland

Assad continue to gas his way into Ghouta with the help of chemicals provided by the soviets and hizbollah

Empire's Frontiers

Your implied support for jihadi barbarians has been noted.

Mustaffa Ashaa

Grow up ….How could “gas” be used in close combat? …. can you share your supreme clever knowledge with us, if you cannot then: Go and play somewhere else !!

Promitheas Apollonious

When your head is in the sand, your ass is in the air

Richard M

This is as much fun as the long anticipated liberation of DeZ!

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