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Syrian War Report – March 20, 2017: Govt Forces Fight ISIS In Homs And Aleppo, Al-Qaeda Attacks In Damascus

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF), backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces’ attack helicopters, further advanced against the ISIS terrorist group in the countryside of Palmyra.

They captured a mountain chain north of the Mazar Mountain and attacked ISIS units at the nearby al-Haram Mountain. Government forces also resized the Talilah crossroad and the Talilah Heights from ISIS terrorists in the southern Palmyra countryside. Clashes also continued in the area of Arak where the army and the NDF were advancing against ISIS units.

Troops of the recently formed 5th Legion, trained and equipped by the Russians, played an important role in the operation.

The ongoing military operation clearly shows that speculations, which had appeared at some pro-government sources, about the rapid army advance in the direction of Deir Ezzor, are far from reality.

As SF reported earlier, the main goal of government forces is to secure the Palmyra countryside, including hill tops and gas and oil fields in the area which are still in the hands of ISIS terrorists.

Government forces, led by the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces, liberated Um Al-Murra and the Al-Murra hill, Sharimah, and Juni al-Salamah from ISIS terrorists near Deir Hafer in the province of Aleppo. The advance continued in the direction of Aqulah and Qusayr. If Aqulah is liberated, government troops will cut off the main road linking the ISIS-held city with the rest of ISIS forces in the province.

On March 19th, ISIS terrorists advanced in the Wadi al Azeeb area, forcing government forces to close the Salamiyah-Ithriya highway. This ISIS attack was likely aimed to draw the Syrian military’s attention away from the Palmyra countryside. Nonetheless, terrorists were not able to deploy enough forces to pose a major threat to the government sites.

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (a coalition of militant groups led by Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) launched an advance against government forces in the Qabun Industrial Area in Damascus. Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham used car bombs to break government defenses and seized a number of points, including the electric company building. Then, government forces launched a counter-attack and retook the electric company building. The goal of the militant advance is to link up the Qabun area with Jobar and the Eastern Ghouta region held by militants.

Militants are surrendering the al-Waer district in Homs after making an agreement with the government under Russian mediation. Over 1500 members of militant groups and their families have already left the area. Experts estimate that some 8,000 people will depart the area for Idlib. Over 40,000 will remain in al-Waer as the government takes full control of it.

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Trustin Judeau

Russia is setting up base in Efrin.

DJ Double D

That’s good News. Last time I and you exchanged discussions concerning Erdogan’s intention and you mentioned about the Russian Delegation on visit to Efrin. This news seems like the result of that. Your news seem to be more believable and accurate. It seems you have reliable sources around, isn’t it?

Trustin Judeau

In this case I talked to pro SDF person who told me this.

DJ Double D

Great, Thanks! In as much as I would love that to happen, unfortunately the News’s just coming out that Russia is denying that. So you see, here we go Again.


i wonder if SAA/russia will ever decide to use tactical nukes on isis? i would love to see that but i understand the damage of fallout from it

DJ Double D

Yeah!, one would think so. Wouldn’t it be nice to use such on these headcopping bastards call Islamic State, especially judging by the savageness of their crimes? But no, they wouldn’t – they are too Humane for that. We know for sure that the US and it’s cronies in the middle east and Europe are funding and arming them. So expect to hear the cries of War Crimes coming from them if anything of such is to happen.

ASTRO BOY william

the nuke strike might be on the table but it depends if the situation gets worst, we will be witnessing Russian Tactical Nuke be fired at those backed terrorist.


Yessssssi would loveeeee it


AS IN NEVER! Hard for SAA to advance through an area that is radioactive. How is the situation getting worse against Daesh dirtbags??


Its not, I just meant if they are really having a tough time advancing somewhere in the future, and everything they were throwing at the jihadis wasn’t sticking


What’s up Rambino. I was talking to ASTRO BOY, but I guess he does not wish to speak with me! HAHA :)


haha you can always speak with me!


Don’t think so. But you left the window open for an idiot troll to break in.


Good luck to the the goverment and the SAA/Russian forces! I hope that they will end this madness that ISIS caused…

Expo Marker

I knew that the ISIS would use their east Hama pocket to distract the SAA. The highway linking Al-Salamiyah to Palmyra must be dealt with, and swiftly.

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