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JUNE 2023

Syrian War Report – June 7, 2018: Kurdish Leadership Declares Readiness For Direct Negotiations With Damascus

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have reportedly started deploying forces for a military operation against ISIS in eastern al-Suwayda. The villages of Tell Sa’d, Tamutha, Ashrfya and Aura are the target of the expected advance.

At the same time, the Tiger Forces have also continued deploying their units in southern Syria in a clear signal that a military action is near.

On June 6, the SAA artillery shelled several positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the  Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its allies in the area of Khirbat Marata in southwestern Aleppo and in the district of al-Zahra west of the city.

Russian warplanes also reportedly carried out strikes on positions of al-Qaeda-affilated Horas al-Din in the areas of Urum al-Jawz, Bsheiriyeh and Ariha in northwestern Idlib.

According to some sources, these actions were a response and an additional warning to militant groups that had recently participated in attacks on government positions in Aleppo and Latakia.

On the same day, the Syrian government reopened the Hama-Homs highway for civilian traffic for the first time in seven years. The reopening of the highway is a part of the reconciliation agreement in the northern Homs countryside.

Government forces also continued its security operations in northern Homs where they found a weapons cache that included Grad rockets, mortar shells, heavy machineguns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

Additionally, Mays al-Kareidi, a spokeswoman for the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), made an official statement announcing that the SDC is ready for direct negotiations with Damascus. According to the statement, SDC Co-Chair Ilham Ehmed declared its readiness for negotiations with the Syrian government without any preconditions.

The SDC is another brand created to hide the YPG/YPD dominance within the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. Ilham Ehmed is a senior member of the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

The SDC’s announcement came just a day after the withdrawal of the YPG from Manbij and two days after the announcement that Turkey and the US had endorsed the roadmap for the area.

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leon mc pilibin

Maybe the Kurds are waking up to who really are their enemies long term,,Damascus is their safer option,and not with the zionists scumbags who will eventually stab them in the back.


Not, Kurds have not woken up yet. They are receiving USA orders, that is all.


ISRAEL’s orders. The YPG is a Mossad-asset (BARZANI a MOSSAD lapdog since the ’70s)


USA has weak cards. As I said previously, israel is causing a big of trouble for USA. Without israel, USA will have allied with all middle east nations and even build safe military bases without shouting any bullet.

Americans have chosen the wrong ally.


Who said it was an American choice? Research who killed JFK. Zionism has been imposed on America by 5th columnists and a bought out political class.

There are many Americans who will never forget the USS Liberty (and Israel’s viscious attack on it… they even straffed the life boats. They meant to sink it and for there to be no survivors) or the five dancing Mossad agents arrested on 911 as they celebrated and filmed the mass murder of three thousand New Yorkers. There is evidence of direct Mossad involvement in the assassinations of both JFK and RFK as well. The Pollard espionage disaster, perhaps the worst incident of espionage in US history… he was spying for Israel, and because the USA is a ZOG this traitor has been allowed to go to Israel, where he is a hero. Israel traded much of these stolen and extremely sensitive and vital secrets to the USSR in exchange for large immigration of Russian Jews.

Who said America, as in the American people chose Israel as an ally? With friends like these, who needs enemies.


Too little, too late.


Kurds can choose their enemies and friend. Syria, Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah, or it can choose Israel, the US, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Those are the real politique choices for the Kurds. Better to be part of the multi ethnic family of Syria than a vassal of Israel and Saudi Arabia. The choice is between dignity or treachery.


The selection has been made several years ago. Kurds are USA-Israel-puppets for ever and ever.

Jonathan Cohen

They don’t seem to be able to choose Turkey, Or Russia.

Jonathan Cohen



You’re a coward afraid to debate the issue. Been to any Jew pedophile mass rape cult blood sucking baby raping rituals lately?


With today’s economic and medical technology there’s no need for abortion. Half of the planet recognizes this. The other half needs to be brought up to speed. Blood thirsty monsters like you belong in the trash can of history.


Jonathan Cohen

Then it is abortion bans that are obsolete, not abortion rights.


Killing pre birth humans when it isn’t necessary, is a crime not a right. Legalizing it in some places is a crime against humanity that doesn’t make it a right.


What ha this to do with the YPG?

Jonathan Cohen

Ypg defends abortion rights and SAA attacks them.


“Syrian War Report – June 7, 2018: Kurdish Leadership Declares Readiness For Direct Negotiations With Damascus ”

Ah, what !? Now suddenly they re ready to talk to Damascus? They had 50 years for that. Sure, drag the ASSAD troops in their self-caused stvpidity, to inflict a direct fight between TURKEY and the Syrian Governmental Army… right on the taste of Benjamin Netanyahu..

ISRAEL, the YPG’s REAL owner (BARZANI is a MOSSAD-lapdog since the ’70s) doesn’t sleep, what?

IF the USA-Israel gang let the Kurds fall, at least the agonizing YPG could take down some ASSAD troops bombed by the TURKS and !!!! … ( what a moment, an opportunity of USA-Turkey reconciliation, right ?) the US Air-Force that protects their NATO-ALLY (SIC!).

Isn’t it hypocritical, like all the things USrael is doing? ;)….

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