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Syrian War Report – March 13, 2018: US Officially Threatens To Strike Syrian Army

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On March 12, US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley actually threatened that the US will strike Syrian government forces if they don’t halt their operation against terrorists in Eastern Ghouta.

“We also warn any nation that is determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and inhuman suffering, most especially the outlaw Syrian regime, the United States remains prepared to act if we must,” Haley said.

The US diplomat proposed a new UN ceasefire resolution that “will take effect immediately upon adoption by this Council. It contains no counterterrorism loopholes for Assad, Iran and the Russians to hide behind”.

According to Haley, the previous resolution “failed” because it had allowed the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies to conduct operation in Eastern Ghouta against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and other militant groups.

Russian ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia reacted by saying that Syria has all the legal right to fight terrorism near its capital. The US-drafted document was not put to the vote on March 12.

On the same day, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that infighting had erupted among militant groups in Eastern Ghouta following a Russian proposal of safe passage out of the region for militants and their families which also demanded that Faylaq al-Rahman separate from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham.

The SAA liberated the village of Aftris where it found a militant chemical weapons workshop and advanced on Jisrin, Saqba and Hamuriyah.

Jaish al-Islam, which is the key group in the area of Douma, also claimed that no negotiations are ongoing between it and the government over a surrender or withdrawal agreement.

Reports are circulating that the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) have started handing over checkpoints near Tell Rifaat, the Menagh airbase and nearby villages to the government’s National Defense Forces. However, the situation remains unclear.

Even if the reports are true, this may be too late for the YPG to reach any wide-scale deal with Damascus because the YPG-held city of Afrin is almost cut off from the government-held area by Turkish forces.

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jerry hamilton

It’s about time the bully got a bloody nose.


I hope that if the STUPID DEEP STATE(COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS) attack the Syrian government forces, the Russian shoot down all the planes and retaliate agains their ILLEGITIMATE MILITARY installation in Syria.

AM Hants

Sergei has told her where to go and reminded her where her stupidity could lead, which ties into this story.

AM Hants

Lavrov Warns Nikki Haley Not To Make Threats Against Russia… https://www.fort-russ.com/2018/03/lavrov-warns-nikki-haley-not-to-make-threats-against-russia/

UNITED STATESCHEMICAL WEAPONSHEADLINE NEWSMENA Russia: We Will Not Hesitate To Shoot Out US Jets In Syria… https://www.fort-russ.com/2018/03/russia-we-will-not-hesitate-to-shoot-out-us-jets-in-syria/

jerry hamilton

The problem here is that America mouth off like they usually do but are they bright enough to back off? If not, a lot of people are going to die.


Just shoot one …ONE is enough to scare the rest off . Then they like the Israelis will be better behaved.

AM Hants

Without shooting one, old Maccron is proving to be the voice of reason. Which has upset the DM comments section.

France falls into line: Macron quells fears of split with Britain over nerve agent attack by saying he DOES believe Russia was involved German Chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed to support the United Kingdom Donald Trump has accepted that the Russians were responsible for the attack French President Emmanuel Macron’s spokesman demanded extra proof Britain has called for a ‘strong and co-ordinated response from its allies’… http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5502951/French-break-ranks-demand-proof-Russian-role-action.html


Nicking Hatley mouthing off her pro Israhe’ll, foreign policy at her favourite watering shithole,the disgraced zionist UN.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Russian military told that Russian forces will respond in case of US attack…so end of the problem!..it is similar when US told that they would carry an inminent attack vs North Korea…and NK leader told that US bases in South Korea would be wipe off…son end of the problem!


>>The US diplomat<<

I find that a hilariously ironic name to label Nikki Haley, as the woman has no clue as to how to conduct actual diplomacy. Unless you define diplomacy as justbullying 'do as I say or else'. Whereas the best diplomats are the ones who will not only rob you blind, but actually convince you to give them all your money and then thank them for their patience with your own obstinance.


She spoke as if she is the greatest and most powerful …. and publicly insulted Russia. Yes , Russian diplomats still use tame words to refute here .

She even claimed Syrian government is illegitimate !!! while her US is legit.

What a difference. At my level if someone blame me like that…. well you get 4 letters words in reply


That is probably why neither you nor I are diplomats. Being a true diplomat means being able to suck it up while some shrill harpy yells in your face, because in the end its not about responding tit for tat, but about accomplishing your goals through the fine art of diplomacy. Even if that means at the end of the day having to wash Nikki’s spit off your face or wash your hands after having shaken the hands of some of the most foul obnoxious odious people that walk the face of the earth.

Tommy Jensen

Nikki Haley is even worse that Samantha Power. Pompeo is even worse than Tillerson and Kerry.

Thank you Trump…….you were a zero as everybody said. Not even a little business could you give away, only double down on stupidity.


He cant do much against the deep state, its already to late for any person to change anything in this Powermongering Agenda. The President is long gone NOT the most Powerfull Human in the world as the News wants us all to Believe. The REAL powermongers well, not many are known in the Public.

Harold Smith

Nonsense. He didn’t have to escalate. He’s worse than Obama. Trump was obviously the deep state’s chosen candidate. His whole campaign was a calculated “bait and switch” fraud from the beginning.

Hide Behind

Agree with your statements. Too bad others cannot understand reality and full spectrum of what and whom the world’s geopolitical power structures are. Too many lost in small nationalism and patriotic blindness.


You are Right !! Pompeo is a disaster like the entire CIA , bunch of cowards and bureaucrats All Trump’s Picks A disaster


Tillerson fired. Timeing’s with this is interesting. I wonder if Haley is next?


Its like they want someone ruthless in this positions. Not only Tillerson was Fired there was another guy who had to go too.

Brad Isherwood


Zionist are dancing like 911

Joe Doe

Like they saying, why you stupid because you poor, why you poor because your are stupid. This what I can say about Kurds

leon mc pilibin

Nikki Hately the Tranny in disguise,gives a new meaning to the word WITCH.It is a disgrace to describe IT anything but a zionist scumbag of the lowest order.


I noticed this sword rattling is coming from the UN, I am going to write Don Trump right now and get to the bottom of these threats.


Dear President, I know you have been receiving falseflag information concerning Syria. But that is no excuse to act stupidly and break your campaign promise to get out of Syria. We, your supporters, request you fulfill your election promises! Looking forward to your speedy fulfillment. Bobby G ingram American citizen, Veteran, Tax payer

Alice Barnes

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Europa Erwache

This Greek website has stolen your video without providing the source (southfront.org)



In my Opinion, its ok, the more people learn about Southfront the better. Sure they have to provide the Source for it.


Do you know what all humans have in common,”They don’t look like eachother, But they all look the same”.

Mister Anonymous

Trump should be doing mass arrests of US government aiding and abetting illegal immigration, make them accessories to illegal alien crimes too! There will be a mass exodus of illegal immigrants.

Trump promised to put America first but he lied and is putting Israel first he attacking the Middle East unprovoked. Trump’s now guilty of election fraud, high treason, theft of US assets, malfeasance of office, corruption, and war crimes — trump’s a simple thug, a bully.

Worse, Trump leaving America in a shambles to illegal immigrants makes Trump an accessory to illegal immigration crimes and illegal immigration, lock him up too!


An Oath Keeper who will drain the swamp, make America better than ever, must renounce Zionism and Israel, in writing, an ironclad contract putting America first is the only vote I’ll cast.

Regardless, we voted for the message, not Trump’s lies. Consequently, he will fail in the Middle East for failing to put America first — Trump, in his and their pathological mania will be the end of Israel, thankfully.

Brad Isherwood


Trump and Putin are puppet of Globalist/NWO beholding to the Chabad Lubavitch cult. Gary Cohn (Goldman Sachs ) got Trump to sign the Tax reform bill which gave the US 1%…. 83% of the new tax breaks. US and Europe sanction and humiliate Russia, Russia responds by calling US Partner,…selling LNG to US who ship that to dupes in Europe at mark up. First things Trump did when in office was to gift Israel and Saudi huge Military weapons sales.

Harold Smith

Trump yes, Putin obviously not.

Brad Isherwood

Harold,….study up on how Putin came to power from obscurity and who got him there. Putin’s definitely beholding to the Chabad Lubavitch /Oligarchy and Yeltsin Era Deep state who made sure Putin would not go after Yeltsin Oligarchy/Atlanticist Integrationists Who plundered Russia with Western directive The criminals got away Scott Free…that was part of the deal placing Putin in power.

Russia and China are both in the Rothschilds BIS Central Bank system. Rothschilds old boney grasp is however slipping.

Harold Smith

Brad, you need to study up on the fact that Putin is in Syria protecting Syrian sovereignty, thereby defying the “globalists” (Satanists). If Putin was a globalist (Satanist) puppet as you claim, they wouldn’t be trying to insult/humiliate him on an almost daily basis. Putin may or may not have made some kind of agreement with Yeltsin and his handlers, but it’s clear that Putin is not taking orders from jewish-supremacist madmen the way Trump is.

Brad Isherwood

Trump gets crapped on hourly/daily by the System which tasked him to Run in the 2 Party Con of America. https://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/images/user3303/imageroot/2014/07/20140713_tyranny.jpg This is part of serving the Masonic Game. Putin definitely Obeys the Chabad Lubavitch and Oligarchy who demand Putin not strike Israel. IAF have attacked Syria for 6 years….Putin do nothing. I get posters here saying it will be WW 3 if Putin shoots down IAF,….or US That’s a canard…US didn’t Nuke Vietnam who shot down 5000 US aircraft during the war. Didn’t Nuke North Korea or China ( China sent 10s of 1000s over the Yalu River as US got their @ss kicked at Chosin Reservoir. Afghanistan and Iraq have ended how many US troops….no nuke revenge. No…Putin is soft on Israel, Let NATO roll right up to Russia’s Borders since 2008. Much of NATOs area increase and Israel’s media raging pusher US military trash or try to trash 7 regimes in 5 years. This would not be if Putin were really anti Globalist . Seeing Putin and Trump exchange Masonic Handshake is truly disturbing. That. ..and let IAF attack Syria with Russian S 400s just collect Bird shit.

Harold Smith

Trump’s a con man whose campaign was a calculated bait and switch fraud from the beginning. Trump’s a Zionist PNAC warmonger who puts jewish interests first. He’s the candidate the “deep state” wanted. Putin’s soft alright, but he’s not in the jews’ pocket like Trump is. Putin’s made some serious mistakes, e.g., failing to arm Syria with a modern air defense system years ago, failing to demand an international investigation into 9/11, etc. It’s not in his nature to resort to force, but now that he’s surrounded and backed into a corner, he doesn’t have much choice. With the barbarians now at the gates, he can no longer back down. He must either defend Russia and Russia’s legitimate interests forcefully, or surrender to the jews. BTW not that it’s relevant, but Nixon was considering nuking Vietnam.

Brad Isherwood


Putin better get it in gear Harold….more US bases ….in your face Steal the oil nat/gas. Empire Uncle Shlomo no different than Empire Lord Palmerston gunboat China opium wars.


Hope Mr. Trump remembers his promise to the american people about getting the USA forces out of these futile wars. We need to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


He is definitely not making AMERICA GREAT again(was it great before?), but rather making AMERICA Childish (not again) …… All those silly statements by as many leaders …wow. .. you have a big bunch of them up there . Nikki takes the lead…

Harold Smith

Seriously? He flirts with planetary extinction for the sake of his jewish-supremacist masters’ Satanic agenda and you hope he remembers his disingenuous campaign rhetoric? Now that I think about it, he probably remembers it frequently…every time he needs a good laugh. In any case, I believe he is actually going to “make America great again”, but he’ll do it by cleansing America with nuclear fire.

Ivan Freely

Haley have to be delusional to believe that no one in the UNSC / World knows what the US and friends have been up to in Syria. IIRC, there’s a build up of naval forces in the Med again. Will the US follow through on what Haley stated? If US strikes happen, Trump can kiss his 2020 re-election, and the November midterms, good bye.


“We also warn any nation that is determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and inhuman suffering, most especially the outlaw Syrian regime, the United States remains prepared to act if we must,” Haley said…TRANSLATION…The COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS(DEEP STATE) is determined to PROTECT THEIR INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORIST, by any means including FLASE FLAG CHEMICAL ATTACKS BY OUR TERRORIST ON THE HOSTAGE POPULATION AND BLAMING THE LEGITIMATE SYRIAN GOVERNMENT, LIKE WE ALWAYS HAS DONE.


There will be no attack against Syria from the US.

The Russians said they retaliate on the ship or the base carrying the attacks.

No more fooling around.


So America, not content with handing out tens of billions of US$ every year in “aid” for those lazy Ziofailures in Israhell, but you must also kill your sons and daughters for these Jew supremacists. https://www.globalresearch.ca/us-commander-us-troops-prepared-to-die-for-israel-in-war-against-syria-hezbollah/5631949


Tens of billions of printed money … not real . They even suggested one time to mint a US 1 billion coin !!


It appears that with the firing of Secretary Tillerson with the pro Netanyahu CIA Director, Pompeo who opposes the Iran nuclear deal, war with Iran is coming. Get ready for an all out war in the Middle East on behalf of Israel.

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