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Syrian War Report – March 2, 2017: Syrian Army Is On Verge Of Liberation Of Palmyra

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

On March 1, Syrian government forces made significant gains against ISIS terrorists in the area of Palmyra, seizing the Palmyra Triangle, Qatari Villa, Aqueduct, and a number of hills: Jabal Muhtar, Jabal Qassoun, and Jabal al-Asafir.

Government troops also engaged ISIS units in the Palmyra Castle and took control of it. The rapid advances of the Syrian army and its allies were actively backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces. If the operation continues with the same speed, Palmyra will be soon liberated from ISIS terrorists.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), consisting mostly of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), have seized over 60 villages and killed 172 ISIS members in eastern Syria, ARANews reported citing a spokesman for the SDF.

The SDF is now developing an offensive against ISIS in a wide area east of Raqqah. The goal of the operation is to isolate the ISIS stronghold from the eastern flank and to cut off the roads linking Raqqah, and Deir Ezzor. If this is done, this will put additional pressure on ISIS units storming Syrian army positions in Deir Ezzor.

Pro-Turkish militant groups have captured two more villages – Tall Turin and Al-Qarah – from SDF units west of Manbij.

Meanwhile, reports appear that Ankara-backed militant groups are also preparing to storm the key town of Tell Rifat controlled by the SDF.

Tensions between pro-Turkish forces and US-backed SDF units have been rapidly escalating since Turkey took control of al-Bab earlier this month.

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El Diablo

SDF have done military access to SAA to some areas ^^

Jonathan Cohen

Maybe they, and the Russians, will teach Assad to respect abortion rights.


Congratulation to Syria and Russia armies, and I hope they put much more attention to terrorists in the future for they not to recapture Palmyra or Allepo. Also, I congratulate Syria army to be able to stop Turky army. After getting rid of terrorists in Syria, it looks like that it will be necessary to get rid of these turkishes.

Hisham Saber

Russian Minister of Defense has informed Putin of Palmyra’s liberation today. Kremlin press spokesman Peskov confirmed the news. Right after that, the Syrian Military High Command also confirmed it. Who’s kicking ass now? Why, …the Syrian Arab Army and allies and of course, with the gracious help of Russia.

Eat your hearts out Trump, Netanyahu, King Salman and Ergodan. The people of Syria, Bashar and the Syrian Arab Army(which through 6 years of grindless war, have in effect become the most effective fighting force in the world, …look out Israel!), Russia, Putin, Shoigu and Iran are the clear winners.

And last but not least, the heroic, deadly fighters of Hezbollah. Oh, not done yet, also my hat goes off to, and to whom I’m so proud, the Russian Special Forces and auxiliary units, whom are seeing action in Aleppo, Deir Ezzor and Palmyra regions, de-mining and protecting military bases. The vast majority of these Russian Special Forces, are Chechen. They are Mr. Kadyrov’s men. They are fearsome warriors of the first degree. If the U.S. has NAVY Seals teams, Russia has access to a whole division of highly trained expert fighters hailing from Chechnya. I’m sure Mr. Kadyrov left a good number of his 50,000+ forces behind, just in case the situation in the Donbass(formerly southeastern Ukraine) further deteriorates and the Ukie military want another painful beating.

Jonathan Cohen

I hate it when pro-abortion rights Turkey fights pro abortion rights YPG. I want an abortion rights alliance of YPG, Turkey, Russia, China, Bahrain, Tunisia and Israel, to crush the antichoice forces of Daesh, Saudis, Iran, Assad, Al Nusra, UAE, Yemen, Egypt. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion_law . All the military alliances are nonsensical! especially that between Hillary Clinton and King Salman.

Bill Rood

Personally, I’m for a woman’s right to control her body, but FU for the distraction.

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