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Syrian War Report – March 14, 2017: Anti-ISIS Operation In Palmyra Countryside

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

The Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces (NDF), backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have resized a power station located south of the ancient city of Palmyra from ISIS terrorists. Then the army and the NDF further advanced against ISIS units, by retaking the Palmyra Silos, Jabal al-Amriyah and Sabkhat Muh.

These advances are aimed at building a larger buffer zone around Palmyra, which would allow securing the area and preventing ISIS counter-attacks against the ancient city.

The mid-term goal of government troops in the area is to secure a number of gas and oil fields along the Homs-Palmyra highway and around the ancient city. In case of success, this would allow the government to ease the fuel and energy crisis in the government-held areas.

While the strategic goal of the Syrian military is to reach Deir Ezzor, the Syrian military could choose to secure the Al-Salamiyah-Palmyra highway. If the Al-Salamiyah-Homs-Palmyra triangle is secured by the army and its allies, the government will take control of the gas and oil fields located in the area and secure the southern flank of the military grouping deployed in Palmyra. This is an important move which will contribute significantly to the long-awaited advance on Deir Ezzor.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces liberated Humaymah al-Kabira and Humaymah Saghira in the province of Aleppo, further increasing pressure on ISIS units in Deir Hafer and the Jirah Airbase.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham militants launched an attack against the government-held villages of Fuah and Kafraya in the province of Idlib.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham seized the Umm A’anoun hill in an attempt to cut off the road between two villages. The intensification of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s operations against government forces in the area indicate that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and Ahrar al-Sham have resolved a major part of their differences and would make an attempt to unite in battle against the Syrian government despite statements about an adherence to the ceasefire.

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Awesome job men!!! And remember, FULL THROTTLE!!!! ?

Rodney Loder

There is a new initiative stemming from King Salman’s​ international diplomacy, the idea must be to contest it, to hold up threat to willing conspirators against Islam, Pakistan for one, Allah might ignite a little curry in their porridge, but I’d rather see India blow the crap out of Kashmir, a message stick is a message stick without it all wars are lost, but only seven weeks ago Ahrar al-Sham was losing its best brigades defecting to who know where unhappy with compromises being made, so they said, so it seems the terrorists got an increase in incentives from KSA probably rental paid on the back seat of a Mercedes Benz in 10 minute durations, who knows​ who they get together with or why, but Omar has got new belief according to article, I’m not surprised with everyone supporting the jew paradigm, play acting a role in the jew pantomime only my Salafist Brothers got the capacity to resist, but a lot of them got muddled up by so much support for the back seat of the Merc.

Bill Wilson

The SAA once regained control of those oil and gas fields. ISIS had to bring in outside help to run the fields they captured so I’m curious to know what became of those foreign operators since then and if the SAA rendered the fields inoperative before withdrawing from them?


Hopefully they’re dead or SAA captured them lol


I tend to agree although momentum is important Deir El Zor appears to be holding well atm and i think it would be prudent to take the ISIS villages East of Salamia South of Itrya first (A lot of villages here) and secure your flanks and rear before moving forward – an attack from the Hawks or the like towards Tabaqa now could well force a withdrawal of all ISIS forces in Deir Haifa/ Maskanah pocket freeing up Tiger forces for Deir El Zor drive or West Allepo whatevers next. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/92cbe1486487814b1431ca3092b3b1f806c5b0f2e917253278285981e862380c.png

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