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Syrian War Report – March 20, 2018: U.S. Building Military Garrison To Control Largest Syrian Oil Field

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The US is reportedly establishing an at-Tanf-like military garrison in the Omar oil fields area in the province of Deir Ezzor. Considering the US attempt to maintain a military presence in Syria for as long as possible, Washington may see the Syrian oil and gas resources as useful tool to gain an additional financial revenue from its occupation of the eastern part of the country.

A video has also appeared allegedly showing two US-led coalition Blackhawk helicopters landing in the area.

On March 19, the Syrian state-run news agency SANA accused the US-led coalition of evacuating four ISIS members from the area between the villages of al-Jissi and Kalu in southeastern countryside of Qamishli.

SANA also recalled that on February 26 the US allegedly evacuated a number of ISIS members to the Sabah al-Kheir center, 20 km south of Hasaka, which the US forces are using as center for training militant groups.

According to one version, the US is going to use the evacuated ISIS members to create “security threates” in Central Asia. In late 2017 and early 2018 reports appeared that the US had already redeployed some ISIS members from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan. The ISIS threat will serve as justification for a continued US military presence in the country.

Following the military success of the Turkish Army and the Free Syrian Army in Afrin, Turkish President Recep Tayip Erdogan vowed to clear the entire Syrian north, from Manbij to Qamishli, of Kurdish militias, mostly the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

He also hinted that the Turkish Army may conduct a large-scale military operation against the PKK in northern Iraq.

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is a Kurdish militant separatist organization operating in southern Turkey, northern Syria and northern Iraq. The PKK has for a long time been involved in militancy against the Turkish government and de-facto seeks to establish an independent Kurdish state, which would include territories from Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

Ankara describes the YPG as a branch of the PKK. The YPG is at the core of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. US support for the YPG is one of the reasons behind the current Turkish-US tensions in the diplomatic sphere.

In Eastern Ghouta, Syrian and Russian forces continued evacuating civilians from the militant-held areas. According to Chief of the Russian General Staff’s Main Operations Department Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoi, 44,639 people have been evacuated in recent days.

The Russian military has also warned that militants in Eastern Ghouta have not abandoned their attempts to stage false flag chemical attacks which they plan to blame on the Syrian government.

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Well this news continue to come out as though US will be allowed to stay and seize the oil. It sounds so stupid really. Assad and allies are not losing to US btw .and how the heck Assad can allow US to remain in Syria is beyond any comprehension and if allowed showed extreme cowardice on the Iranians too…

No it will not happen … at worse just send some missiles to destroy the oil fields…. all the time. US cannot fight Houthis type of warfare ….

Mind you this time Russia will SINK US warships trying to be funny.

Just wait until Assad has taken care of most of the terrorists ….


It’s not certain but at least plausible that Russia struck a secret deal (or rather, tried to) to let Uncle Sam have Syria east of the Euphrates. However, once the Armies of Mordor have their bases there fortified then this becomes the new normal, and a self-proclaimed deconfliction zone from which they can take potshots at the SAA with impunity. Meanwhile, everything you thought *you* were getting is forgotten. If something like this went down, it’d serve Moscow right for using somebody else’s land as their bargaining chip.


No Russia does not have the authority to strike a permanent deal to let US have control of the area on permanent basis . It was just temporary to allow each to fight on their side while allowing the Kurds to fight along against ISIS. Notice Kurds and SAA did not clash.

But lately the Kurds have gone big headed as though it’s their right and winner takes all attitude.

No one is such a fool to allow that not even Russia let alone Iran which can very easily finish off the US forces there inside Syria.

Iran with SAA will finish off the US forces if they do not leave. Come on , US cannot even defeat Talibans with AK47 and want to take on SAA , Iran And Hez with modern air defence systems?

US can do a lot of damage which is nothing compared to loss of your country. So I say again it is impossible for US to permanently stay in Syria . Iran will never allow it not to say Syrians . SAA is winning not losing!

Jens Holm

The usual stuff. The differences among the locals totally are ignored as well.

Jens Holm

Still none can see how USA, which also dont need oil, can treansport oil out from those antique oilfields.

You are hard hidden by Your own propaganda making US much smaller then it is and its allies are, and old fashion USSR by lousy militaries of Damaskus can do anything about much so.


Well agreed they cannot transport the oil unless through Iraq if Iragi govt allows it which will not be.

I am being realistic. Today’s infantry weaponry is very powerful indeed esp with ATGM that acts like a mobile non armoured but stealthy tank power! This is even better than having tanks. That’s why Houthis and Hez were able to withstand any air power there is to come in .

Besides that , I am talking about the fight INSIDE SYRIA and the situations the US folders are inside Syria …practically surrounded and no significant land forces unless Israel is to join in the war to face the might of Iran not to say Russia(assuming that country stays out ).

Outside Syria , Assad’s forces would be pulverised in minutes ….. but NOT IN SYRIA unless US create a force STRONGER than those which invaded Iraq (even that is doubtful if Iran and Russia helps.

That is why to this day most authors still talk about US intending to say as a matter of fact which to me is just impossible.


Who will say that all US wars are not for Oil, it has been and it is and it will always be for OIL its a priority number one for the ugly US gov,


Energy is competition. That’s why USA needs oil and gas. To provide gas and oil to Europe and to fuck Russia.


Go fuck yourself, troll bastard. People, lets donate for the South front’s budget.


I don’t understand why people who love so much money don’t bury themselfs with them money in their coffin.


You don’t understand nothing, you are a victim of you own psychological war, poor stupid imbecile.


The dots are connecting. I’m seeing happening what I have predicted. And it’s getting worst and worst. I believe in myself. I don’t believe your fairytales that happen to be always false and deceptive lies.


Guy, a nation is = a territory + a people + a state. How can it’s getting worst and worst when the Syrian state is recovering land and population since more then two years ago?!?!?! It’s only getting worst and worst in your brain because your psychological war is fucking it!!

Jens Holm

The more war the more destruction and dead ones making any recovery only possible for a lower and lower level.

Succes for people wishing Damaskus to be reduced as power. The SDF zone is same thing.


In that case, Holm, your problem it’s that neither Damascus nor Hezbollah, nor Iran, etc., are being reduced as powers in this fight. Their power is growing and will be still growing how more the other side will continue this war. A war is a fight, and in any fight we dispend energy, forces, but the question is that war or a fight is also an investiment, and the ratio is losses/gains. An example, the Syrian Army was not great thing, lost many men and were losing the war, but now as some very good unities (an example, but isn’t the only one: the Tigers of general Suleil). How more this war will going one, how more Tigers forces and Suleils will appear

Jens Holm

Thats exactly the point. You are not even able and allowed to copy good systems in the rest of the world, because You are like better hay for the cars.


Ask jews !

Jens Holm

Easy. Arabic oil is westerns working hard to take it up. Those money is used for a higher living standard.

The arabic one was and mainly are – We are rich as long as western give us money for their hard work and possesing oil. If not oil in region only was for lamps. No innovation. No hard work.

Your system mainly are like that by Muhammed Economics based on steealing, raping others.

Same thing about the socallded Jewish way around money. You dont get investments make the cake better or the cow giving more milk.

Irrigation making more and more salty fields is same thing. You not even get that 10 hektar crops making 40 times is better then 40 times making 10 times.

Sunni most of the is staying where You are blaming others for the many vital fiascos.


Well, the US does not like Assad. If they take the oil, then Assad cannot have it. Plus the US can now use the oil, saving them (or gaining them) money. It makes sense strategically from their standpoint. Now Syria has to try and figure out a way to get the field back. Russia will not support an attack on a US base. Good luck trying to get that thing back…


Why you assume Russia will not support to drive out US? It is also against Russian interests to allow US to be in Syria just as it is against Iran , Hez, and Syrian people. All can easily finish off the US which only have Air power which actually is useless


What? Did you just say that airpower was useless? Airpower makes or breaks ground wars. Look at Afrin. Airpower was the advantage that helped TAF crush the ypg. Look at WW2, air power was one of the biggest reaons on why the Allies won. Look at the gulf war in 1991, Iraq had the larger army (albiet a poorly trained one) and they were defeated almost soley with airpower. Do you understand how wars work? I bet you think that navies are useless in modern warfare. Also the US has some ( a small amount) of ground forces in Syria. This is article makes it seem as if US ground and special forces are garrisoning the field. Plus the US has thousands of allied militia in Syria. Notice how Putin tried to push the US last month with that attack that ended poorly. That ended very badly, and there were only about a dozen US forces there. Plus if Russia outright attacks the US and kills its troops that a declaration for war. Putin does not want war, that’s why he fights with proxies. Nuclear powers do not want to go to war against one another (look at cold war proxy wars, much like today). Therefore Putin will not help the Syrians (directly) to take the oil field back. He might give them some weapons and supplies and maybe even private Russian contractors, but Russians military would not be involved.


Has air power win the war against very very poorly armed Houthis? No. Has air power won against Hez in Lebanon 2006? No

Did Air power able to destroy Serbian military? No

Has air power won against Taliban? No

Why recently US air power killed so many russianS vs very few US Soldiers… It’s because those fools we’re fighting against US air forces without air defences and fought the traditional way like ISIS who loved to travel in Armour Toyotas.

Now , when SAA is to face the US air Force, they have manpads and SAM to ensure the planes do not fly over head or very high up

These are useless to Target foot soldiers and can easily advance against the US ground forces.

That’s why the Houthis burnt all captured tanks and vehicles .

Can US Garrisons even get supplied?

US proxies are too small vs large scale concentrated assault.

Unless US mobilise like they did for attack on Iraq, Iran alone can finish off US forces as Iran can field hundreds of thousands of soldiers across the land bridge.

How the heck can US planes cover all when Iran too have lots of SAm and ATGM?

The most US can do is to destroy some infrastructures that has not been destroyed nothing more.

Do keep dreaming


So, I appreciate you trying. I love healthy debate :)

But those were not very good examples. The airpower that the us can bring to bear is greater than the most of the rest of the world combined. Your examples are from when the US used a tiny percentage of their airpower. How many planes are they using against the Taliban? Like less then 1 percent? Also, air-power does not do as much against guerrilla forces. But in your scenario, this would be a stand up, in the open, all out fight. That is where the US air force excels. You also have to remember that the US has top notch air defense just like Russia. So Russia would not be able to to do much to the US ground forces from the air. And if both sides decided to go into all out war, then the US has more bases and allies in the middle east than Russia, so the US would have a better advantage early on in the air war in Syria. So if the air war is not happening, or cancels itself out, then that leaves ground forces. Syrian coalition forces would probably not work, we already saw that happen. So how would the US lose the base in a fight, without Russia attacking it.

And no, Russia will not go to war with the US over an oilfield in Syria. Millions and millions of Russian peoples would die (along with US peoples but I’m looking at this from Putin’s point of view), Huge portions of his military would be annihilated (again so would western armies but I’m looking at this as Putin), his economy, and the world economy, would be devastated for at least a decade, and that is only the worst of it if he wins the war, which he may or may not. That is not worth the risk of America having some Syrian territory. Keep in mind that Putin is going to save Assad and most of Syria, which means that he has accomplished his goal He can then sit there and complain to NATO and the UN that the US is illegally holding territory. Now he looks like the good guy. Eventually the west, always wanting to look better than Russia, will be all over the US to leave the oil field and the US would probably let it go if it was evident that Assad was staying and allies were unhappy about occupation.

Also the new Russian super weapons are not really relevant are they? Before these weapons Russia could destroy any enemies they wanted within an hour. Now they can do it faster but the end result is still the same. And as soon as Russia were to launch those then the US would counter and bot nations would be wiped from the earth. So no one is shooting those weapons unless they know they are going to lose world war 3.


Fact is if Russia is to protect Syrian ground forces , even the risk if one plane shot down would stop the US to venture further . I don’t think US is daring enough to take on Russia when Russia stands up . Proven.

That leaves the ground forces and surely SAA allies even without Russian ground forces would be many times more in numbers and Battle experience than even US forces who hardly did any battle in Syria.

Even if Russia stands down completely, I have stated, Syria can fight better than Talibans and more willing.

US simply does not have the logistic and manpower to hold and any decent general would not risk his men to be slaughtered and answer to their families. They are not ISIS who cares not their soldiers.

My friend , Israel used their entire ammo yet could not defeat Hez without air defences.

Syrians are not without air defences and even the risk of one plane shot down is one plane too many .


How is that proven? The US has killed loads of Syrian soldiers and now Russian contractors. They have not been afraid to strike back. Im not understanding what you have been watching?


It’s proven in Ukraine when US created a coup to try to get Crimea , russia moved US stood still dumb founded .

US was about to win the Syrian war with their pretences of fighting ISiS and USIS just at the doorsteps of Damascus, Russia acted and US caught flat footed and today has practically lost the Syrian war.

Now Russia issued three times warnings about false flag chemical attacks now first time threaten TO SINK US ships….you see silence and Trump has not launched any Tomahawks.

When the bear roars, the paper tiger keeps quiet like a mouse. When the bear purrs like a kitten referring their enemies as partners , the paper tiger roats very loudly from Washington to London

Now the bear roars….and all quiet on the western fronts


No, Russia has threatened the US before. Its all talk. Russia has not actually done anything to the US directly in decades. And dude, the US doesnt actually care about Ukraine. Why would they do anything to help that nation? We dont really even want them in NATO but it hurts Russia, so..

You dont make terrible points, its just that you dont look at history, and you dont seem to understand the US that well. Russia has been threatening to nuclear strike america for decades, but here we are. The US threatens Russia as well. China and the US threaten each other every single week, but no one in america cares even a bit. Actually most Americans fear North Korea more than Russia and China combined (which is stupid but it is what it is). But in your mind you see Americans as scared of Putin and Russia when that is further from the truth. The average American seems to dislike North Korea, Iran, and China more than Russia. Most of us do not care what Russia is doing. You can keep the idea that Americans are peeing themselves over the thought of Putin if you want though. Its a free world and you can think whatever you want.


Russia has not threatened US but the other way round as proven by the encircling of Russia as well as China.

Whatever threats, like North Korea ate all in reactions to threats. Just like Israel ever saying Hez is threatening them while fact is Israel has been attacking Lebanon aka Hez .

Look from the other side not your fake news US MSM sides.

Russia true had been trying terribly hard to appease the west in fact calling them partners and colleagues in the most trying circumstances. You never ever hear such from the west except contempt and false news and Attacks like the London nerve gas . Where on Earth can one accuse another when all the western leaders from Trump to french President said ,most likely, I feel strongly, I am of the opinion etc to accuse Russia. It’s all so malicious and childish .

Now you see Russia is out of patience and most significant statement is willingness to sink US ships.

There is a change now and even trump just called for a meeting to discuss arms control!!! US never do this from a position of strength. It’s too arrogant and snobbish to do it unless US has no choice…..and as Putin warned…listen to me now.

Yes US is listening


You are good. Not, you are great!

Salut from european part of NATO!

Jens Holm

Very good memorylack. Some scientist should study it.


They have studied it. Basically, humans who are stressed, fear & hate-ful are in self-defense-fight-or-flight mode and have little ability to pay attention, much less remember what is going on. Also, in the US, we have a powerful propaganda mechanism spewing lies from our corporate media to make sure that what we do remember is, at best, only violent contortions of reality.


Another thing don’t assume Russia is afraid to go to war with US and will abandon Assad to allow Russia’s enemies to camp right in Syria.

Notice lately after Russia is so fed up with arrogant US , revealed their super weapons. ..is to tell US now listen to Russia now. Russia for the FIRST time have openly threaten to sink US ships launching the missiles as it is easier to sink the ships than to hit the hundred flying missiles.

Yes russia is now ready to come to the aid of Assad

And as sure as the sun sets tomorrow, US will back off. Before Putin showed weaknesses by always referring the west and US as ‘partners’ or colleagues .. Now no more


I’ll help Syria if i have to leave this country. This is too fucking much. This is not the country i defended for 15 years! this country is run by Fucking Zionist DEVILS!! I cant wait for the PURGE!!!@

Jens Holm

Very optimistic Russia should finish anything USA in Syria.

USA also is not alone.


Russia, unlike my own USA, is being very careful to NOT start WWIII, while warily seeing the future regime change being planned for them. Their most consistant tactic is to NOT engage with illegal US forces, at all, ever. Though, with CIA false flags their goal of peace will be tricky to maintain.

Meanwhile, the US has little problem with directly attacking ‘demonic’ not really human Russians. My country has been been very thoroughly propagandized by our corporate media to hate and distrust Russia all over again. It keeps being built up, so when our Deep State/Military-Industrial-(State)-Complex decides, the ‘American People’ will be raring to go. Russia has very little control over our goal of Total World Domination.


You are correct it’s all about cost. Syria has to find a way to make US stint in eastern part of the country not worth the blood and effort. And Syria knows how to do it – they had plenty of practice fighting Israel for 70 years. It was IDF generals that tried to explain the Obama administration that Syrians are toughest fighters of all the Arab nations and that they won’t be pushed over easily. Patrols can be attacked, choppers shoot down, supply depots blown up – Iraqi forces did it (on few occasions) in Gulf war2, Al Qaida and ISIL did it during Iraqi insurgency – so there’s no reason why Syria, Hezbollah and IRGC can’t do it. Can US really afford another quagmire in the ME?

Jens Holm

They send it out by blimps, zipfiles and barrels down eufrat.


Wait a minute, because we are not understanding the beginning of this war. The propose of this war is to destroy Syria by using Assad excuse. ¿ Which country is specially interested in destroying Syria ? Of course, ISRAEL, and Israel is managing USA as its strongest vassal, together with NATO, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey, Kurds, and Saudis. WOW, I call that the real power.

Jens Holm

US dont need oil and gas. Almost all companies are owned by milions of single persons and groups. Fx my pension fond have some.

You really dont understand what USA as well as the rest of the world is.

BP and Shell fx are main drillers in Sovjet Union as well, becauise they use modern technology.


The robbers and thugs of Washington will never leave Iraq and Syria until their asses properly burned by these oils.


The oil is an added bonus. The purpose is to control Syria and Iran which is stupid to think it is possible in Syria when Iran and Russia are having the upper hand.


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Hide Behind

THE U. S. does not, PER SAY, “NEED” Syrian oil, but a semi autonomous Kurdish Republic does, what it does need is control of trade routes, excuses to keep military staged so that all nations kiss its feet. U.S. by July 2018 will be world’s largest oil, natural gas and it’s condensates,; in one day it sends more away than yearly production of old Syria. Syria’s future does not exist withoutnthe oil fields now under US control. Get hands and minds off of chicken feed oil economics, Assad must die and whomever ends up taking his place will bow to US and Euro nations. It makes no difference, no oil, no minerals, all nations will understand you don’t fu.. with US empire. It is the mindfu.. of the whole of ruling parties, a criminally and yes fanaticly criminal psychopathic desire for power. Generals, politicos, religious fanatics, and a killer instinctual psychopathy of American males who love war, that will carry out orders unthinkly. US is out for complete world military domination and no amount of macho b’s by limp wristed males and faggot ignorant peacenix will disuade US from accomplishing their designs. Crying about rules and laws that do not exist except between their ears may let them mentally masturbate as they try to prove how smart they are, only let’s the killings go on. There is a D’Facto world wide war ongoing and like shi. Birds on a limb all piss pot nations just chatter chatter.


USA is controling both roads to Iraq and Iran.

Putin doesn’t want to f….ing nuke the american terrorists or to give brand new weapons to SAA so that SAA nukle the fu…ing Americans.

Don’t trust Putin, he is working with the globalists agains Syria and again Russia.


This imbecile troll bastard is a soldier of psychological war.


Trump is working against USA. Putin is working against Russia.

Both are working for israel.


This troll bastard is an desinformation agent


You work for israel.


I don’t work for any state, nor organization, and not even for a boss. But you work on psychological war, and I bet that you don’t work for free. My work is in History, imbecile.


Pay me. I will be glad to be paid for telling basic stuffs that everyone should understand.


And I bet that you, as a good troll bastard, don’t donate.


Pay me.


Yes, it is possible. However, it would be fine if you can give some real evidences about this statement.


USSR collapsed because Saudi arabia (the best ever US ally or rather slave) has dropped oil and gas prices. The same will happen with Russia. Russia will collapse when Europe will cease to buy russian gas and oil when Europe will be provided by the gulf states, Iran and Syria.

And your S-300, S-400 or nuclear weapons or supersonic whatever will be useless.

When this will happen, don’t come and cry. Go to complain to Putin.


Troll bastard.


Zionist troll bastard.


Stupid imbecile troll bastard.

Jens Holm

Too much is far out.


Collapsed of USSR came for three main reasons: Chernobyl, low oil prices, and Gorbachov stupidity. Even under this collapsed Russia has continue posed a treat to USA. Right now, with the renewed weapons system that Russia has made, this tread has increases exponentially. Will the low oil and gas prices send Russia to collapsed ? NO WAY !


What destroyed the URSS was, in first place and above all other reasons, the liquidation of Lenin’s NEP on the economic ground by Stalin (better, the politic supporters of Stalin in URSS). Was Lenin that invented the hunt of rats with a black and a white cats, not Deng Xiao Ping. Now look at China, that learned and is doing its NEP (on a chinese scale), and look to the disappeared URSS. By the way, the russians also have already learned the lesson, and aren´t and will not repeat the mistakes of Stalin’s time.

Jens Holm

oil and gas is only a small part. The important is, that Russia seemes not able to innovate even copies from west.

Europe will not cease about oil and gas. Much of it is not even a russian production.

Brad Isherwood

http://blogs.platts.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/iraq-map21.jpg https://syrianfreepress.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/pers2_13_gas.jpg https://syrianfreepress.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/screen-shot-2011-08-14-at-7-21-42-pm.png

Putin has Syria offshore Nat gas….possibly Lebanon /Levant…. (can slant drill from Syrian offshore into that field area) Keeping competitor Nat gas Off the market is Putin’s primary goal. Russia has leverage on Turkstream. The maps indicate lines that can be accessed. Question is. …Is Putin enabling energy concerns/needs for Israel/Rothschilds?


The question is why does Russia is providing Europe with gas and oil. It’s so stupid. Maybe Putin think that he will gain influence in Russia by selling opil and gas but he is obviously wrong. Every facts show that Europe doesn’t give a fuck about Russia and is ready to sanction Russia.


Go to hell, troll bastard. People, lets donate.

Jens Holm

Serious has a very low serouslevel.


Just hold that thought for a second: here you say that selling (that’s “providing” while getting money in return; Russia isn’t donating it, duh) energy to Europe is stupid, and in a comment right below this you say it’d be disastrous for Russia if this trade stopped. I personally think that president-re-elect Putin comes in for severe criticism very much including his Syria policy, but it seems he just has no way of pleasing you.


If Russia stops providing now energy to Europe. Europe economy will collapse. Russia economy will have huge benefits because, Russia can bring european factories to Russia because those factories will benefit low energy cost. Also, russians factories can benefit from Europe recession to gain markets in Europe by providing cheaper goods to Europe.

But, if Europe has oil and gas from the Middle east and stop buying russian oil and gas, Russia is doomed.


Serious, seriously, you are in serious need of study social sciences.

Jens Holm

Thats an illusion of unrealistic kind.

Russia will be hit very hard and are in a much lower level. You might improve Your comments by upgrading Your knowledge level.

You are right about the gas, but things will be much worse for Russia.

Brad Isherwood

I worked 2 decades + oil nat/gas process system fabrication. My last contract was operator CNC Cryogenic Nitrogen plasma gantry /underwater cut, 50 ton remote control cranes for huge scale steel and alloy. Metallurgy, layout, machine operator. Just prior to 1st Gulf War. ..contract/consortium was building Frac modules for Iran. Iran were dickeads…kept altering construction timeline over God knows what. Russia was Slant/Horizontal drilling into their oil field. Frac modules was to enhance Iran’s ability to get the oil out while Russia raided the field from the opposite side : ) Gulf War happened. ..Ban on shipping…..Modules sat in South 40 for near a decade Iran was screwed. https://rogtecmagazine.com/rpi-rapid-growth-expected-russias-horizontal-directional-drilling-services-market/ Russia has decades experience in offset drilling and transmission. These companies go back to Oligarchs…who want future projects and want competition gutted. As posted by me here numerous times… Putin keep Nat gas competitors out is primary for Him and his Zoligarchs** Old BP oil still have burr up their @ss get booted out of Iran. Any indication Iran can profit from its resources is full rage response by Empire Britannia. Israhell gets US gov all jacked up over Iran, US oil sector want action. …or steal existing from countries. Every new war us options for them.

Russia is still under BIS Central Bank system, … Putin’s Zoligarchs are connective to Rothschilds globalist interests. Rothschilds and other Old Europe money play all sides. Have a war or regional wars is party time for them.

Up to 2014….China consumed 48% of global oil production, + large % metals. This is all unwinding now as oil consumption declines,…with World Bank not funding Global oil nat/gas projects in 2019. It’s a hair on fire moment for many nations who have these energies as primary GDP. Putin can afford to watch them all twist in the wind.


One thing is political and war games (they can hate each other) and another different thing is commercial and economical collaboration (they love each other). Good relations happen when both thing agree (love), bad relation happen when there is not agreement in both thing (love-hate, hate-love), and total war extermination when bad agreement happen (hate-hate).

Jens Holm

It really tell how litle You understand. Russia collapsed right away, if they did not export oil and gas. Very much of it is not even Russian.

And Europe already sanction Russia and Russia also sanction the other way even in the small scale.

And off corse we sanction Russia as well as some against Turkey and some for Syria and some for Israel.


“Considering the US attempt to maintain a military presence in Syria for as long as possible, Washington may see the Syrian oil and gas resources as useful tool to gain an additional financial revenue from its occupation of the eastern part of the country”…TRANSLATION…The UNITED STATES DEEP STATE, is CONSIDERING to maintain a MILITARY OCCUPATION FORCE ILLEGALLY IN THE SOVEREIGN NATION OF SYRIA; That is a WARNING TO ANY OTHER NATION IN THE WORLD THAT THE UNITED STATES DEEP STATE, THINK THAT THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO OCCUPY AND STEALL THE NATURAL RESOURCES OF ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WITH TOTAL IMPUNITY.


I need to repeat this. This looks like as a part of a pact made by USA-Russia ¿ why ?. SAA-Russia had three times (3) a clear possibility to stop SDF in Deai-Ezzor, Al Mayadin y Al Bujamal, and they did nothing for this to happen (whatever fool reason they can give us).

FSA - Democratic HeadChoppers

Looks like it’s too hard for South Front to call PKK terrorists.Your narrative is ridicolously biased. Longing for communism you sack of shits?


Bringing democracy to the oil fields, Americans are so proud

Manuel Flores Escobar

When Turks entry in east eufrates kurdish canton…SDF will have to fight vs Turks in order to survive in Syria…then SAA troops will have to enter there and SDF will allow it!…because USA will not attack Turks…so neither SDF nor SAA will allow that Turkish backed islamist take omar oil fields!

Jens Holm

Again and again we see how infected things are in the region. 1) SDF`s are totally isolated and never can be themselves and 2) they steal oil by USA.

Those things comparted have no answers in the whole world of any sense.

Fred Dozer

Very little news on this, but it would mean war. [ltr]Russian Defense Minister Vladimir Shamanov said on Monday that it was necessary to consider the possibility of closing Syrian airspace in the face of countries that do not have official authorization from the Syrian government.[/ltr] [ltr]Syria accuses the international coalition of undermining its sovereignty and demanding an end to the US presence on its territory[/ltr] [ltr]Sputnik. “According to my experience, it seems very important to stop the ambiguity surrounding Syria. We should carefully consider Colonel Ivashov’s proposal to close airspace over Syria to all foreign countries, except those who are allowed to do so, and this step will be important and new to replace,” Shamanov said. Peace in this unstable region. “[/ltr] [ltr]Earlier, the head of the International Affairs Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Parliament, Constantine Kosachov, said that the actions of the United States and its partners in Syria could lead to the deterioration of the situation in this country, and this is linked to the possibility of Russia expanding its war groups in Syria.[/ltr]


Fred Dozer

But with this news, all is possible. Killer of electronics: Mi-8 helicopter with the Rychag-AV warfare system first seen in Syria.


Langaniso Mhlobo

Iraq oil and gas,Lybian oil and gas,Syrian oil and has,Georgian oil and gas Now USA wants to eliminate North Korea to be in be her position for China oil and gas then suppress Russia in order to gain access to Arctic oil and gas.Wither North Korea abandoned nuclear weapons still it’s day like Saddam and Gaddafi will be created by USA and NATO.UN SECURITY COUNCIL is USA/NATO entity.If plan ideology destructive resolution fails their create another resolution.If NATO and USE ideas fails.USA take unilateral action knowing coalition will join.Just like this time in Syria and Libya.USA tried that strategy from Afghanistan into Pakistan and failed.USA wanted to eliminated Erdogan but Clever army quickly close off air space and prevent all Nato jets from flying after tip off by Russian intelligence.USA is trying to force South Korea and Japan to attack North Korea but any war between this forces will led to USA pulsion from the region.China and Russia will immediately close their airspace thus South Korea and Japan will come under severe destruction and will later surrendered.USA warships will never leave the region but sunk and rust in Peninsula sea.Japan,South Korea will severe ties with USA and join regional powers just as Saudi Arabia with fellow Arab nations if their want to survive.USA financial system and military will colapse and never recover again.USA will be cut off from Europe,Middle east and entire world.USA military equipment will be historical toys for kids to play in at play grounds.UN and NATO will colapse totally and the word powers and oppressed countries will all turn p gain at USA and sell its assets to rebuild their USA destroyed countries.


Hate to do this but really believe it necessary, below I am re-posting an extract from Smedley Butler’s insightful book, “War is a Racket”. Which I put up a week or two ago. Butler became the most highly decorated US solider of all time and attained the position of Supreme Commander of the US Marine Corps over 100 years ago. Nothing much seems to have changed in between times.

“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”


Energy is war-making possible.

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