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Syrian War Report – March 15, 2019: Russian Warplanes Rain Hell On Idlib


Syrian War Report – March 15, 2019: Russian Warplanes Rain Hell On Idlib

On March 13, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces delivered a series of airstrikes on infrastructure of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the city of Idlib and in its southeastern countryisde. According to reports, at least 16 strikes hit weapon depots, HQs and a jail belonging to the terrorist group.

Opposition sources said that hundreds of prisoners, including dozens persons allegedly linked with the Syrian and Russian intelligence managed to escape the prison after the airstrike. Hayat Tahir al-Sham responded with a wide-scale security operation to trace and capture these people. This operation is still ongoing with varying results.

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the strikes in Idlib and said that they were coordinated with Turkey. According to the Russian side, the strikes hit depots in which the terrorist group was storing armed unnamed aerial vehicles. The eliminated UAVs were reportedly prepared for an attack on Russia’s Hmeimim airbase.

Despite comments about the coordination with Turkey, in the following days Turkish pro-government and state media released multiple reports accusing the Russians and the Assad government of causing casualties in Idlib.

On March 13, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that they had uncovered an alleged Hezbollah network in the Golan Heights. The network named by the IDF as “the Golan File” was reportedly led by Hezbollah operative Ali Musa Daqduq on the Syrian side of the contact line in order to prepare attacks on Israel.

The IDF stressed that Daqduq has been a Hezbollah member since 1983. During this period, he reportedly occupied various important posts and was even involved in an attack on a US military base in Iraq’s Karbala in 2007.

The IDF described the alleged Hezbollah network as a serious threat and threatened both Damascus and the Lebanese party with consequences.

On the same day, Israel’s ImageSat International released satellite images showing an alleged Iranian missile compound in Syria. The missiles manufacturing site is reportedly located in Safita.

Regardless of real facts besides these claims, this series of reports looks as a coordinated media campaign. According to experts, its main goal is to justify further Israeli military actions against supposed Iranian targets in Syria and to continue the militarization of the occupied Golan Heights.



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  • Todd Allen

    > the strikes hit depots in which the terrorist group was storing armed unnamed aerial vehicles.

    This is a disturbing development. It appears the terrorists have learned to dehumanize their aerial vehicles by not naming them probably reducing the sense of loss and grief when they are lost.

  • RichardD
    • RichardD
      • RichardD

        If the bigfoot are flesh and blood creatures while they’re here. This drone should pick them up once upgraded with thermal imaging capability. For threat assessment and possible contact development. If they’re the ET variety, they may have a clocked scout ship nearby. If they’re early hominoids, they may be an ET managed and monitored species.

        • Shy Talk

          why are you posting all this shit on here you f*cking loon?

          • RichardD

            To assist with our transition into becoming an ET race and civilization. And help remove the primary impediments to that, like Jews, Judaism and Israel.

          • Johnnydadda

            You allege there are proto-humans still walking around in North America and your plan to prove it is to kill them, yet you claim your target is a particular cultural group found in the Middle East.
            I would recommend you seek professional help because no other alien civilisation will accept a species with such obvious pathologies (your transference, delusions of grandeur and paranoia) among its population.

          • RichardD

            You’re a liar, nowhere did I say that I wanted to kill bigfoots to prove that they exist. Yes, Jews should be prosecuted for the felony statutory rape of 1,000 children every week and Judaism should be outlawed as a criminal organization. Israel, Judaism and Jews should be extinct to improve life on earth and create a better future for humanity.

  • RichardD
    • RichardD

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      168 gr. BARNES TTSX @ 2,900 fps –


      • Shy Talk

        big gun = big dick?
        big bullet=big bullet hole?

        • RichardD

          Shy Talk = mental problems?

  • RichardD

    I bought a second drone for ET/ED/non conventional contact work. This one is an entry level professional grade drone with a two axis gimbal and enough payload to be able to carry additional lighting and thermal imaging capability. It has a stock 1 km range with a 45 mph top speed and up to 25 minutes of loiter time.

    • RichardD
      • RichardD
        • RichardD

          98% or 99% of bigfoot encounters result in no physical harm to humans. There is evidence of bigfoot involvement in some missing person cases. My close encounter with these creatures was non violent. I have an open mind on how to handle any future encounters. I won’t go into these potential contact situations unarmed. But using weapons would be a last resort in circumstances where I’m in imminent danger of abduction, injury, or death.

          • Shy Talk

            what if your in imminent danger of being sectioned?

          • RichardD

            Your comment doesn’t make any sense.

          • Shy Talk

            made or divided into a separate sections.
            “the sleeping area of a sectioned tent”
            having been committed compulsorily to a psychiatric hospital in accordance with a section of a mental health act.
            “a sectioned patient has to gain permission before leaving”

          • RichardD

            You’re the one who has issues with literacy, grasping reality, judicial quality evidence, and the scientific method.

            British slang isn’t taught in American schools, used in American lexicon, which is by far the primary English dialect, or included in American dictionaries:

            “section noun
            sec·​tion | ˈsek-shən
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            3a : the profile of something as it would appear if cut through by an intersecting plane
            b : the plane figure resulting from the cutting of a solid by a plane
            4 : a natural subdivision of a taxonomic group
            5 : a character § used as a mark for the beginning of a section and as a reference mark
            6 : a piece of land one square mile in area forming especially one of the 36 subdivisions of a township
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            the northern section of the route
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          • RichardD

            There are reports that some of the early hominoid version of bigfoots are carnivores and that humans may be a food source for some of them. This may be part of the non conventional wilderness missing persons problem covered in the Missing 411 books. Though a lot of circumstantial evidence and witness reports support a conclusion that some of them are alien abductions.

            If a human is being group stalked in the wilderness by bigfoots. Being killed for food is probably one of the primary reasons why.

    • RichardD

      “On the other hand, an occasional huge male grizzly has been recorded which greatly exceeds ordinary size, with weights reported up to 680 kg (1,500 lb). A large coastal male of this size may stand up to 3 metres (9.8 ft) tall on its hind legs and be up to 1.5 metres (4.9 ft) at the shoulder.”

      Grizzly bear – Wikipedia

      “The largest polar bear on record, reportedly weighing 1,002 kg (2,209 lb), was a male shot at Kotzebue Sound in northwestern Alaska in 1960. This specimen, when mounted, stood 3.39 m (11 ft 1 in) tall on its hindlegs. The shoulder height of an adult polar bear is 122 to 160 cm (4 ft 0 in to 5 ft 3 in).”

      Species: U. maritimus
      Genus: Ursus
      Polar bear – Wikipedia

    • RichardD

      The ET version of bigfoots are said to have electronic counter measures that inhibit picture taking. And result in blurry rather than clear pictures. I’ve purchased some used entry level professional grade camera equipment. If I have trouble getting clear pictures of what I’m encountering. It won’t be due to a lack of quality camera equipment.

    • Shy Talk

      maybe if their iq was comparable with yours, they would be walking backwards

      • RichardD

        Maybe if you wrote in grammatically correct English, people wouldn’t think that you’re an idiot.

  • jim crowland

    very sad news of death and destruction..

    • gustavo

      What ? It is a war in Syria, it is not a party.

  • gustavo

    Turkish media accuse Russia and Syria of death (without mention “terrorists”) in Idlib. This is the most important statement since Turkey uncover his mask about its role in Idlib. I hope Russia stop pleasing Erdogan in Idlib.

  • RichardD

    Winning the Syrian war will bring our planet 1 step closer to solving humanity’s Jew problem and removing the Jew and Israel obstacle to our safe and peaceful transition to becoming an ET race and civilization ourselves on a war, poverty and pollution free planet with longer better lives and the ability to travel the universe and multi verse on star ships. Jews, Judaism and Israel are the single biggest problem facing humanity and obstacle to a better future.

    Jews, Judaism, and Israel should be outlawed and made extinct.

    • Guy

      Declare the Talmud a hate propaganda book and that should take care of the problem without killing anyone or anything of the sort . Nature will then take it’s course and the hate will eventually stop.

      • RichardD

        Outlawing Judaism as a pedophile mass rape cult doesn’t involve killing anyone.

        • adam77


  • Davki

    “Rain hell”… quite the religious fanatics you are.

  • adam77