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Syrian War Report – June 6, 2018: YPG Forces Withdraw From Manbij

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Units of the Syrian Army’s 11th Armoured Division have been delpoyed in the northern part of the Syrian-Lebanese border where they are set to replace Hezbollah fighters. The area of Qusayr has been one of the key Hezbollah footholds in western Syria. It is unclear if it will be abandoned.

According to some pro-government sources, Russian military police units are also withdrawing from the border area.

The situation over the northern town of Manbij has been rapidly developing since the US and Turkey endorsed a roadmap for the area.

On June 5, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced that their “military advisers” will leave the town. The militia claimed that its forces withdrew from Manbij in November 2016, but the military advisers remained to work with the Manbij Military Council (MMC). However, the group said its forces will be redeployed there once again if this is needed.

Both the MMC and the YPG are part of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). However, the YPG and its political wing the PYD clearly dominate within the group.

At the same time, Ankara says that the YPG is a local branch of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and describes them both as terrorist groups.

On the same day, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated that Kurdish forces in northern Syria will be disarmed in the framework of the reached roadmap, which will also include the area east of the Euphrates. According to Cavusoglu, Turkish and US intelligence, military, defense officials and diplomats are set to hold a preparatory meeting in 10 days to set a foothold for the implementation of the plan.

According to the Turkish side, the roadmap will reportedly include 3 stages and will be fully implemented less than in 6 months.

While the US is yet to comment on Cavusoglu’s statements, it becomes clear that the YPG may find itself in a very complicated situation. If Ankara and Washington find a common ground over the situation in Syria, the YPG’s importance as a tool of the US foreign policy as well as the US support and supplies will decrease dramatically.

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Manuel Flores Escobar

YPG once again will be betrayed by USA like in Afrin!…YPG should join to the NDF of Syria before its too late and Raqqa will have the same fate as Afrin and Manbij!…USA are only interested in east Deir Ezzor, petrol yields and the border with Irak above all near Al Bukamal!


Poor Kurds. They shot themselves in the foot yet again. They ignored the original peace overtures from Damascus and put their trust in Washington.

Betrayed yet again. Hope that you can get a deal of any sort with Damascus before the Turks move their own troops in.


Kurds best bet is to ally with Damascus. Otherwise they will remain the laughingstock of the Middle East.


The Israel and United States want Deir Ezzor to deprive Syria of its oil fields. They want Syria to remain destroyed so that Israel will keep secure the stolen Syrian Golan Heights and even take more Syrian territory.


Israeli migrants have no power. Israel are so scary that even scaring from Palestinian children. Israeli army are donkeys even they use sniper rifles on small babies.


That is called BESTIALITY, are not sings of being scared

S Melanson

The joint declaration and roadmap signed between US and Turkey is long winded yet short on details. The situation seems to be rapidly becoming more confusing if anything. Turkey speaks of a roadmap and six month timeframe in steps but the US makes no comment. The lack of details and Turkish statements that are either denied or met with silence by the US tells me the negotiations are still ongoing, protracted and difficult. And I still find it strange the YPG announced an oil sharing agreement with Syria also short on details and US silence.

What is going on?


Two a##holes have nothing lost there, but even deal with territories of a third and LEGAL owner of the region: the Syrian People. That’s going on

Jonathan Cohen



The Kurds are being dropped, Israels panic over Iranians near the border takes precedence over longer term greater Israel shenanigans hence the Kurds as predicted being dealt out.


It looks so that the Kurds , as you say, are dropped on the poker-table


This goes to show that the SDF *isn’t and never really was* “US-backed”. When will SF give up its propaganda blurb? (Yes, that’s a rhetorical questions, after all, SF *is* propagande blurb). It is a tragedy that the only area that has a truly democratic form of government in Syria is now again eaten up by Turkey. The Russian-backed Syrian regime has no chance but to stand impotently by.

Rodney Loder

I don’t see how the Kurdish military advisers working with Manbij Military Council could have kept law and order in Manbij for over a year without YPG soldiers, such as they are more like conscripted unwilling highly paid woman’s liberation same sex marriage political activists dressed up in military costumes to impress the rank and file lefty queers in America, but even so if the TSK lays a finger on them the US drones start attacking weddings all around the World, I think they do that because they can’t ✋ their rhetoric past the stupid level environment or the privileged parasites in KSA Israel and UAE.


LOL….what i wrote all along…LOL


YPG Your are betrayed as always is the case of Turks and US. Hid the weapons, tray to make a eal with the SAA everything is beter as being decimated , converted, raped and abussd by Turks.

Mustafa Mehmet

wrong comment about TURK again. jo jo you r 1 clueless moron


Your are most probable one of the 50% Erdogan Turkish sheaps who have to convince me, the 50% of well thinkng Turks and the rest of the world. I wish you luck in your lost case.

Mustafa Mehmet

Johan. I don’t like Erdogan policy never Follow his idea hope he loses election ? you wrong about. turk

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