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Syrian War Report – June 4, 2018: Syrian Government, SDF Reach Agreement On Omar Oil Field

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On June 3, Syrian government forces repelled an ISIS attack on their positions east of the town of Hasrat in southeastern Deir Ezzor. According to reports, ISIS used small boats to cross the Euphrates to its western bank and then carried out the attack.

Taking into account the fact that the terrorists had come from the Euphrates bank controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), some pro-Damascus sources once again accused the US-led coalition of encouraging ISIS activity against pro-government forces in eastern Syria.

At the same time local sources revealed that the SDF, i.e. Kurdish YPG/YPJ militias dominating the group, and the Syrian government have reached an oil sharing agreement over the Omar oil field.

According to Turkey’s state-run news agency Anadolu, the YPG will give 100 barrels of oil from the field to the Syrian government in return for 75 barrels of fuel. The Omar oil fields is one of the largest oil fields in Syria. The SDF captured it in October 2017.

On June 2, reports appeared that the Syrian Army and Iranian-backed militias are preparing to launch a military operation in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert against ISIS. During the last two months, the Syrian army launched two attacks against ISIS in the desert. However, they were limited because pro-government forces were dealing with militants on other fronts, mainly around the city of Damascus. Now, the Syrian military has more resources to contribute to securing the desert.

Some sources linked these developments with an alleged agreement reached by the key powers influencing the conflict. Under this agreement Iran will allegedly withdraw its forces from southern Syria. In turn, the Syrian army will re-establish control over the border with Jordan and a contact line with Israeli forces.

However, Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said that there will be no agreement until the US-led coalition is occupying the area of At Tanf. So even if the aforementioned agreement is finalized, its implementation is still a big question.

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Israeli migrants should keep their forces 40 miles away from Golan Heights….

It will not be good for Israeli migrants to do any interference with in 40 Miles range to Golan Heights.

Jens Holm

Most of the Israelian soldiers in Golan are emmigrants which hardkly left Syria alive. They just have their part of it.


No more booze for you dear, your wurring your slurds.

Nigel Maund



US have sanctioned dozens of countries that now became a group of sanctioned countries which has emerged as an economically strong allied super power.

Now they have their own independent defense and nuclear policies independent from US and NATO effect. IAEA bye bye.

Therefore, now the US sanctions have become ineffective against Iran. LOL..

Jens Holm

Seemes like You are not in Iran economics at all.

Nigel Maund

Well said Rob!………and the next thing you know is that the bad guys: USA, UK and Israel become increasingly isolated and irrelevant?


Is that info real or not ??

If this info is real, Assad is the biggest joke of the century and I officially stop supporting him.

Gregory Casey

I suspect that the deal reached on oil sharing will run for as long as the Syrian Arab Army requires the Kurdish SDF to refrain from interfering with SAA Ops in Eastern Syria. As soon as SAA believes it has cleared all IS and associated Wahabbi Terrorists from areas to the east of the Euphrates and in ares to the west of Euphrates controlled by US, all bets will be off. Meanwhile, any influence that can be exerted on US Forces by the SDF and Kurds to refrain from attacking SAA and to (effectively) leave Eastern Syria will be very welcome.


I don’t think that this deal has been reached. If it’s true, Assad is a fucking joke and must resign for the sake of Syria.

Bill Wilson

This is fake news. Syria has no use for that very heavy sour crude and more likely is supplying the SDF with a monthly allotment of diesel fuel for their vehicles in that region in exchange for protecting the oil field workers being sent in to do repairs. ISIS has some units trapped out in a few gas fields to the east. Those has been knocked out of production so the fighters are probably staying there since there’s shelter and probably water.

Jens Holm

Thats incorrect. Heavy oil of that kind normally are used in big powerplants producing electricity.

The other 2 ones are heatingin cold cpuntries and by ships. Let meremind You that electric power by dams are very reduced.

And You also ignore the facts, that Damaskus has bougt so much from Russia.


The fucking joke is for those that, since 2011, are asking the syrians to surrender. And now they have to swallow the fucking joke, before it’s even bigger.

Jens Holm

Many relatives from Yours certainly is not mine.

And let me remind You that in 2011 people in Syria was not even to allowed to talk about anything better and was kept in the illusion that Syria by Baathistas was the only good way in the whole world.


Reform needs aren’t assured with a mercenary takfiri war.

Jens Holm

None says.


Maybe you haven’t been able to realize the whole support that Assad has from his people. If right now there is election in Syria, Assad will be the winner with wide margin.

Jens Holm

Hard to see 10 mio as refugees are supporting Assads. If so they would give soldiers. Hard to see the 500.000 dead one do it as well.

A joke to be as stupid to declare that Assad can make any election and even with a wide margin. Where do You see that. has You clothe become too big or what.

There was 19 millions in Syria incl. the ones in diapers.


Your comment is the joke.

Cheryl Brandon

SDF wrong; KMU Kurdish Militia Units

Cheryl Brandon

fake news.

Jens Holm

Fine with me.

Gregory Casey

In the final paragraph you state : “there will be no agreement until the US-led coalition is occupying the area of At Tanf.” ……. I presume that you mean there will be no agreement until the US-led coalition is NO LONGER OCCUPYING the are of Al Tanf ?????



Cheryl Brandon


Jens Holm

No, its not. Dirty oil filled with asphalt and sulphur in small amounts only has local importance like the export.


Interesting. Why shouldn’t Syrian Gov consider sharing in the oil profits?

Mustafa Mehmet


Cheryl Brandon

Fake news. Every inch of Syria will be liberated!! either by negotiations or by FORCE.

Jens Holm

Like the USSR joke adventures: They dont start with once upon a time ago – but “Once in the future there will come”.

Jens Holm

Thats correct. Before ISIS took it, Bathists never shared any oil with the rest of the population.


Why should the Syrian Govt “share” oil profits with invading foreigners?


“According to Turkey’s state run news agency”, I might believe it if it was SANA.
Fabricated News.

Jens Holm

Could be. The first which happend when YPG and SAA connected south of Al Bab was trucks full of oil/fuel came from the yellow zone to the red one.

And Russia has given Assads a lot of oil for probatly something.

Cheryl Brandon

just to remind of the FACTS; SDF is neither Syrian/Democratic or an
army. They are actually KMU= KURDISH Militia Unit trained/funded/p[aid
and armed by USA; They have nothing to do with Syria more than being
illegal immigrants /squatters like USA trying to steal oil revenues and
territory!! Do not be misled by this” FAKE SDF”;Most have no Syrian
paper documents??Illegal immigrants?Let that just sink into your grey
matter; Would any Leader allow 5 % of a population to take over 80% of
the revenue of Syria by people who are not even Syrians?Chew on that for
a moment.?

Jens Holm

Seemes like Allah has ordered too much Noah wine for medical care for You.

Look in the mirror. If You are red its red wine. If You are pale as our potatos its a white wine.

If Allah see this,You next time will get opium from Barzanis.

Brother Ma

Excellent synopsis.


It iss not clear about htis news. However, what it is clear is that Syria allowed SDF (kurds USA-puppets) to get the nort part of Euphrates river. When SAA arrived to Deir Ezzor, Al Matadin and Al Bukamal, SAA did nothing to stop SDF for getting Omar oil field. There is not excuse, SAA did not want to do nothing to stop SDF.

Jens Holm

Totally upside down in most things. This is not even about oil and little cute Omar being very big in the little dirty Syrian world.

SDF took the fields from ISIS, so they did not “get them”. They took them by figtimng and killing many of those.

And the one of the comming to DEZ in stead of America is same thing. It was a very, very bad plan wasting so many spendable soldiers and equipment for almost nothing.

An let me remind You, SAA did not take DEZ right away and did not have troops and supply for it as well.

Even so they they wasted artillery grebades as well as troops by killling SDFs. How can You one day demand help, and when it arrives, You use it as target praktish. The SDF plan was to cut ISIS in 2 at their borderside, which would make it easy to eliminate them one by one by SAA or SDF.

In stead thos ground zero planners crossed Eufrat once or twice into well prepared ISIS defence lines with fortifications. How stupid can You be. DEZ still mainly was posseded by ISIS too.

And it that the real joke came. When the SDFs did not like the SAA bombardements, they were blamed taking an oilfield and next Omar and also blamed with making semi-ISIS-arabs into SDF troops.

How stupid can it be until You see any of that.

In spite of all You have seen, You still dont see how weak rulership is in Syria. It mainly fell apart, when people started to shoot back. The SAA forces SyAF as well as all the controlling elemenents are only made for controlling and killing its only population. Thats the facts.

Some improvements is made, but if Russians and Iran/Hesb was not arrived, then Assads hardly have been Emirs in latakia.

SAA had no troops for doing as You propose, and You are a filthy lier about facts shown in text and pictures as well.

Brother Ma

Syria prefers Kurds to Takfiri head hoppers but Kurds must be uprooted in the end as well. Syria had no choice. Us was bombing and killing syrian soldiers when they got close to the omar oil fields

matew ivanson

its a false shit, oil fields remain in USA and SDF hands, Assad stupid horses, death waiting for you in Daraa, Quinetria, Golan, Israel enemies will be killed, go Israel Defence Forces and Benjamin Netanyahu

Brother Ma

Fuck the Zionists.

Nigel Maund

Syria and Russia are clearly working to a well thouht through and adaptable plan which reflects both the political and battlefield complexities and devious nature of the US Deep State and Israel.

Hide Behind

The geopolitical reality of US/Israel and European intervention in Syria has worked;
ie. to destroy a nations sovereignty!
Destroy and permanently fracture of independent central ygovernment into weak multi power blocs,
Gain Eurocentric control of Syrian resources,
Weaken Iranian and Lebanon Hez influence in M.E.
Make Syria completely dependent upon foreign financials in order to rebuild, and thereby permanently indebted to them.
Allow some very minor recognition of ancient Syrian identity, as has been done in Iraq, Libya, Afghan, that will leave many citizens blaming the central bureaucracy and not foreigner interest for their serfdom.
In other words, Let Syria remain in name only as it joins new world economic systems.
Russia is looking out for its own interest, joining real geopolitical economics that are Eurocentric in nature, and Iran under sanctions will have to Depend upon Central Asian and Chinese/Russian economic group, there by Strengthening Russia who seeks power within that economic Euro/ financial system.

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