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Syrian War Report – June 8, 2018: Syrian Army Carries Out Anti-ISIS Operation In Eastern Al-Suwayda

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Syrian government forces have launched a military operation against ISIS cells in eastern al-Suwayda and have already established control of the village of Ashrfya and the area of Beir Aura. Battle tanks, artillery units and warplanes actively supported the advance.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), 15 soldiers and officers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and 9 ISIS members were killed in the clashes. However, this number of casualties allegedly includes results of the SAA-ISIS clashes near the T2 pumping station near the border with Iraq.

A source in the 9th Division of the SAA told SouthFront that ISIS members in eastern al-Suwayda are poorly armed. So, no serious ISIS resistance is expected there.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) captured the villages of al-Murjan, Kulib Tahtani, al-Khuirah and seven farms north of the town of Dashisha near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

According to the SDF, its fighters had killed 42 members and 2 commanders of ISIS during their advance towards Dashisha.

The Syrian Liberation Front (SLF) and several Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups, including Jaysh al-Izza, Jaysh al-Ahrar and the Suqour al-Sham Brigades, are planning to merge their forces in order to form a unified group in the province of Idlib. The SLF was established in February after a merger of Ahrar al-Sham and Nour al-Din al-Zenki.

In late May, 11 other FSA groups created the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation. Idlib militant groups are uniting larger groups in order to strengthen their position ahead of the expected developments after the SAA finishes dealing with militants in southern Syria.

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Ya Dawlat al-Islam Nawariti al-Dunna – O Islamic state you lightened up the earth: The lyrics starts with the praise of the Islamic State and claim that it lighted the universe with its arrival. Then it goes on to credit the Islamic State with the feat of erecting the religion, by applying the rules we see in the land under their control. Then, after establishing the religion the light of Khilafa is set to be lit. It was first in Iraq and now in al-Sham(Syria). Then the song goes on to describe the dogma and leaders of this Islamic Dawla: A straight path as witnessed by events, and the leaders are far from any suspicion. So, since we have a straight path and great leaders: why don’t you join us. The song invites those who want to support righteousness to join the state that had been build on the remnants of the best missionaries. The song goes on to invite people to the battle front, then it ends with an advice and a description of the hardships one could find in his Jihad.

O Islamic state you lightened up the earth…your sky graced us with lots of blessings (يادوله ألأسلام نورتي ألدنا جادت سماك بوافل ألبركات)

Elmarie Muller

ISIS won’t stop operating as long as SDF exist. First disarm SDF and let USA leave without preconditions.It is just uniform and position change tactic OF under USA command between SDF and ISIS.Turkey is right to say PKK and SDF YPG are terrorists organizations. Because Turkey knows the truth their were operating with USA after the creation of ISIS.When Turkey realized that Saudis and USA are planning to take over Qatar to take its wealth as well as local Saudis rich monarch money Turkey stop Co operating.Second USA and Saudi Plan was to disrupt Turkey oil pipeline through Qatar just because Turkey normalize ties with Russians.


Great stuff, good to see SAA and SyAAF rooting out the rats by themselves. The IsraHellis don’t seem to quite understand that they are now watching the finest military force on the planet swatting their creation. ‘Twill not be long before the rats in Golan will also be sent to the netherworld


“‘Twill not be long before the rats in Golan will also be sent to the netherworld”

I can hardly contain my excitement at the prospect. The only thing that would produce even greater excitement would be the demise of the anti-Semitic Zionists and their terrorist sponsored and created state of Israel. Israel has a lot of karma coming it’s way, with each new atrocity the growth of people opposing that terrorist state just continues to grow. I look very much forward to the day when karma arrives. My only hope would be that when that day comes, these criminals find themselves at a Nuremberg type trial to have their ticket stamped paid for their numerous crimes; of course it wouldn’t sadden me to see them receive a Gaddafi style life ending response either.

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