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Syrian War Report – March 6, 2017: Govt Troops Rapidly Advancing In Aleppo Province

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Syrian government troops deployed to the areas controlled by Kurdish forces in the countryside of Manbij on March 3, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. According to the report, Syrian troops have been deployed in the area south and southwest of Manbij. Russia’s center for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria also sent a food and medical supplies convoy to Manbij.

In response, Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis said that US Defense Department is not aware of any agreement between the so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces” (the US and the mainstream media use this brand to describe Kurdish forces operating in northern Syria) and the Syrian government. However, Davis confirmed that the humanitarian convoy arrived in the area of Manbij.

Pro-government forces, backed by the Rusian and Syrian air forces, have been rapidly advancing towards the Euphrates River. Since March 4, the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces have liberated a high number of villages, including Abu Jarin, Atwiyat, Qasr Hadla, Tal Mai, Rasm Kbar, Um Miyal and Abu Hanaya. Thus, government troops deployed in a striking distance from the the ISIS-held Jarah Airbase. Another target of the Syrian military is the Water Treatment plant which had been damaged by ISIS. If government forces liberated the plant, they will be able to improve the water security in the city of Aleppo. Then, pro-government forces will likely focus on the ISIS stronghold of Deir Hafer.

The US-backed SDF, led by the People’s Protection Units (YPG), has renewed their push against the ISIS terrorist group in the eastern countryside of Raqqah. On March 5, SDF units resized the villages of Julayb Khalil, Abd al Matnī and Muhammad al-Ayyash from ISIS east of Raqqah. The Kurdish-led operation in the area had ben halt for some time because of tensions between Kurdish units and pro-Turkish forces in the province of Aleppo.

Head of the Directorate of Combat Training of the Western Military District’s Staff, Major General Petr Milyukhin, was critically injured in the battle for Palmyra in Syria, according to reports in Russian media. It was the first Russian general, who was wounded in Syria. According to the Russian Kommersant newspaper, the incident allegedly took place on February 16 when an armored vehicle with Russian military personnel was blown up on a radio-controlled IED en route from the Tiyas Airbase to the city of Homs and then came under fire. Milyukhin lost both his legs and an eye. 4 more Russian troops died in the incident. The death of four Russian military servicemen en route to Homs was reported by the Russian Defense Ministry in February.

The Russian Aerospace Forces performed 991 sorties, destroying 2,306 ISIS targets during a month, Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel General Sergei Rudskoy, said. ISIS command points, depots of arms and ammunition and heavy military equipment were main targets of the airstrikes.

The Russian air power and the special operations forces made a major contribution to the ISIS defeat in Palmyra where the terrorist group lost over 1000 fighters, 19 battle tanks, 37 armored vehicles, 98 pickup trucks with heavy weapons and over 100 vehicles.

A HQ of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Al-Nusra) was also destroyed by the Russian air power near Rasm al-Eis in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo on February 28. 67 terrorists, including 19 filed commanders, were killed, and 104 others injured according to Rudskoy.

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Trustin Judeau

Syrian troops havent deployed to the Kurdish area.I have asked people who have connections to the Tiger Forces and they denied.Preparations are made and it is expected in the next few days.6 villages will be handed according to some sources


Whole YPG area west of Eupfrat shoud be handed to Syrian government but it will be hard to get that

Trustin Judeau

It will be because of the Americans


Today the SDF reached the Euphrates between Raqqah and DeZ, right at the point where there is, or was, a ponton bridge over the river. It might be coincidence, but I do not believe in coincidences in this war. Even if damaged, ponton bridges are the easiests to repair and might provide the SDF a bridgehead on the south side of the river.

Interesting times ahead in northern Syria.


What does that mean?


Interesting as in unexpected moves by either SAA or SDF towards resolving outstanding issues, becoming more urgent as the situation around DeZ continues to worsen for civilians, trade relations becoming more urgent and what will happen once Raqqah is over.

Till that time, SDF will turn the screws on Raqqah, maybe try to cross the river and assault Raqqah?

Meanwhile, I expect developments around Afrin now that jihadis are being kicked out of their cities by Turkish police forces occupying Syrian cities. Where will they go? Idlib or attack Tal Rifaat?


I don’t know what do u think?


In my opinion they will try to do both. Some factions will try for Tal Rifaat. Those closest to hardcore islamists most likely will go to Idlib.

Rodney Loder

Erdogan could be frozen out to enable a mass exodus of Kurds into Syria as a covert population swap, in that case Turkey like Libya should become Salafist, and Syria can be Christian and Secular, with the Greeks vacating the Aegean Islands and Cyprus, fairs fair, or the PKK and my Salafist Brothers could join forces and have three separate states in Turkey one Kurdish one Salafist and one Erdogan’s makeshift despoterry.


SAS attack on the General?

888mladen .

The most likely.



Philipp Roth

Dear SF-Team,

why do you use a Tiger-Symbol for ISIS tanks? It feelks like propaganda against germans. Please change that you are a light for a better reporting so dont do the same mistakes as the controlled mass media. thank you


Are you actually being triggered by a vehicle silhouette? You think that those peace spreading WW2 tanks should not be connected with war criminals in any way.

Philipp Roth

Yes, because there are dozens of available vehicle silhouettes! And no, shouldn’t be connected! Cause there is clearly no fucking connection!!!!! beside a Covert conditioning.


No one even payed attention to it until you mentioned it. I had to rewatch the video, because I had no idea WTF are you talking about. You’ve caused https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect Also, you need more exclamation marks. If you think that Nazis are better than ISIS, you need to get back to scool (or learn to use Google at least). If you think that islamic extremist were not part of Waffen-SS, then Google some more. It’s a bit ironic that descendants of Nazis are being fucked over by islam, and they are expecting Russians to save them. Luckily, Russians are good at exterminating pests, so it might actually happen.

P.S. Before you made your profile private, I’ve manage to see that you are German. It’s not this site that give you bad reputation, but the things that your grandfathers did.

Philipp Roth

In a state of war there isnt just a good and a bad nation… sorry that is not that easy. So what ever i never said something about nazis. I just mentioned germans. You can have your opinion and i will have mine. Have a nice day


In a state of war, the bad nation is the one that invades others, and does mass murdering of civilians (it doesn’t get much easier than that). You talk about Germans like they have been in some parallel dimension the whole time, while someone else was living in Nazi Germany doing the untermenschen-killing stuff. Modern day Germans are trying to be better, but even then Germany was very happy to support neo-nazis and mujahedins i Yugoslav wars (some of those ended up in Syria), and neo-nazis in Ukraine. In Syrian war NATO supports moderate headchoppers. That is not the way to earn back respect and honor. Getting triggered by irrelevant stuff doesn’t help either. Getting opinions challenged is not a bad thing. Have a nice day.

Philipp Roth

So Invaiding Finnland was a act of heroism? It sounds like you describe nearly every nation of ww2.

And i ensure you that a majority of German does not support any Neonazis in Ukraine and Terrorists in Syria! Dont compare the People with the Politics!

I know there has been some terrible and inexcusable events in the past. It was never my intention to relativise a crime. But it has to stop that everyone uses the Naziterm to critisize german patriotism because thats how you give wind in the wings of a far-right movment!


I never said that only one nation met the criteria. Indeed, few of them did, but far from “nearly every”. Very far from that.

I know the difference between politics and common man, but when Luftwaffe starts sending planes things get real. The first Luftwaffe combat missions since WWII were in suport of mujahedins in Yugoslavia (in their fight to create islamic states ih Europe, which they eventually did). The whole mess out there was WWII continuation in order to destabilize the region. I don’t know what procent of population supported that (milions of Turks shurely did), but when the war starts it does’t matter any more.

Seems to me that the only ones failing to differentiate between German patriotism and Nazism are Germans themselves. To the outsiders Germany nowdays is nothing more than American lapdog. They don’t seem to do things based on their own judgment, just follow orders, and it isn’t working out very well for them. Following orders doesn’t makes someone less responsible for their actions. The whole rapefugee thing happening all over Europe makes everyone involved look like spinless idiots. I don’t thing it will end well.


first intersection ;)

Rodney Loder

Erdogan just woke up and now knows he’s been dudded by Trump and Putin after he ended the lives of a dozen SDF on the outskirts of Manbij from what I heard the 500 US – Special Forces hit the trail headed in the opposite direction, but now Erdogan is packing shit about what happens next so he called an unprecedented meeting with Russia and the US, only the flies on the wall and Allah will know what is being said, if Allah puts it about in Heaven I’ll get a report and I’ll pass it on straight away.

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