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Syrian War Report – June 7, 2019: Militants Use Turkish Weapons, Equipment In Hama Advance

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Syrian War Report – June 7, 2019: Militants Use Turkish Weapons, Equipment In Hama Advance

On June 6, joint forces of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (the former official branch of al-Qaeda in Syria), other al-Qaeda-linked groups and a coalition of Turkish-backed militants known as the National Front for Liberation launched a large-scale advance in northern Hama.

Militants attacked Syrian Army units in Jibeen and Tell Meleh forcing them to make a tactical retreat and shelled the government-held Christian town of Mahardah. It’s located 6km southeast of Tell Meleh.

The advance was named after Mu’tasim Bellah al-Madani, a prominent al-Qaeda member of Saudi origin. The army eliminated him in the same region in May.

The Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance responded to this attack with a fresh round of airstrikes. At the same time, army units assisted by the National Defense Forces regrouped and launched a counter-attack. An intense fighting is ongoing.

The situation also remained tense north and northeast of Kafr Nabudah where army units and militants were engaged in fierce artillery duels.

An interesting fact is that photo and video evidence from the area showed vehicles, like Panthera F9 armored personnel carriers, and weapons supplied by Turkey. This fact confirms that, despite formal statements assuring its alleged commitment to the de-escalation zone agreement, Ankara de-facto supports terrorist in Idlib.

According to the de-escalation agreement reached in the framework of the Astana format between the opposition, Turkey, Iran, Syria and Russia, so-called moderate rebels should be separated from terrorist groups, which are excluded from the ceasefire. Then, terrorists have to surrender or they will be eliminated. This has never been done because Turkish-backed groups continued keeping close ties with Hayat Tahir al-Sham and other al-Qaeda linked groups.

The developing situation is another clear demonstration that the so-called moderate opposition, that allegedly opposes the terrorism, does not exist in the Idlib de-escalation zone. In this case, a military operation to defeat the terrorism and force constructive elements of Turkish-backed groups to accept a political solution of the conflict becomes more and more attractive option.

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Willing Conscience (The Truths

Well according to the Astana agreement, non combatant forces like the NFL and FSA can become viable targets if they actually break the ceasefire agreement, and as we all know they do continuously, it’s only the designated terrorist entities like HTS that can be legally be attacked by Russia,Iran,Hezbollah,SAA at any time and without provocation according to Astana. But in effect the only difference between the 2 groups is a piece of paper saying one group are designated as terrorists and the other group isn’t, but in reality they’re both exactly the same and should be treated as such. More Turkish weapons supplies for the rebels. I’ve read several reports that claim the Grad rocket launchers and other heavy weapons the Rebels are using are Turkish copies of the original equipment, reverse engineered and manufactured in Turkey, not bought and resold by Turkey, that makes Erdogan an arms supplier for the terrorists, and NATO trust him with nukes, wtf is going on in our world.

Rodney Loder

Only myself Isa Son of Maryium can communicate with these misguided Islamists, I can bring this conflict to a successful conclusion as part of the cognitive process of human Destiny, some of you might already know I have already achieved Allah’s Ambitions for the outcome of this Universal Creation.

This was my highest priority, my secondary mission was to bring Heaven to Earth which failed, or it might have been to expose the Christian swine as representing the evil that they do, I’m not really sure about this and other technicalities, however the point I’m making is if Assad wants the war to be over he needs to get in touch with me.

My address is on Quora I’m Terry Loder on Quora, up-votes are much appreciated.

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