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Syrian War Report – March 6, 2018: Militants Retreat Under Syrian Army Pressure In Eastern Ghouta

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The Syrian Arab Army, the Tiger Forces and their allies have advanced on positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and other militant groups in the areas of Harasta, Hawsh Ashari, Bayt Siwwa in the Eastern Ghouta region. Government forces have also entered the area of Rayhan, but have not been able to secure it yet.

Meanwhile, the US-led block, the mainstream media and pro-militant sources are developing their propaganda campaign in an attempt to save militants operating in Eastern Ghouta from defeat accusing government forces of civilian casualties and chemical attacks.

On March 5, the Pentagon announced that Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the area of Afrin had led to an “operational pause” in US-led efforts against ISIS in eastern Syria.

Pentagon spokesman Colonel Robert Manning added that the operational pause had not affected US strikes on ISIS and the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces still control territory it had seized.

Another Pentagon spokesman, Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway, said that “Some fighters operating within the SDF have decided to leave operations in the middle Euphrates river valley to fight elsewhere, possibly in Afrin.”

Thus, Washington at least admitted that the YPG was the main if not only ground striking force of the SDF. Various US officials had repeatedly claimed that the SDF consisted of some mysterious Arab-dominated forces with some YPG presence.

On the other hand, the US will be able to justify their further military presence in eastern Syria with “we are fighting ISIS” mantra now as long as its operation is on “pause”.

On March 5 and March 6, the Turkish Armed Forces and the Free Syrian Army advanced further in Afrin and captured the villages of Qurayriyah, Qatirah, Karakih and entered the Sharan district center. Clashes are ongoing.

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Samantha Green

For probably the first time in my life I fully agree with my own Pentagon. If SDF insists on going Northwest to fight fellow ABORTION RIGHTS defending Turkey, somebody is going to have to fight ISIS in the far East and that somebody will have to be US troops, especially since SAA still hasn’t finished off ISIS in Eastern Homs. However the Pentagon should not be supporting the ABORTION banners of Ghouta.


Americans should have been aborted.

Samantha Green

As should humanity.


LOL…. you must be joking to say that US forces will fight ISIS alone rather than getting the Kurds to fight and die . US forces could mostly do rear guard advisorty duties. Active combat … REALLY DOUBT SO.

HighLord Gaz

ISIS in SAA-controlled territory are little more than a few small bands roaming the desert. No real threat.

The bulk of ISIS are in SDF-controlled areas on the East side of the Euphrates, but the SDF and US refuse to attack and clear them out. Now why do you think that is?….

Samantha Green

ISIS still controls a big chunk of territory in Eastern Homs province, surrounded by SAA and isolated from SDF, but SAA has not bothered to take that territory, still black on Southfront maps, and as long as that is the case, ISIS is not finished. US is still attacking ISIS, SDF refuses because they ran off to fight Turkey, wile SAA ran off to fight in Idlib and Ghouta, leaving US to fight ISIS alone and thus likely forcing US to bring in ground occupation troops, which once in will probably stay.

anders hansen

What is wrong with you americans an geographic really ? Homs is under control of SAA an long away of any ISIS

Samantha Green

Not the Eastern end of Homs Province.


US was making an “operational pause” way before Turkey operation in Afrin. Just lies to save ISIS.

But, guess what ??? Syria and Russia will not take advantage of this “operational pause” to attack ISIS from Iraq.

I don’t know. Nothing is done in order to win.


Trump and Mike Pence should have been aborted.



The new Russian nuclear arsenal restores world bipolarity

by Thierry Meyssan

While the experts were wondering about the possible evolution of the world order towards a multipolar system, or even a simple tripolar system, the sudden advances of Russian military technology force the return to a bipolar organisation. Let’s take another look at what we have learned over the last three years, until the President Putin’s revelations on 1 March 2018.

We’re back to square one – the world is once again bipolar. The United States, certain of their superiority, never imagined the rebirth of Russian military capability.

In the second quarter of 2012, Russia and its allies agreed to deploy a peace force in Syria as soon as the Geneva agreement was concluded.

But everything changed when France rebooted the war in July 2012. Although Russia had obtained recognition by the UNO of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in order to deploy Muslim soldiers, mainly from Kazakhstan, nothing was happening. Despite the calls for help from Damascus, Moscow remained silent for a long time. It was only three years later that the Russian Air Force arrived, and bombed the jihadists’ underground installations.

During the three years that followed, there were many military incidents which opposed Russia to the United States. For example, the Pentagon complained about the strange aggressivity of Russian bombers which approached the US coast. In Damascus, we sought an explanation for Moscow’s silence, and asked ourselves if Russia had forgotten its engagements. None of that was true. Russia was secretly building a new arsenal, and moved in only when it was ready.

From the beginning of its intervention, the Russian army installed a system which did not simply scramble NATO commands, but disconnected them within a range of 300 kilometres around Lattakia. Thereafter, it deployed the same system in the Black Sea and at Kaliningrad. Apart from their new aircraft, Russia used cruise missiles which were more accurate than those of the USA, fired by the navy from the Caspian Sea. Last month, on the battle field, it tested multi-purpose planes with capacities as yet unknown.

It has become clear, according to US generals on the ground, that the Russian army now has conventional forces which are more efficient than those of the USA. However, their Pentagon counterparts still have their doubts about this progression, so sure are they of remaining militarily superior for all eternity. According to them, it is simply ridiculous to compare the two armies, since theirs has a budget eight times greater than the Russians. Yet never in all of military science has the performance of two rival armies been compared by the amount of their budgets, a fact that Vladimir Putin pointed out by noting the exceptional quality of his soldiers compared with those of the United States.

In any case, while the Russians are a little better in matters of conventional warfare, they are unable to deploy on several theaters of operation simultaneously, and Washington conserves its nuclear superiority.

The entry into war, on 24 February 2018, of the Russian infantry in the Ghouta, is certainly the consequence of an agreement with the United States, who have agreed to halt their investment in Syria and therefore not to reproduce the strategies of harassment that they used against the Red Army in Afghanistan. It is also the sign that the Pentagon now fears that the Russian army could possibly give them a taste of their own medicine, elsewhere in the world.

It was precisely at this moment that President Putin chose to contest US nuclear superiority. Duirng his speech before his Parliament, on 1 March 2018, he announced that his country is in possession of a terrifying nuclear arsenal.

All these programmes have been more or less known for years, but the experts believed they would not be operational for a long time. However, most of them now are. We have to ask ourselves how the Russian were able to prepare them all without the US Intelligence Services finding out. And yet that’s exactly what they were able to do with the Su-57, which they tested in combat three weeks ago, while the CIA believed that it would not be ready until 2025.

Vladimir Putin has revealed his new arsenal. The intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Sarmate (from the name of an antique Russian people for whom men and women were equals), re-uses the « orbital head » technique which had already ensured Russian superiority during the 1970’s. The USSR abandoned this programme by signing and ratifying the SALT II agreements. However, the US Senate never ratified the Treaty, which made it null and void. With this type of missile, the warhead is placed into orbit, then re-enters the atmosphere and dives onto its target, with an unlimited range of action. The Treaties prohibiting the nuclearisation of space forbid the placing of a nuclear charge into permanent orbit, but not entering space during a part of its trajectory. At our current state of knowledge, it can not be intercepted during this period. The Sarmate can suddenly appear in the atmosphere and attack anyone, anywhere.

The Dague missile (Kinzhal in Russian) must be fired from a bomber in order to reach hypersonic speed in the atmosphere – it travels at five times the speed of sound. This incredible speed of course makes it impossible to intercept. It was tested with success three months ago.

Russia also possesses a motor which draws its energy from a nuclear power plant which has been miniaturised to the point of being able to equip a nuclear warhead cruise missile. Since cruise missiles have an unpredictable trajectory, and this motor has almost infinite autonomy, they are, for the moment, invincible.

This motor, placed on an underwater drone, enables it to carry a considerable nuclear charge at speeds many times faster than a classic submarine. Apart from its radioactive effects, the charge could trigger a tsunami 500 metres high off any ocean coastline.

Finally, Russia is attempting to develop a hypersonic projectile, the Avant-Garde, which would not only combine the characteristics of the Sarmate (passage in space) and the speed of the Dague, but whose trajectory could also be adjusted during its journey.

Russia’s new nuclear weapons have been conceived in order to render inoperative the anti-missile « shield » that the Pentagon has been developing all over the world, base after base, for forty years. It is not a question of superior force, but technical conception. The principle of the « shield » offers no possible defence against them.

Worse still, President Putin also announced the creation of a laser weapon whose characteristics he did not specify. It seems that it may be capable of intercepting certain US launchers.

For the moment, the chiefs of staff of the member-states of NATO refuse to believe a word of these allegations, since these weapons sound to them like science-fiction.

Russia is the land of chess, not poker, and History has taught us that it never bluffs about its own weaponry. It has often led us to believe that weapons under development were already operational, but it has never officially announced as « combat ready » weapons which were still being tested. The more than 200 new weapons used in Syria have convinced us of the technological advance of their scientists.

The immense progress of Russia has robbed the United States of its first-strike privilege. From now on, in case of nuclear war, the two major powers could hit one another with mutual strikes. The USA possess a considerably greater number of nuclear missiles, and Russia would be able to intercept many of them. Since they both have the capacity to devastate the planet several times over, they are both theoretically equal in this type of confrontation.

On the US side, the military-industrial complex has been broken down for the last twenty years. The most important aviation project in history, the F-35, was intended to replace the F-16, the F-18 and the F-22, but Lockheed Martin is unable to conceive the software it promised. The current version of the F-35 is in reality totally incapable of honouring its technical specifications, and the US Air Force is presently considering rebooting the production of its older aircraft.

It is true that President Donald Trump and his team have decided to attract new brains to the United States in order to relaunch the production of weapons and oblige the military-industrial lobby to respond to the needs of the Pentagon instead of continuing to sell it the same old wrecks. But it will take them at least twenty years to catch up.

The technical progress of Russia not only shakes up the world order by unexpectedly restoring a bipolar system, it also forces the strategists to rethink the conditions of war.

History has taught us that few men realise quickly enough the changes in the military paradigm. In the 15th century, when the French and English armies fought the battle of Agincourt, the armoured horsemen of France were destroyed by the English archers and arbalists, although they were inferior in number. However, the generals persisted in giving privilege to hand to hand combat, instead of combat at a distance using arrows and cannon-balls. So, for another century, we saw armoured horsemen being massacred on the battle-field.

For example, no tank battle has been waged since the defeat of President Hussein, in 1991, during Operation Desert Storm. And yet almost all armies were unable to interpret what had happened. The victory, in 2006, of small groups of Hezbollah Resistants against Israëli Merkava tanks, unequivocably demonstrated the vulnerability of this type of weapon. Rare are the states which have learned from this – except Australia and Syria, for example. Russia itself persists in producing these enormous rolling fortresses which are incapable of resisting their own properly-used RPG’s.

The Russian arsenal is invincible, at least if someone tries to fight them using old methods of combat. For example, intercepting hypersonic projectiles is unthinkable. But it may be possible to take control of them before they reach top speed. Military research will therefore concentrate on the control of enemy commands and communications. But in this sector too, Russia is in the lead.

Thierry Meyssan


ha ha ha


nice propaganda


Ugly Cretin Troll !


auw, that hurts……

anders hansen

Plz stop yourself plz


The End of the Roman Empire was due to Saturnism, the End of the US NeoColonial Empire would be Junk-Food =============================================


71% of Military Age Americans Too Sick to Join, Study Says

By Brandon Turbeville, Natural Blaze

The United States is now facing a security crisis the likes of which it has never faced before. Although we are awaiting the attempts to blame it on them, it’s hard to see how the State Department or the corporate media can pin this on on the Russians.

According to a new study by the Heritage Foundation, nearly 71% of young U.S. citizens are ineligible to serve in the military. To be more specific, out of 34 million people, between the ages of 17 and 24, more than 24 million are unable to join the military. Sixty percent of those ineligible to join are ineligible due to health problems or physical fitness. Around one-third are too obese.

Indeed, 27% of young Americans are “too overweight for military service.”

“The obesity issue is the most troubling because the trend is going in the wrong direction…by 2020 it could be as high as 50%,” said Major General Allen Batschelet, former Commander of U.S. Army Recruiting Command “back in 2015, “which means only two in ten would qualify to join the Army.”

Other common health concerns are hearing and eyesight problems, asthma and mental illness.

The study also shows that a quarter of those unfit for military service, are due to intelligence factors and are unable to complete their high school education and lack a “basic understanding of written and cognitive skills…to complete an organized program.”

The research points out that these individuals are considered unfit despite the fact that the military routinely accepts people who do not complete their high school education and “rarely pass the armed forces qualification test.”

Another 10% were ineligible due to a criminal record.

The national security issue comes to play when one realizes that this stunning commentary on the intellectual, mental and physical health of the United States will lead to a very serious shortage of recruits for the military, meaning that the U.S. military will suffer from a lack of manpower.

All ready, the U.S. Army is having a hard time meeting its 2018 goal of enlisting 80,000 volunteers.

Army Major General Malcolm Frost, Commander of the Army’s Initial Military Training Command, publicly stated in 2017, that “I would argue that the next existential threat that we have… is the inability to man our military.”

One highly important point to mention, is that the southern states, who have traditionally supplied the military with the largest amount of recruits, are experiencing even more concerning health issues than their Northern and Western counterparts.

South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee and Texas are “significantly less fit, and consequently are more likely to encounter training related injuries and recruits from other U.S. states,” according to recent research conducted by the Citadel, the U.S. Army Public Health Center and the American Heart Association.

The southern states mentioned above make up more than 37% of new recruits.

Thus, Americans’ poor health, dropping IQ and mental instability have reached such a proportion that it is now a national security issue.

While there are many other factors at play in regards to national security and the ability to man the military, such as an expansive military presence across the world and a constant state of warfare – America must begin to make drastic changes in its food supply, healthcare and culture unless it wants to do to itself what no outside power is capable of doing.


You filthy moron, create your own blog, but do not spam here with such long novels!!!

Promitheas Apollonious

in that you should also add the 16.000.000 children who are drugged at schools. n few years none will be fit for duty.



Big Pharma billionaire arrested, charged with conspiracy and bribery of doctors

I almost never thought I’d see the day when a Big Pharma founder and owner was finally arrested for running a criminal drug cartel, but that day has arrived.

“Federal authorities arrested the billionaire founder and owner of Insys Therapeutics Thursday on charges of bribing doctors and pain clinics into prescribing the company’s fentanyl product to their patients,” reports the Daily Caller News Foundation, one of the best sources of real journalism in America today.

Addictive drugs that include opioids, we now know, are claiming over 64,000 lives a year in the United States alone.

From the DCNF:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) charged John Kapoor, 74, and seven other current and former executives at the pharmaceutical company with racketeering for a leading a national conspiracy through bribery and fraud to coerce the illegal distribution of the company’s fentanyl spray, which is intended for use as a pain killer by cancer patients. The company’s stock prices fell more than 20 percent following the arrests, according to the New York Post.

Kapoor stepped down as the company’s CEO in January amid ongoing federal probes into their Subsys product, a pain-relieving spray that contains fentanyl, a highly-addictive synthetic opioid. Fentanyl is more than 50 times stronger than morphine, and ingesting just two milligrams is enough to cause an adult to fatally overdose.

The series of arrests came just hours after President Donald Trump officially declared the country’s opioid epidemic a national emergency. Drug overdoses led to 64,070 deaths in 2016, which is more than the amount of American lives lost in the entire Vietnam War.

As the opioid crisis has developed, more and more states have begun holding doctors and opioid manufacturers accountable for over-prescribing and over-producing the highly-addictive painkillers.

“We will be bringing some major lawsuits against people and companies that are hurting our people,” Trump said Thursday. He also spoke about a program similar to Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” initiative.

“More than 20,000 Americans died of synthetic opioid overdoses last year, and millions are addicted to opioids. And yet some medical professionals would rather take advantage of the addicts than try to help them,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement. “This Justice Department will not tolerate this. We will hold accountable anyone – from street dealers to corporate executives — who illegally contributes to this nationwide epidemic. And under the leadership of President Trump, we are fully committed to defeating this threat to the American people.

President Trump is bringing the war to Big Pharma’s doorstep

Under President Trump, who continues to fight to end the drug cartels and health care monopolies that are destroying this nation, we may see more and more drug companies finally facing the legal scrutiny they deserve for engaging in the mass medical murder of Americans with dangerous, deadly drugs.

And then there’s the question of vaccines, the autism cover-up and the criminal racket run by the CDC, Big Pharma and the lying mainstream media. When that medical fraud and corruption scandal blows sky-high, we may see dozens of pharmaceutical officials going to prison.

And we sever off heads by the strike of the sword, and by striking the enemy we heal souls. So take heed, my enemy, of the day of doom, that old glory may arise in the world. https://youtu.be/it0NJAGQSWc

Estorilista (Sargakekek)

“The Syrian Democratic Forces number about 50,000 Kurdish and Arab fighters throughout eastern and northern Syria, American military officials have said. Several thousand have been fighting the Islamic State in the Euphrates River Valley, with Arabs making up as much as 80 percent of that force, reflecting the demographics of the region.

But as they have elsewhere in the fight against Islamic State in Syria, the Kurds have taken on a disproportionate role in front line fighting and command skills, American officials said.”

The New York Times, 2018.02.28.

What kind of “mysterious” Arab forces are you talking about, dear South Front? I liked your journalism for a time, but you’re getting to take a side. Please, fix it, because it’s not reliable.


Seems the U.S. has lost control of more peshmerga mercenaries. If they want them back alive, they’ll have to assist afrin operations.

Either antagonize turkey (again) or lose your force multiplier.

These force multipliers save the US billions of dollars in occupation costs. The also hoped to use them against Iran in the future.

It was only a matter of time before the US antagonizes turkey again. They hate erdogan, and they don’t fear him.


The mainstream media’s propaganda campaign and insistence that the war must go on is the real war crime. The deaths of all the scumbags and dimwits who chanted pro-Western slogans and appealed to the American regime to bomb their own homeland for 7 years should be celebrated.

John Marks

So the Americans, with their vast “coalition” cannot defeat the few pockets of ISIS left? Yet the Syrians and Russians managed to clear almost all Syria of ISIS in six months. What the Americans are really saying is they’re transferring the ISIS fighters to east and south Damascus.

Xaundon Peach

I think its obvious who is keeping ISIS alive, I hope the Russians fuck them up

No it is the evil USA-Rus-Zio propaganda which harms ISIS because they tell only lies. https://youtu.be/nrG8VvKxGe4


Let’s hope for an embarrassing US helicopter crash, full of US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers and slavers near Damascus.


“US officials had repeatedly claimed that the SDF consisted of some mysterious Arab-dominated forces with some YPG presence”…TRANSLATION…UNITED STES admitted that their INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS SDF INVADING SYRIA consisted of INTERNATIONAL MERCENARIES, pay by the UNITED STATES DEEP STATE AND ISRAEL.

Hide Behind

The US still has military superiority, as it has a vast amount of proxies forces in over 140 nations to draw from. It can launch strikes from hundreds of military installations world wide. Off of Phillipines there is a virtual floating military base that for sheer firepower, with over 30,000 manpower, of combined branches of military. Even US Congress does not know full extent of military men on active duty. As an example; the most decorated units in both Afghanistan and Iraq were forces from Columbian and El Salvadorian mainline military. Another example is: During Balkan invasion our Aircraft were being flown by Joint US and NATO MILITARY airmen. The only B2 bomber to get shot down had a German co pilot, and hence reason for urgent instantaneous and massive successful rescue mission. The spread out US military, especially our Naval, we have permanent floating resupply depot fleets, at least 5, that shift positions continuously and would needs be targeted by enemy forces. ThebNetherlands has more nuclear warheads in Storage than we have stored in US. Turkey as a NATO member has US supplied nuke weaponry as well. Israel has a couple hundred nuke warheads and shorter range delivery systems. They also have 3 nuclear powered subs capable of launching nuke warhead cruise missels, Germany built them for Israel. INDIA has an estimated full bore nukes,50, and an untold numbers of smaller tactical nukes as well. US soil France has its own nuclear capability with its own Intermediate Continental Missels that can hit all of Russia. As to manpower, all of the military Draft infrastructure is still up and running and all males upon 18 registered. They also have females by millions of draft eligibility. Also the US military has unknown amounts of munitions, even aircraft, foods water in underground storage. Massive tunnel systems all prepared and operationally staffed not Shadow but secondary Government agencies, deep in bowels of US soils. The homeland security forces alone have billions of rounds and tens of thousands of weapons, hidden away. The way US military has of new Command Centers means in full blown war each command center has complete control of any and all its means to fight independently of any US centered command group. DARPA has very advanced weaponry already in space, we have a US based Space Command, and are and have been a long while in violation of Treaties against arming space. MASSIVE MICROWAVE AND BOTH EARTH AND SPACE BORN PULSE AND LAZER WEAPONS. Worse case of all is US military and political S-hole honestly believe they would survive any full on warfare scenario. And they do not give a Fly’n pig about how many people of enemies they kill not how many millions of US citizens would die in such a war. THEY ALMOST RELIGIOUSLY BELIEVE THAT THEY PERSONALLY WILL SURVIVE. And they are well prepared to prove up on it. Damn tired of ARMCHAIR warriors whose minds too full of themselves and do not know fiddly squat of reality. As to the dumber than rock Arabic religious fanatics, it is too bad they got mindstuck in 3 centuries ago.


I take it that the Syrians are allowing the Kurds transit though government controlled areas?

jim crowland

gassing is getting results for the soviets-assad-hizbolla

turdkey warrior

turdks crying now

leon mc pilibin

This statement full of lies would be hilarious if not for the serious consequences for the Syrian people.They are beyond a sick joke at this stage.Hopefully Syria,Russia and its allies will give a serious lesson to them for their war crimes in Syria and beyond.

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