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Syrian War Report – March 12, 2018: Militants’ Defense Collapsed In Eastern Ghouta

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Last weekend a defense of militant groups operating in Eastern Ghouta collapsed under pressure of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies and the militant-held pocket was cut off into two separate parts.

Government forces liberated the town of Madiera, almost isolated the neighborhood of Harasta, captured farms near Jisrin and attacked Atfris.

The area of Douma is controlled by Jaish al-Islam with help of some units of Ahrar al-Sham, while the southern pocket is jointly controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda), Faylaq al-Rahman and Ahrar al-Sham.

On the same day, some pro-militant sources and mainstream media outlets released reports about a new chemical attack allegedly conducted by the Syrian government. The chlorine gas attack allegedly hit people in the neighborhood of Irbin. No evidence confirming these claims were provided.

It’s interesting to note these media reports came just few hours following the collapse of the militants’ defense in Madiera.

On March 12, the SAA continued its advance aiming to isolate Harasta from Douma. According to pro-government sources, SAA units already achieved this goal. However, they still have to secure the recent gains.

Reports are circulating that US and Israeli-backed militant groups are preparing for an attack against the SAA in the city of Daraa in southern Syria. The alleged attack would exploit the SAA involvement in Eastern Ghouta operation and aimed at indirectly assisting militants there.

Over the last 3 days, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have captured more villages from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northwestern Syria. Despite YPG counter-attacks, the TAF and the FSA have reached the vicinity of the YPG-held stronghold of Afrin from the northeastern direction and have almost done this from the southwestern direction. Should Turkish forces isolate Afrin, main clashes will be moved to this urban area.

On March 11, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the TAF and the FSA had seized 950km2 since the start of the operation in Afrin.

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Carol Dale

Putin bad,Syrian both government are bad

Smith Ricky


Carol Dale

GET real


Carol Dale bad and mad.


carl dade support terrorists!!


Do not say nonsense. Bad compare with what ? USA ?


Your Englitch bad, wery bad


This Turkey and FSA is somehow confusing me. What will happen to the areas they’re capturing? Is this so called OLIVE BRANCH aimed at the Syrian Government or the FSA which took arms against the Syrian government? Why is the government quiet about this?

jerry hamilton

Erdoğan has said it will be returned to it’s rightful owners.


that doesnt mean he think NOT the Osman Empire where the rightful owners… ;)

jerry hamilton

I was wondering about that.

Pave Way IV

I believe the Osmans were defeated and returned to Canada, where they remain a threat. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/014f7f906d78d3e591920a703969ef45561c1293bb879f6f454fe3030a3b2e2b.png

northerntruthseeker .

Just like the region around Hatay… Returned to the “rightful owners” is laughable…

Joe Doe

I hope that Erdagon will work with Russia and return to SAA control, but again Erdagon is unpredictable. Therefore, let’s wait and see

Hulusi Akar

Turkey will never return these areas while Assad is in control. In time Turkey will hand the lands back to Syria after fair elections.


And when Assad wins the fair elections, what will Erdoggy do?

Hulusi Akar

Turkey will hand the areas back to the authorities ofc with some contracts to rebuild the city and keep Turkish influence there.

Luca Lombardi

to rebuild the city they are razing to the ground? you mean they are destroying Afrin in order to obtain contracts for its reconstruction at a later stage? this is Mafia (a thing turks learned by their NATO “allies”, this is what the US does all over Middle East on a regular basis: wage war -> earn from selling weapons -> destroy everything -> earn from reconstruction

Hulusi Akar

Gtfo with your bs propaganda. Turkey isnt razing anything, contrary all towns are still intact without any damages. OP Olive Branch is the most and smoothest operation in the whole Syrian conflict. Russia, Syria and USA can learn something from the Turkish army.

Ghouta, Raqqa etc bad examples of how not to clean cities from terrorists.

Luca Lombardi

LoL, another deluded turkish nationalist. And you dare to speak of “propaganda”… I could show you a couple of interesting videos, portraiting your soldiers point blank killing several teen kurdish female prisoners or the roof of a hospital in Afrin collapsed due to bombing. How “smooth”… You have no right whatsoever to be on Syrian soil, you are illegally invading a sovereign nation and will ultimately pay for it, as your US “allies”.

Hulusi Akar

I am nowhere near a nationalist. If you think if im a nationalist.. Lol Well proof your claims then idio t, stop talking nonsense. We have the right to be on syrian soil according to UN resolution Article 51. And Turkey is operating this operation with Russia and behind the closing doors with Syria. Tell rifat will be given to SAA and Turkey will keep Afrin.

The only good thing coming out of your mouth is ” “allies” ” you got it right. They aint no Allies to us.

Luca Lombardi

btw, it was you who wrote “rebuild the city”, which implies the city would’ve been destroyed somehow. So just make up your mind.

Hulusi Akar

Rebuild means, giving the city a normal life again. Building new facilities like in Al-bab, jarablus. Jarablus wasnt destroyed either but Turkey is rebuilding Jarablis right now. You comprende now???


Whatever you say turk

Brad Isherwood

Erdogan ran over 40,000 Takfiri and weapons into Syria. Russia TAC air was bombing them right to the border… Then a Russian Su 24 was murdered by US/Turk planning,

And Putin blinked**

Since then….the borders of Syria were all open crime spree mercs,weapons, steal infrastructure and oil. Syria is basically a victim of Organized crime which Putin and Iran are soft on. Today. ..Israhell enjoys a ..Nope. ..you can bomb me Zone. Same for Mad Caliph of Turkey Same for US in Al Tanf with 40 IQ Takfiri FSA Zombies, …SDF at Tabqa Dam, all East Euphrates.

Iran’s Shia/PMU militias are being gutted in Iraq right now, With Iran’s Shia Militias in Syria doing very little right now.

This conflict is bizarre to say the least. Whoever said Crime does not pay is a Moron.


“fair elections”? Like in Turkey?

Hulusi Akar

Talk about whataboutism lol.

Comparing Syria to Turkey Lol

Brad Isherwood

US/FSA…..SAA and Russia will not bomb them. So…on the ground the rats control turf and muscle the locals to submit to the extortions. Same same for Israhell occupied Golan.

This Syrian conflict has to cross the line where SAA,Russia and whatever Shia units remain in Syria, Actually attack the US/FSA,…Israhell/FSA.

If not. …Syria is a cancer victim.


There is not much that can be done at the moment with the Afrin situation anyway as the SAA has more pressing issues to solve first.

Ironically having a de facto Al Nusra presence in Afrin gives a free rein to counter terrorism operations by the SAA and Russia in Afrin at a later date.


I assume that the Syrians and Russians want to get the Sultan to do their dirty work against the Kurds, while their nettoyeur are busy liquidating the E. Ghouta pocket. Listening to the Washington barbarians gnash their teeth will be a laugh too. Once the rest of Syria is liberated, the Sultan can walk or be kicked out.

Brad Isherwood

Bottom line is this… If Russia and Syria will not Bomb US/FSA at Al Tanf, …Raqqa,….Israhell occupied Syria. And where the Turk/FSA Rats are, This conflict will go on and on while Syria is reduced like a Cancer eating it alive.

I wish that Iran had gone into the Syrian conflict full bore…bring it all. And Russia go get drunk somewhere else. Instead….Syria is politically screwed by Russia and Iran who Syria is beholding to, who Both are Coward vs US/Israhell. They are… Iran with their Generals doing menacing stare interviews saying they will drive the US out of Iraq and Syria. Ya Right….Nothing happens later. Oh wait. …I’m wrong…. Shia Militias in Iraq and Syria are being reduced in operations. If not cut out of Political track.

Syria should maybe reduce its dependence on Russia and Iran, Look to China. Question is. …would China even care??

So much heavy heart for Syria as great powers like Russia and Iran run like girl when US/Israhell roar.

j. jaxson

i smell a stale bagel kipper-poo on you.

j. jaxson

Assad a doctor and educated in america.


You are incorrect j.jaxson.

“Born and raised in Damascus, Assad graduated from the medical school of Damascus University in 1988, and started to work as a doctor in the Syrian Army. Four years later, he attended postgraduate studies at the Western Eye Hospital in London, specialising in ophthalmology. In 1994, after his elder brother Bassel died in a car crash, Bashar was recalled to Syria to take over Bassel’s role as heir apparent. He entered the military academy, taking charge of the Syrian military presence in Lebanon in 1998. On 10 July 2000, Assad was elected as President, succeeding his father, who died in office a month prior ” Wikipedia

j. jaxson

you are right. my mistake.




See Yankee Princess Haley is warning they will “act on Syria if Security Council doesn’t”. “Draft resolution on Syria leaves no loopholes for Russian, Gov, strikes” Yankee envoy.. From this extra strong language I can only deduce that the Jihadis underground chemical factory,which was revealed earlier on this morning as well as the recent capture of a large French ordnance cache, might suggest that there is a NATO presence close to hand. All stops have to be pulled extra hard to avoid capture. It is hard to believe that they could be that stupid, or is it? We will have to wait and see…..

la Cariatide

what is that recent capture of a large French ordnance cache? sources please?


French-made weapons and ammunition were found during SAA sweep up in Modira and Mesraba. https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201803121062441058-french-weapons-found-in-eastern-ghouta/

la Cariatide

made in france! how couldn’t I be proud of my terrorist country?

Brad Isherwood

Platform shoe midget King of Jordan is staging 40 IQ Takfiri and weapons into Syria. Under US/FSA ….Russia will not bomb them. They may be sneaking into Syria to some reduced % vs the crime spree of former years. I don’t trust the Lunatic Caliph of Turkey who publically endorses the Muslim Brotherhood and Rat Takfiri to not be still sneaking soldiers and weapons into Syria. Israhell is Openly arming and medically treating the rats in occupied Golan. Criticising Putin or Iran is not popular. …I understand. Still. …IF Russian TAC air are not going to bomb the Rats or FSA in US or Turk/Israhell Safe zones/deconfliction agreement. …this G/D war is going to roll for years while Syrians perish and live in torment. ..with little economic recovery.

Iran could. …could step in and be the difference, Yet now…they are standing down Shia Militias in Syria and allowing Shia/PMU militias in Iraq to be dissolved….hand back equipment to Bugdud.

The Ghouta operations are high fives…this however is mostly SAA units vs Rats who partied on Captigon thinking US/Israel would be there for them.

Candidly. ….Putin and Iran have to stop cow tow to Empire/Israel who are the primary cause of Syria’s misfortune. Next is confront the Saudi ,..the Platform Shoe midget King of Jordan, …and the Hitler Caliph of Turkey.


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Icarus Tanović

Wahhabi, Zionists And American Chauvinists can suck a dick in Daraa, as they used to before. Daraa is doomed to SAA, and they knows that.


As long as the axis powers suffer no casualties, they will continue create war in Syria. The Americans British, French and Israelis only understand blood and money, they have to bleed in Ghouta, no prisoners.

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