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JULY 2022

Syrian War Report – March 28, 2017: ISIS Retreats From Northeastern Sweida

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

On March 27th, Syrian government forces launched a military operation against the ISIS terrorist group in northeastern Sweida. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) captured Al Masiydah, Al Asfar, Al-Saqiyah, Al-Janinah, Shinwan, and other sites in the area.

Meanwhile, the Free Syrian Army and allied elements continued their own advance against ISIS terrorists in the same area, recapturing the villages of Shunwan, Beir Al Awra, Beir Al Qunyat, Rajm, Al Dawla. According to reports, a majority of ISIS militants had withdrawn from the Sweida province to Deir Ezzor and Raqqah.

In northern Hama, the SAA and the NDF took control of Maazraf and Kafr Amim from the joint militant forces led by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). The sites had been controlled by Jaysh al-Izza and Abnaa al-Sham fighters that, in general, were less motivated than their counterparts from HTS. However, Jaysh al-Izza actively uses US-supplied TOW anti-tank guided missiles against the government military equipment and manpower inflicting notable damage and casualties. Intense clashes continued along the whole frontline in the area.

Rumors have been circulating that the Russian Air Force had stricken fighters of the Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces near the government-held town of Qamhana in northern Hama. Allegedly, the Russian airstrikes resulted in the killing of 33 Tiger Forces members and the wounding of about 40 others. However, no photos or videos were provided from the site of the alleged airstrikes and independent local sources were not able to confirm that the incident had even taken place.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continued their advance west of Raqqah, aiming to take control of the town of Tabqa. The advance on the Tabqa dam resulted in no gains because of a threat to damage this strategic facility.

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Bill Wilson

I would think that ISIS also withdrawn fighters from the regions east of Homs and Hama since they weren’t doing anything much other than holding destroyed villages that their inhabitants abandoned before they showed up.

John Whitehot

the alleged news of russian air force striking the tiger forces is a ridiculous attempt at disseminating false information to demoralize the Syrian soldiers on the field and lower their morale, and on the other side raise those of the ragheads.

It could be that the notice contains a small part of truth, although it’s hard to say what it is. For example, if Tiger forces (or other syrians) were struck, it could had been a Turkish (or maybe Israeli) airstrike (or missile strike, or artillery), made to blame the Russians and in accord with the jihadists.

It’s far from assured though – the entire report is likely to be a total lie. Jihadist propaganda is aimed at people who are normally completely devoid of any military preparation, and most of the time it’s constructed in such a way to show that “Allah punishes the enemies of the Islam” and some other bullshit.

Sadly, muslims people faith and naivety is used against them, so to support agendas who are about power and money and got nothing to do with a religion that predicates peace and forgiveness.

It would be wonderful at if some point in history, the muslims could understand how much they have suffered because they’ve been played into fighting wars on the interests of Israel and jews in general. Sadly, the same goes for a large part of the US population and military as well.


Did you say Muslim “naivety”? Lol !! The only “naive” people are the ones who believe they are naive. It is called “Al-Taqiyya” and there are no better liars in the world. How many “moderates” have reported on the preachers preaching death and violence? They just want to run with the hares and hunt with the hounds. Terrorists are ones that have acted on their beliefs and moderates haven’t yet done so.

John Whitehot

lol i was not talking about muslim naivety, i was talking about naive muslim people. I see many commenters have the urge to generalize on this, or better, to make me sound like i’m generalizing.. (I’m not accusing you of anything, i just noticed that some folks are quick in stating that I call all muslims like this or all jews like that, which I don’t).

On liars, I don’t really believe that there is such thing as a “good liar”. There are just people who are easily lied to.


Nobody is “anything” to begin with. They are a product of nature and nurture. If I am brainwashed into believing an ideology – however twisted, I will be convinced that there is nothing better. Those people are not naive. They just believe in it. They use “Al-Taqiyya” liberally to mislead the ‘non-believers’ because that is the way of their ideology. The real naive people are the ones who believe that they are people of peace.

John Whitehot

I agree, but frankly it seem a misunderstanding on the definition of the word “naive”. It is true that they believe in it (ideology) – but they were brainwashed into believing it because they are naive from the start – that’s how i intended to use the word.

There is something called “doubt”, and it’s something every human being is gifted it. People who do not indulge for a second to apply it to any information being passed to them, no matter who, have high chances to become brainwashed.


Their ideology is based on implicit obedience. They do not cast aspersions or raise “doubts” about what their messiah has written in the book. In fact, that is punishable by death. It is this immutable nature of their religion that is getting them into trouble and precludes a reformation. They do not have the equivalent of a Pope who can issue religious diktats. Their clergy are merely enforcers and within the confines of their book, they can pronounce a sentence or declare holy war (Jihad).

John Whitehot

Sadly, it’s the problem with religions and dogmas, and it happens in some measure with Christians and Jews. With Islam though, as you say, there is the lack of a “centralized” religious authority (although it seems to me it’s an issue that relates to the Sunnis much more than Shias). Among the clergy, often are “priests” that have the power to interpret the religious sources and translate them into rules for the people. This likely derives from having entire populations not able to read and write (in the past) hence electing some of theirs to this function. This situation has been exploited since sometime in the 80ies in the west. Jihadist and integralist imams were formed, with money in all likeness coming from jewish and US finances. The reason was very likely to create problems and wars in the muslim republics of the USSR, but I’m pretty sure that it does not stop there, the “color revolutions” of today against all the secular arab countries are all related to that phenomenon.


You’re wrong. I can openly rail and rant about my religion and nobody would give a damn. Islam is the ONLY religion that terrorizes its followers as well as others. Apostasy is punishable by death. There’s no other religion that even comes close to this kind of tyranny.

John Whitehot

uhm, no, I’m right. Not every muslim is punishable by death for apostasy, it happens only in integralist areas. An Algerian or an Egyptian muslim will not be sentenced to death for apostasy, that’s because the law of the state are not bound to sharia. Moreover, you said that “I’m wrong” as soon as I started to talk about how the jihadist imams were formed in the 80ies to oppose the Soviet Union abroad and at home. That’s a pretty much Soros ONG, 10 cent per-comment troll behaviour.


This “Al-Taqiyya” thing is becoming tiresome. In the days of the internet it is hard to get away with fabrications. Where are those Muslims who openly claim they has left the religion and can safely move around in his own land? You can see many instances of ex-Muslims needing protection and having to migrate to the West. Besides your claims on Egypt and Algeria is a blatant fabrication. Look up “Majorities of Muslims in Egypt and Pakistan support the death penalty for leaving Islam”. The number is 88%. I feel for you that you have the urge to defend your religion. But some things are indefensible.

John Whitehot

lololololol. omg, so I am a muslim? you are a madman, and either can’t read or you don’t want to do that.

I said that an Algerian or an Egyptian will not be sentenced to death because they criticized their religion. How does that relate to Muslims in Egypt and Pakistan (not Algeria, Pakistan) supporting death penalty for “those who leave islam”?

you answered with a non-related subject, typical behavior of zionists, crooked CIA agents and people who generally write on the web as tools of propaganda.

Also, how you call the above statement a fabrication is beyond reason. You could say it’s bullshit and that you don’t agree.

A “fabrication” is something like the chemical attack of two days ago. But you are right, today is difficult to get away with fabrications.

Behaving like little dirty jewish lawyers won’t save you folks from exposal and embarassment in the short term, and the judgement of history in the long.. xDDDD


Nice try. You’re on a white hot streak here. But you ain’t fooling anyone. I’ll give you this – you’re better at this ‘taqiyya’ thing than your bumbling fellow-cohorts. I might keep my “Jewish lawyers” on the leash yet.


What happened to all those loud-mouthed Jihadi brides who went from Europe to join Islamic State? Haven’t heard a peep from them in ages. Now I am really worried that they might not have enough lipstick and hair remover amidst all this bombing.

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